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Titel: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 27,Mär,2019, 22:03:16
WhatsApp Nummer+15126755535

ich habe seit Januar Kontakt zu einem Mann, bei dem ich mir ziemlich sicher bin, dass er ein Scammer ist. Ich muss zugeben, er ist bis jetzt der Beste Scammer mit dem ich je Kontakt hatte.
Kennengelernt habe ich ihn auf Instagram. Leider habe ich diese Unterhaltung und die Bilder dort nicht rechtzeitig kopiert. Er hat ziemlich schnell sein Profil dort gelöscht hatte.
Hier nun meine Unterhaltung die wir auf WhatsApp geführt haben:

Chat Spoiler
14.01.19, 23:21 - Nachrichten in diesem Chat sowie Anrufe sind jetzt mit Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung geschützt. Tippe für mehr Infos.
14.01.19, 23:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hello xxxxxxxxxxxx👋
15.01.19, 05:40 - Ich: Hello Thomas. Sorry, i was sleeping.
15.01.19, 05:40 - Ich: How are you doing?
15.01.19, 07:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: I am doing well thanks.
15.01.19, 07:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: How are you?
15.01.19, 07:19 - Ich: I am fine. I am in my way to Work now.
15.01.19, 07:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: How many hours do you have to work?
15.01.19, 07:27 - Ich: I will be back at 18 h. Now is 07:30 a.m.
15.01.19, 07:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok. I will text you at 18:00hrs
15.01.19, 07:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: Have a great day
15.01.19, 07:28 - Ich: Thank you so much. I wish you the same
15.01.19, 21:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hello
15.01.19, 21:35 - Ich: Hello
15.01.19, 21:36 - Thomas Matarazzo: How are you doing today?
15.01.19, 21:36 - Ich: I am fine thank you. Hope you too
15.01.19, 21:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i am doing well.
How was your day?
15.01.19, 21:37 - Ich: My day was okay
15.01.19, 21:39 - Thomas Matarazzo: So what do you do for a living?
15.01.19, 21:39 - Ich: I am a dentist helper
15.01.19, 21:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok that's great
15.01.19, 21:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: Are you married?
15.01.19, 21:41 - Ich: I am divorced
15.01.19, 21:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: How long now?
15.01.19, 21:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: And also do you have kids?
15.01.19, 21:42 - Ich: Three years
15.01.19, 21:42 - Ich: Two kids
15.01.19, 21:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do You live alone?
15.01.19, 21:43 - Ich: No
15.01.19, 21:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'll be asking a lot of questions. I hope you don't mind.
I am just getting to know you better
15.01.19, 21:44 - Ich: Thats Okay
15.01.19, 22:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: How old are you Monica?
15.01.19, 22:06 - Ich: I am 46
15.01.19, 22:09 - Thomas Matarazzo: There's not much pictures of you on Instagram. Will you like to send some?
15.01.19, 22:10 - Ich: When i get one of yourself
15.01.19, 22:10 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
15.01.19, 22:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
15.01.19, 22:14 - Ich: Thats nice
15.01.19, 22:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: Beautiful smile. Are those medicated?
15.01.19, 22:20 - Ich: How do you mean?
15.01.19, 22:23 - Thomas Matarazzo: Your glasses
15.01.19, 22:24 - Ich: Yes
15.01.19, 22:26 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok. How's it going over there @ Germany?
15.01.19, 22:26 - Ich: Its fine thank you
15.01.19, 22:30 - Thomas Matarazzo: I've been at Stuggart i think 2016. Then to Dortmund home soccer stadium. Signal iduna park to watch them play
15.01.19, 22:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm a big fan of borussia Dortmund
15.01.19, 22:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm not so sure you like soccer
15.01.19, 22:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you?
15.01.19, 22:34 - Ich: No, i dont like
15.01.19, 22:34 - Ich: I like formula one and Basketball
15.01.19, 22:35 - Thomas Matarazzo: I watch that too. But it's boring just watching Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel drive around for one hour
15.01.19, 22:39 - Ich: No, its not boring.
15.01.19, 22:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Okay maybe I'd give it a try when a new season starts
15.01.19, 22:42 - Ich: Okay
15.01.19, 22:51 - Thomas Matarazzo: How old are your kids?
15.01.19, 22:51 - Thomas Matarazzo: Will you like to ask me a couple of questions too?
That's how this works. Or you wouldn't want to know anything about me
15.01.19, 22:52 - Ich: 20 and 16
15.01.19, 22:52 - Ich: I am really tired today. Mayby i ask You tomorrow some?
15.01.19, 22:55 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok. Because i like how you express yourself. And i willl for us to be good friends. And see what that brings
15.01.19, 22:56 - Ich: Okay
15.01.19, 22:59 - Thomas Matarazzo: Are you going to bed now? Because i guess it's 11.PM your time.
4PM here. About rounding up for work
15.01.19, 23:00 - Ich: Yes, i will Go soon
15.01.19, 23:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok goodnight. Have sweet dreams.
And we're definitely going to talk more tomorrow.
15.01.19, 23:04 - Ich: Yes, we will do
15.01.19, 23:04 - Ich: Good night dream sweet
17.01.19, 09:30 - Thomas Matarazzo: Good morning xxxxxxxxxxxx
17.01.19, 16:55 - Ich: Hello
17.01.19, 19:24 - Ich: How are you doing?
17.01.19, 19:28 - Ich: Whats your Favourite color? What music do you like? Whats your Favourite movie?
17.01.19, 21:58 - Thomas Matarazzo: I am doing great. What about you?
17.01.19, 21:59 - Ich: I am Okay
17.01.19, 22:00 - Thomas Matarazzo: How was your day?
17.01.19, 22:02 - Ich: My day was good
17.01.19, 22:05 - Thomas Matarazzo: My favorite color is black
I like country music "kenny rogers, don Williams etc"
I love romantic movies and a little bit of action. How about you?
17.01.19, 22:11 - Ich: My favorite color: should I rather say colors? I love the rainbow. I like royal blue very much. And yellow. And Violette is also very beautiful ...
Yes, the rainbow, that's best defined.
Music: I like a lot. Depends on mood. I do not like classical music. And not really RAP.

I like watching movies where you can laugh. I like to laugh. I think laughing is very important.
I also love Star Wars and Star Trek. And the Highlander.
17.01.19, 22:15 - Thomas Matarazzo: I love the godfather, game of thrones, how to get away with murder.
17.01.19, 22:18 - Ich: I dont like Games of Thrones.
17.01.19, 22:19 - Ich: I see, we have no similarities
17.01.19, 22:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol.  We do
I like to laugh alot too.  I always put on a cute smile on my face
17.01.19, 22:28 - Thomas Matarazzo: Tell me about your family?
17.01.19, 22:34 - Ich: My parents were workers. They loved me very much. And I loved them. Unfortunately, both died many years ago. I had a very nice childhood.
I have two older brothers.
17.01.19, 22:42 - Ich: Whats about your Family?
17.01.19, 22:57 - Thomas Matarazzo: I was born in Dallas Texas when my parents were studying but i had some of my time spent with my grandparents in France.
My father a French national while my mother am American. Both died many years ago. Just as you, i had a nice childhood.I have an older sister. And my nephew stays a few block away from me
17.01.19, 22:59 - Ich: Thats good
17.01.19, 23:04 - Ich: I am tired.,,,
17.01.19, 23:13 - Thomas Matarazzo: Let's talk tomorrow then
17.01.19, 23:13 - Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight
17.01.19, 23:13 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm still at work myself
17.01.19, 23:13 - Ich: Okay, take care
17.01.19, 23:13 - Ich: Good night sleep well
18.01.19, 07:36 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hola. Good morning
18.01.19, 07:37 - Ich: Good morning, i am on my way to Work now...
18.01.19, 07:38 - Thomas Matarazzo: OK have a great day. 💋
18.01.19, 07:38 - Ich: Thank you, you too
18.01.19, 21:04 - Ich: Hello, i am at Home now.
18.01.19, 21:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok
18.01.19, 21:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: How was your day?
18.01.19, 21:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: I Hope no stress at work
18.01.19, 21:41 - Ich: My day was okay
18.01.19, 21:42 - Ich: How was your day?
18.01.19, 21:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: I am on my lunch break now. Just saw that you said hello
18.01.19, 21:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: My day has been good so far
18.01.19, 21:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lots of paperwork
18.01.19, 21:42 - Ich: Oh, okay
18.01.19, 21:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: What are you doing?
18.01.19, 21:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: Have you had dinner yet?
18.01.19, 21:44 - Ich: Playing with my cats
18.01.19, 21:44 - Ich: Yes i Had my dinner
18.01.19, 21:44 - Thomas Matarazzo: How many have you got?
18.01.19, 21:44 - Ich: I have two cats
18.01.19, 21:45 - Thomas Matarazzo: That's lovely. I had a dog once, a German Sheppard breed. But it died about nine months ago 😢
18.01.19, 21:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: Your English is good. Are you originally from Germany?
18.01.19, 21:46 - Ich: I am so sorry
18.01.19, 21:46 - Ich: Thank you so much. I am originally from Germany
18.01.19, 21:48 - Thomas Matarazzo: So if you don't mind. Can you tell me about your husband?
18.01.19, 21:48 - Thomas Matarazzo: Why did you get divorced?
18.01.19, 21:48 - Ich: He cheated me with a other woman
18.01.19, 21:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Sounds really bad.
Did you at least give him a chance to explain himself?
18.01.19, 21:50 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
18.01.19, 21:50 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
18.01.19, 21:51 - Ich: Yes, but he loved her... Now he married she
18.01.19, 21:52 - Thomas Matarazzo: You look beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxx.

And i definitely like Luna more. She's a cutie
18.01.19, 21:52 - Ich: Thank you so much
18.01.19, 21:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: You are welcome.

What eye defect do you have?
18.01.19, 21:54 - Ich: I need the glasses to see Things far away
18.01.19, 21:55 - Thomas Matarazzo: Just curious are you in a relationship?
18.01.19, 21:55 - Thomas Matarazzo: Have you been in one since your divorce?
18.01.19, 21:55 - Ich: No, i am not
18.01.19, 21:55 - Ich: Yes, in three
18.01.19, 21:56 - Thomas Matarazzo: They didn't turn out good
18.01.19, 21:57 - Ich: Well, they cheated me. And one was an Scammer
18.01.19, 21:57 - Thomas Matarazzo: I am So sorry about that.

Scammer? How do you mean?
18.01.19, 21:59 - Ich: He scammed me. He Said he love me and the only he want was money
18.01.19, 22:00 - Thomas Matarazzo: That's bad.
You send money to someone you meet online?
18.01.19, 22:00 - Ich: I was so in love and so stupid
18.01.19, 22:01 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do not blame yourself xxxxxxxxxxxx. Love makes us do crazy things. It's about the connection
18.01.19, 22:01 - Ich: Yes
18.01.19, 22:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: Here in the US they always tell us not to send money to someone we meet online. But we still fall for their pranks hahaha.
Because we are so in love. And when you love someone too much you do what you can not to loose them
18.01.19, 22:03 - Ich: Yes, thats right
18.01.19, 22:05 - Thomas Matarazzo: I will head back to my office in 30minutes. But let us talk a little.
I'm curious to know more about you
18.01.19, 22:05 - Thomas Matarazzo: What are your likes and dislikes?
18.01.19, 22:06 - Ich: Hm let me think about...
18.01.19, 22:07 - Ich: I love the ocean. I love the animals. But I do not like insects. Except butterflies. and ladybugs.
18.01.19, 22:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: I think we have a few similarities this time lol.
Except that i don't like butterflies or ladybugs
18.01.19, 22:09 - Ich: Hahaha😹😹😹
18.01.19, 22:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Myself i love soccer, i love the NBA, formula one, the movies.
I love hanging out with friends and family.
18.01.19, 22:13 - Ich: You write formula one is boring...😹😹
18.01.19, 22:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. I just happen to see it sometimes. I know what's happening. I follow Lewis, Sebastian on my Instagram. But i choose soccer over it.
It's quite boring. But i just need to keep my eyes busy
18.01.19, 22:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm stuck in work. I wanted to watch Bayern Munchen soccer match
18.01.19, 22:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: You watch Bundesliga?
18.01.19, 22:15 - Ich: No, i dont watch socker. Thats for me so boring. I Like to see Sebastian winning...
18.01.19, 22:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol because he's German
18.01.19, 22:18 - Ich: No, He is sympathic. Lewis has become so cocky and conceited.
18.01.19, 22:19 - Ich: I was a Fan from Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard
18.01.19, 22:19 - Ich: I was never a Fan from Michael Schumacher
18.01.19, 22:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: I do not think so. Lewis is a fine and humble English man
18.01.19, 22:22 - Ich: He was...
18.01.19, 22:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: You mean KiMi Raikonnen?
18.01.19, 22:22 - Ich: No, i look formula one very long. I mean Mika Häkkinen
18.01.19, 22:22 - Ich: I dont Like Kimi
18.01.19, 22:23 - Thomas Matarazzo: Mick Schumacher i think is going to follow after his father footsteps. He's in racing also
18.01.19, 22:24 - Ich: Yes, i know. Michael Schumacher has my Respekt. But i am not a Fan from him or his son
18.01.19, 22:25 - Thomas Matarazzo: Mika Häkkinen is one of the greatest Formula one drivers. I'm not much of a fan. But i have my respect
18.01.19, 22:25 - Ich: 😹😹
18.01.19, 22:26 - Ich: Yes He was a great driver
18.01.19, 22:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you like traveling?
18.01.19, 22:28 - Thomas Matarazzo: Have you traveled outside of Germany?
18.01.19, 22:28 - Ich: Not really.
18.01.19, 22:28 - Ich: I love Scotland and Ireland. Although I never was there. But I really want to go there once. England would also interest me very much.
18.01.19, 22:32 - Ich: Who is this?
18.01.19, 22:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes England is a nice place. I have a friend @ Bristol. I visit very often
18.01.19, 22:32 - Ich: Oh nice
18.01.19, 22:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: j cole. He's working on an album with dreamville entertainment
18.01.19, 22:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Never heard of him?
18.01.19, 22:33 - Ich: No
18.01.19, 22:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: He is a rapper. Really good. You should check out some of his music.
18.01.19, 22:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm back at my office but my superior is not here. So i guess we have more time to talk
18.01.19, 22:34 - Ich: I will Check. But i dont Like Rap
18.01.19, 22:34 - Ich: Okay
18.01.19, 22:36 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes you tell me earlier.
18.01.19, 22:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: What are your dislikes?
18.01.19, 22:39 - Ich: I hate Liars and cheating
18.01.19, 22:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: I hate lies, games, I hate pretense and cheaters. I hate people taking me for granted.
As i am an honest man
18.01.19, 22:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you work on weekends?
18.01.19, 22:42 - Ich: Sometimes
18.01.19, 22:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: How about tomorrow?
18.01.19, 22:42 - Ich: No, i am free
18.01.19, 22:44 - Thomas Matarazzo: Me too. I'm going to talk with you all day then. Will you like that?
18.01.19, 22:44 - Ich: Yes, i will
18.01.19, 22:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: Well growing up i used to hate Germans.
We heard stories from veterans about how the Nazi government was cruel.
18.01.19, 22:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: And the second world war
18.01.19, 22:47 - Ich: Yes that was a cruel time
18.01.19, 22:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: I have watch movies about the war. It was not cool what the Nazi's did to innocent women and children 😢
THE PIANIST a 2002 movie very tragic. I cried a little lol

well all that is in the past now. I trust you all are wonderful people
18.01.19, 22:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: And i hope you're going to show me that
18.01.19, 22:52 - Ich: War is allways cruel and not cool. i hate war.
This is because i dont like war movies.
18.01.19, 22:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes. You seem like a nice person 🙂
18.01.19, 22:54 - Ich: Thank you😊😊
18.01.19, 22:55 - Ich: You are Welcome
18.01.19, 22:56 - Thomas Matarazzo: What part of Germany do you live?
18.01.19, 22:56 - Ich: Bavaria
18.01.19, 22:57 - Thomas Matarazzo: Is that close to the capital Munich?
18.01.19, 22:57 - Ich: Yes munich is in the middle of Bavaria
18.01.19, 22:59 - Thomas Matarazzo: ok beautiful.
I want to apologize, I'm going through a lot at this point in my life. I might happen to forget about a lot of things we have just said. Maybe i can ask some time. Please do well to tell me
18.01.19, 23:00 - Ich: Thats okay. Here the same😹
18.01.19, 23:00 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. What's bothering you?
18.01.19, 23:02 - Ich: How do you mean?
18.01.19, 23:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok i think your "here the same" meant you were going through a lot.
My bad
18.01.19, 23:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: What college did you attend?
18.01.19, 23:04 - Ich: Okay, now i understand....
18.01.19, 23:04 - Ich: Wait a Moment...
18.01.19, 23:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: For what ?
18.01.19, 23:09 - Ich: At the age of 14, I met my first friend. At 15, I was pregnant. At the age of 19, I married him.
At the age of 24, I wanted to get pregnant again. But it did not work. I finally got pregnant at the age of 30. I got a serious infection during pregnancy. I had a sepsis. A blood poisoning. My life was at stake. But I did not want to lose my child.
She was born far too soon. And the doctors were fighting for our lives. Both our lives were in danger.
12 years ago I got breast cancer. The doctors gave me not really hope at the time.
Recently, cancer was removed in my thyroid gland. then I had a blood poisoning. The doctors thought I was going to die. but as you can see, I am still here
18.01.19, 23:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: Wow. You're one hell of a tough woman.
I love that. Keep living xxxxxxxxxxxx. The world sure needs you
And i also definitely need you
18.01.19, 23:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: How do you feel now?
You're much stronger?
18.01.19, 23:12 - Ich: Yes
18.01.19, 23:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm glad to hear that.
18.01.19, 23:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: What time do you go to bed?
18.01.19, 23:16 - Ich: When i must Work so 23h. When i have free, i go later
18.01.19, 23:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: And you don't have work tomorrow. So let me keep you company for a bit more
18.01.19, 23:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: I don't know why i feel like texting more. Lol
18.01.19, 23:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: I think it might be based on two things
18.01.19, 23:18 - Ich: But i dont want to disturb your Work!!
18.01.19, 23:18 - Ich: I have free tomorrow
18.01.19, 23:18 - Ich: And they are?
18.01.19, 23:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: It can mean that we have a connection which exists, and also i love that you express yourself in this way
18.01.19, 23:20 - Ich: Ah Okay. Well, we will see ..
18.01.19, 23:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: Will you like to share pictures of your kids?
And tell me their names also
18.01.19, 23:25 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
18.01.19, 23:29 - Thomas Matarazzo: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
18.01.19, 23:30 - Ich: Okay, how old is she?
18.01.19, 23:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: 33. My wife
18.01.19, 23:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Soon to be ex wife
18.01.19, 23:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: we are still on court proceedings
18.01.19, 23:33 - Ich: Why?
18.01.19, 23:34 - Ich: I am sorry about
18.01.19, 23:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: She filled for divorce not me. Reason about me not always been around.
I honestly do not know.
I wish things can go back to the way they used to
18.01.19, 23:36 - Ich: I am so sorry. She looked nice
18.01.19, 23:38 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes. She's the most awesome person I've ever met.

Let's not talk about my sad life. I do not want to cry in office. Very embarrassing haha
18.01.19, 23:39 - Ich: Oh sorry, lets talk about funny things
18.01.19, 23:40 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
18.01.19, 23:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol yes right. I see lumpi right there
18.01.19, 23:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: What is Raphaela working on?
18.01.19, 23:43 - Ich: Yes, He helps Raphaela with her school Homework
18.01.19, 23:44 - Ich: She must hold a presentation about Dwayne Johnson
18.01.19, 23:47 - Thomas Matarazzo: Dwanye Johnson. I loved his wrestling days
18.01.19, 23:47 - Thomas Matarazzo: He's a great actor still
18.01.19, 23:48 - Ich: I Love him only as actor.
18.01.19, 23:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Which is your favorite movie of him?
18.01.19, 23:51 - Ich: Hm, thats difficult.
18.01.19, 23:52 - Ich: The mummy Returns, the Scorpion King, Games plan and tooth fairy
18.01.19, 23:55 - Ich: And yours?
18.01.19, 23:56 - Thomas Matarazzo: Jumanji
Central intelligence and
18.01.19, 23:57 - Ich: Ah
18.01.19, 23:57 - Ich: We both are really different😹😹
18.01.19, 23:58 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha. Not really
we both agree on the same things too
18.01.19, 23:59 - Ich: Sometimes😉
19.01.19, 00:00 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. I'll start liking the things you like too
19.01.19, 00:00 - Thomas Matarazzo: you only tell me about Raphaela
19.01.19, 00:00 - Ich: Yes
19.01.19, 00:01 - Ich: My first child dies when i was pregnant with
19.01.19, 00:02 - Ich: I gave her a name in my Heart: Hope
19.01.19, 00:05 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hope 😢
So sorry for your loss.
19.01.19, 00:05 - Ich: Thank you, In my Heart she is with me
19.01.19, 00:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: ❤ you have a big and beautiful heart
19.01.19, 00:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: are you a religious person?
19.01.19, 00:06 - Ich: Thank you
19.01.19, 00:07 - Ich: Yes,  I am a devout Roman Catholic Christian. But I love spirituality. I love the angels. I am talking to the angels. I ask they to help me. Which they like to do.
I started training as a shaman last year. That makes me very happy.
19.01.19, 00:10 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. I'm so happy right now
19.01.19, 00:10 - Thomas Matarazzo: We finally have something that is common to us
19.01.19, 00:10 - Thomas Matarazzo: I'm a Roman Catholic Christian myself.
I try as much as possible to go for mass
19.01.19, 00:11 - Ich: Oh wow we found one thing😉
19.01.19, 00:13 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes I'm sure there's going to be more 🤗
19.01.19, 00:14 - Ich: Haha, okay👍🏻
19.01.19, 00:15 - Thomas Matarazzo: I hear Germans like beer a lot 🍻
Do you drink beer or coffee or tea?
19.01.19, 00:17 - Ich: Yes some like Beer. But i dont like it. I drink Coffee and Tee
19.01.19, 00:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: Me too.
But i drink occasionally
19.01.19, 00:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: So i better get back to work now. I don't want you to stay up much longer. I guess it's almost 1am your time.
19.01.19, 00:20 - Ich: Thats okay.
19.01.19, 00:20 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thanks for talking to me all this while. I really enjoyed every moment of our conversation
19.01.19, 00:20 - Ich: Yes, it was very nice. You are Welcome
19.01.19, 00:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: Have a goodnight rest xxxxxxxxxxxx. I'll miss you.
I hope to read from you Tomorrow
19.01.19, 00:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: Bye🙂
19.01.19, 00:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
19.01.19, 00:22 - Ich: Good night later!
Sleep well and dream sweet!
19.01.19, 00:22 - Ich: We will Text tomorrow
19.01.19, 00:22 - Ich: Thank you so much
19.01.19, 00:23 - Thomas Matarazzo: You are welcome
Bye. 👋
19.01.19, 00:23 - Ich: Bye
19.01.19, 08:58 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hello friend
Good morning
19.01.19, 08:58 - Ich: Good morning
19.01.19, 08:58 - Ich: How are you doing?
19.01.19, 08:59 - Thomas Matarazzo: I am fine. Just out at a bar. I thought about you wanted to say hello.
How about you?
19.01.19, 09:00 - Ich: I am still in my bed...
19.01.19, 09:01 - Ich: I am just awake...
19.01.19, 09:01 - Thomas Matarazzo: What time is it?
19.01.19, 09:02 - Ich: 09:00 a.m.
19.01.19, 09:02 - Ich: And over there?
19.01.19, 09:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: 2;00 a.m
19.01.19, 09:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thanks for following me on Instagram
19.01.19, 09:06 - Ich: Oh, so early?
19.01.19, 09:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: but i noticed you liked all my pictures with quotes and not the ones of me. Hahaha
Am i not a fine man?
19.01.19, 09:06 - Ich: 👍🏻
19.01.19, 09:08 - Ich: Hahaha Well, i am shY...
19.01.19, 09:10 - Ich: Have you liked Mine?
19.01.19, 09:12 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Yes
All the post of you in them.
And some of lumpi
19.01.19, 09:12 - Thomas Matarazzo: Haha. Why's that
19.01.19, 09:13 - Ich: 😹😹i dont know...
19.01.19, 09:14 - Ich: 5 minutes ago... hahaha
19.01.19, 09:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes. We are friends now. And I'm sure i enjoy our vibe
19.01.19, 09:15 - Ich: Well, i see other woman liked your Photos. ....
19.01.19, 09:16 - Thomas Matarazzo: Oh yes Mony. She's my friend in Vancouver British Columbia 🙂
19.01.19, 09:16 - Ich: I do not want to make someone jealous.
19.01.19, 09:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: 😅 😅trust me. There's definitely no one to make jealous.
Asides my wife off course but we are not getting back together 🙂
19.01.19, 09:18 - Thomas Matarazzo: I want to head back home. Get at least 5hours of sleep
19.01.19, 09:18 - Thomas Matarazzo: Then i text you.
19.01.19, 09:19 - Ich: Okay, sleep well and dream sweet
19.01.19, 09:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you.
Do you have plans for the day?
19.01.19, 09:19 - Ich: Not really
19.01.19, 09:20 - Ich: Maybe i visit a friend
19.01.19, 09:20 - Thomas Matarazzo: One of your girlfriend?
19.01.19, 09:22 - Ich: A old school friend. Bobby. We are only friend. He needs sometimes Somebody who can talk with
19.01.19, 09:22 - Ich: I've had bad experiences on Instagram
19.01.19, 09:23 - Ich: Are you Jealous?
19.01.19, 09:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i am. But i wi try to be fine
19.01.19, 09:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you for being there for Bobby
19.01.19, 09:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: Oh really?
What sort of experiences?
19.01.19, 09:26 - Ich: Oh, i liked a Photo from a man. A Woman were in love with him. And i get a lot of shitstorm from this Woman
19.01.19, 09:29 - Ich: I knew Bobby 30 years. And i am the only Person, he can say all. He had a terrible childhood. And his exwife was not good with him. So he get depressed..
19.01.19, 09:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Well i can assure you that there's no woman in my life right now.
I'm going to try to be on my own for a while and focus on other things life brings.
19.01.19, 09:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Sounds bad. Please go visit him
19.01.19, 09:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Spend some time with him. 😢
19.01.19, 09:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Read to him the scriptures also. If you can
19.01.19, 09:32 - Ich: He is not religious
19.01.19, 09:33 - Ich: That sounds good
19.01.19, 09:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes sure right. I get too emotional, i do not want anymore heart breaks.

I know how hard it has been dealing with my wife break up.
19.01.19, 09:38 - Ich: I wish you the best!! I know how it is. I was married 20 years. And we had a great rose war. We were often in the court...
I wish you Power and good Energy!!
19.01.19, 09:39 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you. I'm often in court now. And i have to travel down to Ohio Toledo almost all the time. A lot of stress.😢
19.01.19, 09:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: So i better hit the road now. It's getting really late and cold.
Bye. I will try not to miss you much 😚
I text you when i have a free time again.
19.01.19, 09:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: Nice talking to you.
I hope you think about me while am away 😉
19.01.19, 09:40 - Ich: Okay, take care of yourself!!
19.01.19, 09:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: You too xxxxxxxxxxxx
19.01.19, 09:40 - Ich: Yes i will do
19.01.19, 09:43 - Ich: 👍🏻
19.01.19, 20:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hello friend
19.01.19, 20:41 - Thomas Matarazzo: How are you?
Just thinking about you. I thought i should leave you a message
19.01.19, 20:43 - Ich: Hello, i am fine
How are you doing?
19.01.19, 20:44 - Ich: I never ask you: how old are you? And was is your star sign?
19.01.19, 20:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: I will be 41 on the 5 day of April.
Aries is my star sign. What is your?
19.01.19, 20:49 - Ich: I am 46. My Birthday is the 07. April. And i am Aries too
19.01.19, 20:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha. Look we have something in common again.
This just put a lot of smiles on my face 😌
19.01.19, 20:52 - Ich: Hahaha, yes i thought the same😊
19.01.19, 20:54 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you always celebrate your birthday?
19.01.19, 20:56 - Ich: Earlier not. But since my divorce every year. Whats about with you?
19.01.19, 20:58 - Thomas Matarazzo: Not really. My wife usually throws me a surprise party.
But i doubt if any of that will happen this year 😢
19.01.19, 21:00 - Ich: Come here we will celebrate together. That were a surprise for everyone...
19.01.19, 21:05 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha thanks Mony. 🤗
That can be arranged for.
19.01.19, 21:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: I was going to ask.
I hope you have no man in your life now
19.01.19, 21:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: I don't always feel comfortable talking to another man's woman.
19.01.19, 21:06 - Ich: I am not Mony
19.01.19, 21:07 - Ich: No, i am a single Woman
19.01.19, 21:07 - Thomas Matarazzo: xxxxxxxxxxxx. I thought you will like it if i gave you a nickname. My special nickname for you
19.01.19, 21:07 - Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry if you don't like that.
19.01.19, 21:08 - Ich: Okay, you have a friend named mony. ....
My Nickname is Moni...
19.01.19, 21:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok Moni.
What did you do today?
19.01.19, 21:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: Did you go to see Bobby?
19.01.19, 21:10 - Ich: He dont had time today, he must work
19.01.19, 21:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: Okay. Have you eat lunch? And what did you have?
19.01.19, 21:11 - Ich: I ate salad
19.01.19, 21:12 - Ich: Whats your favourit meal?
19.01.19, 21:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: I like Mexican foods , Chinese, Sea food, Spaghetti and home made chicken noodles.
How about you?
19.01.19, 21:16 - Ich: I like italian food, sea food.... And some German food
19.01.19, 21:16 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you cook very often?
19.01.19, 21:17 - Ich: Yes
19.01.19, 21:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: I watch shows to learn how to cook Italian meals. Giada at home a nice show
19.01.19, 21:17 - Ich: And you?
19.01.19, 21:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: But unfortunately i don't have the time
19.01.19, 21:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes. I really am a good cook lol
19.01.19, 21:17 - Ich: On weekends?
19.01.19, 21:18 - Ich: I will like to test this
19.01.19, 21:18 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes. now i live alone i often cook my meals alone.
19.01.19, 21:18 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Maybe on our birthday
19.01.19, 21:19 - Ich: Oh that were great
19.01.19, 21:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: What are you doing tonight?
19.01.19, 21:20 - Ich: Hm
19.01.19, 21:21 - Ich: Writing with a friend??
19.01.19, 21:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: Who is this friend?
I think I am starting to feel jealous 😔
19.01.19, 21:24 - Ich: His name is Thomas...
19.01.19, 21:24 - Ich: We can cook together ...
19.01.19, 21:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. That's me off course. 🤗
19.01.19, 21:27 - Ich: Yes
19.01.19, 21:28 - Thomas Matarazzo: What meal will you like us to cook together?
Do you have recipe so that i can start taking lessons 😃
19.01.19, 21:28 - Ich: Hm
19.01.19, 21:29 - Ich: I dont know...
19.01.19, 21:29 - Ich: 😊
19.01.19, 21:30 - Thomas Matarazzo: Haha. Maybe you think of something. I will think of something too.
When i go visit my family, i will look into my mother's recipe book. A lot of great meals there
19.01.19, 21:30 - Ich: Have you eaten today?
19.01.19, 21:31 - Ich: Okay
19.01.19, 21:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i have. I'm playing cards with my friends now. But I've lost plenty money. So i just leave them to text with someone that puts a smile on my face
19.01.19, 21:32 - Ich: I think we will have a lot of fun If we cook together
19.01.19, 21:32 - Ich: So, you are not a winner?? 😹😹
19.01.19, 21:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha yes. Maybe i grab you by the waist while you add spice to the meal🌚
19.01.19, 21:33 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Sadly today is not my day
19.01.19, 21:35 - Ich: I should think about.... Its to Dangerous😊😊
19.01.19, 21:35 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Is it?
How dangerous can it be? 🌚
19.01.19, 21:36 - Ich: I want to Play card with you i am a bad looser
19.01.19, 21:36 - Ich: Now if you grab me by  my waist...
19.01.19, 21:37 - Ich: 😹😹
19.01.19, 21:37 - Ich: 😊😊😊
19.01.19, 21:38 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
19.01.19, 21:39 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha there's so much we have to do already. I'm getting excited about trying them out with you.
But no rush, let's see what the universe holds for us 😘😘😉
19.01.19, 21:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: Very beautiful smile you have on your face
19.01.19, 21:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: My Christmas was not rosy 😢
19.01.19, 21:40 - Ich: Yes, let us see
19.01.19, 21:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: Because at that point is when my wife filled for divorce.
19.01.19, 21:40 - Ich: Thank you so much. This was a Photo with my colleagues
19.01.19, 21:42 - Ich: Thats so bad for you, inam so sorry about this. But perhaps it was good for me...
19.01.19, 21:44 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol yes also good for me too. Maybe i will not have join Instagram if my wife didn't file for divorce.
Then i wouldn't meet an awesome woman like you that shares my birth month.😻
19.01.19, 21:45 - Ich: Yes, see always the positive things in that what happens..
19.01.19, 21:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: I always have good and positive thoughts thank you.
What else did you do for Christmas?
19.01.19, 21:47 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
19.01.19, 21:50 - Ich: Thank you very much!!
19.01.19, 21:52 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
19.01.19, 21:59 - Thomas Matarazzo: Who are these fine young men?
19.01.19, 21:59 - Ich: My colleagues...
19.01.19, 22:02 - Ich: My divorce was the day of Changes...
19.01.19, 22:02 - Ich: I've learned Dentist helper. Even before my second pregnancy, the former boss of my ex-husband realized that I had talent for office matters. He quickly put me from the receptionist into the purchasing department and the inside sales department. And then he gave me the accounting.
8 years ago, my big brother hired me as a secretary. I quickly did everything with him. Sales, Purchasing, Assistance, Accounting, Warehouse Management ...
And I'm still with him. But I only do the accounting for him.

I have now undergone a 3 year retraining. To the Assistant tax consultant.
A big company has hired me. There I do the complete accounting. And I do the payroll. And support my colleague in the human resources management.
19.01.19, 22:03 - Ich: You smoke?
19.01.19, 22:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: wow you really are a smart and hard working woman. I'm sure your ex husband made a big mistake to cheat on you. Every man will be proud to have a hard working partner by his side
19.01.19, 22:05 - Thomas Matarazzo: No.. Lol
I just took it from my friend to take picture and act like Johnny bravo
19.01.19, 22:05 - Ich: Hahaha
19.01.19, 22:08 - Ich: Yes, he Said he had make a big mistake. He is not happy with his new wife. And they have big Problems.
His life change to a bad life.
My life change to a good life. Perhaps now to a better
19.01.19, 22:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes and I'm going to make it even more better 😉
19.01.19, 22:08 - Ich: I dont smoke and i dont like Smoking
19.01.19, 22:09 - Ich: Yes, do it
19.01.19, 22:09 - Ich: 😉
19.01.19, 22:09 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes me too. It's a dirty habit
19.01.19, 22:09 - Thomas Matarazzo: Haha okay nice i will if you let me
19.01.19, 22:09 - Ich: Yes
19.01.19, 22:09 - Ich: I will let you
19.01.19, 22:10 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you. And i will sure make good use of this opportunity.
19.01.19, 22:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: How many jobs do you have?
19.01.19, 22:12 - Ich: Two. In the big company i make the Accountant and the payroll. And the other is by my brother the Accountant
19.01.19, 22:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok i thought you work full-time as a dentist helper
19.01.19, 22:18 - Ich: Yes i said this first. Some man stopp talking with me, when they heard that i be a dentist helper.
Sorry for the little decite.
That's why I've got it right now
19.01.19, 22:20 - Thomas Matarazzo: OK. I like totally honesty and sincerity.
19.01.19, 22:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: That and trust are the key to a healthy relationship
19.01.19, 22:23 - Ich: Yes, sorry
19.01.19, 22:23 - Ich: I did not want to say anything at first, but you were so stubborn. I thought you were one of those ....
19.01.19, 22:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: One of those what?
19.01.19, 22:25 - Ich: One of those they stopp talking with me
19.01.19, 22:25 - Thomas Matarazzo: I will not stop talking with you
Unless you push me away
19.01.19, 22:26 - Ich: No i will not do that. Now you know all..
19.01.19, 22:29 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i do. You are an accountant.
Anymore deceits? Hahaha
19.01.19, 22:29 - Thomas Matarazzo: Now is a time to come clean
19.01.19, 22:30 - Ich: Yes its time
19.01.19, 22:32 - Ich: No deceits more
19.01.19, 22:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes.
What grade is Raphaela in school?
19.01.19, 22:33 - Ich: This is difficult for me to say
19.01.19, 22:33 - Thomas Matarazzo: Why is that?
I thought we are friends and should be open to each other
19.01.19, 22:34 - Ich: I dont know the comparable grade to America
19.01.19, 22:37 - Ich: Next year she will graduate. she will then go to another school to imitate her high school diploma.
so that she can study
19.01.19, 22:37 - Ich: I hope you understand
19.01.19, 22:38 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i understand.
What career is she going to choose?
19.01.19, 22:40 - Ich: Well, she want to be a teacher. But i think she were a better architect. But its her life
19.01.19, 22:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: I guess she misses her dad.
Does she go often to see him?
19.01.19, 22:42 - Thomas Matarazzo: Just curious how did you manage to win custody of Raphaela
19.01.19, 22:44 - Ich: we have shared custody. she does not see him that often. but only because she does not want to.
19.01.19, 22:46 - Ich: I had a very good lawyer. and I was sympathetic to the judge
19.01.19, 22:47 - Thomas Matarazzo: She doesn't like him
19.01.19, 22:48 - Ich: She like him, but she doesnt like his new wife
19.01.19, 22:49 - Thomas Matarazzo: OK. I understand
So i ask earlier what college you attend?
19.01.19, 22:49 - Thomas Matarazzo: I don't remember you giving me an answer
19.01.19, 22:51 - Ich: that is just as difficult. to compare the school systems.
I have a school degree and an education. but I never studied. I can not study with my graduation.
19.01.19, 22:52 - Thomas Matarazzo: Okay maybe i do not understand the way it works there.
19.01.19, 22:52 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you speak English fluently?
19.01.19, 22:53 - Ich: No
19.01.19, 22:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok. I think that should be added on our to do list.
I teach you English and the little Spanish i know. And you teach me German
19.01.19, 22:53 - Ich: But i will learn it better
19.01.19, 22:55 - Ich: Okay, only english. And german. Without spanish
19.01.19, 22:57 - Ich: Moment - we have a to do list??😊😊😊
19.01.19, 22:59 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Yes we do.
We cook together, we have party together, we teach ourselves new things
19.01.19, 23:00 - Ich: Oh yes, you are right!!
19.01.19, 23:00 - Ich: Wonderful things...
19.01.19, 23:01 - Ich: You forget playing cards...
19.01.19, 23:01 - Thomas Matarazzo: Oh yes that and also holding your waist while we cook
19.01.19, 23:02 - Ich: Hahaha - about that we must discuss 😊😊😊
19.01.19, 23:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. You don't like that?
Or you will prefer something more passionate
19.01.19, 23:05 - Ich: I like it, but you know, i be shy...
19.01.19, 23:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: Me too. But as time goes on we will get more comfortable with each other.
It is my prayer that everything go as planned
19.01.19, 23:08 - Ich: Yes you are right...
19.01.19, 23:09 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you have a best friend?
If yes tell me about the person
19.01.19, 23:10 - Ich: I have best Friends. ...
19.01.19, 23:10 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
19.01.19, 23:11 - Ich: I know her since i was three
19.01.19, 23:13 - Thomas Matarazzo: Wow that's really cool. You have the same kind of hair. Haha
You look like twin sisters
19.01.19, 23:14 - Ich: She is like a sister
19.01.19, 23:16 - Thomas Matarazzo: I can feel that.
Lovely people. Thanks for the pictures. I have what to look at whenever i feel sad.
19.01.19, 23:16 - Thomas Matarazzo: I trust they will put smile on my face
19.01.19, 23:16 - Ich: I hope
19.01.19, 23:16 - Ich: But she is married...
19.01.19, 23:17 - Ich: Look more on me
19.01.19, 23:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: How?
19.01.19, 23:20 - Ich: If you will fall in love with her.... When you Look on this Picture...
19.01.19, 23:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. No i will rather choose to fall in love with you. Because you're single. I don't want another man's wife
19.01.19, 23:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: Will you like to get married again?
If you had the opportunity
19.01.19, 23:23 - Ich: Thats good
19.01.19, 23:25 - Ich: Well, maybe... I do not force it. if the right man comes so my prince charming ... on the white horse .... then maybe I'll marry again ...
19.01.19, 23:26 - Ich: Whats with you?
19.01.19, 23:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Once I'm legally divorced i will love to get married. Marriage is honorable as it keeps me committed. And i love committed.
I will just look for a woman.
19.01.19, 23:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: I want a woman who will be my best friend at all time, my sweetheart, love of my life, my partner and my soul mate all wrapped up into one lovely woman. I would be all of that for her and more, I would love her with all of my heart

and have nothing but good feelings for her.

 She should be a very caring person, with a lot of good feelings, be honest, reliable, pleasant personality and have a sense of humor.
19.01.19, 23:33 - Ich: A amazing woman. I wish you good luck to find her...
19.01.19, 23:33 - Ich: I look for the same in a man...
19.01.19, 23:36 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Maybe i find that in you
It'll be perfect don't you think so
19.01.19, 23:37 - Ich: Yes, it will be perfect...
19.01.19, 23:37 - Ich: And we have a to do list together...
19.01.19, 23:38 - Ich: That is a begin
19.01.19, 23:42 - Ich: How tall you are? - please tell me in cm.... I am 161 cm....
19.01.19, 23:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: 180cm
5ft 11
19.01.19, 23:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: You like tall men?
19.01.19, 23:44 - Ich: Thank you, yes i like tall men
19.01.19, 23:45 - Ich: And i like man with beard
19.01.19, 23:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Yes i have a beard.
You see in my pictures
19.01.19, 23:47 - Ich: I saw it, yes
19.01.19, 23:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you go to bed soon?
19.01.19, 23:52 - Ich: Well, i am not tired. We can talk if you want. But when you rather want to Talk with other, .... We can talk tomorrow also....
19.01.19, 23:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Trust me when i say to you there's no other 😅😅😅
19.01.19, 23:53 - Ich: I trust you😊😊😊
19.01.19, 23:54 - Thomas Matarazzo: What this mean?
19.01.19, 23:54 - Ich: Shall i translate?
19.01.19, 23:55 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes please
19.01.19, 23:55 - Ich: Okay, wait a minute...
19.01.19, 23:57 - Ich: I was offered a modeling job by a fitness agency. - I am the "before"
19.01.19, 23:58 - Thomas Matarazzo: That's great Moni.
You go to the gym?
19.01.19, 23:59 - Ich: No Sport is murder. I look sport. Thats enough
20.01.19, 00:01 - Ich: You want a sporty woman....
20.01.19, 00:01 - Ich: I am not slim...
20.01.19, 00:01 - Ich: Negativ points.... I know
20.01.19, 00:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: No Moni.
I didn't say that.
I don't believe in outer appearance. What matters is the heart
20.01.19, 00:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: I do sports
20.01.19, 00:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: I ran in the Boston marathon
20.01.19, 00:04 - Ich: Wow
20.01.19, 00:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
20.01.19, 00:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
20.01.19, 00:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: Cycling
20.01.19, 00:06 - Ich: Wow
20.01.19, 00:06 - Ich: I look sport. And i be a passionate fan...
20.01.19, 00:07 - Ich: So i will be a fan from you
20.01.19, 00:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. I guess i have to create a fan page then. So that you can follow mw
20.01.19, 00:08 - Ich: Oh yes
20.01.19, 00:09 - Ich: And you have Always to win
20.01.19, 00:10 - Ich: I will be your motivator
20.01.19, 00:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i will bring a trophy home for you hahaha
20.01.19, 00:12 - Thomas Matarazzo: how are you going to do this?
20.01.19, 00:12 - Ich: Well, we will see😊😊
20.01.19, 00:14 - Ich: My colleagues are playing Basketball. Once in the year. I am the fan- Team and the best motivator. I said to them, If they dont ein, they get nö salary....
Well it works. They win...
20.01.19, 00:16 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha. That's quite the motivation.
20.01.19, 00:16 - Ich: Yes
20.01.19, 00:17 - Ich: How can i motivate you?
20.01.19, 00:18 - Thomas Matarazzo: With a kiss 🙈
Works all the time you know
20.01.19, 00:21 - Ich: 🙈 okay, but you know i am a shy girl.... But okay, i will motivate you. Win and you get a kiss....
I could say then: i dont kiss loser only winner..??😉😹
20.01.19, 00:23 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. That will boost my morale. So that i can get a kiss from you Moni.
20.01.19, 00:23 - Thomas Matarazzo: What's your idea of a perfect date?
20.01.19, 00:25 - Ich: Well, a romantic Dinner, Walk in the sunset, to look together to the Stars....
20.01.19, 00:25 - Ich: Give your best😉
20.01.19, 00:29 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol yes totally. Anything to get a kiss from you
20.01.19, 00:29 - Ich: Oh😊😊🙈
20.01.19, 00:31 - Ich: Once from my Hobby ist Painting
20.01.19, 00:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: Well my idea of a dream date would be, I'd pick you up to go to dinner, Someplace like xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Then we could take a walk through a park. Then we could drive out to the beach and sit in the soft sand and I could hold you in my arms as we watch the tide go out under the moonlight.
20.01.19, 00:32 - Ich: That sounds great
20.01.19, 00:34 - Ich: What is xxxxxxx?
20.01.19, 00:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: I just used it to denote a veey fancy restaurant in Berlin
20.01.19, 00:35 - Ich: Ah okay
20.01.19, 00:35 - Ich: Berlin and a beach are far away from me....😔
20.01.19, 00:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: OH. Maybe we pick a different location
20.01.19, 00:37 - Ich: Okay
20.01.19, 00:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: Have you ever gone fishing?
20.01.19, 00:37 - Ich: No, this is boring
20.01.19, 00:39 - Ich: You must stand or sit very still and you must be quiet.... This is nothing for xxxxxxxxxxxx
20.01.19, 00:40 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha. xxxxxxxxxxxx likes having more fun
20.01.19, 00:41 - Ich: Oh yes, i Love laughing
20.01.19, 00:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Yes me too.
20.01.19, 00:44 - Ich: But you go fishing...
20.01.19, 00:45 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes once in a while. It's fun with me.
I make you laugh while we wait to catch fishes
20.01.19, 00:46 - Ich: Really, that want i see...
20.01.19, 00:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Yeah right.
It's totally worth it trust me
20.01.19, 00:48 - Thomas Matarazzo: Can we text tomorrow?
I need to drive to go sort some things out
20.01.19, 00:48 - Ich: Yes of course
20.01.19, 00:49 - Ich: I cant believe that...😹😹
20.01.19, 00:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. I have a good sense of humor when you meet me. So our fishing trip will be filled with laughter.
Should we add that to our to do list?
20.01.19, 00:51 - Ich: Okay, please add it
20.01.19, 00:54 - Thomas Matarazzo: Done. We have a lot to do.
We keep adding right 🙂
20.01.19, 00:54 - Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight Moni. Thanks for having time to text me i hope we keep doing this everyday.
20.01.19, 00:55 - Ich: Yes, we keep adding and do all the things
20.01.19, 00:55 - Ich: You are Welcome. Yes WE can do this every day
20.01.19, 00:56 - Ich: Good night, sleep well and dream sweet
20.01.19, 00:56 - Ich: 😚
20.01.19, 00:57 - Thomas Matarazzo: Dream sweet Moni
Bye 😘🤗
20.01.19, 00:58 - Ich: 🤗
20.01.19, 12:10 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hello dear friend 😉
20.01.19, 12:11 - Ich: Hello Dear
20.01.19, 12:11 - Thomas Matarazzo: Good morning.
20.01.19, 12:11 - Ich: How are you doing?
20.01.19, 12:12 - Thomas Matarazzo: I woke up expecting to see a word from you.
But nothing
20.01.19, 12:12 - Ich: I thought i let you sleep...
20.01.19, 12:12 - Ich: I want wrote in a hour...
20.01.19, 12:15 - Thomas Matarazzo: Maybe you didn't think of me while i am away. 😏
20.01.19, 12:16 - Ich: I thought of you. I talked with my friend of you
20.01.19, 12:17 - Thomas Matarazzo: You talk about me with Daniela?🤗
20.01.19, 12:17 - Ich: Yes
20.01.19, 12:19 - Thomas Matarazzo: That is lovely. Did you show my picture?
What do she think of me?
20.01.19, 12:20 - Ich: Yes i showed your Pictures
20.01.19, 12:22 - Ich: She said that you are a nice Guy
20.01.19, 12:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do you think i am a nice guy?
20.01.19, 12:23 - Ich: Hm...
20.01.19, 12:24 - Ich: Perhaps
20.01.19, 12:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol i hope you see that i am a nice guy.
20.01.19, 12:24 - Thomas Matarazzo: What are you doing today?
20.01.19, 12:25 - Thomas Matarazzo: Did you go to Chapel?
20.01.19, 12:25 - Ich: Writing with someone
20.01.19, 12:25 - Ich: Yes
20.01.19, 12:29 - Ich: Did you go?
20.01.19, 12:30 - Thomas Matarazzo: I will go. It is just 5:30am
20.01.19, 12:30 - Thomas Matarazzo: I hope you say a prayer for me
20.01.19, 12:31 - Ich: You need one?
20.01.19, 12:32 - Ich: I said a little prayer for us.....
20.01.19, 12:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you. I pray God answers your prayers 🤗
I will also say a short prayer for us when i go to Chapel
20.01.19, 12:32 - Ich: 😊😊
20.01.19, 12:34 - Ich: I've seen that your share of female friends on Instagram has increased enormously.
20.01.19, 12:34 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha
You are jealous?
20.01.19, 12:36 - Ich: Yes, a little bit... I do not want to take a man away from a woman ...
20.01.19, 12:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: 😂 remember what i always say to you. There's no woman in my life right now. Just Mila my ex wife.
But i will disable my Instagram page very soon. Once i find love again
20.01.19, 12:39 - Ich: Really? A Woman contact me. she said I should keep my hands off you because you would belong to her ...
20.01.19, 12:40 - Ich: Perhaps you found your Love...
20.01.19, 12:43 - Thomas Matarazzo: really? Someone tell you that? 😅
20.01.19, 12:43 - Ich: Yes
20.01.19, 12:44 - Thomas Matarazzo: Which woman?
I am not with anyone else now.
You have to believe me. I have not even finalized my divorce
20.01.19, 12:45 - Ich: One of your Instagram Friends.
then I will just be a friend .. I withdraw discreetly ...
20.01.19, 12:48 - Ich: 😢
20.01.19, 12:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Please do not say that.
I make my decision and say who to be my friend or who not to be my friend
20.01.19, 12:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: Be happy xxxxxxxxxxxx. I love our connection so much
20.01.19, 12:57 - Ich: I love it too. But in a Relationship i dont want to share a man with a other woman
20.01.19, 12:58 - Thomas Matarazzo: Me too.
Do you think I'm an ideal man for a relationship?
20.01.19, 12:58 - Ich: Maybe
20.01.19, 13:01 - Ich: I hoped this
20.01.19, 13:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: And i also hope you are a special woman that can change my life.
20.01.19, 13:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: But like i said i do not like to rush things
20.01.19, 13:04 - Thomas Matarazzo: We just flow with the tide like the ocean
20.01.19, 13:05 - Ich: Me too
20.01.19, 13:09 - Ich: Well i would like to be that Person who Change your life to a better Life
20.01.19, 13:18 - Ich: And i would like to do our to do list...
20.01.19, 13:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: That's so sweet of you. I hope you can 🤗
20.01.19, 13:22 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes me too.
April is still a few weeks from now
20.01.19, 13:22 - Ich: Yes...
20.01.19, 13:23 - Ich: Our big Party😉
20.01.19, 13:26 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha😅
Yes surprise big party. We have to keep it within e
20.01.19, 13:26 - Ich: Yes😹
20.01.19, 13:28 - Ich: It will be difficult😅
20.01.19, 13:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. It'll not be difficult.
We already have a good connection. We just need some time
20.01.19, 13:38 - Ich: You are right, we have a lot of time...
20.01.19, 13:40 - Ich: and we have to look for similarities.
20.01.19, 13:45 - Thomas Matarazzo: What do you mean similarities?
20.01.19, 13:45 - Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry i am not responding. I'm just getting ready for the day
20.01.19, 13:46 - Ich: Music, sport,.... Colors...
20.01.19, 13:48 - Ich: You will go to chapel now?
20.01.19, 13:54 - Thomas Matarazzo: Not now. I'm just drinking coffee. Checking my mails. And my voicemails
20.01.19, 13:54 - Ich: ☕☕
20.01.19, 13:59 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i agree on this. Tell me the music you like
20.01.19, 14:01 - Ich: Well, i like Rock, Pop, shaman native Indian music, Meditation musik, drums.... But i dont like Rap
20.01.19, 14:02 - Thomas Matarazzo: I enjoy rap. Because many artiste in the US are rappers.
Staying here you must blend in with the songs
20.01.19, 14:02 - Thomas Matarazzo: What is your favorite song?
20.01.19, 14:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: Mine is islands in the stream. By Kenny rogers and dolly parton
20.01.19, 14:05 - Ich: Nothing else mathers from metallica and wicked game from Chris Isaak
20.01.19, 14:06 - Ich: Irish folk songs are also great
20.01.19, 14:06 - Ich: I dont like this... Sorry
20.01.19, 14:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: I like the lyrics in them. They are what I'll tell my woman.
"Islands in the stream that is what we are no one in between"
20.01.19, 14:09 - Ich: Okay
20.01.19, 14:09 - Thomas Matarazzo: I will try to watch formula one more often. And i hear there's a track in Germany
20.01.19, 14:13 - Ich: Yes, in July ist a race in Hockenheim. In November is one in Austin... USA...
20.01.19, 14:15 - Thomas Matarazzo: Ok then i will join you in watching more formula. You just tell me when they are back
20.01.19, 14:15 - Thomas Matarazzo: What kind of car do you drive?
20.01.19, 14:20 - Ich: Okay
20.01.19, 14:21 - Ich: The First race is on 17.03. in Melbourne
20.01.19, 14:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
20.01.19, 14:27 - Ich: Oh wow
20.01.19, 14:27 - Ich: Chic
20.01.19, 14:28 - Ich: I like your hair today...
20.01.19, 14:30 - Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you 🙂
20.01.19, 14:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: So i will have to go now. I promise to text you when i have free time. Have a great day
20.01.19, 14:31 - Thomas Matarazzo: 💋
20.01.19, 14:32 - Ich: Have a great time. Take care of yourself
20.01.19, 14:32 - Ich: I be here, when you back...
20.01.19, 14:33 - Thomas Matarazzo: Take care of yourself too Moni.
I hope you don't talk to anyone while i am away 😂
20.01.19, 14:34 - Ich: You are Jealous?
20.01.19, 14:37 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol i always am
20.01.19, 14:38 - Ich: Hahaha
20.01.19, 17:28 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hello My sweet Princess
20.01.19, 17:32 - Ich: Hello, i am going to take a bath right now. I Text you when i am finished.
20.01.19, 17:45 - Ich: I am finished... I am back.
20.01.19, 17:45 - Ich: How was it in the chapel?
20.01.19, 17:46 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
20.01.19, 17:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: It was all good.
20.01.19, 17:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: You are very beautiful
20.01.19, 17:54 - Ich: Thank you so much
20.01.19, 17:54 - Ich: 😊
20.01.19, 18:01 - Thomas Matarazzo: You are welcome.
20.01.19, 18:01 - Thomas Matarazzo: How did you spend today
20.01.19, 18:01 - Ich: Writing with many people??😹😹😹
20.01.19, 18:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha
Trying to make me feel jealous right
20.01.19, 18:04 - Ich: A little bit
20.01.19, 18:04 - Ich: Dies it works?
20.01.19, 18:07 - Thomas Matarazzo: Hahaha. Yes a little. I don't want any man to have you
20.01.19, 18:10 - Ich: Oh, So you can talk to a lot of women but I'm not allowed to talk to other men?
that's not fair😹
20.01.19, 18:14 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. No other woman Moni.
Just you okay?
20.01.19, 18:14 - Ich: 😊😊 okay
20.01.19, 18:18 - Ich: I promise, i talk only with Woman and you are the only man...
20.01.19, 18:20 - Thomas Matarazzo: I promise to only talk with my colleagues .
You are the only woman 🤗
20.01.19, 18:21 - Ich: 🤗🤗🤗
20.01.19, 18:24 - Ich: Thats good
20.01.19, 18:27 - Thomas Matarazzo: Did you try to call me?
My video call totally blacks out whenever i try to have video chat.
But we can do that within this week. On Skype when i am in the office. Do you like that?
20.01.19, 18:29 - Ich: Its was by mistake.
20.01.19, 18:29 - Ich: I do not have Skype...
20.01.19, 18:29 - Ich: Sorry
20.01.19, 18:32 - Ich: Do You want to make a Video call in Skype?
20.01.19, 18:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: If you wish.
Or Marco Polo
20.01.19, 18:32 - Thomas Matarazzo: Do u have that?
20.01.19, 18:33 - Ich: No, but i try to Install Skype
20.01.19, 18:34 - Ich: Well its hard for me. To see words is easier to translate...
20.01.19, 18:35 - Thomas Matarazzo: I understand.
We keep writing to each other then. As long as we are definitely meeting by april. If the good Lord permits haha
20.01.19, 18:35 - Ich: Okay
20.01.19, 18:36 - Thomas Matarazzo: What are you doing?
20.01.19, 18:36 - Thomas Matarazzo: how is Raphaela?
20.01.19, 18:37 - Ich: Raphaela is fine. Thank you
20.01.19, 18:38 - Ich: I feed the cats
20.01.19, 18:39 - Thomas Matarazzo: OK. I'm trying to pay for Netflix. And stream El chapo.
Great movie
20.01.19, 18:42 - Ich: Okay
20.01.19, 18:42 - Ich: I dont know this
20.01.19, 18:42 - Ich: What is that for a movie?
20.01.19, 18:44 - Thomas Matarazzo: Yes for a movie.
There are plenty of movies. You pay to get the service streamed online
20.01.19, 18:46 - Ich: I know Netflix. I mean el chapo...
20.01.19, 18:46 - Thomas Matarazzo: El Chapo. It's about Mexican drug lord
20.01.19, 18:47 - Ich: Ah, okay
20.01.19, 18:48 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Please do not think i am into drugs. I just love the movie. Want to know more about him. And how he escaped from a maximum security prison through a tunnel in the US
20.01.19, 18:48 - Ich: Its Okay. Dont worry.
20.01.19, 18:50 - Thomas Matarazzo: OK. So earlier i ask what type of car you drive and i didn't get response
20.01.19, 18:51 - Ich: A little car
20.01.19, 18:52 - Ich: Why do you ask?
20.01.19, 18:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: Just curious still trying to know my sweet awesome friend xxxxxxxxxxxx. You love car racing. I just think you are great in driving.
20.01.19, 18:53 - Thomas Matarazzo: what else did you do today?
20.01.19, 18:57 - Ich: Hahaha i Love looking Car racing, but i dont myself
20.01.19, 18:57 - Ich: I ironed my laundry
20.01.19, 19:03 - Thomas Matarazzo: OK.
20.01.19, 19:04 - Ich: Have you eaten today?
20.01.19, 19:06 - Ich: One of my Hobbys is painting
20.01.19, 19:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: Can we write each other later Princess?
20.01.19, 19:06 - Thomas Matarazzo: I have to go now
20.01.19, 19:07 - Ich: Okay, but i go in three hour to bed...
20.01.19, 19:08 - Thomas Matarazzo: 11PM YOUR TIME?
20.01.19, 19:09 - Ich: Yes
20.01.19, 19:09 - Thomas Matarazzo: I will be back before then for you Princess. 😚
20.01.19, 19:09 - Ich: Okay, i will wait
20.01.19, 21:07 - Ich: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
20.01.19, 21:08 - Ich: Thats me with my Brothers. Its an older Photo
20.01.19, 22:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: They are very handsome men like me. Lol
Fine beards too
20.01.19, 22:21 - Thomas Matarazzo: Are they a twin?
20.01.19, 22:22 - Ich: No, they  are not twins
20.01.19, 22:22 - Ich: I love my Brothers
20.01.19, 22:23 - Thomas Matarazzo: I hope to meet them too at our surprise party
20.01.19, 22:23 - Ich: Oh yes
20.01.19, 22:24 - Ich: My brother Robert, the oldest, can very good speak english and spain
20.01.19, 22:25 - Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. That's great.
I wouldn't find it hard to blend in
20.01.19, 22:26 - Thomas Matarazzo: I pray and hope everything go as planned. Because i am quite sure. Germany will be wonderful with you
20.01.19, 22:27 - Ich: I hope this too
20.01.19, 22:27 - Ich: Where have you been so Long?
20.01.19, 22:27 - Ich: I missed you
20.01.19, 22:36 - Ich: I have installed Skype now. So we can try to make a Video call next week
20.01.19, 22:39 - Thomas Matarazzo: I miss you too.
It started snowing. So I'm just sitting next to my fire place.
My cousin came over
20.01.19, 22:40
Titel: Re: Neuer Scammer: Thomas Matarazzo über WhatsApp mobile Phone +15126755535
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 27,Mär,2019, 22:08:43
Hier sind ein paar Bilder von ihm...

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( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Weitere Bilder in der Galerie (
Titel: Re: Neuer Scammer: Thomas Matarazzo über WhatsApp mobile Phone +15126755535
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 27,Mär,2019, 22:15:51
Ein paar offizielle Dokumente von seinem contract.....

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Neuer Scammer: Thomas Matarazzo über WhatsApp mobile Phone +15126755535
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 27,Mär,2019, 22:22:22
Hier eine Kopie seines Passes

( (
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo über WhatsApp @ +15126755535
Beitrag von: Administrator am 31,Mär,2019, 15:17:12
Die Rufnummer +15126755535 kommt aus Nigeria Lago!
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo über WhatsApp @ +15126755535
Beitrag von: Administrator am 31,Mär,2019, 15:31:58
Bitte den Header noch einsetzen!
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo über WhatsApp @ +15126755535
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 31,Mär,2019, 17:01:49
Hier habe ich noch die E-Mail von ihm:

Return-Path: <>

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2510 Walmer Ave suite C,
Norfolk, VA 23513, USA

I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of request for xxx on my behalf Thomas Matarazzo requesting for salary advance payment to help me secure the following;
1)shippers export declaration (SED)
2)import license for port of Puertzo Quetzal
3)Temporary work permit under the import and export ordinance of the special administrative region Guatemala.
I am kindly requesting for the sum of 4,000.00€. If received on Monday 18.03.2019 via western union transfer to Guatemala, the said amount will be paid on or before 27.03.2019. I hope my request is granted. Thank you.
 Signed by
   Thomas Matarazzo
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 31,Mär,2019, 22:06:57
Leider Inline über Google

From: Thomas Matarazzo <>

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019 22:55:58 +0100

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Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 02,Apr,2019, 18:59:26


ich habe ja noch ein E-Mail. Und zwar sollte ich ja ein Paket mit Geschenken für mich und meine Tochter zugeschickt bekommen.

Inzwischen hat er es gestoppt. Da ich es nicht selbst entgegen nehmen kann.



"Return-Path: <>

Received: from ([]) by (mxgmx117 []) with ESMTPS (Nemesis) id 1MqLF5-1ghApF2mvr-00nMJD for <xxx>; Mon, 11 Mar 2019 16:13:14 +0100

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Received: from by with HTTP; Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:13:13 +0000

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:12:39 +0000 (UTC)

From: fastspeed logistics <>

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"Dear xxx,

This is to inform you that a package was shipped to you from Thomas Matarazzo with invoice number: FSLC96209301 ,dated 11/03/2019.

Please keep track of your consignment using your tracking number: 

FSLC96203US through our official website (fslcouriercompany) and also download shipment invoice and profile of delivery agent from your tracking page.


Please note: Receiver must present a copy of downloaded shipping invoice on the said arrival date to claim the package.

Thank you for choosing Fast Speed Logistics Courier Company-Leading Premium


Ana-Maria Andreea

Customer Service

For: Fast speed Logistics Courier Company"





ich sollte dann auf die Internetseite: gehen und dort mein Paket tracken.

Das habe ich dann auch gemacht.  Ich habe die Rechnung und von dem Courier die Daten bekommen...

Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 02,Apr,2019, 19:03:08
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:12:39 +0000 (UTC)

From: fastspeed logistics <>

Details for
Decimal:   1241941884
ASN:   26101
ISP:   Inktomi Corporation
Organization:   Yahoo!
Services:   Likely mail server
Type:   Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP
Continent:   North America
Country:   United States us flag
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 28,Apr,2019, 22:09:22
Hello XXX

This is Thomas

do you have another name and who is the woman on your profile ?? I'm careful, Sorry send me a photo of you, which you are, please

That is my sister

Okay, but I want a photo of you that you are and that no one else is writing to me Sorry, please

You have seen a lot of photos of me XXX

Yeah in Whatsapp okay, but that's another app and I said and ask you to get a picture of you here then I know that it's you, because I do not write strangers where I do not know, Sorry please understand me, who writes where can tell me a lot about the day when I see a photo of you, then I know that you are / Sorry I'm just careful, LG XXX⚘

Hello  Thomas

It’s Thomas Matarazzo XXX

I like my picture the way it is

We talk on Whatsapp. I asked to talk to you here about something

You thought i was with XXX

I did not say anything about your profile photo, I just said, I'm careful on the internet, and I do not know who's writing to me, Sorry if I'm writing with someone, then I want to see a photo, maybe you're not Thomas and it's a different person, I've had a bad experience, sorry / if you're Thomas, then you can also write with me in Whatsapp / so here's a photo of you if you're Thomas?

Are you happy now?

Yes, ⚘

How are you?

Lying in bed and at 5 o'clock German time to stand up there are not 5 hours sleep, we can talk tomorrow morning, since I am tired and would like to sleep for a few hours, please do not be angry

Okay goodnight

Good Night my Friend ⚘

Good Night ⚘

Thank you

How are you dear

How was your day?

Sorry about that

I need your help on something

I want you to help share somethings with all of your friends for me. It’s about a crypto currency platform where investors trade to get more profits.
I will send you the link you give them. Anyone that registers and invest. I have a 10% referral bonus


Because what I want to share with you is on telegram


So i am going to send it to you

All you have to do is forward it to your friends on Whatsapp

Okay goodnight
I will send you the post tomorrow

Welcome to the telegram chat of the Constantinople Ethereum Plus
The Constantinople Ethereum Plus offers for the Ethereum Holders four ways to increase the amount of Ethereum:
1.Get profit by investing in the most modern platform of the Constantinople Ethereum Plus
2.Get Ethereum Cash Coin in the ratio of 1 ETH = 5 Ethereum Cash Coin (1:5)
3.Get profit by investing in the Blockchain master nodes
4.Get profit by investing in the CryptoMiningBank (will be launched in July 2019)
More info; PRIVATE CHAT ADMIN @joanikaarto Telegram username

How to get more profit with Constantinople Ethereum Plus?
1. Invest using a referral program and get + 20% to the deposit.
2. Invest before anyone else and get +10% to the deposit
Total + 30% deposit
Ethereum price $143.22 right now
If you invest 10 ETH ($1,432.2)
If price of Ethereum +5%, then in one week you'll get: 3.64ETH ($547.31) per week, $2,343.12 per month+your deposit 10ETH. Profitability 264% per month, 3168% per year
NOTE: lowest ETH investment is 5 ETH($823.00)

It’s really!!
Do not miss your chance!
Join and Get Your Profit

@joanikaarto Telegram username

You send to all your friends and Whatsapp group

Tell them it’s a friend that has been trading on it and making profits

It’s really lucrative

Good morning

Did you understand what i shared?

It is a bot you invest your bitcoins and it grows by 3% daily. And can be mined anytime the investor chooses

For example if you invest 0.2 worth of BTC which is about 1000$ in a week the investor will have about 0.042 BTC which is almost 300$ extra.

You can invest more than that

Do you understand it?

is that a bank where you send the money out ??? And I will continue to suffer from my friends in Whatsapp ok

Send the money out how?

You can use german to write to me


Ist das eine Bank  , wo man mit dem Geld Gewinnen kann ? Ich werden meine Freunde in Whatsapp  weiter versenden  , ja

Es ist keine Bank.  Sie erstellen zuerst ein Profil, investieren mit Bitcoins, dann wächst Ihr Bitcoin täglich und Sie können sich jederzeit zurückziehen

That is my contact you can send it to them to talk to me to explain better

I am a crypto currency expert
Forex trading expert

That is my contact you can send it to them to talk to me to explain better

I am a crypto currency expert
Forex trading expert

Okay  , bin auf der Arbeit noch ⚘

Mache ich gleich , bin gerade nach Hause gekommen ⚘

okay, wer Zweifel hat oder Fragen hat, kann mir per Telegramm schreiben


Have you sent to your friends?

Ja ich habe meine Freunde verschickt ⚘

Hast du eine andre Nummer und dann schick es mir bitte ⚘

+1 (512) 675-5535

Whatsapp number

Just give them this to talk to me on telegram

This is where i can explain more better to them and show them

Ist das eine neue Nummer???

Thomas 2 Handy:
Just give them this to talk to me on telegram

This is where i can explain more better to them and show them

Hello XXX

Melde mich morgen , sorry
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 28,Apr,2019, 22:15:11
Guten Morgen wünsche ich dir von Herzen

Thomas 2 Handy:
guten Morgen.  Interessiert dich deine Freunde schon?


Sie sind teils in Ostern Ferien,  das kann halt dauern,  Sorry,  Geduld  brauch ich

Thomas 2 Handy:
okay, erzähl deinen Freunden weiter davon.  Sie sollten ihr Geld nicht sparen, sie sollten investieren und mehr verdienen

Hello XXX

Guten Morgen wünsche ich dir von Herzen

Thomas 2 Handy:
Guten Morgen, wie geht es dir

Bin am frühstücken jetzt  mit meiner Tochter und mit  dem Sohn und ihre kleine Familie

Mir geht es gut / bin topfit  und und ja die liebe kommt irgenwann , ich genieße mein Leben und bin glücklich / wie geht es dir ??

Thomas 2 Handy:
Mir geht es ebenfalls gut.  hast du mit deinen freunden und familien geteilt, was ich dir geschickt habe?

Ja habe ich gemacht und habe viel erzählt davon

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
Mir geht es ebenfalls gut.  hast du mit deinen freunden und familien geteilt, was ich dir geschickt habe?

Ja habe ich gemacht und habe viel erzählt davon

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
Hat jemand schon Interesse gezeigt?

Nein  , Sorry , warum schreibst du da und  und warum hast du ein andren Namen???

Ich bin sauer auf dich / warum schreibt ein fremder Mann auf deine Nummer im Whatsapp  , denn kenne ich nicht und hsbe geglaubt  , das du es bist  ; habe ihn gefragt nach Name und Foto/ und da ; du warst es nicht/ ich werde in what App nicht  mehr schreiben/ denn ich lasse mich nicht veraschen / ich bin eine kluge Frau und sage was ich denke / jetzt möchte ich von dir die Wahrheit hören bitte , was du sagen tust  ; wer der Mann ist okay   , du tust mir weh

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
Welcher fremde Mann?

Wenn Sie klug sind, werden Sie verstehen, dass ich sowohl auf WhatsApp als auch auf Telegramm stehe

Guten Morgen, warte

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
From where?

Der benutzt  deine Nummer und Profil mit Namen im Whatsapp,   ich haue ihm pauer gegeben,da hat er mir sein Namen gesagt

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
Ich denke, das ist alles ein Fehler.  Bitte hör auf mit dem zu reden, wer das ist.  Ich habe nur einen Whatsapp.  die, die ich vorher benutzt habe

Ja das ist doch deine Nummer und ich habe  dich nur ein mal in Whatsapp

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
+1 (512) 675-5535

Dies ist meine einzige Nummer für WhatsApp.  Löschen Sie alle anderen Personen, die Sie noch haben

stimmt , der Mann hat deine Profil und Name geklaut

Habe dich noch ein mal drin

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
Ich denke schon.  vielleicht ein Betrüger aus Afrika.  Bitte, das ist die einzige Nummer, die Sie auf WhatsApp erreichen können

Okay danke dir

Ich muss arbeiten  bis heute Mittag  okay

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
okay, einen schönen Tag noch.  Der wichtige Teil von dem, was ich Ihnen geschickt habe, bin ich überrascht, da noch niemand Interesse gezeigt hat

Du hast doch mir noch eine Nummer gegeben, Wo alle dich dich anrufen soll, habe gesehen das diese Nummer  ist , wo der Mann geschrieben hat,das es die gleiche ist

Die meisten  son in den Ostern Ferien noch

Die meisten  son in den Ostern Ferien noch

Thomas Matarazzo / 2:
Dies ist die einzige Anzahl von mir, die Sie in Ihrem Kontakt speichern sollten +1 (512) 675-5535

Osterferien sind vorbei.  jemanden davon überzeugen, interessiert zu sein.  Ich gebe dir 5% von jedem Empfehlungsbonus

Nicht über all , bei uns in Baden Württemberg  und andre Bundes Länder ist noch diese Woche  noch Ferien/ bis später

Wir haben dann gesehen, dass diese zweite Nummer ebenfalls in WhatsApp ist und sie hat ihm dann da geschrieben. Auf dem Profilbild war der Thomas zu sehen, aber sie bekam dann ein Foto von einem ganz anderen Mann. Und dann auch ein anderer Name. Der Gesprächsverlauf wie folgt.

[22.4., 18:45] XXX : Ich schreibe dir lieber hier  ist es okay
[22.4., 18:45] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Hello
[22.4., 18:46] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Do you understand English?
[22.4., 18:49] XXX : with translator yes okay
[22.4., 18:49] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Okay good
[22.4., 18:49] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: How are you?
[22.4., 18:52] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Are you busy?
[22.4., 18:53] XXX : Yes I have another visit and they stay until tomorrow morning
[22.4., 18:55] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Where are you now?
[22.4., 18:59] XXX: At home in my apartment / my twin brother xxx with wife are visiting me
[22.4., 18:59] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Ok baby.
I need you to go to the store and get me an iTunes gift card
[22.4., 18:59] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Right now
[22.4., 19:04] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: 100.00 and a 50.00
[22.4., 19:08] XXX : Sorry, 1. is a holiday in Germany and the shops are too ok / 2 I can not buy an I card, Sorry
[22.4., 19:08] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Why can't you buy?
[22.4., 19:11] XXX : I have hardly any money now, Sorry
[22.4., 19:12] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: How much do you have baby?
[22.4., 19:12] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Tell me
[22.4., 19:14] XXX: 20 euros for the month of April
[22.4., 19:15] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: That's okay
[22.4., 19:15] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What sort of job do you have?
[22.4., 19:16] XXX: My job is a caregiver and you do not earn much, Sorry
 [22.4., 20:57] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Okay.
[22.4., 20:57] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Text me when you get off
[22.4., 21:05] XXX: Okay , see you later
[22.4., 21:07] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Take care of yourself for me ok?
[22.4., 21:12] XXX : I take care / have a son Timo, who always protects his mom well, no man unfortunately have / are you single?
[22.4., 19:26] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Don't be sad
[22.4., 19:26] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: How long since the divorce?
[22.4., 19:26] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Take a photo for me now baby
[22.4., 19:29] XXX : now it is bad because there is still the visit and they look because I have the phone in my hand, later ok
[22.4., 19:44] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Later when?
[22.4., 19:47] XXX: say at 11pm it's okay?
[22.4., 20:57] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Okay.
[22.4., 20:57] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Text me when you get off
[22.4., 21:05] XXX : Okay , see you later
[22.4., 19:15] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: That's okay
[22.4., 19:15] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What sort of job do you have?
[22.4., 19:16] XXX : My job is a caregiver and you do not earn much, Sorry
[22.4., 19:20] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: That's understandable. Do you have a saving?
[22.4., 19:25] XXX : by my divorce nothing / as a nurse where I work in the nursing home too little merit, although I work a lot and hard
[22.4., 21:12] XXX : I take care / have a son Timo, who always protects his mom well, no man unfortunately have / are you single?
[22.4., 21:16] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Yes i am
[22.4., 21:17] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What's your name?
[22.4., 21:58] XXX : Ich habe kein Mann!!   Bist du single  ???
[22.4., 22:24] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: James and yes i am single
[22.4., 22:24] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Can i see you?
[22.4., 22:26] XXX : the visit is still here, until tomorrow morning
[22.4., 22:30] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Ok
[22.4., 22:31] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Are you single?
[22.4., 22:34] XXX : Yes, but I'm looking for a man, let's see
[22.4., 22:34] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: How old are you?
[22.4., 22:35] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: How many kids do you have?
[22.4., 22:36] XXX : You're forgetful / that's what I'm telling you, who is James?
[22.4., 22:37] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: James is my name
[22.4., 22:37] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What is yours
[22.4., 22:43] XXX : what is your last name?
[22.4., 22:44] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What's your name?
[22.4., 22:44] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Stephen
[22.4., 22:45] XXX : So you do not call thomas?
[22.4., 22:52] XXX : You say your name is James and not thomas ???
[22.4., 23:39] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What do you mean?
[22.4., 23:49] XXX : Just wanted to know if your name is James or Thomas? If you are single and i am single / i think i would be your type or i like you???
[22.4., 23:50] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: My name is James , I am single and we can work on that
[22.4., 23:51] XXX : Can I get a picture of you please
[22.4., 23:55] XXX : Thought, is called thomas Matarazzo
[23.4., 00:54] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Ripped?
[23.4., 00:56] XXX : what's cracked / you lied to Thomas in whatsapp and used / we come to use that with a strange name and photo
Thomas:  What do you want?
[23.4., 00:57] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: I didnt
[23.4., 00:57] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Stop saying that
[23.4., 01:01] XXX : Who was that, because there is not your name and no progil photo of you / is it all Thomas ok / why are you lying, your name is not thomas or is it? tell me the truth, I'll report it whatapp, then you can not come in / why did you lied to me
[23.4., 00:24] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Tell me about yourself
[23.4., 00:26] XXX : Ich gehe schlafen
[23.4., 00:28] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: I don't understand
[23.4., 00:53] XXX : Me too nothing / why did you use the thomas whatsapp number, his profile photo and his name / what is that, do you want to waste me / why are you doing this / but i am a smart woman / it hurts to get ripped off / Why are you doing this ??? Please be honest ; I'm angry

that you have a different name and the profile photo you are not James  Stephen

Send me a voicenote

Xxx: You are not thomas ok

XXX: Then goodbye


Do you know me? Look at me well

Ok you got me.
What do you want?

Xxx: Thomas    Matarazzo
Thomas: Okay, you dont have that but you have me now
Thomas: You can leave or choose to have me
XXX: tell me something about you without lying
XXX: why are you lying to me / am a smart woman, you have made a mistake / you have sent me a photo, and that was not thomas / did you think I'm stupid ??? You are a scanner man / I do not want anything from you, maybe the photo is wrong with you and you are a bimbo? I do not know who you are ok and I do not want anything / can bargain yourself / just read me alone, because I do not know who's still butt in the photo / but I think you're a bimbo
XXX: you are not real or
[23.4., 01:28] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Okay
[23.4., 01:40] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: What do you want to know?
[23.4., 01:41] XXX : I'm tired and I have to sleep
[23.4., 01:41] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: My name is James Stephen. I didnt tell you the real me because i don't like to tell people about me till I get comfortable
[23.4., 01:41] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: I do that for my boys
[23.4., 01:41] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: I have 3 kids
[23.4., 01:44] XXX : Tomorrow, you can tell the whole truth from the beginning to the end and tell everything without a lie. Okay
[23.4., 01:44] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Okay
[23.4., 01:44] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Sweet dreams
[23.4., 01:44] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Send me a photo before you sleep off dear
[23.4., 01:47] XXX : Why do you still lied? I hate lying and why do you have this number and profile photo? I hate people where lie / bitter tell me everything, but the truth okay, I have to sleep is already late in Germany
[23.4., 01:48] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Okay tomorrow we will talk
[23.4., 01:49] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Ok?
[23.4., 01:49] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: No lies
[23.4., 01:49] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: You are beautiful
[23.4., 01:49] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Thats the first true thing i have said
[23.4., 01:51] XXX : If you lie, I will block you, as I said, I hate lying and am a smart woman / good night
[23.4., 01:53] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Good night
[23.4., 01:55] Thomas Matarazzo / 2: Sweet dreams beautiful
[23.4., 01:58] XXX : Good Night
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 30,Apr,2019, 19:31:39
Hier sind noch einige Bilder von Thomas. Der Screenshot vom Handy ist das Profilbild der zweiten Nummer.

( (

( ( ( ( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 30,Apr,2019, 19:35:44
Hier sind die Bilder von James Stephen. Der hat bei der zweiten Nummer geschrieben....

( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 30,Apr,2019, 19:45:07
Und das sind die Profilbilder die der Thomas in Telegram hatte:

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 30,Apr,2019, 19:52:01
Hier noch einige Bilder von ihm!

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 20,Mai,2019, 22:22:05
Er ist inzwischen wieder auf Instagram. Diesmal unter dem Namen: Thomas.keith177

Thomas Keith
Impossible is nothing #zestforlife

( ( ( (

Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 20,Mai,2019, 23:22:11
Hier meine Unterhaltung auf Instagram:

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Mai 11, 7:15 nachm.
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Hello my love
thomas.keithl 77
How are you doing?
Doing great
How about you
I am fine, thank you
How was your day?
Mai 12, 1:32 vorm.

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
rayon now
Was alright I guess
Mai 12, 4:51 vorm.
Sorry, i was asleep...
My day was okay
Mai 12, 8:36 vorm.
thomas.keithl 77
Okay good to know
Am back on instagram. I
missed you
Thought I should write to you
Did you tell your family you left

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Did you tell your family you left
Mai 12, 9:52 vorm.
I missed you too
I told my family you left me.
And I told them too that I still
love you
You have a other name?
thomas.keithl 77
I didn't leave you
You called me names and said
i am a scammer
and you said good bye

rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
And said I should forget you.
That I was a mistake
thomas.keithl 77
I had to say that after you said
you were reporting me to the
But I have not forget you
thomas.keithl 77
Me too
What gave you the thoughts i
am a scammer?
After all we had

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Because I needed your help
You know that your cousin
wrote to me?
thomas.keithl 77
He did?
I had no idea
What did he say to you?
Yes he did. He said your
contract was a big success.
And you have visit him in
England. And the money you
wanted was a test for me.
thomas.keithl 77
Oh my God

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
But so or so you know I don't
have any money
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
He said that to you?
And you didn't think it were
better to ask me?
He said I should not say to you
anything from this
I must swear
thomas.keithl 77
I was in Guatemala all the time
waiting on you. Why would i
be in England and not let you
I only told him how things
were going with us. Told him
you promised to help and you
ended un lettina me down

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
rayon now
I was in Guatemala all the time
waiting on you. Why would i
be in England and not let you
I only told him how things
were going with us. Told him
you promised to help and you
ended up letting me down
He said it was a test from you
and I failed...
thomas.keithl 77
I was testing you Monika.
All I needed was some help
that you promised to help
I was not testing *
After all this I reported to
my boss. He asked after his
vacation. And my boss said
that's better so

rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
And that you were never going
to send me any money
So then why did you promise?
Well, your cousin said you
didn't need any money
thomas.keithl 77
Who do ought to believe?
My cousin or i that asked for it?
I was so insecure. and
everything could have been
possible. and then you were
home so soon. and you were
so mad at me all the time
thomas.keithl 77
You were insecure? I loved you
so much.
You let me down. I cried to

rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
You were insecure? I loved you
so much.
You let me down. I cried to
bed almost every night. I lost
my license. I got officially
divorced paid so much for that.
My salary got slashed 25%off
because i tried to work with a
foreign company.
All this i did for you to have a
perfect life with you.
We would have been to the
Bahamas for a while
Why did you not keep to your
4000 € is a hell of a lot of
money for me. I have to work
hard for 4 months. I also cried
every night. and actually, I still
do it. because you are the great
love of my life.
I'm so sorry you lost so much.

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
4000 € is a hell of a lot of
money for me. I have to work
hard for 4 months. I also cried
every night. and actually, I still
do it. because you are the great
love of my life.
I'm so sorry you lost so much.
and that you now receive less
salary. I am really sorry
but congratulations on your
divorce !!
Mai 12, 11:12 vorm.
thomas.keithl 77
You were not giving out to me.
It was a loan
You know what a loan is?
Yes I know
thomas.keithl 77

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
It meant i was going to give
back to you in a few days. And
you didn't have to work really
hard for nothing.
but I was not able to give it to
you. I have no money and my
boss was out of reach
thomas.keithl 77
You did not want to help. You
said that yourself.
We should talk on other things.
It's been 3weeks without you.
How have you been?
How is your health?
Have you resumed working

rayon now
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Have you resumed working
And the damage from the
My health is okay. I am working
again... My car is repaired. My
body is repaired..
Mai 12, 11:17 vorm.
thomas.keithl 77
I am glad to hear that.
How about rapheala?
She is fine and lives with me

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
How are you doing?
Why have you a other name?
rayon now
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Keith is my mamas maiden
Ah okay. And why do you use
this name?
thomas.keithl 77
I was in a hurry to get an
account and get back to you
Before i loose you
That was the only name I could
think off
Why have you not wrote me on

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
I was Ill a Ill-II' y cU yetdll
rayon now
account and get back to you
Before i loose you
That was the only name I could
think off
Why have you not wrote me on
Mai 12, 11:23 vorm.
thomas.keithl 77
I was heartbroken, tried to
forget you. The first step was
to delete your contact
Am sorry
My number is still:

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
I can never forget you. So I
didn't tried it. I was heartbroken
I am glad you are back and you
didn't forget me and you talk
again to me
rayon now
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
I hope we never part ways ever
I hope this too
Mai 12, 4:46 nachm.
thomas.keithl 77
What have you been up to all
Not much. I worked and I

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Not much. I worked and I
missed you and I cried a lot.
And you?
Mai 12, 4:47 nachm.
rayon now
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
You worked on what?
I did my work with my boss
thomas.keithl 77
Didn't know you worked on
Why did you cry?
Sorry i translated wrong. This
all I did last week.... Today I
was waiting you write again.
Did my laundry and watch

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Sorry i translated wrong. This
all I did last week.... Today I
was waiting you write again.
Did my laundry and watch
formula one
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Formula one is back in
No, today they are in Spain. I
watch on tv
What have you done today?
thomas.keithl 77
Nothing it's just morning. I am
just getting ready for the day
with a cup of coffee
You have not much slept last

thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
You have not much slept last
Mai 12, 4:59 nachm.
rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
No I spent time texting with
Thank you
Why do you not text me on
You must be tired
Mai 13, 5:09 vorm.
Good morning honey,
Hope all is okay... I wrote you
on WhatsApp...

rayon now
thomas.keithl 77
Heute aktiv
Good morning honey,
Hope all is okay... I wrote you
on WhatsApp...
Please take care of yourself
Mi. 2:14 vorm.
thomas.keithl 77
We can talk here more often
Mi. 5:09 vorm.
The only problem is that I
do not get a message on my
mobile phone when you have
written something. and what's
the real problem: at work I
have a very bad network. and I
seldom and badly manage to
dial into Instagram.
I know for WhatsApp you also
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 20,Mai,2019, 23:24:14
Und hier meine erneute Unterhaltung mit ihm auf WhatsApp:

[13.5., 09:35] Thomas Matarazzo: Good morning my love
[13.5., 09:35] Thomas Matarazzo: I am well thank you
[13.5., 09:35] Thomas Matarazzo: How are you?
[13.5., 09:36] Thomas Matarazzo: I guess you should be at work right now
[13.5., 09:37] Ich: Hello my love,
I am at work right now.
I am okay
[13.5., 09:38] Thomas Matarazzo: We can talk later alright. It's 1am
[13.5., 09:39] Ich: Please sleep well and dream sweet
[13.5., 09:40] Thomas Matarazzo: 💋💋 bye
Have a nice day
[13.5., 20:28] Ich: How are you doing?
[13.5., 22:54] Thomas Matarazzo: Hello dear
[13.5., 23:55] Thomas Matarazzo: Not so good
How about you?
[14.5., 00:13] Thomas Matarazzo: Are you busy?
[14.5., 02:51] Thomas Matarazzo: What's wrong?
[14.5., 02:51] Thomas Matarazzo: You are not talking to me
[14.5., 05:03] Ich: Why? What's happened??
[14.5., 16:25] Ich: How are you doing?
[14.5., 21:50] Ich: I am worried??
[14.5., 23:09] Ich: Good night
[15.5., 01:10] Thomas Matarazzo: I miss you too dear
[15.5., 01:10] Thomas Matarazzo: Can we talk more on my Instagram please?
[15.5., 01:11] Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry i was not available to talk to you after your working hours
[15.5., 05:33] Ich: How are you doing? What's happened?
[15.5., 23:13] Ich: How are you doing?
[15.5., 23:15] Thomas Matarazzo: I am well honey
How about you?
[15.5., 23:15] Ich: How was your day?
[15.5., 23:16] Thomas Matarazzo: My day has been great. Thoughts about you has kept me going
[15.5., 23:16] Thomas Matarazzo: How about you?
[15.5., 23:17] Ich: Really? You write really don't much with me
[15.5., 23:26] Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry. A lot is going on right now
[15.5., 23:26] Thomas Matarazzo: But from tomorrow i will be with you
[15.5., 23:27] Thomas Matarazzo: Just the way it has always been
[15.5., 23:28] Ich: Okay. You know I am noisy. What is going on. You know I want to know all about you, because I love you
[15.5., 23:29] Thomas Matarazzo: I know you do.
It's probably nothing, do not be worried
[15.5., 23:29] Thomas Matarazzo: What did you do today?
[15.5., 23:35] Thomas Matarazzo: I love it. Just like i love you,
[15.5., 23:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Thanks honey
[15.5., 23:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Have you had dinner?
[15.5., 23:40] Thomas Matarazzo: Are you tired?
[15.5., 23:41] Ich: Yes, but I want spend time with you
[15.5., 23:45] Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry you had a stressful dag
[15.5., 23:45] Thomas Matarazzo: Day*
[15.5., 23:45] Thomas Matarazzo: But if you need some rest, you can go to bed. I will be here when you are up
[15.5., 23:48] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay honey
[15.5., 23:49] Ich: How is Espinoza?
[15.5., 23:50] Thomas Matarazzo: He's fine as well. I haven't spoken to him in a while
[15.5., 23:50] Thomas Matarazzo: And knowing he talked to you makes me angry with him
[15.5., 23:51] Ich: Oh honey, what did he say?
[15.5., 23:53] Thomas Matarazzo: He went and told you lies about me
[15.5., 23:54] Ich: Why have he did this?
[15.5., 23:58] Ich: He hurted you too
[16.5., 00:01] Thomas Matarazzo: Yes i guess he did hurt me
And at that moment i needed something
[16.5., 00:02] Ich: Why have he did this?
[16.5., 00:06] Thomas Matarazzo: I have no idea why
[16.5., 00:06] Thomas Matarazzo: It's all in the past now
[16.5., 00:07] Ich: Yes, we look in our future
[16.5., 00:08] Thomas Matarazzo: Yes love
[16.5., 00:09] Thomas Matarazzo: I missed you more 💋💋💋
[16.5., 00:14] Thomas Matarazzo: What happened in the few days i wasn't with you?
[16.5., 00:14] Thomas Matarazzo: One time you uploaded a picture of a man you had dinner with
[16.5., 00:15] Ich: Yes, but it was only one dinner with him.
[16.5., 00:15] Thomas Matarazzo: I didn't know you were seeing other men
[16.5., 00:18] Thomas Matarazzo: If we have a little argument, does that mean you can have dinner with random people?
[16.5., 00:19] Ich: You have uploaded pic's with other women too...
[16.5., 00:19] Ich: You said that I should forget you
[16.5., 00:21] Ich: But it was only a dinner. Not more. No kiss no touches
[16.5., 00:23] Thomas Matarazzo: I hope so
[16.5., 00:24] Ich: You tried to forget me. Have you met other women?
[16.5., 00:25] Thomas Matarazzo: Do i have that time?
[16.5., 00:26] Ich: I don't know. That's why I ask. There were two pics in your WhatsApp statement with breatty woman
[16.5., 00:27] Thomas Matarazzo: They are just friends.
I don't have the time to meet anyone else now
[16.5., 00:28] Ich: You looked so happy at this pics
[16.5., 00:29] Thomas Matarazzo: I look happy all the time 😂
[16.5., 00:32] Thomas Matarazzo: You know that right
[16.5., 00:35] Ich: On some pics you don't look so happy...
[16.5., 00:35] Thomas Matarazzo: Well not everyday is a good day
[16.5., 00:40] Thomas Matarazzo: That being said, i need to head back home. I will be driving
[16.5., 00:41] Thomas Matarazzo: Oh yes
You should dream about me
[16.5., 00:42] Thomas Matarazzo: Kisses and hugs ❤
[16.5., 00:42] Thomas Matarazzo: Bye i love you
[16.5., 09:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more Monika❤
[16.5., 09:58] Thomas Matarazzo: Have a nice day
[16.5., 10:09] Thomas Matarazzo: Are you working?
[16.5., 14:07] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more.
Good morning
[16.5., 14:07] Thomas Matarazzo: I am just getting up from sleep
[16.5., 14:08] Thomas Matarazzo: How is your day going?
[16.5., 14:08] Ich: How was your night?
[16.5., 14:09] Thomas Matarazzo: I am well.
I didn't get much sleep anyways
[16.5., 14:09] Ich: Why honey?
[16.5., 14:11] Thomas Matarazzo: I am not too well.
[16.5., 14:11] Thomas Matarazzo: Right now i have an appointment with a doctor in 04 hours
[16.5., 14:11] Ich: What happened my dear?
[16.5., 14:12] Ich: I am worried now
[16.5., 14:13] Thomas Matarazzo: Please do not be.
I will tell you all about it soon
[16.5., 14:13] Thomas Matarazzo: But now i have to go.
We talk in a few hours
[16.5., 14:13] Thomas Matarazzo: Please do not be worried
[16.5., 14:14] Thomas Matarazzo: Take care of yourself
[16.5., 14:14] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you
[16.5., 14:14] Thomas Matarazzo: I will write you a poem
[16.5., 18:54] Thomas Matarazzo: Are you done with work?
[16.5., 19:03] Ich: What did the doc says?
[16.5., 19:06] Thomas Matarazzo: I will be with him in an hour
[16.5., 19:06] Thomas Matarazzo: I am well thank you
[16.5., 19:06] Thomas Matarazzo: Are you at home yet?
[16.5., 19:06] Ich: You go to a doc. You can not be well honey. I am really worried
[16.5., 19:07] Thomas Matarazzo: Please trust me and do not worry okay?
[16.5., 19:08] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay please drive safely honey
[16.5., 19:08] Thomas Matarazzo: Be safe for me
[16.5., 19:09] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you
[16.5., 19:12] Thomas Matarazzo: Talk to you soon

[17.5., 09:03] Thomas Matarazzo: Right here, always by your side
[17.5., 09:03] Thomas Matarazzo: Good morning my love
[17.5., 09:03] Thomas Matarazzo: Did you have a good night?
[17.5., 09:04] Ich: No, I was so worried
[17.5., 09:05] Ich: What did the doc says?
[17.5., 09:14] Thomas Matarazzo: I need to have an MRI scan.
They say i might have lupus or sclerosis
[17.5., 09:15] Ich: Oh no
[17.5., 09:16] Ich: I am so sorry. What can we do? What can I do?
[17.5., 09:24] Thomas Matarazzo: Don't stop loving me
[17.5., 09:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Always and forever sweetheart
[17.5., 09:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Have you left home?
[17.5., 09:36] Ich: I am at work honey
[17.5., 09:37] Thomas Matarazzo: You go so early
[17.5., 09:38] Ich: Yes, honey. I am since an hour at work
[17.5., 09:44] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay honey.
We can talk later, it's still the middle of the night
[17.5., 09:48] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you too. Bye love
[17.5., 23:05] Ich: Honey, i am tired. I want to go to bed soon
[17.5., 23:40] Thomas Matarazzo: So soon?
[17.5., 23:40] Thomas Matarazzo: What happened to you?
[17.5., 23:41] Ich: Honey it's 23:40 p.m.
[17.5., 23:41] Thomas Matarazzo: I understand 😢
It's the weekend tomorrow
[17.5., 23:41] Ich: I am awake since 5:00 a.m.
[17.5., 23:42] Thomas Matarazzo: Tomorrow we have to talk
[17.5., 23:42] Ich: Yes. But now you are here, we can talk
[17.5., 23:42] Thomas Matarazzo: You need sleep
To be strong tomorrow, i totally understand
[17.5., 23:42] Thomas Matarazzo: I will be here tomorrow when you are awake
[17.5., 23:43] Ich: How are you doing?
[17.5., 23:43] Thomas Matarazzo: I feel sick
[17.5., 23:43] Ich: When is your MRT?
[17.5., 23:43] Ich: I am so sorry honey
[17.5., 23:44] Thomas Matarazzo: MRI scan
Monday. I have to go as far as another county
[17.5., 23:45] Ich: Can you drive so long?
[17.5., 23:45] Thomas Matarazzo: No. I have been using uber nd lyft
[17.5., 23:46] Ich: I don't understand?
[17.5., 23:48] Thomas Matarazzo: I am not driving. I use uber
You do not have uber in Germany?
[17.5., 23:48] Ich: No. What is this?
[17.5., 23:49] Thomas Matarazzo: You order for a cab online using their mobile application
[17.5., 23:51] Ich: Please can you send me a actually photo from you? so I can see how are you doing
[17.5., 23:52] Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. I am in good health trust me.
I only feel tired most of the time. Aside that i have my perfect smile and big grin all the time🙂
Because i have you now
[17.5., 23:53] Thomas Matarazzo: Until i have the tests, i cannot know for sure what is wrong
[17.5., 23:54] Ich: But I want to ask you something
[17.5., 23:54] Thomas Matarazzo: You do not have to tell me you want to ask me questions.
[17.5., 23:54] Thomas Matarazzo: Ask whenever you feel like
[17.5., 23:54] Thomas Matarazzo: You're my lady
[17.5., 23:57] Ich: Well... Earlier we had a to-do list. I think you have deleted it.... And now you are Ill.... So we will not do the things we wanted to do?
[17.5., 23:58] Thomas Matarazzo: No. It's stuck in my memory.
I am only sick, i shall recover with proper treatments okay?
[17.5., 23:58] Thomas Matarazzo: We will do all we have wished for
[17.5., 23:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I can see you
And also you can be with me in October
[18.5., 00:00] Ich: You have not deleted the to-do list?
[18.5., 00:00] Thomas Matarazzo: No. I still have it in my head.
Remember i came up with most of it
[18.5., 00:02] Ich: And I thought you have forgotten this with the roller coaster...
[18.5., 00:03] Thomas Matarazzo: Lol no i did not.
And i promise we are going to have our party
[18.5., 00:05] Ich: So you still want me to cling anxiously to you and die in your arms ....
[18.5., 00:07] Thomas Matarazzo: Oh yes honey 😊
[18.5., 00:09] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you too Pumpkin
[18.5., 00:09] Ich: Pumpkin?
[18.5., 00:10] Thomas Matarazzo: Sweet pumpkin
[18.5., 00:10] Ich: You have never called me a pumpkin before
[18.5., 00:11] Thomas Matarazzo: You do not like that?
[18.5., 00:11] Ich: I don't know. I was surprised now
[18.5., 00:13] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay well. I love you too honey
[18.5., 00:17] Thomas Matarazzo: Tell me about your day
[18.5., 00:18] Ich: Well i worked. And I had some meetings with my boss....
[18.5., 00:18] Thomas Matarazzo: You have a close relationship with your boss
[18.5., 00:19] Ich: Not a relationship. I must work with him closely
[18.5., 00:20] Ich: You are jealous?
[18.5., 00:22] Thomas Matarazzo: Haha no
[18.5., 00:22] Thomas Matarazzo: Why should i be?
I know you love me
[18.5., 00:23] Ich: Yes I love you. And my boss is 80 years old....
[18.5., 00:25] Thomas Matarazzo: Oh wow.
He's still strong and going
[18.5., 00:27] Thomas Matarazzo: I live with the fact that i am your one true love. So i try not to get jealous
[18.5., 00:35] Ich: Are you working?
[18.5., 00:35] Thomas Matarazzo: From home. I am not allowed out in the field yet
[18.5., 00:36] Ich: Okay. And you can work from home?
[18.5., 00:38] Thomas Matarazzo: Yes.
There's no freight assigned to us in the docks for now
[18.5., 00:40] Ich: On my way to work, every day I see a Maersk Truck .... Crossing my way
[18.5., 00:41] Thomas Matarazzo: Lol that should be me waving at you
[18.5., 00:43] Ich: Yes. But the guys in the trucks don't look like you... But I think I don't know how you look yet....
[18.5., 00:44] Thomas Matarazzo: 😅😅 i look like me. And sure they wouldn't look like me. I don't drive a truck
[18.5., 00:46] Ich: Perhaps you should do?
[18.5., 00:46] Thomas Matarazzo: Would you still love me the same?
[18.5., 00:48] Ich: Of course. I do not care what job you are or what you work for. I am not interested in your profession but only in your person.
[18.5., 00:50] Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you honey
[18.5., 00:52] Thomas Matarazzo: I cannot wait to see you both
[18.5., 00:54] Thomas Matarazzo: I don't know honey . I love what I do.
But i want to be on my own
[18.5., 00:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I will get well. I am a survivor
[18.5., 00:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Do you like squirrels?
[18.5., 00:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Asking because i think it is the animal you have on your display picture
[18.5., 01:00] Ich: You asked yesterday... It is a squirrel
[18.5., 01:01] Thomas Matarazzo: Ah okay i forgot
[18.5., 01:01] Thomas Matarazzo: I prefer the little hamster
[18.5., 01:05] Thomas Matarazzo: I totally forgot about your cats. Luna and lumpi
[18.5., 01:06] Thomas Matarazzo: Haha Tiramisu really.
How did you come up with the name?
[18.5., 01:07] Thomas Matarazzo: 😂 well i still know their names
[18.5., 01:15] Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry honey.
[18.5., 01:15] Thomas Matarazzo: But you have luna and lumpi now
[18.5., 01:16] Ich: Yes thats right. And I have you. And I can't wait to cuddle with you too
[18.5., 01:17] Thomas Matarazzo: Soon love
[18.5., 01:17] Thomas Matarazzo: CAn i start taking German classes from you?
[18.5., 01:17] Ich: I am not a good teacher
[18.5., 01:18] Thomas Matarazzo: Really
[18.5., 01:18] Ich: Yes, i think so
[18.5., 01:19] Thomas Matarazzo: Do you still need a translator to text me?
[18.5., 01:19] Ich: Sometimes
[18.5., 01:19] Ich: When you use words I didn't know...
[18.5., 01:20] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay ❤
[18.5., 01:21] Ich: Want you call with me?
[18.5., 01:24] Thomas Matarazzo: Lol. Well i have this secret. To call and tell you. "hey look my flight just touched down in Bavaria airport" come pick me up and my luggage
[18.5., 01:25] Thomas Matarazzo: So i am saving that for a special moment.
I love texting with you. Makes me feel comfortable
[18.5., 01:26] Thomas Matarazzo: Do you like my plan?
I added it on my list.
[18.5., 01:27] Thomas Matarazzo: You did not say anything about it.
Makes me feel worried
[18.5., 01:27] Ich: Yes i like it.
[18.5., 01:27] Ich: But sometimes I think, we should call too....
[18.5., 01:28] Ich: But texting is also okay
[18.5., 01:29] Thomas Matarazzo: It's perfect. We call i might get so tensed and wouldn't know what to say. Then i have to repeat myself over and over again. Because some words you might not understand.
[18.5., 01:29] Thomas Matarazzo: But okay
[18.5., 01:29] Thomas Matarazzo: I call you tomorrow at noon
[18.5., 01:29] Thomas Matarazzo: We can talk for a minute or two.
It's expensive calling from here. I use a local service provider
[18.5., 01:30] Ich: Okay. You must only speak slowly.... Than I can understand you better
[18.5., 01:31] Ich: I have Skype too
[18.5., 01:31] Ich: Or on WhatsApp....
[18.5., 01:32] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay honey one step at a time please 😏. We take things slowly and perfect.
[18.5., 01:33] Ich: Ah, you have secrets...
[18.5., 01:33] Thomas Matarazzo: Let's do things my way
[18.5., 01:34] Ich: I want to be patient
[18.5., 01:34] Thomas Matarazzo: Haha the only secret i have is that i love you to the moon and back.
You are the best thing on earth to me
[18.5., 01:35] Ich: Okay, it's a wonderful secret
[18.5., 01:35] Thomas Matarazzo: Do you still trust me?
[18.5., 01:35] Thomas Matarazzo: I sense a lot of doubts in your words xxx
[18.5., 01:35] Thomas Matarazzo: A lot. So much has changed. From the way i used to know you
[18.5., 01:36] Thomas Matarazzo: It seems i am texting with a total stranger
[18.5., 01:37] Ich: Yes I trust you. What for doubts? I only be impatient
[18.5., 01:40] Thomas Matarazzo: We had a little fight.
It happens with everyone
[18.5., 01:40] Thomas Matarazzo: And they get back stronger
[18.5., 01:41] Thomas Matarazzo: The patient dog gets the best bone.
Ever heard of that?
[18.5., 01:42] Ich: I was never patient. I know I had to be. I am learning. I try to be more patient.
[18.5., 01:43] Thomas Matarazzo: Please try to be patient. For now nothing is holding me back. Just my health
[18.5., 01:43] Thomas Matarazzo: You understand that right?
[18.5., 01:43] Thomas Matarazzo: We already have our plans set out.
[18.5., 01:43] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay be positive then. I really like that
[18.5., 01:44] Ich: Was I negative at the point you came back? I am so happy to have you again
[18.5., 01:45] Thomas Matarazzo: You didn't loose me.
I was trying to put myself back together after all that happened. I didn't stop loving you.
[18.5., 01:46] Ich: I can never stop loving you
[18.5., 01:48] Thomas Matarazzo: Me too love.
[18.5., 01:48] Thomas Matarazzo: We are perfect together
[18.5., 01:48] Thomas Matarazzo: Always remember that.
[18.5., 01:49] Thomas Matarazzo: We can talk tomorrow alright? When i am up in the morning
[18.5., 01:49] Ich: Yes, i am very tired now
[18.5., 01:49] Thomas Matarazzo: I know. You work so hard
[18.5., 01:50] Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight. Sweet dreams my love
[18.5., 01:50] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you
[18.5., 01:50] Thomas Matarazzo: Always and forever
[18.5., 17:39] Thomas Matarazzo: Hello my love
[18.5., 17:40] Thomas Matarazzo: How are you?
[18.5., 17:40] Thomas Matarazzo: I've missed you so much
[18.5., 18:29] Ich: How are you doing today?
[18.5., 19:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Very well honey. How about you?
[18.5., 19:59] Thomas Matarazzo: How did the party go?
[19.5., 01:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I wish i could be with you honey. ❤
[19.5., 01:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you so much
[19.5., 01:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I guess at this time you are tired
[19.5., 01:58] Thomas Matarazzo: We talk tomorrow
[19.5., 01:58] Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight my Sweetheart
[19.5., 01:58] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you so much
[19.5., 01:59] Thomas Matarazzo: How did the party go?
[19.5., 01:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Did you take some alcohol? 😅
[19.5., 01:59] Ich: No, no alcohol
[19.5., 01:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Are you in a good mood?
[19.5., 02:00] Thomas Matarazzo: I sense you are not happy or something
[19.5., 02:00] Ich: Yes my dear
[19.5., 02:00] Ich: Only a little bit tired
[19.5., 02:01] Thomas Matarazzo: You don't sound like it.
Tell me about the party
[19.5., 02:02] Ich: Sorry, it was good.
[19.5., 02:04] Thomas Matarazzo: You look so beautiful my love. Like an actual queen. Which you are
[19.5., 02:04] Thomas Matarazzo: You are welcome.
[19.5., 02:05] Thomas Matarazzo: Do not be sad
We are going to have more better and fun times together
[19.5., 02:05] Ich: What have you done without me ?
[19.5., 02:06] Thomas Matarazzo: On my way to a private specialist. For the MRI scan.
I was recommended to go there.
But i feel so tired
[19.5., 02:06] Thomas Matarazzo: And have impaired vision
[19.5., 02:06] Thomas Matarazzo: Nothing really. Just trying to get better for us
[19.5., 02:07] Thomas Matarazzo: I thought about you and missed you
[19.5., 02:08] Ich: What have you thought?
[19.5., 02:09] Thomas Matarazzo: Mostly our to do list
[19.5., 02:10] Ich: Have you added something?
[19.5., 02:10] Thomas Matarazzo: A very long passionate kiss
[19.5., 02:13] Thomas Matarazzo: I have to talk to you in a few hours honey.
Have a good night rest
[19.5., 02:14] Thomas Matarazzo: And dream about me honey
[19.5., 02:14] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you
[19.5., 02:15] Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight honey
[19.5., 16:18] Thomas Matarazzo: I miss you too honey
[19.5., 16:18] Thomas Matarazzo: How are you?
[19.5., 16:18] Thomas Matarazzo: What have you done all day?
[19.5., 16:18] Ich: I am okay, how are you doing??
[19.5., 16:19] Thomas Matarazzo: I am okay as well
[19.5., 16:19] Ich: Really??
[19.5., 16:20] Thomas Matarazzo: Yes sort off
[19.5., 16:21] Ich: How was your night?
[19.5., 16:22] Thomas Matarazzo: Very well
[19.5., 16:22] Thomas Matarazzo: Happy Sunday to you my love
[19.5., 16:25] Ich: Are you mad? You sound so different
[19.5., 23:02] Thomas Matarazzo: Just a lot on my mind dear
[19.5., 23:06] Thomas Matarazzo: Not so good honey.
How are you?
[19.5., 23:07] Ich: I am worried about you
[19.5., 23:10] Thomas Matarazzo: I am worried also
[19.5., 23:11] Ich: I hope it's not lupus or sceriosis. I hope it's something you need to take one Medi and all is well again
[19.5., 23:21] Thomas Matarazzo: I wouldn't know until i have multiple tests and the MRI scan. Which right now doesn't seem to be possible
[19.5., 23:23] Ich: What is not possible?
[19.5., 23:33] Thomas Matarazzo: I do not know how to say honey.
I doubt if it's going to make sense to you
[19.5., 23:34] Ich: Try it honey
[19.5., 23:37] Thomas Matarazzo: I tried before it didn't turn out good.
And now maybe i might be putting a very wrong impression about me
[19.5., 23:39] Ich: I hope you can get the MRT soon
[19.5., 23:43] Ich: I prayed for you today in church
[19.5., 23:51] Thomas Matarazzo: Thank you honey. I pray for you always
[19.5., 23:52] Thomas Matarazzo: On a scale of 100.  How many is your love for me?
[19.5., 23:52] Ich: 1000
[19.5., 23:52] Ich: And yours?
[19.5., 23:59] Thomas Matarazzo: It's in millions
[19.5., 23:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Tell me how was your day?
[20.5., 00:02] Ich: In the first I want write uncountable. But I thought you will not believe me
[20.5., 00:02] Ich: Lonely without you
[20.5., 00:02] Thomas Matarazzo: Have i once doubted you?
[20.5., 00:03] Thomas Matarazzo: I always believe you
[20.5., 00:03] Thomas Matarazzo: Did you do anything special today?
[20.5., 00:03] Ich: No, I was tired today
[20.5., 00:06] Ich: And you?
[20.5., 00:07] Thomas Matarazzo: Did you have dinner yet?
[20.5., 00:09] Ich: Have you eaten my love?
[20.5., 00:11] Thomas Matarazzo: Not really.
I am waiting to drive 3hours to Massachusetts
[20.5., 00:11] Thomas Matarazzo: I am tired as well
[20.5., 00:12] Ich: It's far away
[20.5., 00:12] Thomas Matarazzo: The bundesliga ended yesterday.
Sadly BVB lost the trophy
[20.5., 00:12] Thomas Matarazzo: Yes
[20.5., 00:12] Ich: Yes. Bayern Munich was the winner
[20.5., 00:13] Ich: Sorry about that
[20.5., 00:14] Thomas Matarazzo: Maybe i support Munich next year 🙂
[20.5., 00:14] Ich: Yes, then you will be on the winner site😏
[20.5., 00:15] Thomas Matarazzo: 😅 right next to you
[20.5., 00:17] Ich: Munich is not so far away as Dortmund
[20.5., 00:19] Thomas Matarazzo: Oh really.
Well you know i will be where ever you want to be
[20.5., 00:20] Ich: Yes I know my love. And I will be where ever you are
[20.5., 00:20] Thomas Matarazzo: You are sure?
[20.5., 00:21] Ich: Yes my love
[20.5., 00:22] Thomas Matarazzo: I am scared right now.
I want to say something to you.
Say you love me and i can have some courage to expect positive answers
[20.5., 00:23] Ich: I love you so much you can not imagine Thomas❤🥰
[20.5., 00:25] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more Monika you can not imagine.
[20.5., 00:34] Thomas Matarazzo: That being said.
I am in a tight spot right now honey. For my medic the MRI abd/pvc wtd scan is here in Massachusetts. I am going to make arrangements to have it done this week,i have booked an appointment so that they can ascertain the real cause and i can start taking medications. So please i am pleading with you i need a little loan again. I know how it is with you and the debt you owe. But right now you are my only option. I am not going to have anything till the end of the month.
My insurance doesn't cover the MRI scan or it would be added to my debt. And it cost so much to have it done. Please help me this time. Do not take it the wrong way, i am dying. 🤢
You need to talk to your boss tomorrow. Please, do not let me down this time around.
I am so sorry to be putting my burdens on you. But we are a team, we build together and grow together.
Before i keep talking more. Tell me what you think. I need to know now if you will be willing to help.
But i am pleading with the good Lords name. Please
It's not so much like the last time
[20.5., 00:43] Ich: oh no, that's all so awful
you know from my own strength I can not give you anything. I have even just € 10 to reach the end of the month.
but I want to ask my boss tomorrow.
[20.5., 00:44] Ich: For how much I should asked?
[20.5., 00:54] Thomas Matarazzo: You are going to talk to him?,
[20.5., 00:54] Thomas Matarazzo: Wow that's so great
[20.5., 00:54] Thomas Matarazzo: You're the best thing that has happened to me honey
[20.5., 00:57] Thomas Matarazzo: It's about 1800 for a full MRI scan. 2500£ should do because i need to be on medics also. I have only been taking pain killers.
But i am paying back at the end of the month. With 500£ interest. 3000£ at the end of the month
[20.5., 00:59] Ich: I go to bed now.
[20.5., 00:59] Thomas Matarazzo: Please stay a little longer
[20.5., 00:59] Thomas Matarazzo: 😢 don't leave
[20.5., 00:59] Ich: I am tired honey
[20.5., 01:00] Thomas Matarazzo: 😓 i hope you are not mad at me
[20.5., 01:01] Thomas Matarazzo: I am sorry. Okay.
It's not my fault it turned out this way. But i need to be fine.
Please plead with your boss on my behalf tomorrow.
I didn't leave you alright? I have been sick and couldn't reach you. He might ask that.

Okay goodnight. I love you. Please make it happen tomorrow
[20.5., 01:01] Thomas Matarazzo: Sweet Dreams
[20.5., 01:01] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you so much i swear 😢
[20.5., 08:13] Thomas Matarazzo: Good morning sweetheart. I trust you had a goodnight rest and hopefully had wonderful dreams about us.
Have a nice day honey. Please about your boss, do everything in your power to convince him to help us. I am counting on you okay 😓
Now i must go back to bed. I love you ❤❤❤
[20.5., 12:51] Thomas Matarazzo: You too sweetheart.
Let me know how it goes with your boss. I hope it's positive 💋💋💋
[20.5., 14:36] Ich: today is board meeting. I could not speak to him. He said we'll talk tomorrow morning.
[20.5., 15:43] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay honey.
Did you tell him why you needed to see him?
[20.5., 15:53] Ich: No, i am only said that it's urgent
[20.5., 17:48] Thomas Matarazzo: How was your day?
[20.5., 17:48] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay tomorrow then.
Thanks so much honey
[20.5., 18:22] Ich: Stressful my dear
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Honey72 am 23,Mai,2019, 08:52:27
So langsam wird es spannend:

[21.5., 03:17] Thomas Matarazzo: I am so sorry my love
[21.5., 03:18] Thomas Matarazzo: I was drugged most of the day with some painkillers. Thus i wasn't here to talk to you.
[21.5., 03:19] Thomas Matarazzo: And then i come and i see you left only one message.
No kisses, no love.
Which is very unusual 😓😓😓
[21.5., 03:21] Thomas Matarazzo: And you were online all evening. You were not worried i wasn't here for you.
I guess you did not miss me.
[21.5., 03:25] Thomas Matarazzo: Have a lovely day today as you go to work today.
I will always be here when you need me because i have your back all the time.
P.s: do not forget talking to your boss in the morning. Keep me updated. Make it happen honey, i really need that loan.
[21.5., 03:25] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you dear. And I can't wait to be with you. And do all the many things we have planned together.
[21.5., 03:25] Thomas Matarazzo: Bye. I love you so much.
To the moon 🌙 and back
[21.5., 03:25] Thomas Matarazzo: I will just watch some TV series on Netflix. Till i am asleep again then i can dream about you.
[21.5., 05:28] Ich: I have been waiting for you. I am asleep. I did not feel well yesterday. I had such a headache. I do not want to burden you with it.
yes I was worried. and I am still worry.
have a wonderful day today
Take care of yourself.
[21.5., 05:28] Ich: I love you too
[21.5., 08:30] Thomas Matarazzo: How do you feel now?
[21.5., 08:33] Ich: Not really good.
[21.5., 08:34] Thomas Matarazzo: What is wrong with you?
[21.5., 08:36] Ich: Only migraine
[21.5., 08:37] Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry honey. Please get better. We can't both be sick at the same time.
Who will look after me now? 😢
[21.5., 08:51] Ich: I am not sick. I have only migraine.
[21.5., 08:55] Thomas Matarazzo: Is everything okay?
You do not sound good
[21.5., 08:55] Thomas Matarazzo: I can feel it
[21.5., 09:03] Ich: I am at work and I have much headache
[21.5., 09:24] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay. We can talk later then.
[21.5., 16:22] Ich: How are you doing my love?
[21.5., 16:35] Thomas Matarazzo: Very well. How about you?
[21.5., 16:35] Ich: Not so good
[21.5., 16:35] Thomas Matarazzo: The migraine?
[21.5., 16:35] Ich: Yes my dear
[21.5., 16:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Sorry love.
You should go home and rest. Probably take meds
[21.5., 16:36] Ich: Yes, but it's so much work to do
[21.5., 16:37] Thomas Matarazzo: When do you get off work?
[21.5., 16:37] Ich: tomorrow is Supervisory Board meeting
[21.5., 16:38] Ich: I don't know. But we can talk if you want
[21.5., 16:38] Thomas Matarazzo: Should i come over and give you a hand? 🙂
[21.5., 16:38] Ich: Yes please
[21.5., 16:39] Thomas Matarazzo: Haha okay honey. I am on the next flight to Germany
[21.5., 16:39] Ich: That's great honey😘😘😘
[21.5., 16:40] Thomas Matarazzo: Have you seen your boss?
What did he say about my request?
[21.5., 16:42] Ich: yes I have. he finds it very generous how much you want to pay it back to me. but he asks how you want to do that. where you then take the money.
[21.5., 16:43] Thomas Matarazzo: How i am going to get the money to pay back?
[21.5., 16:43] Ich: Yes
[21.5., 16:47] Thomas Matarazzo: What do you think i should say?
I am definitely going to pay back, but at the end of the month. Anytime from 30th i should have put together the money. I am just hopeful. Since i have some debts to clear.
I have applied for a loan from the bank. They have to review my request for the next two weeks. But i need to ascertain the cause of my ailment it is very important and urgent.
Take my words and trust me. I am not going to let you down. I promise
[21.5., 16:49] Ich: I have later a meeting again with my boss. I will tell him.
[21.5., 16:50] Thomas Matarazzo: I cannot pay with my credit card. Or it wouldn't get to this.
Please he should consider and help. It's for my health. I am alive, hale and hearty. I will definitely pay my debt.
[21.5., 16:51] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay. Let me know how it goes alright. 😢
I am so sad now. I hope he accepts
[21.5., 16:51] Thomas Matarazzo: Please take care of yourself. 💋💋💋💋
[21.5., 16:51] Ich: I love you so much
[21.5., 16:52] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more honey.💕
[21.5., 22:04] Ich: Hello Honey ❤️
[21.5., 22:05] Ich: I go to bed now. I need to rest
[21.5., 22:06] Ich: I am really worried about you
[21.5., 23:18] Thomas Matarazzo: Do you still have migraine?
[21.5., 23:29] Thomas Matarazzo: Have some rest and get better soon. I wish you were around to talk. I miss you so much
[21.5., 23:30] Thomas Matarazzo: And you didn't tell me any words from your boss?
Seems you have no idea what this means for me.
[21.5., 23:30] Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight. I love you
[22.5., 02:10] Ich: I am short awake...
To go to bathroom
[22.5., 02:11] Ich: I could not talk to my boss anymore. he had to leave for an appointment and did not return at the agreed time. I'll be going to see him tomorrow morning, before the board meeting. I will drive to the office earlier.
[22.5., 02:11] Ich: I love you
[22.5., 02:12] Ich: I go back to my bed now
[22.5., 05:11] Ich: Please take care of yourself
[22.5., 06:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay please do. I am running out of time. I have already missed my appointment for the scan. I am still in Massachusetts. I feel i am not getting any better. Just hanging in there.
I am going to pay honey. You have my word. I know you trust me. You just have to convince him to trust me also. Whatever he says, write to me immediately so that we can know what next to do. I really need those funds honey 🤢
[22.5., 06:36] Thomas Matarazzo: Please take care of yourself
[22.5., 06:37] Thomas Matarazzo: How do you feel now?
[22.5., 06:37] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more. Do have a nice day.
I will be waiting for your message
[22.5., 12:30] Thomas Matarazzo: Hello honey. How are you you?
Any news yet?
I am pretty nervous right now
[22.5., 13:04] Ich: Hello Honey ❤️
I am a little bit better
I spoke to him this morning. He is now in the board meeting. Afterwards I have another conversation with him, then he tells me his decision.
[22.5., 13:15] Thomas Matarazzo: What did you say to him?
[22.5., 13:25] Ich: that you have become seriously ill and urgently need medication and examinations. and pay me back at the end of next week the money with interest.
[22.5., 13:34] Thomas Matarazzo: What do you think?
[22.5., 13:34] Thomas Matarazzo: Will he accept?
[22.5., 13:34] Thomas Matarazzo: You know him better than i do
[22.5., 13:35] Ich: I don't know. He said nothing. But I think it was positive
[22.5., 13:36] Ich: How are you doing today honey?
[22.5., 13:37] Thomas Matarazzo: Just hanging in there.
Not much better than yesterday.
How about you?
[22.5., 13:37] Ich: I am a little bit better
[22.5., 13:38] Thomas Matarazzo: I need to get more sleep for another three hours. Then it should be 7am i will be up.
[22.5., 13:38] Thomas Matarazzo: We can talk then alright?
[22.5., 13:38] Thomas Matarazzo: Enjoy the rest of the day. Do not miss me so much. I am always with you
[22.5., 13:39] Ich: Okay, my dear. Please rest a little. And get well for me.
[22.5., 13:39] Ich: I miss you a lot
[22.5., 13:39] Ich: Much more
[22.5., 13:40] Thomas Matarazzo: i love you
[22.5., 13:40] Thomas Matarazzo: I miss you too.
I will be back shortly. Have a nice day okay?
Whatever is the outcome, do well to write to me immediately.
[22.5., 13:40] Thomas Matarazzo: 💋💋💋
[22.5., 13:40] Ich: I love you more honey. Please dream a little bit from us
[22.5., 20:15] Thomas Matarazzo: Hello honey
[22.5., 20:15] Thomas Matarazzo: How are you?
[22.5., 20:16] Ich: Not good
[22.5., 20:16] Thomas Matarazzo: What is wrong?
[22.5., 20:18] Ich: I am so scared . I'm scared I'll lose you now.
[22.5., 20:19] Thomas Matarazzo: Why such thoughts?
[22.5., 20:19] Ich: Because My boss would have given me the money already. But he talked to my insolvency administrator today. And he said, my boss can not give me the money.
[22.5., 20:20] Thomas Matarazzo: How did your insolvency administrator get involved?
[22.5., 20:21] Ich: Remember, he was involved too when you was in Guatemala. It's because my private insolvency
[22.5., 20:23] Thomas Matarazzo: So they found out you talked to your boss? How's that 😓
[22.5., 20:24] Ich: My boss call him
[22.5., 20:25] Thomas Matarazzo: He shouldn't have done that.
This was supposed to be between us.
The money isn't for you, hence he shouldn't have considered it a debt on you
[22.5., 20:26] Thomas Matarazzo: What do i do now?
I put all my hope on your boss. 😢
[22.5., 20:27] Thomas Matarazzo: I am paying back within the month. That's what matters
[22.5., 20:29] Ich: Everything with money has to discuss my boss with my insolvency administrator. Otherwise I make myself liable to prosecution.
He is against it because this time there is no contract behind it. That's why my insolvency administrator said no.
My boss talked to him for a long time and tried to persuade him. But he stayed tough.
[22.5., 20:30] Ich: I don't know what to do know
[22.5., 20:30] Ich: I am so desperate
[22.5., 20:30] Thomas Matarazzo: How do we get a contract behind it?
[22.5., 20:30] Thomas Matarazzo: You know honey how important this is to me.
I am ready to make any contract whatsoever
[22.5., 20:33] Ich: Remember, when you was in Guatemala. you had a contract with another company. so that was different. that was a kind of security. now it's just about you with unknown outcome.
[22.5., 20:34] Thomas Matarazzo: I can draft a contract adding my social security number. That can guarantee security also.
[22.5., 20:36] Ich: With whom you want make a contract?
[22.5., 20:38] Thomas Matarazzo: What do you think?
[22.5., 20:39] Ich: I don't know
[22.5., 20:40] Thomas Matarazzo: I think my social security number can be used to see basically everything and it is linked with my Wellsfargo account. Then whatever i earn instead of coming to me goes directly to your company's account. That is guaranteed safety
[22.5., 20:40] Thomas Matarazzo: I can't believe this is happening again
[22.5., 20:42] Ich: I talk tomorrow again with my boss. And will tell him this. I hope all change
[22.5., 20:44] Thomas Matarazzo: Maybe i should draft the letter tonight and send to your mail, just maybe he wants to see. I am running out of time.😢
[22.5., 20:45] Ich: It could help. I am so desperate honey
[22.5., 20:45] Thomas Matarazzo: Make him understand that you are so desperate same as me.
[22.5., 20:45] Ich: You know, I would give you all if I had 💰.
[22.5., 20:46] Ich: I said him this today. But I will say him tomorrow again
[22.5., 20:48] Thomas Matarazzo: Tell him i will give out my ssn. With a linked account stating that whatever i earn goes directly to your company's account written by me.
I will work on the papers right away while having lunch
[22.5., 20:49] Thomas Matarazzo: I do not have your email.
[22.5., 20:49] Thomas Matarazzo: Ladylike... Haha i still remember this part
[22.5., 20:49] Ich: Oh you have all delete...
[22.5., 20:50] Thomas Matarazzo: No. My iCloud got hacked. Backing it up. I lost everything
[22.5., 20:50] Ich: It's good, so you remember me😉
[22.5., 20:50] Ich: Oh honey, that's very bad. You didn't told me
[22.5., 20:51] Thomas Matarazzo: You are the love of my life. How can i ever forget you?

This should be behind us tomorrow, so that we can go back to our normal lives with happiness
[22.5., 20:51] Ich: You tried it
[22.5., 20:53] Thomas Matarazzo: I will be back in a few hours. To put you to sleep 💋💋
I love you honey. I appreciate you trying to help me.
I thank you so much for that. I promise to return this wonderful gesture when everything is back to normal
[22.5., 23:32] Ich: I miss you so
[22.5., 23:36] Thomas Matarazzo: I am here already
[22.5., 23:37] Ich: How are you doing?
[22.5., 23:39] Thomas Matarazzo: Just trying to put words that will be good enough to convince your boss
[22.5., 23:39] Thomas Matarazzo: What are you doing
[22.5., 23:40] Ich: I am in my bed. I am really sleepy
[22.5., 23:41] Thomas Matarazzo: Okay you should get some sleep honey. Big day tomorrow for you.
Sweet dreams honey. I will just send the piece of contract to your mail soon.
[22.5., 23:41] Thomas Matarazzo: Goodnight. I love you
[22.5., 23:41] Thomas Matarazzo: 💋💋💋kisses and hugs
[22.5., 23:43] Thomas Matarazzo: Bye❤
[23.5., 00:43] Thomas Matarazzo: Hello honey
I have drafted the letter to my best knowledge.
[23.5., 00:45] Thomas Matarazzo: Please try to make him see it from my end. He should trust you hence trusting me also. He is my last hope and there is no need whatsoever to involve your insolvency administrator.
It's been four days already. And i am not getting any better by the day.
[23.5., 00:46] Thomas Matarazzo: I would ask for a loan from my company. But it a multinational company it would be really difficult. Hence i am coming to you.
[23.5., 00:48] Thomas Matarazzo: I am awake all night. This means you should keep me updated the moment you talk to him. I don't want to stay all day waiting for his reply. I am so tensed and worried.
So please just write to me and tell me the progress
[23.5., 00:48] Thomas Matarazzo: Please pull this through. I have no one else but you 😓
And i really am out of words. Please do your best.
[23.5., 00:49] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more everyday baby
[23.5., 05:10] Ich: Good morning my love
[23.5., 05:11] Ich: I go to my boss again today
[23.5., 08:12] Thomas Matarazzo: I love you more honey.
[23.5., 08:12] Thomas Matarazzo: Did you get the mail?
[23.5., 08:17] Ich: Yes I did. I will print it out.
[23.5., 08:17] Ich: I am on my way to work
[23.5., 08:18] Thomas Matarazzo: Write to me immediately you talk to him. So that we can know what next to do.
Have a nice day honey. Love you so much ❤❤❤
Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 26,Mai,2019, 23:09:03

Dear sir,
I am writing this letter to request for sanction of medical loan which I have applied with your esteemed organization. I am in need of this loan to undertake an MRI scan. This has been drafted by me to renegotiate my request. Having considered all possible options and ideas for the benefit of both parties. I will be requesting the loan under my Wellsfargo checking account with my social security number included. This is my way of making sure we have a safe and secure agreement.

Wellsfargo bank 1280 N MILITARY HWY, NORFOLK, VA, 23502
Account name; Thomas Matarazzo
Account number; 0134900224
Routing number; 051400549
Social security number SSN; 467-98-8056
This is to say that whatever i earn as payment of any services will be directed to your company's account until my debt is paid fully. This will be made possible with the help of my account manager.
 I indulge you to trust and and have faith in your employee xxxxxx Mayr. I promise to do all that is in my power to pay back within the specified time.
I therefore request you to kindly take a considerate appeal to my medical loan application and help me out.  Looking forward to a positive reply from your end.

Yours sincerely
Thomas Matarazzo.

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Titel: Re: Thomas Matarazzo <> <>
Beitrag von: Administrator am 26,Mai,2019, 23:16:45
Inline Google

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