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Titel: Charlotte Ava Noah @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 03,Sep,2018, 19:10:58
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aus Perth

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Hallo. Das Profil
Charlotte Ava Noah aus Perth, Australien ist ein Fakeprofil und wird von Scammern benutzt.

Dazu wird die Telefonnummer +61401478749 benutzt.

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Titel: Re: Charlotte Ava Noah@
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 03,Sep,2018, 19:12:03
Hello my love, Good morning I'm so sorry for not reaching out to you since I got here. I was robbed and my bags was stolen when I tried to take a Commercial motorcycle for the first time in my life was told that they were group of men doing that to mostly foreigners and they trace them from the airport to a lonely road where they can practice their illicit act. I've sent a mail to my bank to block my Cards so that they wonít be able to do any Fraudulent act on it. And my Menstruation just started tonight and I would have loved to buy some pampers until Friday when I have access to make use of my account.The apartment I rented (one room self contain),is supposed to expire on Wednesday. but I'm scared now because I donít know what to do. please Honey can you help me with £500? Iíll give it back to you on Friday. So i can sort myself out especially my Menstruation you know how bad it is to women. And my rent/feeding till  Friday. Please dear. I will meet my agent to know when the Buyer will be available.

Name Suchittra matsayamat address 8/5 Moo 2 khanom nakhonsithammarat 80210
Send the money to this information  include Thailand in the address

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