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Er hat seine Daten geändert,Alter,Ort!Wieder ein Lügen Baron

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Single guy. Enjoys usual things around town. Enjoys travel and the outdoors.


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About edunphy28
I am a    woman
From    herndon, United States
Age    32 y.o.
Children    No
Want children    I will tell you later
Speak    English
I look for a    man, 22-59, for relationship
Preferable height    5'4" - 5'7" (161-170cm)
More about me:   
I am very polite, easy going, optimistic. My life credo is to take everything, as it is, never make much fuss about trifles and never get sore. I need to feel loved and admired. I need support and open reassurance from my future partner. I am sensitive and sensual. I am creative, whatever I do, I try to do from all my heart. I should have the full range of freedom to open up and share my thoughts and dreams.....I am steady and I am rarely nervous, I am a sociable, cheerful, sexual, kind and gentle, sympathetic lady with the sense of humor.   
About my ideal partner:   
I am looking for the same sociable and understanding person to make my lifelong partner. He must be fun and outgoing in companies, and wit in conversation. For I believe marriage is not only a routine but it should be a thrilling, eventful adventure. Where two must be creative and inventive participants.I hope, you are serious, sincere, kind, faithful, understanding, generous, affectionate, joyful, family-oriented man. You should want to have children. I imagine my life partner as an intelligent, decent, conversable and reliable man who share the common interests and life views with me. He is sincere, honest and very positive man.

Afrika - females / Re: Aishat Morgan <>
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The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wisconsin United States
The Details
Body Type:
  Yes - living with me
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Sexual Orientation:
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About Me

I'm a warm person who gets along with almost everyone. I have a big heart. Love is extremely important to me. I'm romantic, gentle, loving. I'm sensitive and want to share my feelings with my partner. I believe communication in a relationship is very important. I love to goof around and laugh and act silly at times. I have a great sense of humor and love to make others laugh. I love deep passionate kisses, holding hands, a warm embrace, and cuddling under a blanket. Sometimes just holding the person you care about is the most wonderful thing in the world. I'm affectionate and passionate. I'm a genuine person and I don't believe in pretending to be someone else. Honesty is very important. Everyone should just be themselves. I love to travel and explore new places.
What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a kind, sweet, romantic man who wants to share a deep intimate bond of love. I'm looking for someone who can give and receive love, honest and doesn't play games. I also like someone who has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh and have a good time and who is not afraid to act goofy. I think love is the most important thing in the world. Love is the strongest force in the Universe. In time I'm looking to create a deep intimate bond of love. You should have an open mind. I'm also looking for someone with a big heart and not afraid to use it..

Russland - Scam - Kontakte / Re: Aida <>
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Hello my dear,   

Very much it was pleasant to me to receive today yours
The letter. How there has passed your day? My day has passed not so
well, so As today at school the trainer on run and the teacher of
physical culture at our school My very good acquaintance Anastasiya
has asked that I have replaced it and Who has trained its pupils is
engaged in track and field athletics, it has given To me magazine
where the schedule of training has been written and has gone in
Hospital with the child, it has a son his name is Aleksandr and it Was
ill also it has asked to replace me it as I have already told to you
Above in the letter. I have constructed their children there were 15
persons and has given them the task To run on stadium of 7 circles
where each circle makes 700 metres. And when boys have run 4 circles
one of them has stumbled and has fallen on The earth also has begun to
cry, I have run up to it and have seen that at it has swelled Knee, I
very strongly was frightened and have thought, that at it crisis, It
is good, that I had number a first-aid set, first of all I have felt
at It a knee also has understood, that crisis and a dislocation is not
present and at the boy was The knee is torn apart and blood I flew has
washed a knee water and round a wound Has spread with iodine, has
redressed a knee, has got an artificial ice and has put It to a foot
of the boy, I have rendered first aid to this boy his name is Ivan to
it 11 years and it took places at competitions on run acting For our
school. I do not love when something is ill people, and to me is sick
To look when to the person it is sick. I have taken away the boy to
the school To the nurse, she has examined its knee and has written out
to it ointment for bruises and Has told, that at the boy a strong
bruise of a knee and has told, that the boy Again can run in 10 days.
I have told all that happens This morning to my girlfriend Anastasiya
and she has told, that I the good fellow, As has not become puzzled
and correctly all has made and that has taken away the boy To the
nurse. And you that think my dear concerning this situation? I It will
be very glad that with the boy all as it should be in 10 days.I
hope, that day will turn for me the good The party now.

Yes by the way I like to go to theatre. Dear ali And you like to go
in Theatre? I am pleasant like representations in theatre in a genre a
comedy, Drama. I like to watch theatrical representations on motives
Stories, plays and novels of Russian writers, for example: A.S.
Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and many other things writers.

My girlfriend Masha has started to correspond with the man from
France, it So to me told about it though she knows its all the second
day. I It is simply amazed by it.

It is very pleasant to me to share with you my opinion, I see you
respect Me also understand. I respect the same and I understand you. I
finish the The letter, and with impatience I wait for your letter.
Yours Kseniya .

Russland - Scam - Kontakte / Re: Aida <>
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Hello my dear,

It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter.
How are you? How today there has passed your day?

Today I watched TV and there there was a program about psychics, they
predict to people their future, remove from them bad energy. And you
trust in the poltergeist? I trust though and never it met and I do not
wish to meet, there are in the world many bad and good people, I try
not to meet bad people, as it seems to me that they publish bad
energy. ali Whether if you trust in malicious forces there was you
them or not? Certainly many people think that malicious forces do not
happen, but it not the truth seems to me that in our world much as
well as kind and malicious forces. Here an example to it many films. I
like to look films in historical, comedy, fighting styles, I do not
have favourite film. And you what films like to look?

Yes by the way I nearly have not forgotten to tell to you today my
girlfriend Masha have come to me and have asked to help to find to it
the person from abroad, I to it have told a site on which we with you
have got acquainted also it was registered there, and in online have
got acquainted with the person from France, his name is Bob, and they
have exchanged e-mail and now have started to correspond with each
other. I am very glad that she the same corresponds with the person
from other country as I with you.

Today day has passed as usually I went to school, thought out new
employment for children, then trained girls on art gymnastics, then
went to shop bought products for the house when I have come home I has
started to cook food, and today I have prepared a borsch. I like to
prepare kitchen of the slavic people. And you are able to prepare? And
you prefer what kitchen? I finish the letter as my mum wishes to sit
down on the computer to it it is necessary to search for a material
for entertainment of children in a garden, and that to entertain
children in the same way, to read fairy tales to go round dances,
bothers children and new entertainments are necessary to them. I with
impatience wait for your letter. Yours Kseniya .

Russland - Scam - Kontakte / Re: Aida <>
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I am very glad to receive your letter. I very much like to
correspond with you.

Today there were competitions and our school participated in them as I
spoke to you in the last letter. Girls of our school who acted on art
gymnastics have occupied the second a place, and the first place was
occupied with school from next city Kanash, and our school has taken
the same second place. I am very happy as our school at competitions
has acted. I as am proud for my command of girls on art gymnastics
which I as they have taken the second place trained.

As I wish to continue the story about myself, I have girlfriend Masha,
it works as the teacher on Russian at my school, we since the
childhood know each other and we live in the next houses, I have told
to it that I have got acquainted with you and we correspond, and it is
glad for me. Yesterday I have told to mum and the daddy that I
correspond with you, and that I have told that to you about my family,
and you tell to me about yourself, and my daddy has told, that it not
against that I corresponded with you and mum has told that I searched
for love not important where, the main thing that was the person good.
And you have told to the close people about me or not?

Today my day has passed as usually, at us evening, and has darkened,
in streets lanterns shine, in a court yard neighbour's children play,
on streets people go. I like to look out of the window sometimes on
street and to dream. I like to dream, and as my daddy says, that I
like to dream and correctly I do, as the dream sometime all will come
true. ali And you like to dream or dream?

I finish the letter, and with impatience I wait for your letter. Yours
Kseniya .

Männliche Scammer / Male Scammer / Re: Ahmed Zara Esq <>
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Ahmed Zara

Keine Arbeitsplätze vorhanden
Keine Schulen vorhanden
Wohnt in Yaoundé
Aus Yaoundé

It's so nice is to see your new letter. Again, read your words, see that you ... you're next to me. And I'm not alone now. To share with you many of my thoughts, my life, learn something, and simply trust you. Sometimes I think it's really crazy, and I'm sure it looks crazy (smile).

But no, it seems to me that in this world there are some rules that govern us and move us forward to what we did not expect. Yet, even when I write a letter for you, talk with you, I sometimes feel sad and lonely.
Even Robinson Crusoe was near close friend, Friday (smile). Which helped him to survive in a world that is so empty. On the island, where he spent many years.

Loneliness - it's probably the hardest thing you can have. As if your soul is empty. When you are alone, it's like you do not have enough of something. Although, there is everything. And it becomes very sad. It becomes really sad!

Now everything is different. I have you and you have me (smile), is it not so?! I'm your Friday (smile). We're friends. In this large, and in some sense, "empty" world. As it if we are on the island. And it is difficult to live in it. Not because it is bad, but because it is gray and "grim". But with you, or rather, when I'm writing you a letters, I like to see the bright light that illuminates my life. Yes, now your letters, your words it gives me joy, smile, excitement. It is difficult to convey the words, feeling that I really have never encountered before. Affection ..... strong friendship. I really don't know..

But sometimes, I dream to have more than just friendship. No, I do not think it's probably only my dreams and my fantasies. I share with you the fact that I was missing, and dreams that are in my head. what do you dream about?

I dream of a family.
I agree that when you are waiting at home, someone will embrace you tonight, with whom you can go and cuddle. Kissing, be together, be happy. Likely, many want it, want to love, want the heat, and know that they need each other. And share everything, not only love, but life. One life - live it, and like to those whom you love!

Many philosophers have said that we should not waste time on dreams! It is worth spending time of life. What is life, if your house empty? What is life when you spend the evening alone? What is life when you're one goes to bed, and you realize that no one, no one will embrace you!
This is not life, this existence. And I now exist. Yes I know that. But then it's my destiny. This is my life. And I think that I will be all my life alone.
But believe me, I do not give up, and I believe that one day I will find the person to whom I'm going to need it! The one who will see me and understand that I will always be with him. Those, who will wake up and see the delicious breakfast, and receive from me every day kissing. And the main thing to get my heart, my love, my life. I believe in it! Everyone should have the other half. And maybe he or she was there and we just did not notice it. And maybe we still do not know about each other! And one day I'll understand ... and I will not waste time and confess my feelings.

How hard is it to write about it. To tell you more... You're really good, perfect for me, you know me, and you can listen to me. And most importantly, I'm with you well, even I would say that cozy! And I start to depend on you, your letters. So it is difficult to find someone who is interesting to you, who understands you, and most importantly listen to.
And when I read your lines that you write to me, it's like if you're there, standing behind me, gently you put your hands on my shoulders, and say all the things that I read.
And I had time to think, and dream. Yes, the dream of you and me. Why not ?! Is it bad. I think we could understand each other, to value, trust, and maybe love. Maybe. Strange, because if I fall in love, it's forever. And you ... you are my friend. And maybe even more. It's hard to say this, and this, I will not talk about it now.
No, I do not want to build an illusion, I do not want to build myths. We are friends and I think it's very good.

What do you think, why do we live for? And how do you feel about being alone?
Dear, I still can not stop thinking about what I said in my previous letter. Yes, about the fact that I did not have intimacy with a man before. And that I’m still virgin. I understand that for you it's maybe hard to believe, but it is a fact, as something that is very difficult to live in this world where everything and everyone talks and think so much about sex. Books, movies, music. And you do not even know what it is. And on this, I told you this so that you may understand me better if I ignore or missed some parts of your letters. I thought, after knowing that you'll be more respectful to me. For me it is like a "stone". And on this, I hope that one day with me will be a man to whom I will give a little more than totally myself!

Now I'll wait for your answer.

Thank you, you answered me Djoy. Yes, here it is and I can see it. I read
it and think this is really very interesting. And of course I think
that you maybe still do not believe in all this. I myself have not
fully believe yet! And still very afraid that this could be a joke.
For me it's the first time, to communicate by such way. By e-mail, by
letters. Maybe this is a dream? No, pinching myself, I was hurt, so I
do not sleep! And you ? (smile). You know, I read a lot of books, and
I personally believe that the thoughts expressed in the letter is much
easier and better. Also, you can open up, to show your identity. Show
who you are! I do not know whether you agree with me or not?! You can
say, but to express emotions, words can not convey! And in letters
everything is possible. But back to our fellowship. I as you also have
a lot of questions, I'm curious to know more, and if you're interested
... to communicate with me, continue to write me, and to learn
something new, share ideas, be friends, I will be happy that we will
communicate. Everyday ! Of course except Sunday (smile). I told you
that in a Sunday, I can not write you and see your letters. Since the
Internet cafes closed, but I think that one day, that does not change
too much. You know, this reading the letters and writing the answers
it's like to read a book every day, page by page. And when you do not
know what will happen next, you really want to know the continuation
more and more. You know the feeling when it's late in the evening, you
are reading, you realize that it is already time to sleep, but you can
not stop reading, because you want to know what will happen next, what
will happen on the next page. So what we have now, I think it' really
like the book. I will read you, and you me! Maybe a strange
comparison? But what do you expect from a girl whose best friends -
are book's (smile)? You know about me, about my past, my family why I
left them, and also you know about some of my hobbies. But this is
only a small fraction of 1 page. And if you are ready to continue,
then we start? As cellular communication. I have a usual cell phone,
it's old type phone, not a smartphone. And it's work only inside of my
country. It doesn't accept incoming calls from abroad. But we have the
ability to call from the post office. And I can make calls to other
countries ?! I do not know, and yet I see no reason to know. Because
all about what we can talk, we can be friends by e-mail and write all
this in letters. Is not it ?! But later, after I know you better, we
can discuss it again. How many people wrote letters in earlier ages,
was waiting for a response for several months. Letters that can
express all anxiety, joy, expectation, happiness, pain. Probably worth
the time to return, but it is not necessary to wait for several
months, it is necessary to wait 1 day. And guess what will be the
answer! I think it's fascinating! And it attracts. And what do you
think ? Now, in many part of life joined the technology, and it makes
life easier. So many people think, and does not deprive the
technologies of this life? No, that feeling of what it was before,
when you know a little something, and it seemed that not all was so
bad. Now, one has only to turn on the TV, to see what you do not want
to see. War, suffering, religious clashes. And then ask yourself why
some people hate others? just because they have a different religion.
The answer lies in the fact that all are trying to say that one nation
is bad and the other is good. And it makes life easier? No, it is even
worse to live. And that's why I do not like to watch TV, I like to
read, listen to music, and I love to look at nature, untouched nature.
And I hope that this "old", "primitive", and all the forgotten letters
will be interesting for us, and lead to a good friendship. Who am I ?
I am a simple girl. I do not smoke, do not like alcohol. A lot of
reading, and well studied in the past. And now I work. While studying
really wanted to learn a foreign language. First, I think about the
French, but still, my teacher insisted that I chose English. And I do
not regret this choice. I admit, my English is not so bad. Even at the
university lecturer told me that I speak well and understand, but is
very difficult to read and write. I hope later I will start to teach
some other language. What else to tell about myself ?! I am simple.
But not all. I'm looking for my life, my happiness, for which I am
ready to fight. And do silly things. As I have already said that any
nonsense, any act can lead you to various results. And if you live as
they require from you, then you do not live and just exist !!! Do you
agree with me ? My height is 168 cm, weight about 54 kilograms. My
face is always smile, because it warms me smile. I told you already
about my work. So I really like to help people. I feel some good after
it and that’s why I chose this profession and work in hospital. What
else can I say about myself. Religion.... My religion is Islam. I know
you've heard about it. And I know that maybe whole world thinks that
we are all bad, terrorists, and even many people don't like us. But it
is not so. In every religion there are bad people, there are those who
can do evil, and there are those who can do good. For me, religion is
very important. It lives in us, in our hearts. And no matter you are
reading the Bible, or the Koran. The main thing that you are a good
person. That you understood the value of life. And glad by that you
have.So I think, but how do you think? And further. Age. I young by
heart, but not by years. I am 33 years old, and it enough I think. But
the years are not important! And you must agree with me. What is more
important is how you feel inside your soul. If in your heart is a
fire, you want to live, want to take the world in your hands, it does
not matter how old you are 20 or 30, or 60, and maybe more. The main
thing is that you are young by heart and soul. And willing to be who
you are ... In the end, I want you to realize once again that this is
not a game. I open my world to you, and would like to gain an
understanding of you. I'm not asking you to write as much as I do, but
I'm asking you if you are really ready to get to know me, ready to be
friends, to try to be friends. Be open for me. You should not play
with me, do not expect from me of something .... Come on. If you dream
to see me get naked or mock me, laugh, and just to hurt me then it is
not necessary. Life has hurt me already several times. I try to
remember it every day, betrayal of my father, stepfather education,
and life in solitude. And that you just uncover my wound healed. Think
before you answer. At this point I will finish my letter. And I will
wait for a response. Have a nice day. Afila

How nice to come back to internet cafe, and the most important thing
is to know that I expect a letter. A letter from you Djoy! It is very nice. In my last letter I told
you about my family. And also why I’m alone now. Sometimes I think that maybe I was wrong, and that may be my life would be much better if I follow all traditions of
my country? If I would live as others people told me to live? But I think it is not a real life. And I could not accept this way. I breathe, I see, I hear, I live, I’m
not like the beast that carry the team, I want to choose my own life, to make mistakes and learn from it something. And I would not blame anyone for some results,
because I did it, and it was only my decision.
Today I will be nurse (smile). My friend asked me to sit with her daughter. She upbringing her alone, since her husband died, he had a car accident. And with them
(friend and her daughter), I celebrated this new year. It was fun, we painted, read books (her daughter), and then took to the streets, many people used the fireworks,
and we looked at the starry sky, and saw in it the beautiful effects. I can not say that it was just great, and as they show on TV, but still, it's better than
nothing. I'm sorry, I left a bit of my story. I understand that already enough time spent after this holiday, but memories about it still bright and live in my memory.
The husband of my friend died. She loved him, but fate was cruel to her. And in the tradition of my country, she can not marry again. Only if a brother of her
ex-husband, but he had no brothers. He was the only one son. And his parents were killed in 1992, when it was a terrorist attack in Baku in metro. And now she has to
bring up her daughter alone. I'm sending you photo from the new year, and so you could see my friend and me.
She told me a lot about her husband, he was a good man, he also loved her. And she said, as if their life was like a fairy tale of the most beautiful stories. He was
older than her 28 years. But my friend was lucky, they lived together with love! And she told me that it was the happiest time for her. He gave her gifts, helped with
some things in the house, and told her about some difficulties or problem. That rarely happens in modern world. Men, you are always trying to keep it a secret inside
your self, and do not like to share problems and think that only you can solve them all. But sometimes the advice of a friend, an acquaintance or a close person can
help you. And to solve all the problems. It is a pity that such as her husband .... very few of them, and even more sorry that he left so early, and left them .... But
all is the will of heaven.
And since that times she does not have the help and support from anyone, she often ask me to sit with her daughter, when she can not. And I always try to help her, and
I enjoy it. I like kids. And I’m sure I can be a good mother if I have the child one day. But all this will not depend only on me, but on the man who will be next to
me. If he want it, then I agree, and I will give him a child. But if not, I humbly agree with this. True, I believe that children are the most valuable it is, and give
life to another child is doing a great person!
I want to tell you more about my friend and her daughter. Mia and Guli. Mia is a very beautiful name for a girl. Do you agree ? And it was very difficult when she
lost her father, and I try to help her understand that life is a lot of good and bad, but always have to believe only in the fact that everything will be fine!
When we sit together we draw, sing, play games. And I tell her stories. She is very curious. And because I read a lot, sometimes I myself come up with different
stories. I used when it is already established characters from other books. And I think we will spend a good time with Mia.
Have you ever been an nurse? How do you spend time with kids? And do you love them much?
Yes, I forgot. Yesterday I cooked pie. I can not go to visit my friend without a gift! And yesterday, when I was preparing dinner, I could cook a small cake. I think I
told you earlier that I love to cook. And a lot of experimenting with it. One day maybe I can cook you some delicious. And you can tell me you liked it or not?
Also, you should understand that sometimes I have small problems with the translation and reading your letters. And I may lose some of your questions that were
important to you. And for this, I ask you not to take offense at me. And write questions in this order again....
1) .....
2) .....
3) .....
And I can see everything I missed your question and I will answer it.
Now, you probably want to know more about me, my home address, my part of life!
All this I do not hide, but I believe it is too early for some things. And because now I live in an apartment rented. And just I can not say whether I will live in it
soon, here or not. But as soon as I know for sure, I'll give you my address. I do not want to deceive you, do not want to tell a lie, and I do not want you to think
badly of me. I do not want and can not hurt you.
And further. Look, I was raised in a way that I observe the laws, to listen to men. And most importantly, never cheat. To tell the truth is easier than to deceive! And
because sooner or later, the lies will be revealed, and that I can inflict very severe pain that is difficult to heal!
All right, now I'll be back to finish my letter, and I will go to visit my friend to sit with her daughter Mia.
I hope that soon I will see your letter, and to see the new images. And further! Since I can not call you, and I do not have a phone, I try to find a way to call you
later. And I think that in a couple of weeks I will be able to call you. And maybe sooner (smile).

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