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Hello. I am Margarita. I am very interested in your profile and would like to learn more about you.
I am young and beautiful woman with slender shape. If you write me, I will send you my pictures in my letter.
Here is my e-mail

Ihr Profile

My name is margarita. I am a 28 years old girl from Cherkassy, Ukraine.
About myself I can say the following: I have blue eyes and my hair is brown. I am slim and I am of medium stature.
I'm straight and at present I am single.
I'm here for making friends, to find like-minded people and for dating.
Briefly about my habits: I can sleep all day long. Among drinks I prefer wine and I donít smoke.
I live alone. I do not have children, maybe someday.

Iam optimistic, kind-hearted, very romantic lady. With a sense of humourand positive view of life. I love music,dances,travel,sports andnature. Let's find each other! "Though miles may lie between us, we'renever far apart, for love doesn't count the miles, it's measured by theheart." Love is not about who you can live with... Love is about whomyou cannot live without.

college 1997 - 2002
(Accounting, 10,000 or more employees)
February 2006 - Currently hold this position (2 years 9 months)

Hello My Darling XXXX.

I am always so happy to get and read your letters.

I want to share some thoughts with you and I hope that you will like
them. I want to tell you about my dreams about us, but I am afraid I
won't have enough words to express them all. These are just some
thoughts of mine and I hope, they won't scare you, as there are rather
frank and intimate.

I have met a man, who is so far from me and I never thought that it
was possible to have feelings to a man whom I have never met in
person. I wish you were here how, and there were no a huge distance
between us. It would be nice spending days together doing different
simple things together and spending days enjoying each others company,
like watching a movie cuddling up together and drinking tea or coffee.
Or we could go out and walk along the night city, have a romantic
dinner together in some nice restaurant, then come back home and make
a passionate love. Often during the day I think about you and at night
when I go to bed I think about you and how you would hold me in your
strong arms, how I would kiss you and feel your warm body next to
mine. I would kiss your sweet lips for a while, your neck, and then I
take your shirt off and start to kiss your chest, seeing how excited
you get. I feel love, fire, and passion in your eyes, while your hand
begins to softly caress my breasts. You would kiss your way to my
breasts and slowly take each one into your mouth and suck them gently,
feeling them hard in your mouth and you would play with each nipple
slowly running your tongue around them. Then your hand would slowly
move down between my legs, feeling me wet there. You would kiss your
way there and spend time licking me and making me feel good.... While
you are doing this, I start to undo your jeans and drop them to the
floor. I am rubbing your Ding, which gets nice and hard immediately.
As I see your hard Ding, I start to kiss every line, every curve, and
work my way to your balls, making sure you get all the pleasure I can
give you, honey. I put my moist lips around your hard Ding starting to
go up and down, as I use my tongue to massage it and looking into your
eyes at this moment I see that it feels so good for you. Then I would
make love to you, honey, and when we were finished, I would fall
asleep in your arms, having sweet dreams up to the morningÖ

I am waiting for the time when I will realize all my fantasies and
desires with you. I hope you have your thoughts to share with me about
us and how we would spend time together. I would really enjoy our
closeness and sharing our fantasies.

So, I shall close for now and await your next letter.

A big passionate kiss from your


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Weitere Bilder in der Galerie

Hello dear XXXXX!

I am so very glad that you wrote me! I am so delighted that you
replied me and I am certainly very happy to get to know you and tell
you about myself. I would like to know everything about you, your
life, family, country, about your profession, about your hobbies,
interests. I would be glad to read everything about you which you
would share with me in your letters. And I liked your photo very much.

Let's make acquaintance. My name is Margarita. I'm 28 years old. My
date of birth is July, 11 1980. I'm 175 cm in height and 53 kg in
weight. I have deep blue eyes and long brown hair. Any way you can
look at my photo and see who I am.

I am sure you wonder why such girl like me is here in the Internet
looking for love. I will tell you my story about how I happened to be
here and would also like to know yours. I am a mature girl and I had
relationships with men in the past. But most of these relationships
led to nothing and there were no true feelings towards me. Most of
those men just used me as their toy and liked to show me to their
friends like a trophy they got at some competition. As soon as I found
out such behavior and attitude to me I went away. I do not like being
played at all. I want real love and real feelings in my life. I have
never met a man who could cause such feelings in me and a wish to
create a family with him. I want to find a serious, good and decent
man to marry and create a family with. Thatís why I ask you that if
you don't have any serious intentions and can suggest me only
communication in letters do not waste my time. As for me, I assure you
that I am a real, serious and sincere woman, and I am here not for
having fun. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky to find a serious and family
oriented man, who would really love me, not my body and appearance in
Ukraine. I think, that foreign men are more serious and family
oriented. I know that many Ukrainian women, who married men from the
USA, European countries and very many other foreign countries are
happily married now and their husbands can give them much more than
our Ukrainian men, who are unfaithful, irresponsible, weak and to
forget about their defects, they abuse alcohol and have many bad
habits. I heard that many foreign women are not family oriented and
their carrier and entertainments for them are on the first place. I am
more traditional woman and I feel unhappy and incomplete without my
soul mate and family. Ukrainian women are loving, faithful and family
oriented. This is what I can give you!

I was born in Cherkassy. You can easily find my city on the map, as my
city is in the center of Ukraine. I live in the hostel and my family,
parents and two brothers live in the suburb of Cherkassy.
Unfortunately in the village itís difficult to find a good job and
thatís why I came to the big city. At once after the graduation of
school I entered the University, the faculty of law. I had to work
hard to pay for my education and provide myself. I had finished two
years of studying and unfortunately I had to stop my studying. Now I
work at the cafe restaurant as a waiter. I live in a small room at the
hostel. I live rather modestly there. I don't have my own computer and
I have no phone there.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly and try eating good
foods. I donít have any bad habits; I donít smoke, donít abuse alcohol
and never tried drugs. I exercise regularly; I go to the gym, swimming
pool. Sport is one of my hobbies. Another my hobby is cooking. I like
to cook and I can cook many tasty dishes. From cuisines I prefer my
national one. There are a lot of delicious things Smiley Hopefully one day
I will be able to cook for you something tasty. I like to drink green
tea and tea with milk. From alcohol I prefer not strong drinks, as
wine, champagne or martini, but it happen seldom and for special

Also I want to tell you that I am very kind, romantic and passionate
lady. I like romantic walks, long French kisses, romantic dinners with
champagne, fruits and candle lights. I like to arrange surprises for
my beloved man and give him presents. I want my beloved man always
feel with me on the top of the world. I want him always know that he
is loved and cared for.

I have a lot of questions to you, what is your favorite dish? What is
your favorite place to rest? What do you appreciate in woman? I have a
lot of things to tell you. Well, I wrote a lot. But still there are
lots of things, which I would like to tell you about myself. If you
want to ask me anything, do it and I'll try to give you my answers,
ok? And of course I would love to get more information about your
likes and dislikes as well. I wish you a very nice day !

Waiting for your letter.

Call me Margo.

Hi my dear xxxx! how do you do? I hope good!

Thank you for your letter! It probably means that you are interested
in me. So, I am very pleased!

Is everything from my letter written understandable? If so, please,
answer my questions from my previous letter and tell me about
yourself. I want to learn about your work, family, hobbies, plans for
future and your last relations.

I am very interested in knowing more about you. Iíve got much more
interested in you and I am very glad that we got acquainted. And now
let me to tell you more about myself. I will try to be as open and
honest with you as possible. It's not easy to describe myself, but
you need to know about me to decide if I am worthy or your attention!
Let me begin by saying that I am very serious about finding my best
friend, my love, my second half, my kindred spirit, a man, with whom I
would feel comfortable and loved. A man, with whom I can be together
for all times. Family is very important to me and I want to have
children. Do you? But if you are not sure that you want to have any
children I will respect your decision and make you happy in other
ways. I want to have an active sexual relationship with my husband.

As for the age matter I'm sure age is only number, but hearts and
feelings are the most important in our relationship. I believe that we
can be the luckiest people in the world finding each other and opening
our souls for each other. Let's keep our hope high and find it out. I
am sure that love will conquer everything. When people are in love,
they will overcome distance, cultural and language differences. And I
am ready to do anything what I can. From tomorrow I am going to study
English. I hope, that we meet once and I want that we understand each
other. Unfortunately so far I donít speak English and come to the
company of translation, where I get your letters translated in

I told you already that I am very kind person and sometimes it hurts,
because unfortunately many people don't cherish things that I've
done for them, though I am not waiting for gratitude. If I do
something good, it gives me real joy because I can be useful to
somebody. Also I always try to find any positive moments in every life
situation, even the most difficult ones. I like smart and jolly
people. I like to communicate with interesting people I like to get
acquainted with new interesting people. I can't be alone. Solitude
scares me. I like music a lot, though I haven't any concrete
preferences. My choice depends on my mood and things that I do. In the
morning I turn on the radio and it helps me to wake up, but I wake up
early and go to bad late. I like Madonna, Sting, Mylene Farmer,
T.A.T.U, Corona, Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias.
My favorite song is ĎComfortable placeí by Russell Simins. Do you know
it? I like to watch movies, especially in the cinema. It can be
comedies, thrillers, romantic stories or horrors, I like bright

I like to read a lot , but unfortunately I havenít much time now for
to enjoy any written stories. My favorites writers are Russian
classics as Dostoyesvskiy, Bulgakhov, Chernishevskiy, Chehov. Also I
like Paoplo Coehlio. What about you? Do you like to read? I know some
people who havenít read many literature but they are still very
intelligent. So itís not a big factor for me.
Please, don't forget to send me your photos in your next letter.

Give you a hug and best regards! Please, write me soon. I am very
interested in you.


Good day my darling xxxxx!

First of all I want to thank you for your nice letter! It is very
interesting and I appreciate what you share with me. I do hope that we
will become more than just friends as I like you a lot and want to
take the chance to build my future with you.

Yes, I understand exactly what you meant. I hope this this new, 2009
year will bring pleasant and happy changes in my life. I hope that I
will meet my soul mate soon and will never be lonely any more.
everyone wants to think that only good and happy changes will be
waiting for him in the next coming year.

Please, don't forget to send me your photos in your next letter.
I like to dance. I want to dance with you, looking passionately in
each otherís eyes, holding you in my arms. I look forward to waking up
with you by my side, running my fingers through your hair, gently
kissing you. I adore flowers. I have many plants at home. I like
lilies and blood red roses. For me the most desirable present would be
a bouquet of flowers from my man. I think, itís the most romantic
present, which speaks a lot about feelings of a man. To give a woman
flowers not only shows that a man cares, but that this gift from
nature is meant for his lover. To admire a woman is what inspires
love, flames romance, and ignites passion between them. Itís pity that
our men can't be romantic and attentive to their women and they don't
present flowers and make pleasant surprises for their women. I like
pleasant scents and perfumes. My favorite perfume is ďDonnaĒ by Sergio
Taccini. Itís difficult to say what is my favorite color .I like
different colors and I can say that I prefer red and pink more in
clothes. I often like to dress in bright clothes as they rise my mood
and make me feel better. What is your favorite style in clothes? What
kind of clothes do you prefer in your woman? In clothes I prefer
things, in which I feel comfortable, but it have to be very feminine
outfit and sexy, but not vulgar. I like high hills but usually I wear
them when I go out. How do you imagine your woman to be dressed? And
what about make up? Itís very interesting for me.

I would like to write about love and share the views. I think that
life is meaningless without loving someone. We always should be given
an opportunity to love. Love is magic, which, in turn, sometimes will
make our lives magic and wonderful. I hope that there will be a lot of
such moments in my life... Maybe even with you...

By for now. But I hope to hear from you soon.


Hello my darling xxxx!

All I want to do is write to you, to let you know what I'm doing, how
I'm feeling. I just canít stop thinking of you and when I saw your
letter, my heart began to beat faster and faster, in expectation of
the wonder and pleasure to communicate with you again.

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep either. After I got your letter I
couldn't stop thinking about you. Last night, under the vanishing
stars, with a somewhat chilling breezes blowing, I sat silently by
myself, outside, looking at a deserted field. I was alone under a
picturesque sky, so calm, so peaceful and so quiet. I was lost in my
thoughts. I was lost in my dreams. Images of you were beaming. I did
not know what came over me. Completely unsure whether it was a reality
or was it just a dream. Was our contact for real or was it potential?
Or was it an in-between?

I imagined that I was with you on a sandy beach. On that deserted
beach, I have drawn your strong but tender hands on the wet sand, a
silent face, smiling at me. As time passed ever so painfully slow, you
looked so handsome as you look so motionless. On that beach, you
teasingly invited me for a dance, the last dance and the best dance.
As slowly we danced, you seductively passed your gentle fingers
through my silky hair as they flew in the air, caused by the gentle
breezes of the sea and I pretended to be helpless in stopping your
wandering hands, unstoppable hands moving from my soft hair, downward
along my curvy shoulders and smooth-skinned back towards my thighs, as
a clear sign that I have long ago decided to remain forever yours.

The signals I gave invited you to chase and as reward you pour me a
glass of wine, and I allow you to feed me chocolates, piece by piece,
holding them with your lips. As you fed, you deliciously gave me an
irresistible kiss for each and every one of those pieces of chocolate.
As two loving birds, deeply submerged in the sea of passion, I
voluntarily became your most loyal and willing accomplice in "your
criminal attempt to corrupt my heart and my mind". Without ever
uttering a single whisper or a lone murmur, I wish, I hope and I dream
that from now on you will forever remain mine.

Never before have I felt so lonely, so desperate, so hopeless, so
helpless and so despair. On that silent place, during that silent
night, during that cruel night, in this vast planet, at that lonely
night, I wished you were here. If you were, I wondered whether you
would be nervous. If so, I simply wanted to tell you that there is
really no need to be nervous. At this moment, there are only the two
of us. Should you have butterflies, I will tell you, "honey, you are
mine". Kiss me tenderly and there will be no more butterflies Ė soon
there will be a new life, another human being, the beginning of our
family. You will be with me for the rest of the night. You will be
with me for the rest of this life, in the mid summer night, for the
rest of your life, in the cold winter time, and for the rest of our
life, until the end of time. You should never be nervous again, my
darling, because you are mine. There will never ever again be any more
butterflies. During the many years to come and during those sleepless
nights, there will only be pages of an album, a family album, an album
you and I will put together. A family album is an art. After all, it
is really an affair of the heart. Would you agree?

Deliciously I will kiss you, holding you tight, with my arms firmly
wrapped from behind, you will never again be able to take flight, for
the night, for the rest of our life, until the end of time, exploring
every single inch of your body... With your help and capable hand
guiding me, I will find the most secret of all spots that will lead me
to your inner most secret and trembling body. You will give me the
honor of always be mine. Once - definitely; twice - absolutely; three
times - we can discuss about bringing in new lives into this world
despite human cruelties in the midst of human beauty.

In the years to come, even when we will have grown old, even in a
state of frailty and fragility, I will still love you, holding your
hands, recapturing moments past, as if it is still our very first
contact, from the start, full of sparks, in the dark, as we were once
youthful, seeing you for the first time, meeting in that big world of
cyber space, the moment I attempt to gain access to your heart.

Nothing I want more than the fulfillment of my hopes and my dreams.

Thinking of you,

Your Margo.


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