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Titel: Anna Shooke / Janet Owusu <> <>
Beitrag von: Ralf0666 am 08,Mai,2012, 16:39:23
Fake Profile auf PrimeDate

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 09:39:43 +0100
Subject: Re: anna from PrimeDate
To: xxxx

Hi,how are you doing thanks for the email,I really love all you have to say about yourself,I see you have a really bright prospect and i like your outlook on life it really means a lot to me.  what do you think of relationships?.i really want to know about your past relationship.have you ever met anyone off the internet?What was it like?well i have a diverse background my Dad from Canada while my mom from Germany,im the only child of my parent,I grew up mainly in Canada cos i had to go there and live with my Aunt after my dad's death and mum got to marry to anotherman .I came down to Germany cos i had a job offer, more so to stay with my ground ma before she passed away late last year and moreover i had to have a change of  environment from my Aunt who's deeply in drugs and alcohol because i live  my life with good character and i dont want to get intimdate with her drug habit, and also I have such  a strong understanding of what I feel my role in life is suppose  to be. my goals and dreams is to have a successful career and to live a good life,and maybe meet someone that believes in unconditional love,sure that cant be complete without a honest husband, someone who know the true meaning of what we call a Family, its really something i have always dreamt of and im really Working hard towards that direction.hope to hear back from you soon

Fakeprofile, in denen Bildern der selben Person verwendet wurden:,22187.0.html

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Titel: Re: Anna Shooke <>
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 08,Mai,2012, 17:41:54

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Titel: Re: Anna Shooke <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 08,Mai,2012, 18:44:12

annashooke: Looking for my Crown
Frau, 32 Jahre alt brisbane, Australia.

Ich bin       Frau
Suche nach       Mann
Ihre irchtige Name       Anna Shooke
Motto       Looking for my Crown
Gewunschte Beziehungen        Freundschaft, Ehe, Liebe
Mein Geburtsdatum       1980-04-23
Meinen Wunschpartners Alter        34-101
 Soziale Lage
Berufstatigkeit       Fashion Designer
Religion       Christ
Kinder        Nein
Trinken       In Gesellschaft
Korperbau       Schlank
Land       Australia
Region, Stadt       brisbane

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Titel: Re: Anna Shooke <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 08,Mai,2012, 18:51:01

Anna Shooke
 32 / Mujer / Sweden / Usuario desde 4/10/11

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Titel: Re: Anna Shooke <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 08,Mai,2012, 18:55:07

Geschlecht      Weiblich
Interessiert an      Männer und Frauen
Beziehungsstatus      Single
Sprachen      English
Wohnt in Perth

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Titel: Re: Anna Shooke <>
Beitrag von: Ralf0666 am 09,Mai,2012, 11:02:55
Xxxx i know how you feel because you have not met me in person , But believ=
e me , I wont take advantage of you or go away with your money , Listen to =
me , You can see me on the webcam if you like to see , I am real and i am w=
ho i say i am , Please , I will give you all this money back , I am not a b=
ad women like you think , Please i can get a cam and you will see me and se=
e i am not lying

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Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 17:19:40 +0100 (BST)
From: Anna Shooke <>
Reply-To: Anna Shooke <>
Subject: Re: anna from PrimeDate
To: xxxx
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Titel: Re: Anna Shooke <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 09,Mai,2012, 21:36:59
@ Ralf0666!

Eingeliefert über Lagos in Nigeria, die Date-Zeile kommt aus Great Britain, die Wohnortangabe in Deutschland, Australien,

Schweden, ... und der X-Mailer: YahooMailWebService/ !

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Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 17:19:40 +0100 (BST)
From: Anna Shooke <>


ISP:       Visafone Communications Limited
Host Name:
Organization:       Visafone Communications Limited
City:       Lagos
Country:       Nigeria
Country code:       NG

Titel: Janet Owusu <>
Beitrag von: Roland411 am 25,Jul,2016, 19:33:19
Hier die Daten, die ich bis jetzt gesammelt habe (Skype und E-Mail)

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Titel: Re: Janet Owusu
Beitrag von: Roland411 am 25,Jul,2016, 19:34:53
Janet Owusu

Unterhaltung auf Skype:

Don't be surprise how i contact  you okay I am new to skype and i was just trying to see how it works , i saw your name in skype members and decided to contact you and we chat to know each other and be friends  is that  a problem to you chatting with me ??

Am janet Owusu by name 30years single with no kids, Am from Haiti but now living in Ghana just becaise of the earth Quake,,
And i have lost my father when the earth quake started

No, i want to live from Ghana because Ghana its been corrupt and anyone wanted to live here because the econome is very bad.. thats the main reason why am here.. am seeking for a right man who will lovve me and take good care of me as well
And also share everything together

I didnt ever know how Ghana is, if i did know, i would never come here

I did not know i will be coming to Ghana as i said when the earth quake started and the america airfore came and brouth us all to Ghana

Yes dont worry much, we just meet and each of us it strange to each other, but we have to chat and know more about each other first okay

No its been eartth quake and i dont have any money which will help me to go back because am suffering a lot in GHANA
And thats pains me a lot



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