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Titel: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 03,Jun,2009, 01:31:37
Mail nach der alten Art. Könnte wieder ein Flüchtling sein.

How are you?i hope fine.i saw your profile today in ( and after going through it many times,i made up my mind to contact you.My full name is Sandra jobe. i am 23years old,i am seriuosly seeking for long term relationship ,truthful,honest,carering and good heart.i am single never married befor,i am a nice girl with much passion,loving,carering and understanding looking for a good relation.i will like to know more about you through my email address so that i will give you my picture and for you to know who i am.My email : (  and  i  am hoping to hear from you soon
Yours one in love.
Miss Sandra

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Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 03,Jun,2009, 02:03:22
Zitat - Whois Information

inetnum: -
netname:        SN-SONATEL-20060614
descr:          Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senegal
country:        SN
admin-c:        SBT7-AFRINIC
admin-c:        MN1281-AFRINIC
tech-c:         SBT7-AFRINIC
tech-c:         BAW1-AFRINIC
org:            ORG-SNDT1-AFRINIC
status:         ALLOCATED PA
mnt-by:         AFRINIC-HM-MNT
mnt-lower:      SMM-MNT
mnt-domains:    SMM-MNT
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Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 04,Jun,2009, 16:07:36
Neue IP

Hello Xxxxxx,
How are you today, I hope fine. Thanks for your mail, It was well understood by me.
How was your night over their in your country,Hope that all is well with you? i am sorry for my late responce it was due to my inability to visit the internet please do bear with me
 I will tell you more about me as soon we are going, I Shall brief you about my life, my like and dislike.
I was very happy to see your message this Morning and your request  for i have been searching for true and trusted friend and i feel that I have gotten my heart and my love, I ask God to provide me some one that will love me and be my life partner and a future husband and which I believe that God will answer my prayer someday.i come to understand that in real love relationship what matters alot is true love with trust which i bessech you to know that i am here for real love and whatever i tell you is from my heart,I am going to give you all my trust and love if only you will do aswell,because after seeing your mail.after the research i went on your profile i decided not to go to any other site but what gives me concern is the fact that you really care.
I know that in any thing that happen, God knows the best.I cannot hide any thing to you rather to tell you what is in my mind, as I got your mail, and your open minded to me, I cannot restrict the spirit, I got enticed with your profile and feel to contact you and express my feelings to you which i know which i thank you very much for writting to me.
I will like to know a little life story about you, and I have attached  my lovely picture to you, I will sincerely like you to send me your picture i was not able to see what you sent to me in the attach file please you can resend it,i will give you more of mine as we go on and tell you more about me.Hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours forever
Miss Sandra.

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From: Sandra Jobe <>
Subject: Nice hearing from you
To: Xxxxxx <>
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IP Address
Location       SN SN, Senegal
City       Dakar, 01 -
Organization       Pool ADSL Gelt Medina
ISP       Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senega

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Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 05,Jun,2009, 22:15:03
Toll immer wieder die Frage ob man es ernst meint.

My Dearest One In Mind  ,
I am fine over here and how is your day over their in your country?i hope that all is well with you.Thanks for your mail,I read it immediately after i woke up this morning  and i am opportuned to respond to it now,all you wrote was well understood by me,i was touched when you mentioned the fact that you are 45 and still not married,i would love to promise you that no matter your age and status my love for you can never change i am ready to be with you till the rest of my life if only you will give me the true love that we both needed?thanks also for your compliment on my picture i thank God for the stature that God has given me but i will not use the advantage of it to spoil myself and considering my present condition that keeps me thinking everyday thats why it took me so much time to found my true love for i dont want to be hurt again,i am very happy to know that you care for real love that comes from the heart and that you are really ready to be with me,I was very happy when i met your responce to me and i believe that i have gotten what am looking for after i could hear from you but one of the things that gives me concern is the fact that you said you were in a relationship and you are no more with her hope you will not betray my love for you?hope you promise not be there?i have been asking God to provide me some one that will be my life partner and a future husband who i will have a long term relationship with trust which i believe that God have answered my prayer by given me my match of life,i will still like to tell you that in love relationship language or distance can never be a barrier i felt for you when i passed your profile and was convienced that you are the one for me,i am only living on your word to me when i see your respond to me mostly with your picture which you gave to me and most importantly the fact that you are ready to protect our love for that is what i care,You draw me so close to mind when you mention your pleasure to me and the fact you really care and your open minded who are mine to hold my love to you,i am comfortable with that;that brings me to another serious subject which i would love you to assure me before proceeding in telling you more about me,you know that you are the first man i have ever met in my life and that is the reason why i want to be sure of whom i am have a relationship with and i dont want to be betrayed just because your personal believe or there about for i am still nursing and seeking for who will close the vaccum in my heart and i would not want my feelings to be hurt by any in my present condition:one is you should promise me that you will not betray my love for you and that you should promise me that you will be there for me in any condition? your open heart to me really made me to know that we are made for each other,i really wish that both of us know each other very well,i care so much to know your like and dislike,your family background status and all about you?are you in a serious relationship presently with anyone?I NEED A TRUE ANSWER!.Once again, my name is Sandra Jobe.i am a citizen of the Gambia west Africa a nearby country to Senegal, but residing in Dakar a capital city of senegal.i am open minded to my world,i like to play with my hobbies which i care most as what really make me comfortable in life,reading,cooking and listening to music.My love i really seek your interest in real love relationship and will always be humble and honest if you treat me good in my life.i wish if God can grant us with good wishes of being as a good friend to make it real in life,most importantly i wish to be nearer to you so that i will give you the 100% love that we both needed in this life hoping to hear from you soon.i have attached my other picture to you and will send you my remaining pics in my next mail and still tell you more about me and will be very happy to see more of your own pictures,i will give you a number to reach me with in my next mail please do bear with me.hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours one in mind,
Sandra   .

( (
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 05,Jun,2009, 23:50:21
Warum ist meine Whoisinfo weg?

Ich habe nichts gelöscht.
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 06,Jun,2009, 00:35:43
Trotzdem ist die weg.
Ich habe die reingeschrieben.
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 06,Jun,2009, 01:36:12
Trotzdem ist die weg.
Ich habe die reingeschrieben.

Warst du selber wo du das Bild eingesetzt hast. Zuletzt geändert: Gestern um 22:13:35 von ddc605
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 06,Jun,2009, 01:55:34
Wer schreibt denn vom Bild?

das meine ich in meinem ersten Posting

Ist aber auch egal.
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 06,Jun,2009, 12:58:41
Herrlich was man für Dokumente bekommt.
Die Maske ist gefallen.
Dsa Prinzip ist klar. Aber was läuft da genau?

My lovely One,
How are you together with your family over there, i hope fine?i received your mail to me and i dont understand what you mean by this  Are you real then? In your profile stands another land please explain to me,i know that this might come as a surprise to you i am writting this with agony and tears in my heart because of my present condition,I was very happy to be hearing from you,for i have been in search of a comforter since my life,now i promise to be part of your family if you will accept me and my brother in your really draw my life to hope that i have seen my dreams come true which i have been praying to God.first of all i will not forget to ask you about your health,which is the most important thing to me? i hope really brought happiness to my life and if i am ask who to spend the rest of my life,without prediction i choose you from my heart,only your mail and your profile with the picture you sent to me that i went through build another life inside me and belive that our love will be growing with fruit of liken and trust which i care most from you, i believe in anything that happens God knows the best for us,it has been my wish to come over to your home country to show you the real taste of true love and to build a better family together with joy and happiness.Once again  my name is Sandra Jobe Joof, a citizen of Gambia in West Africa. I am 23 years old , my birthday was 8 December , 1985.  I hold a certificate in general school of  Nursing in Bakou intitutional planning the Gambia,i speak english language.i am the only doughter of BABA JOBE chairman leading party (APRC) of the president Dr. Alh.A.J.J Jammeh of republic of the Gambia,West Africa.With hope you have read/heard from CNN how the president Jammeh arrange a special commission leading by Justice MA Paul and Sentence my father who have been his best friend (BABA JOBE JOOF) 10 years imprisonment since last five years at Mile 2 prison Banjul,the Gambia.This commision and the president have led an allegation against my father for embezzling the Gambia Government fund (thirty million Dalasis equivalent of $15M (fifteen million us dollars.)it is not true because their is no proof against that and the president of Lybia Colonel,Mauma Gadaffi, a very close friend of my Dad and other top business in africa  such as Grema mohamed,and benco west Africa (Plc) came to Gambia with cash to pay the amount the Government is claiming from my Father,but they are all warned by the president to keep off from the case untill he coordinated UN United Nation and seized all the wealth of my father as follow,our house and cars etc. and my mum Mrs IDA JOBE died on high blood preasure on 6th febuary 2006 and it left only me and my younger brother Kumba,it was four months back i visited my Dad in the prison where he told me about a bad dream he has concerning his life here and he secretely revieW to me about our last hope $7.5m which he deposited with Bank in Europe  which he used the name of my younger Brother Kumba as the next of kin for security reason.On my last visitation to my Dad, and he instruct me to make away from the country with my junior Brother and with some secret important document. So I decided to run to the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal where I am presently seeking asylum under the United Nation for Refugee, Republic of Senegal a near by country with my Brother Kumba. I wish to contact you personally for a long term relationship that may lead us to somewhere better if we work well on it with sincererity.My father instructed me on how to get the money out from the bank,that i should look for a foriegn partner outside the country to assist me get the money and the person should help us and invest this money in a good business venture in his country and take care of me and my younger Brother Kumba.My love,I take you as my father and every thing i have now which i  have taken you already as my blood to be as one. I sincerely ask for your assistance to get this money out of the bank and your share for assisting me will be 20% of the total sum,while 10% will be use for upsetting all the expenses incurred during transferring of this money into your nornimated Bank Account in your country, then remaining 70% you will help us to invest it in your country,i have contacted the bank about this money and they told me to look for a good and responsible man who will stand on our behalf as a friend and trustee to transfer the money as it have been instructed by my father for the release of the whole money.
So i will like only you to be aware of this and see how possible you can assist me  get this money transferred  to your account in your country and from it you can send us money for me and my brother to get my traveling documents and to come over to your country to be with you.I kept this secret to people in the camp here, i can only be reach on phone with the office phone number of Dr Fred this elderly man who have been good for me and my brother,he is incharge of taking care of people that is sick here.telephone number is (00221-774-255-353) if you call tell him that you want to speak with Sandra Jobe the Gambian Girl, he will send for me,i wish to hear your sweet voice.So we can work towards it.Please and please,i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing the money by any one,believing and relying all my trust in you.i attatched my pic and my brother Kumba for you.i still thank you for your care to me.Have a nice day and think about me and be praying for me and my brother here in the camp, here is like one in the prison and uncomfortable for living and always pray for God's protection. I will be waiting to hear from you soonest,warmest regard.
Yours one in mind,

Sandra Joof 2056345

( (
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 12,Jun,2009, 12:48:20
Können die Geschichten erzählen.

My Dearest xxxxxx,
 i am writting this with agony and tears in my heart please do understand my plight and know that our condition here is too critical for me to be lying to you,before i proceed i will still like  to apologise sincerely to you for my late responce my elder brother was down with fever because of the bad water here and i have been the one taking care of him,please do bear with me.I was very happy to see your message as i got the little chance through Doctor Fred here in the camp to read my mail and come to understand that you have sent me a mail and since i finished reading from you my mind has not been at rest because you are the only one that i have disclosed this to hoping that you will be there for me any moment i remember your responce to me i feel like i am still with my family,Dearest one i cannot resist to tell you the truth nothing but the truth WHATEVER I TELL YOU HERE IS THE TRUTH,My Daddie's name is Baba jobe while my mum's is Ida joof jobe so i answer Sandra joof jobe since my mum is no more and that was the name they gave me since i was born, you are the only one that knows all about me and the only one i have given all my trust from my heart  considering the fact you came to my rescue when i needed you most,and i was very happy to know that you really cared and feel for our miserable condition here in the camp.the last thing i can be able to provide to you is the Refuggee card which i have sent you and i will send it again if you wish with the deposit certificate the other documents covering the money which i was able to make  out with which i will give to you as soon as the bank requested for it.My Last mail to the Bank where my father is banking in London the Account officer of my late father gave me 100% assurance that as soon as i got a foreign partener who will stand for me as my trustee/representative,that he will help me and make sure that the money is being release to me.please My Dearest one i really understand all you were saying but i want you to promise me that you will keep my money safe and make sure that immediately the money is transfered to your account that you send us our travelling money for our arrangement to come over there with you ,what ever Information i give you is with sincere mind . i am here with all the valuable document of my late father which will be required from the bank.please honey i just want you to help us out from here,we are suffering here like some one in the prison.i will like you to help me to make sure that this money is being transfer into your account in your country successfully so that you will use the part of the money to assist us on our traveling document, and i will grant you all the percentage which i have promise to you with my heart as agreed i have contacted the bank about my intention to release this money and  the bank instruct me to look for a foreign partner who will stand for me and my brother Kumba as our tustee and represent us to enable them transfer the money under our care because of our refugee status here like i have told you earlier,and i am here with all my fathers bank files which i will send to you as soon as the bank needed them from us.Dearest one please i have an important question which have been disturbing me which i will like to know and hear from your inner heart before i will introduce you to the bank for them to know that you are my life partner whom i have chosen to stand for me and my brother kumba so that they will transfer the money into your account,
the question is....
Dearest one please i will like to know if you will not betray me after the money is being transfered into your account?
I will like to know if you will really help me to invest this money in a profitable business in your country after the bank have transfered the money into your account?
I will like to know from your heart if you will really help me to retrieve the money from the bank without any betrayal?
My love i will like to know if you will really send me and kumba money to get our traveling document to come over to meet you over there in my dream country as soon as the money is being transfer into your account?
I will like to know if you will really accept me and my brother Kumba in your world when we come?
Please this what i will like you to clear me from your heart of trust to me and if agreed i will like you to send me your FULL NAME,CONACT ADDRESS AND FULL IDENTITY WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER so that i will send them to the bank and get you introduce that you are my partner whom i have chosen as my life partner for them to transfer the money into your account.
I will like you to try your best and call me with the Doctor Fred's Number  (00221-774-255-353) so that i will hear your voice to me because it has been the cry of my heart everyday if i can hear your voice to me which i cares with abundant love.i am very grateful for the lovely picture that you sent to me i really appreciate it i will be waiting to hear from you soon.i thank you and hoping to hear from you.
Yours one in mind,
Miss Sandra.
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: ddc605 am 17,Jun,2009, 12:39:56
Solche Geschichten lassen mich kalt.
Aber so etwas von kalt. Habe schon Eiszapfen am Körper.

Hello Dearest one,
  How are you today and your work with your family, i hope you are fine? i am very sorry for not responding to your mail since the last time you wrote me, one, i was taking care of my little brother who was down with fever and secondly i have been reasoning on what you asked me to do for you in the case of proving my words to you, i was convinced from the very first time i met your profile in that dating site and from your words to me from the very first day we started writing mail to each other but i am so confused and worried over your questions because i know that i have brought myself out just for you and you only because of what you told me that you need true love since you have been alone without any lady in your life.
 Dearest Xxxxxx here in the camp we are not allowed to take such a snap which you requested from me and our condition here is too critical that to see what to eat is very difficult not to talk of the water to drink, that brings me to this question if it happens that it is your own biological child that is in my condition will you allow her to take a nude snap and give another man? i am a virgin and since i was born i have not been in any relationship just that  Death and nature didn't allow us to enjoy the fullest of fatherly and motherly love because i know if my parents where around they wouldn't have given me the chance to come in a dating site in search of love relationship because i am too small for that and i am still a virgin, please i want you to tell me from you heart if you really want to help us out from this miserable condition or not so that i will know how to bear my cross i know that someday My God will see us through from this life of molestation and sufferings. check if you were happened to be in our shoes think about it when two little kids cries for help and you refused them just because of your personal belief and you latter noticed they were your relation or someone that is so dear to you, think about it! life has nothing more precious to give than when you share the burden of each other no matter what it takes you, we have no one again here to help us only you! as for proves i am ready to give you the deposit and other certificate of  the bank that i was able to run out with when the incidence occurred though i was advised by my Dad not to give it out unless the bank requested it but i will give it to you for the love and do any other thing you know i can do in our present condition. i am still waiting to hear from you and my love for you still remain stagnant and unmemorable.
Yours Heart full of tears

( (
Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 17,Okt,2019, 20:57:27

   - 32 y/o female
   - banjul,Gambia
   - English, English, English
   - Have no children
   - E-Mail or ID: 2898
Sex   female
Children   0
Want children   Yes
Date of birth   1987 - January - 1
Height   5'0" - 5'3" (151-160cm)
Marital status   Single
Details of the person you are looking for
I look for a   male
Looking for an age range   24 -  75
Relationship   Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, Casual, Travel Partner, Pen Pal
I am sandra by name a good looking lady from a well responsible family who likes everything that is essential in humans life, my hobbies include reading, swimming, dancing, hiking and watching movies and i want to meet a man who knows the real meaning of true love and can show me love with care.

( (

Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 17,Okt,2019, 20:59:01

Username : bintalove ( BELLPORT ,New York ,United States )
Headline : I like being friend with people i meet around me. My name is binta, i am nice looking with a good.
Age : 32
Occupation :
Have Kids :
Want Kids :
Drinks :
Smokes :
Gender : Female
Height : 6'9"
Body Type :
Ethnicity : African-American
Religion :

( (

Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 17,Okt,2019, 21:00:47

Name:   Conteh
Age:   31 years and 182 days
City:   Dakar, Senegal
Marital status:   Single
Registration:   06 September 2011
Zodiac Sign:   Aries
Children:   No Children
am cool caring sexy and lovely

( (

Titel: Re: Sandra Jobe <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 17,Okt,2019, 21:03:00

Gallosingallina 67 years 1 picture
Zamora, Zamora chinchipe, Ecuador
looking for: single men
To: flirt
Soy una persona comprensiva, en base al diálogo, amante de lanaturaleza, el dinero solo considero co algo importante pero no indispensable, me gusta vivir el momento con todas las previsiones positivas, soy analiosta de realida nacional y mundial.

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