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Hi, it's me again.
I am writing to you with a mailbox that is my own, and if you want to
answer, I'll wait for your letter here. I will be very glad to see your reply.
Get introduced through the Internet is new to me. I am not on social networks
such as Facebook. Because all the time I spend at work, and try to free my family
to pay. But my best friend has found a husband through the Internet. That's her
He advised me to apply to the Internet agency. May be you ask where I got your e-mail?
the agency, which is located in Kiev called "Virginia" and website -, I was offered a site
where you can register and find a mate, where I found several e-mail and photos.
I chose to write to you. I hope you are happy because now we have the ability
to communicate. I'm looking for love and
I do not want to play feelings. I only want a serious relationship without
deception and games. Now I am writing to you, and a little worried. If I had
the opportunity, we could talk on Skype, but unfortunately I do not have such
an opportunity. My computer is too simple and old and it does not have a camera.
I want you to write a little about yourself. My name is Halyna. I am 30 years old. I live in Ukraine,
the city of Kiev. I'm looking for happiness in this life. I want to meet your
soul mate, because man can not live alone. I already had a sad experience in building relationships. But nothing
good came, I was very painful wound through the heart. And I did not
want more wrong, and suffer. I Want to meet a man,
who will love me, respect and appreciate every moment held
together. I work as an editor of the journal. I live with my parents.
We have a spacious apartment, so there is enough space
everything. My parents have aged. I live with my parents to help
them. We have a very good relationship with my parents. I trust them in everything,
they have a very good and open people. I listen to the advice
your parents. I also have a sister, a younger sister. She is only 13 years old.
We have a big age difference, but it does not prevent us to be a good sister
and best friends. Her name is Olga. I hope that you will answer my
a letter and we will continue our acquaintance. I understand that
between us is a big difference in language, culture and country. But I believe that
this should not prevent us. You will be interesting to learn more about me
my country its customs. And I'm curious to know more about you. I write
you a letter through an interpreter. And I ask you to forgive me if I suddenly
write a word that you do not understand or make a mistake. But I'm a fast learner. I was learning
English in school, but that was long ago. I hope this is not a problem for
us. I will help you learn my language and you help me. I think it's
it will be interesting))) to study each other. Maybe later, when we get to know
each other better, we can talk on the phone, but it is too early to talk about this,
we have to get closer to each other. I think that the main thing in humans
not outside, but inside. Most importantly some inner peace. I think that
we will not have problems with our acquaintance, it will be very interesting.
I hope that I was able to write this letter, their intentions and purpose
in life. I'm going to wait for your letter. I hope in
we will succeed. I send you my photo. I also want to ask you more of your photos,
I would like us to know each other not only in the letters, but also visually. In the next letter I
I'll write a little more.
In the hope of a reply, Halyna from Ukraine.

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Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 17:25:06 +0400

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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2018 11:02:30 +0300

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Hallo. Wie geht es Ihnen? Was machst du? Ich habe mich nie im Internet getroffen, sondern beschlossen, es zu versuchen. Ich wurde dich gerne treffen. Ich mochte suche eine Mann fur eine ernsthafte Beziehung. Ich mochte eine Mann kennenlernen. Ich hoffe du bist eine freier Mann und du wirst glucklich sein, mich kennenlernen. Ich habe ernsthafte Absichten. Mein Name ist Tatyana. Ich bin ein freundliches und ruhiges Madchen. Ich habe keine schlechten Angewohnheiten. Ich gehe gerne Sport treibenengagieren. Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind unsere Bekanntschaft fortzusetzen dann erzahle ich Ihnen mehr uber mich. Ich hoffe, Sie wirst mir bald antworten.

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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 22:50:50 +0200

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Good day. Thank you so much for ur e mail. I became very surprised & pleased to receive a letter from you. Sorry for delay. i do not commonly make use of this e-mail. I by accident made a decision to take a look at my email and was pleasantly amazed to find the message. I use a different e-mail address and i utilize it to chat with my friends. I'll send you a specific message via this specific email so you'll recognize it. Well, I wish that you are going to excuse me for this and reply soon. I truly want to become familiar with you far better. I'm sure that there is so much of fascinating things we can easily come across concerning one another. I did assured you to send out u my photo and so I'm sticking it here. I'm going inform you much more regarding myself in my upcoming e-mail and also i will mail it via my regularly used mail address, I'm going wait excitedly for your personal mail. Have a lovely daytime. Take good care. PS In case u did enjoyed my picture and you're stillserious, write me as soon as possible.

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Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 22:50:50 +0200

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Reply-To: Jessie <>
From: Jessie <>
Subject: We will have a wonderful time with you!
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 17:25:06 +0400

Hello my dear!
Of course, I embarrassed you, that I called you dear
Although we do not know each other
I do not even know where to start? ((((
I will tell you a little about myself a year ago,
I came to you in the country and I really liked and decided to move
your country to live I really like your people and society
but unfortunately I do not have friends here and so I decided to write to you
I hope that you do not mind dating me
and we wake up very nice and good communication and something more
and I think that you are a person who will be near and kind to me!
and with pleasure will show me your city and tell you what and where
and show your favorite places, perhaps where he once went in childhood
I think that you are that person, and I will not be disappointed in you!
I'll send you a photo,
and if I'm beautiful and beautiful
then you can write me here on this site, I still registered there
my nickname is Jessie
so that we can communicate and learn from each other
I hope you do not mind, and after I give you my number and email address
and we can write to each other, call and communicate and continue to meet!
I will very much wait for your letter on the site, your new friend Jessie

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Eingeliefert über Yahoo Ireland

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Wahrscheinlich deine erste Frage, wer bin ich?
Jetzt werde ich dir alles erzählen.
Mein name ist Regina, ich wurde 1986 geboren.
 Ich werde mich freuen, Sie zu treffen.
Ich werde mich freuen, dich besser kennenzulernen.
Wenn es dir nichts ausmacht, würde ich gerne uber mich und mein Leben erzählen.
Ich schicke dir meine Fotos, damit du sehen kannst, wer dir schreibt!)
Ich habe Angst vor Online-Dating, weil ich viele schlechte Bewertungen uber Online-Dating gelesen habe.
Ich warte auf deine Antwort.

Salutti I hope that our meeting will be interesting. My name is Marina,
iam 40 years old. I live in Syberia, this is center of big Russia. I’m
not little girl to believe in the beautiful story of love. But i want to
love and be loved. I want to change my life. I work as an booker agent
in a travel agency. I was in Spain, Greece, Turkey. I think my English
is good. At school it was required studies. I don’t think there will be
any difficulty in understanding between us. I am waiting for your mail
to my email. Yours faithfully, Marinuska!
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