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Sardinka (28)

--- Zitat --- Mitgliederübersicht
Englisch (Original) Very nice and beautiful girl

Sehr nettes und schönes Mädchen

Über Sardinka 
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Geschlecht:  Weiblich    Männlich   
Alter:  28    Beliebig   
Wohnhaft in:  Skadovs'k, Kherson, Ukraine    Beliebig   
Umziehen:  In meinem Land    Beliebig   
Haarfarbe:  Schwarz    Beliebig   
Haarlänge:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Haartyp:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Augenfarbe:  [highlight]Braun[/highlight] (BLAU)   Beliebig   
Brille:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Größe:  169 cm    Beliebig   
Gewicht:  52 kg    Beliebig   
Körperbau:  Schlank    Beliebig   
Ethnizität:  Kaukasisch (weiß)    Beliebig   
Gesichtsbehaarung:  Nicht zutreffend    Beliebig   
Besonderes Merkmal:  Keine Antwort   Beliebig   
Körperschmuck:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Aussehen:  Sehr attraktiv    Beliebig   
Trinken Sie:  Ich trinke nicht    Beliebig   
Rauche:  Nichtraucher    Beliebig   
Familienstand:  Single    Beliebig   
Kinder vorhanden:  Nein    Beliebig   
Anzahl der Kinder:  Nicht zutreffend    Beliebig   
Ältestes Kind:  Nicht zutreffend    Beliebig   
Jüngstes Kind:  Nicht zutreffend    Beliebig   
Möchten Sie (mehr) Kinder?  Nicht sicher    Beliebig   
Haustiere:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Beruf:  Andere    Beliebig   
Stellung im Erwerbsleben:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Einkommen:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Art der Wohnung:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Lebensumstände:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Kultureller Hintergrund/kulturelle Wertvorstellungen 
Nationalität:  Ukraine    Beliebig   
Bildung:  Schulische Ausbildung    Beliebig   
Sprachen:  Keine Antwort    Beliebig   
Englische Sprachkenntnisse:  Keine    Beliebig   
Russische Sprachkenntnisse:  Sehr gut    Beliebig   
Religion:  Orthodox    Beliebig   
Sternzeichen:  Schütze    Beliebig   
Körbchengröße:  Keine Antwort    Nicht zutreffend   
Brustumfang:  Keine Antwort    Nicht zutreffend   
Taillenumfang:  Keine Antwort    Nicht zutreffend   
Hüftumfang:  Keine Antwort    Nicht zutreffend   

Englisch (Original)BEST MAN


--- Ende Zitat ---

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--- Zitat ---I was very glad will get acquainted with you on a site RU
I felt pleasantly surprised and happy at the same time! The opportunity
to communicate with you brings me a lot of beautiful hopes for the
future and I'm very much eager to tell you everything about me! Of
course I understand that it is impossible to write everything about a
person in one letter, but still I want to try...
First of all, you might be asking yourself why am I searching for my
love in Internet because I'm quite young - 29 years old and have my
whole life ahead to find my beloved man here in Ukraine!!! That's why
I should tell you honestly at once a small story from my childhood. I
was very lucky with my mother, she loved me tenderly and continues
doing it, but unfortunately there was one wrong thing with my father -
he was drinking too much. And from year to year it became worse and
worse. I shall not tell you in this letter all terrible things that
happened with me and my mother because of that, but in result my
parents divorced and after that I have never seen my father. I was 15
when it happened. But I have a feeling that this bad luck followed me
all the time and my first boyfriend with whom I really fell in love
had the same problem as my father did. I didn't see it at first, but
when I started to have serious feelings to him, I saw that I made a
bid mistake.. It was very painful for me but I had to break with him.
So, I got tired of Ukrainian men drinking constantly and decided to
find my love abroad.
So, that's enough of sad stories for today, now I shall tell you a
little about myself. My name is ZOYA but my mother often calls me
kindly - Zoin'ka Smiley As you have understood already, I live in Ukraine
in the town called Artemovsk in Donezk region. I have an education of
a teacher of junior classes and work in school with children of 7-9
years. I must say that I really love my job because I'm so fond of
children, I think they are wonderful and sometimes even more lever
then adult people!! I have noticed that many times already! You never
know hat to expect from them - and that is the most wonderful thing!
But there us one negative point in my work - the salary. Unfortunately
our government doesn't take care of people living in it that's why all
teachers get here very small salary. After I pay all taxes there is
hardly left money for some food and clothes.
For a moment i live with my mother but soon I want to rent a flat of
my own, my mother want to help me here.. As for my hobbies, I like
reading a lot and jogging in the morning after that I usually take a
contrast shower of cold and hot water - that really freshens up for
the whole day!! I don't top jogging even in winter Smiley
I need to tell you honestly one more thing - I don't speak English,
that's why I use The bureau of translations for writing my letters to
you. I really hope that you don't mind that?
Well, it appeared to be a long letter and hope it was not boring for
you?... In my next letter (of course in case only if you want to get
it!) I shall tell you more about my life and interests. And i would be
also happy to get the same information form you because I'm really
interested in getting to know you better!
I wish you only the best and hope to get your letter soon!!
ZOYA Smiley
--- Ende Zitat ---


--- Zitat ---good day xxx, just Linda, that would be nice to get to know about
you.if you are free and ready for new connections with a woman.
--- Ende Zitat ---


--- Zitat ---Selen Selen
20. September 1989
Rostov am Don
ЮФУ (бывш. РГУ)
Ausführliche Informationen verbergen
Hochschule oder Universität:
ЮФУ (бывш. РГУ)
Persönliche Informationen
Корниш-рекс, Jensen Ackles Дженсен Эклз Offic.Community Vk, Привет Мы худеем Давай с нами?, Наращивание ногтей Шеллак гель-лак в Ростове, Julie Gonzalo Джули Гонсало, 24 hours to new year morrison, 9 февраля Суббота Затерянный мир САБОТАDJ

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