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new chat sites for scammers


Angel from hell:
a new method of scammers to contact  there victims is via sex chat sites posing as either girls or girls willing to meet It was tried on me on ne such site but I declined the bait when I reported this to the admin "quote"" we do not allow such people n the site yet the same nick name was on the site for three days after wards with out being banned

Angel from hell:
the site is called perpetual chatters its url is

 and also the girls name is ria aka demonic demon who is in the torture chamber  also dominae aka jay also sweet peach

Angel from hell: this is the latest site that allows scammers to flourish in peace the mods and admin are in cohorts with the scammers as if you complain admin ignore you the admin are Karen champagne papii or maddy Andrew dead poet façade mellisa  xombie the admin  kick you if you tell them theres scammers on the site plus certain admin  allow under age  girls on providing they send the admin pics of them naked


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