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Titel: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 07,Mär,2009, 23:46:02
Die wird nur kurz hier verweilen bis der Header da ist was das ist wissen wir ja alle.Eine Puppe vom Übersetzungsbüro.

In meiner Box

Hello!I am looking for a man who is very kind, honest, faithful and has much love in his heart. He is very romantic, warm natured, and likes to express his love and affection to his wife in many different ways. I very much enjoy holding hands, exchanging warm embraces and kisses many times during the day and candlelight dinners, and romantic weekend trips.If you are interested in me please give me your reply and tell more about yourself! TANYA

Ihr Profile

My name is Tanysha. I am a 28 years old girl from Chernigov, Ukraine.
About myself I can say the following: I have gray eyes and my hair is brown. I am slim and I am of medium stature.
I'm straight and at present I am single.
I'm here for making friends.
Briefly about my habits: I am an early bird. Among drinks I prefer cocktails and I don’t smoke.
I live alone. I have no children and I dont want to have as yet.

I'm an affectionate, tender, kind, romanic woman, enjoy cooking, home coziness, active rest. I have a lot to give to the right man - serious, caring, who needs a good family.

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Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Querkopf am 09,Mär,2009, 12:31:21
Es handelt sich hier um Tanya Haritonova, Scammerin aus der Ukraine. bereits blackgelistet! Handelt sich um Translation-Scam! Allerdings ist das Foto neu!
Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 12,Mär,2009, 02:08:46

Good day xxxxxx. It is nice that you write me.

Just imagine that we have found each other and will live all our life

I want to have relationships based on understanding, respect, care and

You can call me Tanya or Tatyana. How do you like?

It is so interesting.

I think that nothing seek, nothing find. So I decided to use help of

I am searching for love, for a serious relationship too, for a man who
will love me inside and outside, a man who can accept love both in his
heart  and  soul, and physically too, for a love, relationship that is
based on trust, honesty, loyal, respect, understanding, and friendship

I am a woman who will understand  and support you in any  situation.

You can tell me everything about yourself  because I dream to get to
know about you as much as possible.

I am from Ukraine.

I  was  born on the 9th of MArch , 1979. I do not think that it is right
to  take care  about  age  difference.  I  think  that even 20 years
difference in age is not problem. Just to find a dearest person in the

My weight is 56, height 167. My hair is brown and my eyes are grey and
blue. It depends on light. I like to change a color of my hair. What
color of hair do you like?

I live in Ukraine and my native town is Chernigov. My job is simple. I
am  a  cashier  at  the bus station. I work from 7.30 till 16 .00. You
even  cannot  imagine  how many persons I see a day. So many faces and
everybody  hurry  to  go to different places. I would be glad to go to
the end of the planet but only with my future husband.

I cannot tell you much about my family because I lost them many years
ago. I live with my grandmother. She is old woman and I take care of
her.  She is 80 years old. I have aunt Zina. She lives not far from us
and often comes to us.

I have many friends . We often spend time together.

I like to discuss about everything and I often confer with them. And
we spent time and sometimes go to the sea or to the river in summer.
It is nice to lie in the sun and think about interesting things.

I  love  going  to  the cinemas, I love horror, fantasy, comedy, drama,
romance  one  too,  I  love  all  kinds of music.

I  love  going  out for candlelight meals, romantic meals, and want to
hold  hands  with my love, even if we are at home together, curling up
on  the  couch together at the end of the day, I would like sharing my
thoughts  and  feelings, I want to feel my loves heart beating next to
my  own.  My  friends  say  that  I  am  a  loyal  person, I am a very
affectionate,  passionate  woman,  life  is about loving, living and I
love  life,  and  the  only  thing that is missing form my life at the
moment is that special someone to share my love, and life with.


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Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 12,Mär,2009, 18:06:07
Good day xxxxxx.I like how you call yourself, xxxxxx in love, how are

Today is a very good day because you write me.

If I could I would write you endlessly. It is so nice and interesting to
discover more and more about yourself. It is like to open interesting
book and read it and then it will be happy end. I want our meeting
will be like happy end.

My life was empty without you.

There are so many unbelievable stories in the life.  And I have never
imagine that I will find my man abroad. I have never been to another
countries.    I do not know foreign languages . I can recognize some words
from school course. It is : mother, father, tree, apple.  I am sorry
but no more. I would be glad to learn your language.

I write you through Internet and translation service.

I have already imagined that I met you in the street and we began
to speak to you. We spoke about the weather and about favorite
things. We spoke only about we like. We walked and did not want to leave
each other.

for example my favorite  color is blue.

           my favorite animals are horses and cats   . And what
           animals do you like?

           my favorite occupation is painting. ( when I have bad mood
           I begin to draw). Then I look on my painting and feel self

           How do you like to relax?

           I like to sing. I like karoke. I like to sing love songs.
           I even sang in the cafe. I was with my friends there. If
           we meet in  areal life I will be glad to sing for you. I
           am sure that it will come true.

           What is your favorite occupation?

           My  favorite  actress  is  Sharone  Stone. She is sexy and
           clever woman. I like to watch films which touch my heart.

           What actor do you like?

You  know,  I  like to sit in there yard in the evenings and to see on
the  stars  and  think  that there is my man somewhere. And he thinks
about  me  too. I want our thoughts to unite with each other and the star
will  be  falling  in this moment and our dearest wish will come true.
What do you think?


Header wie oben

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Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 13,Mär,2009, 18:10:35
Good day dear xxxxxx ,

I thank you heartily for your nice message!

I am so happy to get your mail today, and I am feeling good and having
a  good  and  happy  day  today.

I am romantic woman and I like to imagine how it will be wonderful to
be together and build our relations step by step.

I  want you to understand me that I want serious relationships and our
relationships  will be like the greatest ship, the most beautiful ship
ever built, and its built so solid that it will last forever. Together
we  will  steer our ship into the sunset every night, we will keep our
ship  always  in good shape and make sure that it always are safe from
bad weather and danger.

We  will  work so fantastic together because our souls are combined as
one,  we are each other as half and together we become whole. And that
is  what  our  ship  of  love get its power , our strong love for each
other,  the  passion  and  caring we give each other. As our cruise of
love  like  a  never ending story makes its way, we will have a lot of
fun  and  passionate  nights,  like you never have before, we are on a
beach with the whitest sand, you have laid down on the warm sand, I am
in  the  crystal  clear blue water diving, its just you and me on this
island, I am calling you, asking you to come and join me in the water,
none of us have any clothes on, why would we? you walk into the water,
you  swim into my arms, we kiss passionate and we don't have a care in
the world, we are making the sweetest love in the water.

We  end up on the shore the loving sound of the waves rushing in gives
the  place  this  magical atmosphere, we are still making the greatest
love, until we fall asleep on the warm sand, and yes I will kiss you a
lot under water my love, I have never tried that before, but I will do
it with you, I don't need air ,I need only you.

My Darling, I will be much more happy when I will see you near me, and
when we can meet each, I will give you all my heat when you have cold,
I  will  give  you all my affection and tenderness when you are sad, I
will  kiss  you strongly hotly when you need love! I will give you the
satisfaction which you never have got on your life!

When  we  meet  I  will see in your eyes, touch your face, and be sure
that you are real not just a dreams!

Your TAnya.

Header Lugansk

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Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 15,Mär,2009, 02:31:48
Dear xxxxxx,

My  dear,  I really love too much what you have been written and thank
you  very  much  for every word that you have been written to me and I
can  see  between  these words a very good and open minded

I  really like what you have inside you because I feel too much warmth
and secure when I am close to your words.

When  I  get  an E-mail from you my dear, I feel that I am happy . One
day  I told my friends, the one who find and feel love find the source
to  beautiful  words in life, and the one that feel love feel too much
color  in  life  even in gray raining day because that person is alive
while maybe other are just only in life.

I wish I could be with you in Netehrlands.

Life  is  just  a beautiful mirror when you smile it smile back to you
when you say nice words you get beautiful people and get nice smile in
return  and  your  words  remains  in my soul and my mind and when the
night  comes  I close my eyes with those words on my lips and an image
of  a  wonderful  couple  in  my  mind “You and me”. My dear, I really
deeply hope that each word in this E-mail find you in the best and the
most  beautiful  conditions  in this life. I feel something that makes
body  and  mind  lose  control I am feel something that I want to feel
with the remaining of my life.

I  get  warm  and red in my cheeks and I smile a lot, I hear the birds
sing  inside my heart and I can smell the rose petals on our bed where
we  will  make  the  sweetest  love  for hours and hours and where the
result of our love is conceived.. Its like your face is in front of my
eyes  all the time, when I work I see you face, when I sleep I see you
face, your smile that makes your eyes shine like the brightest star on
the evening sky.

My  dear,  inside me too much feeling that I want to put them in words
and send them to you during the long winter night when we are going to
be together.


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Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: amicus am 16,Mär,2009, 22:05:27
Das ging aber schnell.

 Dear Sir,

We want to bring to your attention that Tanya cannot write you because

she does not have funds to pay our TRANSLATION SERVICE.

She  comes  to our firm every day and we translate her letters for you

and your letters for her. And we send them through Internet. She is

interested in you very much and dreams to be with you.

She is upset because she wanted to write you so much. She told that

she lost her job because of crises in our country.

She will not be able to save up funds to write you because it is huge sum

for her.

If you want to communicate with Tanya we will send you a letter how to

do it.


Manager of translation service"Atlas".

Irina Kotova.
Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 18,Mär,2009, 14:40:01
Die haben ganz einfach den Namen von dem Programm angenommen TS Atlas ist ein Übersetzung Programm.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter. Tanya Haritonowa is interested in you very

You write a letter to your lady and we translate it for her. She
writes you a response, we translate it and send you her letter.

You can choose either "unlimited translation" or "unlimited

Here are the prices of our unlimited translation:

"Unlimited translation" is the translation of the letters without
scanning or printing photos.

  - one month "unlimited translation"  - 150 USD;
  - two months "unlimited translation" - 270 USD;
three months of unlimited translation - 400 USD.

"Unlimited correspondence" includes translation of the letters,
scanning and printing photos.

  - one month "unlimited correspondence"  - 200 USD;
  - two months "unlimited correspondence" - 350 USD.
     three months of unlimited correspondence - 500 USD.

If you would like to use another services we can also provide letter by
letter translation, printing your photos for your lady and scanning
your lady's photos for you:

one letter translation and printing - 5 USD;
scanning one photo - 2 USD;
printing one photo - 3 USD.

Here is the information about the payment:

After  you  decide  which  service you want to use you should make the
payment  via  the  Western  Union in the name of our client . You will
fill in the form where you should write: name of the receiver: Tanya
Haritonowa and address:    Preobrazhenskaya street,2  , Chernigov,
14000 Ukraine.

After you made the payment you send us a letter with the following
information: money transfer control number and the amount of money
sent. As soon as your lady gets the payment she fills up the account
and is able to receive your letters and write you responses.

When your account is running out we will send you a balance letter
with the detailed report of your expenses.

Principal of "TS Atlas"

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Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 01,Sep,2009, 03:18:36
 Das zweite Photo ist Model Photos - Alley Baggett
:smilie_g_010: (
Titel: Re: Tanysha <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 28,Sep,2018, 18:39:08
Domestic Pass

Tanya Chernigov Haritonova EM700284

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