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Titel: Jones Martin <>
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 10,Sep,2018, 20:35:29

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Nachricht von unserer FB-Seite:

Der ist angeblich aus los angeles ist soldat und hat 1 kind

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der wollte von mir eine  xbox geschenk karte weil er in syrien ist und da bekommt man nix

Ich habe mit ihm gesprochen uber cam und der mensch welcher auf den bilder ist das ist er

Bilder zeigen Heath Jones
Heath Jones Performance Horses

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Titel: Re: Jones Martin @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 10,Sep,2018, 20:40:19
Hello beautiful how are you doing

Nice meeting you Iím Martin

I will love to know more about you if you donít mind

From the Walmart page

Where are you from xxxx

Iím from Los Angeles

Iím from Los Angeles

Are you single?

Wow lovely

Iím from a combination of two dad from USA and mom Spain

Iím a widow

Iím a widow with one girl,I work with the us army presently deployed to Syria

How long have you been single?

What are you looking for in a man?

Iím looking for a honest lovely and caring woman to spend my life with

What do you do for living?

Iím sorry hun

Not all men are the same

You just havenít meet the right man for you

My last relationship ended up in a terrible way

She cheated on me and got pregnant for my friend

Have you dated online before

You wonít have to suffer again

Iím a honest man with great sense of humour

I lost my wife four years ago,got in to a relationship with another lady two years after she cheated on me
Iím not lucky also hun

Do you know I recently met a man and got so stuffed for him and what happened he forgot me
life is sometimes wrong I just want to be happy nothing else
that's all so bad

Im so sorry about that hun

I will love to know more about you and have a relationship with

I believe distance is not a barrier in a relationship,my father married my mom from Spain

You are a very beautiful woman every man will be glad to have you as his wife and take good care of you
I tried to text you in the morning

I notice you was busy

You lucky

Do you have google hangout
Download hangout let me call you on phone
Add me with

hat er mir auch tel mumer gegeben
+1 218-321-4326
Titel: Re: Jones Martin @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 10,Sep,2018, 20:48:07
Can you please help to pick a card for my game
Itís an Xbox gift card

angeblich das ist sein kollege mit dem er arbeitet

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Bild Nr. 2 zeigt Sadr City Attack On U.S. Troops Retold In ĎThe Long Road Homeí und wurde von dieser Seite gestohlen

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Titel: Re: Jones Martin @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 10,Sep,2018, 20:53:39
Can you please help to pick a card for my game
Itís an Xbox gift card

I can call you on here

xxxx I know Iím a stranger

We donít know the future

Understand you just protecting your self

xxxx where I am here in Syria is very risky,people always die every day

If I can get the card here I will never ask you to help with it

The Xbox is the only thing that makes me happy when Iím sad
I havenít play for two weeks

But I want you to know I will never be part of that

Bank name....Gtb bank(Garanty Trust bank)
Account number....0243511988
Account name.....Akinrinlola Temitope Aduralere

Das ist 2konto numer
Account number  38193468
sort code 771919
Bank address:Stretford  mall Chester road Stretford
Bank name...Lloyds
Account name...Miss dawn a grimsley

xxx a lot of times people don't trust another person because they are making assumptions that aren't true.

Please borrow me the Ä189 I promise to pay back

Stelldir vor der hat mich angerufen und der war in camera

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