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Kennt jemand diese Frau?

To XXX!My travel plans!Important!!
It's real pleasure you want to meet me and that you're oriented on serious relationship, are you?!
In fact I'm planning a summer traditional vacation for graduating students and would love to come to you. I really would love to meet you! On holidays, I guess I'll be coming to Berlin(just for tourism, I'd love you to keep my company) and also I could come to you in Holle. Can I get to you by bus or train? I can't afford plane at the moment. Is at possible to find the shortest way from Berlin? Let's make the dates suitable for us both, what do you think?are you free in July?
While I'm away from Germany, I'd love to communicate to learn more about each other!Personally I feel like I'm going to be a little embarrassed and nontalkative if I see you for the first time without knowing much about you. Let me underline once again, I'd like to come with only purpose which is to meet you! That makes our correspondence important, afraid of coming to a far away country alone!
So, XXX if it's ok with you, I'd gladly get down to developing our "love-project"

Tell me about you! What about your family, do you live alone or with relatives now?
What about your job and plans for this summer, are you going to be free for our meeting?
Maybe we'll have some time to share our hobbies? What are your favorites?

sincerely yours, Alina

Someone know this women?

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--- Zitat ---Sweet_Alino4ka
25 y/o femme
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
russe, anglais
Kindergarten teacher
n’a pas d’enfant
Dernier en ligne: 2012-05-22 21:07:50
20 credit pour ouvrir une letter
ID: 1000397091
Amis :
Détails personnels
Type de Profil       célibataire
Sexe       femme
Enfants       sans enfants
Veux des enfants       Je vous le dirai plus tard
Date de naissance       1986 - Septembre - 1
Taille       5'4" - 5'5" (161-165cm)
Silhouette       Sensuel
Race       Caucasien
Religion       Chrétien
Status marital       célibataire
Niveau d’études       MA/MS/MBA
Fumeur       Non
Buveur       Non
Détails de la personne que vous recherchez
Je recherche un       homme
recherchant une catégorie d’age       35-55
Relation       Marriage, Relations, Romance, Partenaire de voyage
I am looking for a man who is honest, loyal and caring. He's to be open and communicative person and more of a team-player in relationships. I'm looking for someone to make my world complete with him and such differences as age, cultural views and social status is not an object to me. What I care about is if well match each other like personalities, life-partners and lovers. So! If you like me. If you're committed to build serious relationships. If you think its better to know a person first rather than deny one from a first sight. Then lets try be happy together. Don't you still believe in love then ask me how can this be?

Description de la personne idéale:
 -I'm looking for a man who is ready to invest his time to build a nice relation and who will take the time to know me and give me the time to know him.
 -not a sex toy to drop in trash!
 -I'm gonna be your life-companion, lover and friend!
 -The soul mate is a person who you can talk to about everything in the world either philosophical issues or everyday life or discuss last football match or something, a person who understand you to the core and the assistance of which you can expect for. A soul mate will accept who you are, will bring out the best in you, challenge you, and be your best friend.
 - strong but romantic,
 - generous but not wasteful
 - funny but not a clown
 - serious but not all the time
 -sexy but not vulgar
 - smart but not a know-it-all
 - handsome but not a model ( I think that it's not a job for a real man)
 - industrious but not a workaholic

 -I'm planning a vacation and would like to travel

 - if you write to me, please make sure, that you're interested not in a one-night stand, but in a long-term relationship.

My languages skills:

--- Ende Zitat ---

@ fattarzan

Sicher doch ein 100% Fake sie verwendet gestohlene Photos!Die Bilder zeigen Stock Photos :smilie_g_010:

@ fattarzan!

Geklaute Model-Bilder, die Bilder findest Du in einem Katalog für Bekleidung!

Foto de archivo - Escudo de leopardo vistiendo muy Morena. Aislados en blanco :smilie_g_010:

Weiter 9 Bilder sind auf der Katalogseite!

Naja. Ich hab die mittlerweile bei FB gefunden mit eindeutig privaten Bildern.


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