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Titel: Callinton Cargo @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 04,Jul,2018, 20:40:00


Business management bei The Self-Employed
Hat hier studiert: Connecticut College
Ist hier zur Schule gegangen: Crosby High School
Wohnt in Milwaukee
Aus Waterbury

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Die Bilder zeigen ​​Danny Jones!

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Titel: Re: Callinton Cargo @
Beitrag von: Mondfee am 04,Jul,2018, 21:00:55
Nachricht von unserer FB-Seite:

Honey my shippment finally arrived and the customs place a hold on them wanting me to pay some amount for tax on them initially i already paid for the shippment but the customs want me to pay such amount of money on them before they could get them released for me this is really making me so worried i don't know what to think or do right now
Rest your flight.
I need to let this cleared up honey
Was certainly strenuous and did not think so much honey
And I just told that I right to
when am still in Africa Nigeria

My love Finally I'm in Africa now baby I miss you my love But am not happy baby 01.18 13 Where are you my love Are you there baby Am not happy right now my love
So much sad baby
Honey my shippment finally

How much money do you need
I don't really understand you my love
I don't know how I wanna bail this shipment now my love and I don't want to spend along time here cos I want to come with you my love

I need just only 2000$ to cleared out the job my love before its court issues baby
I think I still got more than that into my account baby, so that I can return or the delivery rg baby

Still the same
Haven't got any solution yet baby
But after proving you wrong babe,  am not sure maybe I can come down to Germany for the hamburg delivery
Am in Ondo state, Nigeria

That's the water they drink here honey
Don't worry
And goodbye for now
See you later honey
And I will never do that in my life

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Titel: Re: Callinton Cargo @
Beitrag von: Administrator am 05,Jul,2018, 12:27:02

35, Man, Single
California City, United States
Looks for:
27 - 41 years
Within 100 kms
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

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