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100% kommt die von Afrika ich warte nur auf die Antwort dann geht die in den offenen.

How are you doing?You look great and i idmire your profile because you have all the qualities that any woman wil be wishing to have as i life partner.I will like to ask for favour to have chat with you to see if you could win your heart and become mine.LOL.Can you meet in yahoo IM to chat and share pic? Don't hesistate to contact me with my iD queenofangels35@yah to hear from you soon.



Chat ist  [smiley=smilie_a_018.gif]

Wow, you look  great and you have nice job too..I will like to know   if you are single and looking, what type  of woman  are you looking for.Do  you have a problem with me in Ghana?Well, what time  do you  get online  on yahoo IM ..I  want to  chat with you  and know more about  you  if you dont mind.I  will look  forward to learn more things  about  you.

Okay..How are you also single and looking for a man who honest,caring,loving,faithful and godfearing to share to the rest of my life with....and i hope you also looking for the same thing am looking for...tell me wat do you like and dont like


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