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Titel: Natalya / Tatyana / Marina <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 17,Nov,2009, 19:18:18
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Geschlecht:      weiblich
Ich suche:  einen Mann
Letzter Besuch:     19.10.2009 20:36
Alter:  27
Sternzeichen:   Krebs / Vergleich
Wohnort:    Berlin
Bundesland:    Baden - Württemberg
Meine Intention:    Flirten, Freizeitpartner

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Titel: Re: Natalya/Tatyana/Marina <><><><ma
Beitrag von: Administrator am 05,Mai,2010, 19:12:36
Hello! I am very happy that you are the cry of my soul
have responded. I did it to you in detail about themselves but
I'm told I have in Russia and live in perfect
and other distant country from me and it will be very interesting
To learn about your city and your life. In particular, I wanted
You ask, what relationship you are looking to the Internet? I have
decided to look for me after the man with whom I have to be happy
am. I think that I will never succeed, such a person in
to see Russia. Seeking the people whom I can I
and trust that I can open all of its secrets and with
to me it will be easy and pleasant. But I greatly fear
cheating but around a lot worse people to be me and I
despise such people but they deceive the people and thereby
cause the people of the damage and the pain. But I hope
Do not tell me that such and we can have good traffic and
we will know each other. A little bit about yourself: I was
married, but my marriage had failed. My marriage was on the
Divorce ended because my former husband began very much to
. Drink I think you know that in Russia very much man
is to have problems with alcohol. I was just so
decided, I have for the future man from other country to
. Search My 25th Birthday March 1981, shortly after that I will be 27
Years met, and I live in the city of St. Petersburg (Russia)!
My Bug's 174 centimeters, weight 52 kg. I smoke
not, and I do not drink alcohol. I think that it - the
Pledge of youthful beauty and health. Tell me please
goes directly from you and how your life. Tell me more
Your family and your work, and I will give you more about me
tell, but I will be glad to learn about the good
Friends and we want to be in the future, the friend the friend more
. Know To me it would be very interesting to learn whether you
at some point in Russia were, because I never traveled from Russia.
If you are not in Russia were, it would be interesting to me to
To know that you think you know that in my country. I was
Never in your country, but saw a lot of TV show about your country and
it seems to me very interesting and beautiful. I think that even
Once I decide I'll be your beautiful country to
. Visit Write me, please, if you are on a visit to my country
thought? To me it would be very interesting to read it. Now I live
one. My mother died two years back. She had the
very severe disease. She worked as a painter and on the
Work has earned her the disease. If my mother only from the
Asthma was still sick, so the doctors told her that they work
to throw, but she could not make it because they teach me
should. I never had my father, because he threw my mom
has when she was pregnant. My mom always told me that he is the
Scoundrel, and I only saw his photo. But I think my father
those who did not deserve to, to meet with me. Later began the
Illness of my mother, and shortly thereafter they proceed learned
that she has cancer of the light, the doctors have said that it
Nothing will be impossible to make. And to me it only remained for
my mom take care and see how they slow the forces
loses. It was very difficult. But I do not want you to think
that I regret my life with you. I am with his life
completely satisfied and I just want the Satellites of life
. Find I work from the waiter in the restaurant. The name of this
Restaurants "Plate", I will point you - I do not cheat I do not
love it. I have the education to the profession and the park-
Horticulture. When I was working in my profession, I would
me learn the design of various Parks. But, unfortunately,
I have not smiled the success, and I could not work
by virtue of the job and was forced to go to the waiter
Work can pay to my accounts. I think a lot of people
are forced, not to learn so that he to please.
I would think it would be interesting to me about something else too
To learn but I think if you are interesting about me
you ask. I will do my best to all your questions about
Respond. I hope that you are getting the attention
those questions will be purchased, which I asked you in this letter
have. I will wait with impatience for your next letter. Your

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Titel: Re: Natalya/Tatyana/Marina <><><><ma
Beitrag von: Administrator am 05,Mai,2010, 19:14:59
Hello my beloved! Nice excuse me, that I so late
answer, it was with me not of your access to the network the Internet
simple, and now all was well again, I is set very
happy to answer you write my sweet! I am from
New happy, you my letter writing from the path. Although
I probably you, because for me a little deceiving so it is
difficult to write you this letter because I want to do is very real,
And kiss you my embrace of the road. I love you so much and
so boring without you and without your letters. I know I do not
expect that moment when I can see your letter again
and you write the answer on how strong I love you. Yes
I will never be tired to repeat to you how much I love
you want, because for me it's so nice to say you do in my every
Letter, but I could not become clear until that happens
in my heart. But now white? I just love that it is. Now
I understand why people say that love is not only the
But joy and suffering of my way. I am that we are very
happy Could not find each other according to the Internet for me so
so hard to be that far you my sweet. First, I thought that
I give my love is the force at that moment when we
expect us to be together, but now I understand that
not so. You bring me only the suffering. Just do not think that I
complaining, no, I understand that we should be patient with you, and once
we can be, be together. My mind tells me that the
I should be patient but my heart does not want my mind and
it wants to hear out of my chest, in order to fly to you, contrary
Add the path. My soul is ready, so from my heart
Consistent with my torn down to be the way to your heart
be. I feel that my life was only in the life of the dream of
you changed my treasure. I'm so strong I love you my
the path. Of my way, I want to get to you very much. I thought
that I will never find love through the Internet. My
Life has again acquired the sense, I can not without you, I
it is desirable to meet with you, you missing me. I am
ready to arrive to you Although today but for me the holidays with ex
6th December begins. And you want to come so I think from the way
I? I wanted to have your address and your telephone My sweet
Number so that we could call the friend to friend, I will very
your voice heard by my way and I'll try it
to make from pay phones because the phone to my broken
is. I hope you love me you will fulfill my request. As my
Address: 424 000, Russia, St. Petersburg, Suvorova st., 25-5 with the
I'll take my impatience to wait your answer From the road! Whether
write me you love me? YOUR LOVE Natalya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Titel: Re: Natalya / Tatyana / Marina <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 31,Dez,2019, 09:35:13

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