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--- Zitat ---Anderson Albert's

Wohnt in Nairobi
Aus London


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--- Zitat ---I am hereby informing the general public not to have any deal with Anderson Alberts from  Kenya is a scammer ,i paid partment for fixed match wthout knowing he is fake.

Here is my payment detail on the 6th feb,2020 to proof my claim.

Amos Anderson accepted your payment

Amos Anderson via PayPal

 Transaction ID: 46L44741Y87413625   Amos Anderson accepted your payment  Dear Chisom Henry Amadi,

This is to confirm that Amos Anderson accepted the 25.03 EUR payment you sent on Feb 6, 2020.

Amount:25.03 EURPayment method:Card Payment Message in your payment email:This is payment from Prince Agubolom from Facebook and whatsapp conversation

Below is his facebook profile

Every won matches you seeing in his profile is an edited match.

He has ran away with money and also be boaated that i can't do anything.

Below are his whatsapp respond to me.

Keep up idiot why are you texting me?
[2/10, 5:21 PM] Anderson Alberts: Fuck let me get you the fucking 25 go die slow idiot
[2/10, 5:23 PM] Anderson Alberts: For easy can I give you my address.
--- Ende Zitat ---


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