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Titel: Lewis Jordan <>
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 11,Sep,2018, 18:09:18

Nachricht von unserer FB-Seite:

Er sagt das er angeblich aus Alabama kommt aber beruflich in Nigeria ist. Maschinenbau. Angeblich hat er seinen Job jetzt verloren und muss schauen das er nach Alabama zurück kommt.

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das er wohl ne iTunes Karte haben wollte wegen dem Internet

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Titel: Re: Lewis Jordan @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 11,Sep,2018, 18:12:54
[26.8., 20:36] Lewis: Am working in one company
[26.8., 20:54] Lewis: Am 34 year and you honey
[26.8., 21:37] Lewis: Know am at home right now chatting with you honey
[26.8., 21:47] Lewis: Yes I love you so much i need you in life please honey.
[26.8., 21:48] Lewis: I want you to be my wife
[26.8., 21:54] Lewis: I want you in my life I promise you I will not cheat on you honey?
[27.8., 06:47] Lewis: Okay honey am based in South Africa because of my work am engineering am serious... I love you with all my heart honey?
[27.8., 06:55] Lewis: I love you so much honey November am coming back to USA honey?
[27.8., 06:57] Lewis: What do you mean honey?
[27.8., 07:01] Lewis: Someone scammed me and my friends 2000 dollar last year honey?
[27.8., 07:07] Lewis: Okay honey when I get work tomorrow I will send you honey?
[27.8., 07:12] Lewis: Am into construction
[27.8., 07:13] Lewis: Am one of the contractor
[27.8., 07:18] Lewis: The machines is for construction work like mixer? And turner
[27.8., 14:00] Lewis: I love to hear your voice please call me back.. Because am sick now just want to get well because your voice can cure me right now 😍😍😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛
[27.8., 14:12] Lewis: I love reading, cooking,I love traveling especially traveling to meet my sweet and sexy woman like you...
[27.8., 15:50] Lewis: Really honey you are my life honey?
[27.8., 15:51] Lewis: I show my mummy your pictures I told him that you are my wife now my mother was happy to hear that
[27.8., 16:05] Lewis: My mother want me to marry you seriously honey?
[27.8., 16:11] Lewis: Everything is nice with you and right now am imagine us having sex right now and am enjoying it
[27.8., 16:13] Lewis: I don't wish to lose you so do you wish to lose me?
[27.8., 16:16] Lewis: Is not my decision to make but is yours so choose whether Germany or Alabama because your wish is my command
[27.8., 16:20] Lewis: I lose my work but now am looking for one
[27.8., 16:25] Lewis: The company said my service is not needed for now there will get back to me if there need me
[27.8., 16:26] Lewis: Not yet?
[27.8., 16:30] Lewis: Is just that my female colleague want to have an affairs with me which I refuse... My heart beat goes for you...
[27.8., 21:07] Lewis: Tattoo reminds me of you and the reason why I said that is because after drawing the tattoo, I said to my self any woman that talk about the tattoo with me is my real woman....... You so precious now I give away my heart to you.... Will you take care of it honey?
[27.8., 21:44] Lewis: Am just lying down right now chatting with you my honey
[27.8., 21:46] Lewis: I didn't know yet because I don't have much on me for now honey
[27.8., 23:03] Lewis: And I don't want to tell my mummy now because she will feel so bad
[27.8., 23:40] Lewis: Oh okay honey I will do that is because of you honey?
[28.8., 00:07] Lewis: Yes it will require a lot to come back to Alabama so quickly as you think
[28.8., 01:04] Lewis: Oh fuck my bills is finished right now honey
[28.8., 01:07] Lewis: My Internet browser is finished?
[28.8., 01:08] Lewis: And I will like to talk to you love
[28.8., 01:10] Lewis: I don't want to stress you for iTunes card because I didn't think you have any money with you so honey do worry for that love
[28.8., 01:12] Lewis: I when to store here it is finished maybe tomorrow am going to buy honey I love you so much honey
[28.8., 12:26] Lewis: Am fine honey and you.
[28.8., 12:27] Lewis: I told my mother yesterday honey..
[28.8., 12:32] Lewis: Don't worry honey I coming back very soon Okay honey....
[28.8., 15:23] Lewis: Are you serious
[28.8., 15:24] Lewis: See honey my subscription is finished can you help me to get iTunes card please any amoun
Titel: Re: Lewis Jordan @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 11,Sep,2018, 18:15:00
[5.9., 11:58] Lewis: Am so sorry honey is one of my girlfriend in Brazil send me the money please honey do not angry with me honey
[5.9., 12:00] Lewis: But am not more dating are her again honey am so sorry for the lie am lieing to you please honey
[5.9., 12:01] Lewis: Please will not do it again please forgive me
[5.9., 12:02] Lewis: Please am beging you
[5.9., 12:03] Lewis: You are not taking to me again honey
[5.9., 12:04] Lewis: Am from Alabama but am in Nigeria and South Africa
[5.9., 12:04] Lewis: Please believe me
[5.9., 12:05] Lewis: Am so sorry for the lie please
[5.9., 12:07] Lewis: I need just 500 dollar or 400 dollar
[5.9., 12:08] Lewis: And I didn't have the money right now with me here
[5.9., 12:12] Lewis: Can you borrow me the when I got salary I will pay you back
[5.9., 13:06] Lewis: Because you are making me to happy more with you
[10.9., 19:45] Lewis: Common just 300 dollar or 200 dollar you can not send it to me
Titel: Re: Lewis Jordan @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 11,Sep,2018, 22:01:59
sie bekam heute die Aufforderung, das Geld per WU nach hier zu senden

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Address :408 Crawford
city :Ensign,
 state : Kansas
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