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Jenny Jok <jennyjoke4real@yahoo.com>


35 year old, woman from United States

I just look at your profile at the dating site, and I must say you seem like a very good looking man. I would really love to get to know you, though I`m jenny new to this online dating scene, just trying to make friends and see where its goes because I`ll be getting out of here soon. I like having fun and I don`t like having dull moments. I`m a very honest, easy going and open minded man who is searching for a partner who has the same qualities which I posses. I`m also looking for a man who is honest, trustworthy, open minded, loving, caring,responsible, bold and self confident. I would really love to meet you, I also would love to talk with you and get to know more about you. I want you to understand a proverb that says relationship is like a wine, it get better as it`s grow older, so I believe the more interest you put on me makes us get to know more about each other, and as long as we continue to be fluent in talking we`ll get to know everything little thing about each other.

I`m hoping to hear from you soonest, but I`m so sad and depresed at the momment, I don`t know maybe you`ll be willing to cheer me up.... Anway if you would like to know more about me, you could email me or add me up to your yahoo messenger jennyjoke4real@yahoo.com I`ll be looking forward to hearing you,take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day ahead of you.....

thanks and GOD BLESS YOU.....


eine Jane Mary Williams <jane_mary_williams@yahoo.com> benutzte vor ca. einem Halben Jahr genau diesen Text um ihn in mindestens 23 Gästebücher von Profilen auf  http://www.flixster.com zu hinterlassen.


für mich ist sie auf jeden Fall ein Fake!


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