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Titel: Elena / Translation company LingWay / Oleg Galkin <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 13,Jun,2009, 22:40:48

Da kommt wieder ein Translation Scam.

Hi! I like your form. I think,you're a good man and if you want to continue our acquantance you can e-mail me: Elena.

Ihre Adresse

Elena Zavalishina ; address: B Khmelnitskogo street,
5, Lutsk, 43000 Ukraine.

Ihr Profile

My name is Elena. I am a 29 years old girl from Lutsk, Ukraine.
About myself I can say the following: I have brown eyes and my hair is brown. I am slim and I am of medium stature.
I'm straight and at present I am single.
I'm here for making friends and to find like-minded people
Briefly about my habits: I can sleep all day long. Among drinks I prefer wine and I don’t smoke and dislike smokers.
I live with a roommate. I have no children and I dont want to have as yet.

I'm sincere and communicative young woman who dreams about real love and relations. I wish to meet a strong man who will take care of me, and i, from my side will take care of him and give him all my love.

Die Bilder zeigen die Schauspielerin Monica Leigh!

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Weitere Bilder in der Galerie (
Titel: Re: Elena < >
Beitrag von: Administrator am 17,Jun,2009, 23:58:39
Die kommt aus dem gleichen Stall Translation company LingWay.

Hello xxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you for your letter. I hope that our communication will bring us
to the most wonderful feelings.

I want to tell you about myself and my life.

I'm a woman who has a very strong desire for a serious relationship.

My  heart  is  open  to  love  and romance and all its fine trimmings.

I  was  born  in September 5th 1979 in Lutsk, It is in Ukraine. I rent
one-roomed apartment. I do not have husband and children. And think
about family life.

I  am  a  librarian.  I  like  my  profession.  And  I  like to let my
imagination run away.

I  believe  the  words  of the heart paint the portrait of our soul. I
believe in fate. Destiny is hide in the mist.

I am kind, I am gentle. I am a romantic and a dreamer.

I  shall be happy to be with my beloved, building our life together. A
happy  home  with  a loving husband is the most important thing to me.
The  home  and husband are the purpose for happiness. I believe a good
relationship is all about giving and receiving; being sensitive to the
needs, hopes, dreams and desires of my partner.

I am easy going,passionate and open minded. I have fully decided to be
a  loving  and  caring  wife  to my husband,  I don't want to mess
myself  with  the  wrong man. Basically I decided to settle with a very
nice  understanding , loving and caring man. I want to start a family,I
will move with you and stay with you if things workout between us.

Let me know of one of your most embarrassing moment that you have had.
And  about  the most wonderful moment in your life. It doesn't have to
be  the  most just one. Oh and maybe some info about yourself as well.
Talk to you later. I will send some of my pictures in next e-mail too.
Bye for now.



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Titel: Re: Elena/Translation company LingWay/Oleg Galkin/ < >
Beitrag von: Administrator am 18,Jun,2009, 19:54:14
Hello dear xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your new letter. I was waiting for your reply. You are
on my mind now. And I  am  very happy to read your letter because I see that
you are a good man.  Do not you think that it is destiny?

The  only thing wrong is that we have the distance, but I hope that we
will  overcome  this  obstacle  and  you will give me all the love. My
dear,  I did not tell you that I go to the translation company because
I do not speak English.

You, know I have a sister. She lives with her husband in another town.
But sometimes we visit each other.

And I have friend Irina. She lives not far from me and sometimes we
meet and speak about everything. She is happy that I met you and she
believe that we will be together.

My parents live in the village now. I love them very much.

My interests are in fine arts, culture, and literature. I am diverse in
my  love for music . I love am array of music, ranging from classical,
jazz  to soft rock.

My  favorite actors are George Cloonei and Bruce Willis, John Travolta
Richard  Geer,  Julia roberts,  Robert De Niro, Johnnie Depp and many

Music has been with me for much of my life. I learned to play piano at
age 16. I have piano in the flat. I got it from my grandmother.

I  love  camping,  mushrooming  in the spring. I love a good
adventure  movie  and  cuddling on the sofa. I enjoy candle light with
low  playing  soft  rock  music in the background. I like my man to be
sensual for me.

About my  favorite  dishes. I love sea foods. I enjoy our
traditional  Ukrainian  food. I love fresh home baked biscuits and corn
bread  and  light  breads. I want to say that if you are a man who
like to eat delicious food I am for you. I like to cook very much.

I would be glad to know your favorite dishes and your interests. I
want to know it because I want to be perfect woman for you.

It's  so  great to be together and love and I hope, someday we'll meet
and  we will be happy in our souls and hearts!

My  dear,  I finish my letter and I am looking forward to reading your
new letter.

I send a kiss and a warm hug you.


( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Elena/Translation company LingWay/Oleg Galkin/ < >
Beitrag von: Administrator am 22,Jun,2009, 01:43:22

Dear xxxxxxxxx.

I am so happy to see your letter. I came to write you and I feel so

I would be very happy to be born in your town, and meet you there in a
real life.

I  want  that and I want to stay the night watching the stars with you
and I will caresses your cheeks, I feel that I have the opportunity to
end my search for the man who will become my beloved man.

Can you present me this moment?

Yesterday at work was not good as one person did come to the work.
So, all of us had to work twice  because of him not coming to
work.  I was very tired. In the evening, I had dinner and went to
bed. The only problem with my bed was you were not there for me to
cuddle up to and to be able to lay in your warm inviting arms and to
receive your sweet delicious kisses and I was not able to look upon
your  face and see your  smile.

All the walks, the talks, the dinners, and just being together
enjoying each other and our love for each other. These are the things
I want and only can get from one person and that person is you my
sweetheart !!! I am so happy with you and everything about you !!! I
know deep in my heart and soul that I have the most wonderful, and the
most perfect man in this world.

You are my life, my world, my everything in this world !!! You are my
man and I will never leave you for anything in this world !!! In fact
together we will nurture a life, world, and love that can only get
better with time and devotion for each other.

I have a desire to be near you, to converse, dine by candlelight, make
love  for  hours and hours, tell you everything I feel about you, what
my  heart feels and what you later want to have a family with me.

I offer you half of my soul for when you feel sad and lonely. It knows
how to make a return to calm if you think that you've lost everything.

You  were  born half of my dreams when you have no grounds on which to
believe. Look at the stars that light up the sky well that if you look
up, maybe I can see.

I'll  give  you  half  of  my  life if necessary . Now, every minute I
imagine  that you touch me I imagine that you love to kiss me. You are
so hot ... I am sitting in your arms...You kiss and lick me , you said
that  you  are  ready  to have the greatest love Darling I want you...
Many  times...  I  really  really  hope that we will meet soon darling
because I am already falling in love with you !!!!!

Kiss you and I dream to see your next letter with your dreams about
our future.


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Titel: Re: Elena/Translation company LingWay/Oleg Galkin/ < >
Beitrag von: Administrator am 23,Jun,2009, 19:52:52
Hello dear xxxxxxx,

I have never thought that I will find you. When I write my first letter
I wished desire.  And now I feel that it comes true.

My relatives are happy that I found you. My sister told me to use
Internet to find you and she says that it is her merit. She sends you
regards and she thinks you are good man for me.

I  feel  you  are the man of my heart, I am more certain now than ever
before  that  we must meet, I am sure that you were reserved for me we
are  so  much the same and I like the letters that you have written to
me,  it  bright up my life . You know I wake up at night and the first
thing  I  do  is  to feel if you are next to me, because I dream a lot
about you and sometimes it feels so real as if you are with me.

You know soon we both will have to make a decision regarding our
future together, I want to move to the next level and tell you how I
feel about you.

I see in you some one that will be able to be in my life till the end
of days, I want to see you and show you how much I care. Inside me you
will find some one honest and a good person that will do anything for
the man that I care about.

I know that you feel the same as I do that our lives are indeed lonely
and not complete without each other. But, I know we must wait so
impatiently for our day when the loneliness and our separation will be
over. The day will come when the loneliness will come to an end and we
will be forever together. I wait for that day as it will be the most
wonderful moment in my life. To finally hold you in my arms and to
finally kiss you and do all the things we have for so long told each
other we would do together.

I want to stroll down the park with you on my side holding your hand.
I want to support you in every decision that you make.
I want to kiss your tears away when you cry.
I want to comfort you when you are sad.
I need you in my life.
Please tell me you feel the same way.

Every day when I wake, I wake because of you. Everything I do is
because of you. I am to this day still amazed by you and everything
about you !!!

Until next time please take care.

Your Elena.

Zitat - Geo Information
IP Address
Location       UA UA, Ukraine
City       Lugansk, 14 -
Organization       LugaNet ltd network
ISP       LugaNet ltd network
AS Number       AS39728 LUGANET
Latitude       48°56'67" North
Longitude       39°33'33" East
Distance       1402.96 km (871.76 miles)

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Titel: Re: Elena/Translation company LingWay/Oleg Galkin/ < ><>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 24,Jun,2009, 17:41:10

Your lady Elena comes to our firm and uses our translation service.

She asked us to help her to write you because she does not know
English. She uses our Internet service too.

Now we cannot translate your letters for her because her account is
empty and she does not have funds to pay our service.

She  says  that  you are wonderful man and she was looking for you all
her life. She wants you to know that you are the man of her dreams.

If you have a wish to continue your correspondence with Elena you can
read all the information about our services and prices you need in
order to proceed with your future communication.

We  are sending you the copy of our licence where our legal address is
indicated.  You  can  see  that we are serious firm and doing our fair
work of translation for our clients.

If you are interested we will send you information how you can  make the

Principal of "Tonis"
Irina Socolova.

( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Elena/Translation company LingWay/Oleg Galkin/ < ><>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 23,Apr,2010, 01:08:59
Hier haben wir auch noch einen Inland Pass bekommen!

Olena Vadimjevna Savalischina EK552270

( (
Titel: Re: Elena/Translation company LingWay/Oleg Galkin < ><>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 23,Apr,2010, 23:35:51
Olena Vadimjevna Savalischina EK552270

( (

Der Ukrainische Pass ist zu 100 % ein Fake-Dokument! Das Pass-Foto wurde mit einem Fotobearbeitungsprogramm in den Pass eingefügt! Das

Bild zeigt eine Prominente und ist geklaut! Ihr Name im Brief lautet Elena auf ihrem Pass steht aber Olena! Geburtstag ist der 05. September 1979!

Der Geburtsort ist Luzk im Oblast Wolhynien! Das Prägesiegel ist auf der Pass-Seite gut zu sehen, auf dem Foto jedoch nur sehr schwach an-



The Ukrainian passport is 100% a fake document! The passport photo was inserted with a photo editing program into the Pass!

The Image shows a prominent and is stolen! Her name on the letter is written as Elena and on her Passport it's Olena!

Her Birthday is the of September 1979! The Birthplace is in Lutsk in the Volyn Oblast in Ukraine! The embossed stamp

is clearly visible on the passport page where on the photo it's very weak interpreted!

Titel: Re: Elena / Translation company LingWay / Oleg Galkin <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 27,Aug,2017, 13:33:25

Member Name: yagodkaelen
Member ID: 012945
Caucasian / White,
Age: 29 (5-Sep-1979)
Single - Never Married

( (

Titel: Re: Elena / Translation company LingWay / Oleg Galkin <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 27,Aug,2017, 13:37:32

Natali   - Honcharivka, , Ukraine -  Member Name: Natali33 Member ID: 031222    
Caucasian / White, 34, Single    

Personal Details
Gender:    Female
Age:    34 (18-July-1983)
Race:    Caucasian / White - Religion: Other
Marital Status:    Single - Children: 0
Drinking:    Non-alcoholic beverages only - Smoking: Never - Food: Russian
Occupation:    Other - Education: Some college

Zodiac Sign:
   Music - Rock
Eye Color:    Brown - Hair Color: Blonde
Height:    168 cm = 5' 6.1" - Weight: 50 kg = 110 lbs

General Information
My name is Natali. I'm young and beautiful, romantic
and natural lady :) I believe that love is all-powerful :)
And I know that if I love it will for all life! My
brother says that I have angel's smile. Have you ever see
smile of angel?
Looking for
I am looking for honest and careful man which will be
my stone wall and save me from all problems, and make
smile on my face. And I want to present all my warm,
tenderness and love to this man...
Gender:    Male
Age From:    30
Age To:    63

( (

Titel: Re: Elena / Translation company LingWay / Oleg Galkin <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 27,Aug,2017, 13:40:43

I'm sweet as sugar!   - Dzerjinsk, , Ukraine -  Member Name: Tanechka Member ID: 013370    
Caucasian / White, 34, Single    

Personal Details
Gender:    Female
Age:    34 (1-Sep-1982)
Race:    Caucasian / White - Religion: Christian / Orthodox
Marital Status:    Single - Children: 0
Drinking:    Non-alcoholic beverages only - Smoking: Never - Food: Russian
Occupation:    Education / Academic - Education: Graduate degree
Languages:    Russian (Fluent)
English (Fluent)

Zodiac Sign:
Yoga / Meditation
Travel / Sightseeing
Gym / Aerobics
Food and Wine
Arts / Crafts
Eye Color:    Brown - Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height:    169 cm = 5' 6.5" - Weight: 54 kg = 119 lbs

General Information
I can say many good words about myself. But every person has
bad sides, and I'm not an exception. I can be very
different, I also can have a bad mood. I'm very energetic,
but soemtimes I can be very impulsive. I love sports, it
keeps me in a good moor. I love reading psycological books
and of course I spending time with my close people! I don't
like when people lie me, I always say what I think and
sometimes it turns against me. People say that I'm very
simple. I'm easy in communication, I'm open and always ready
to help. that is what they say:-))) If you can handle with
my features, I will be ready to talk with you!
Looking for
When I hear a question about the ideal of my man, I always
say that I don't have the ideal. Of course there are some
qualities that my man shoeld have. He should ahve a strong
character, he should always know what he wants from life and
from me. It doesn't mean that I don't give him a chance to
make mistakes, but my man should be a good example for me. I
want my man to teach me things that I don't know. He
should be caring of course. I want to be proud of my future
husband!! if there is such man on this site, I will be
very happy to find him!!
Gender:    Male
Age From:    30
Age To:    67

( (