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Remi <>
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Mavis / Mary / Mabel / Elizabeth / Linda / Anna / Hannah Mensah / Christaina / Joyce Brown / Rodaline Adams / Laura Morrison

my name is remi....i have been to so many part of the world but i am yet to find a strong man that i ll spend the rest of my life with..i need a serious man for lot of sex,love with emotions and great time together preferably a man that will want kids maybe 2..i am not desperate about this search as i ve been treated unfair in past before...i will love to share all i have with my man, ..i am outgoing and i love to be with a man that loves me and i make it obvious that we are in love not some hide and seek pranks..
Anyway, I will like to explain more about myself and what i am and what I want as i wait patiently for you to mail me back with some pictures of you also:
Though i feel reluctant discussing about myself and my current situation to you, cos i dont know how you'll feel, but i guess its important that you know all about me and what i stand for,so that we'll know if we are to move further or not.I have had loads of bad experiences in my past relationship and i would'nt want to fall into the same situation anymore....i stay in rotterdam holland.. I have not been Lucky with a man but i Hope i will in you and I bet i am quitting trials after you, i will be pleased to be on my own if this does not work out well.
Right now i am in Africa..But Nigeria preciselly to spend reasonble time with mum. my mum has been seriously ill just after she retired from her missionary she has been working for,I'm an artist..i buy and sell artworks like sculptures, modelling, carving,craftworks and all sort of artworks....... I would never had thought about meeting you but along the line we met on the site unfortunately this distance is so great. I wish i had met with you long before now because from your mail to me i can see life and diverse view from what i have seen and been with.
Now, I need a honest person, caring, kind, social, smart, intelligent, passionate, friendly, romantic, and i believe in the truth and honest of love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions but the big questions are:
-can i trust you ?
-what does keeping a girls heart close to you means to you ?
-are you a game player and finds joy breaking up with almost everyone that loves you ?
-can you or will you be there for me ?
-do you care if i get a stable future for myself ?
-can you do this for me because you want to love me and wants a happy partner in future ?
-do you think patience will bring us together
I am believing this we have started is for real and will see us through all we have long waited for on you with trust we will appreciate eachother towards this.I hope to hear from you and to meet you soon. Love.

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Subject: about me and my pics
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Hier ist ihr Profile.

My name is remi. I am a 29 years old girl from Rotterdam, Netherlands.
About myself I can say the following: I have gray eyes and my hair is blond. I am average and I am tall.
I'm straight and at present I am single.
I'm here to find like-minded people and for dating
Briefly about my habits: I am a night owl. Among drinks I prefer wine and I don’t smoke.
I live alone. I have no children and I dont want to have as yet.

looking for someone to be with for the rest of my life..someone that will love me as i will love him.......

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Hello dear,
How are you doing right now overthere, how was ur day? How have u been doing
and how is life treating you now,i guess u are doing pretty nice overthere today,well its so nice to share alot of feelings with you , well i have imagined u as a nice person and as a caring person too, and i am so much liking what i get to read from you everyday, cause u really know what  you want in a relationship, i know life hasnt been easy in the past for any one cause we just want to struggle from the buttom to the top cause no one wants to remain below his demands, well i get to see some things in your  words which made me write u and ur personality speaks alot about you, cause u realy know how to describe urself and the things u want inlife, well nice try, what do you want in your dream woman? you really know who u really are and thats what i mean by self personality,its just all about you knowing who u realy are and the things u do to make u a happy man, ur words are short but meaningful  cause at least u cud write something about yourself,and i know u cud say more in person or write more with the aid of u wanting to express yourselfs, what really do u think of yourself and who do u see urself as, what are ur dreams and what kind of things do u do to urself that makes u think u cud a special person? do u have to share ur personality with someone before u can really can know how special u are to the person ? i assume u are the gift of God and God has blessed you with alot in life all u just need is to focus on things around  you and the poeple around you to know what God has in stock for you. How do u go about making a life meaningful for you and how do u try to make others smile by u considering how special you are ?
Before a person cud think of caring for someone u have to know how special u are to poeple and how caring u cud be, its doesnt matter by you really knowing that person, God might send you to that person for an help and u will be willing to help but it just take time cause the world is never a safe place anymore and there is alot to learn about poeple,i myself have learnt alot from my environment, the things i do and the things i try not to do,i just sit and listen to music read books and make my life meaningful to me and try to be honest about the whole thing i do, cause honesty is only the key to human success and it makes life meaningful if u can apply all the principles of been a special person to poeple,every day people die and everyday a new one is been born, so we all want to be in a safe place but we dont really know how to go about been there, cause we havent really learnt about the principles of life, life is full of joy if u can discover the joy inside of you,life doesnt begin from your environment, it begins from inside of you, cause life begins if u can begin it with a very first step and a very first chance.
If life goes on with one thing there will be another thing that might destroy it, so we just try not to fall a victim of circumstances,i have been through alot of things in life but that didnt make me to do any silly things in life,it only makes me stronger in alot of things cause i learn not to put my problems in my head where it can be seen cause if u do it u will just weigh u down and it wont allow u think of better things to make out of your short ife, so i just want to make my life worth lving and use it in helping others and its all about me taking a chance to do what i have to do to make the world is a loving place and to make poeple know that there is so much love inside of them to use in helping change the world, life goes on if u begins with something real and sincere and u learn to focus about it, and learn to see the principles that quides it,life is been guide with alot of principles leading to the truth of life and love,the earth alone is filled with so much love but we humans  made it hidden cause of the bad things that we thought is good, if we only can learn to bring out the love of life and the life of love and get to make the world a place to live then every one dont have to get scared of each other, cause i have been into alot of things i have tried alot of things and it didn't really work out for me cause i cant really cheat on my feelings or judge myself for the things i do,i just want to make alot of things come to reality by me focusing on them and wanting it to come to reality, i just want to make people happy with my kind of personality and the wisdom God has given me and i want to make others smile while i make myself smile to as well,there are more things we Still need to learn about ourself, if only u can have a time to relax and focus on ur thought and have a deep imagination about the whole thing happening in the world,if only u can do that, u will get to see the Good and Bad things on earth and that will surelly keep u out of trouble, cause u decided to focus on building urself in way that cud help you and help others,the reason why we are in the world is to be here for one and other and to help when we are in need, but this generation that i have seen has turned to something else,there is alot of hatered, crime, greed, jealousy,self centerned and fornication,all this didnt create itself or started in one day, it all started from individials cause they just wanted to make life meaningless for themselves and satisfy there immidiate needs and desires, life begins inside of us and we need to learn about the way of life to make it meaningful for us.
My words might sound too prophetic but my life is all about the turth and i mean all i say and do and i really want to start a family i can grow older with and with a man i will do love with all my heart, i do sincerelly know wat love means to me and others and i go about building it in the right way if only my parthner is ready to start a strong and fullfilled relationship. i really feel the music of your words and my heart sings thesame rythm and i know we will both be happy someday and i do have alot of faith in your words cause they are words of truth and u are completely honest about it. i am not here to judge your past but i am here to build the present and show u the personalities love has and the real person inside of you. if u find it so hard discovering the real person in you i am here filled with so much music for you which you cud dance to...i know someday i will be great and will be so special to alot of people but i wanna take life the way i see and meet it. but i can only change situaion is permanent.we both can change it..forget about the present and think of the beauty of the presnt and build on it and u will surelly see the music in you.
I will tell you more about life and marriage if u want to listen to it and u will be so happy to read my emails cause my words come deep down from my heart and i speak them and put them to words cuase i am confident of myself and i am not afriad of who i am. with time u will learn alot about who u really are cause i am just like an angel on to you and i know ur life will be so wonderfull been with me. marriage is a lifetime commitment to me and we  will build on that someday sometime.i dont know if you will like to will be very cool to chat with you so that we can have instant message with eachother....i use to come on msn every evening and will like to know when you can come online to chat with me...

Have a nice and lovelly day and take good care of your family and tell them someone real and special is coming into your word soon.


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hello how are  you doing today? thanks for the love  and care...thanks for the mail you sent........i have being in the hospital since my attention was needed in the hospital....i told you that my mom is sick on here in nigeria  and i came down here to meet her.....i  was not happy with what  really happening yesterday.. my mom operation was stop and  the surgery was slated for yesterday but its cant be carried out due to somethings..i was not happy now cos my mom is in bad condition......i was told in the hospital that if i dont complete the bill the surgery will not be carried out....sweetie i will really want  you to be of help to me.....right now i dont have money on me....i really need to help my mom out of this situation that she is in...i'm the only child of my family and i lost my dad long ago...i dont have anybody to run to..dont have any family all i know is my mom and i dont want her to die in this condition......sweetie please can you be of help to me......i will need  you to help me with some  money....please i really nee  this alot..i will be greatful if you can be of help to me.....all i need from you is just  450euros..i will be greatful if you can be of this
help........all you need to send the money via western union money
transfer are
NAME; remi williams
CITY;  osogbo
STATE; osun
CODE; 234035
COUNTRY; nigeria
QUESTION; flower?
ANSWER; rose

that is all you need to send the money to me.....i will need your fulname. fuladdress and the confirmation number from the western union, you can get the western union at the post office..... you can send  on there....{ mtcn} i will be greatful and will never let you regret helpingme.......till i read from you


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hello my love how are you doing? how is life treating you in there?i got your message and since then i have been trying all my power to get my passport scanned but i dont have a scanner and i have tried to look for one but idont seeany....i know you can help me with the money without the passport and all you need to do is just to get to the western union and send the money to my information i gave you in my former mail....i should have try to get to you before now but the problem with my mom on here get increased everyday and all i need to get now is the money and that is what is delaying me on here and i will be very happy if you can be of help tome....please i really  need you to help me out and i know you can do that for me....till i hear from you again...thanks for being there for me......

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hello how are you doing?i hope you are fine and cool? i understood what you are trying to say but you dont have to ship the money...they dont ship money all you have to do is just to get to a western union money transfer...they make money transfer without passport....they dont need passport to do the transfer...if you dont know where you can get a location of western union that will not require the passport,you can send me your full address and i will help you to look up for  a location that will be very close to you.....that location will be a place that will not be a problem to you....all you need is just for  you tosend your fuladdress to me and i will get you a dont need the passport to send money to me........just dont bother yourself with that.......i will like to hear from you later...till then

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also hier is was oberfaul, die will angeblich in ghana sein

Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Hello
Letzte Messages anzeigen (F3)

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: hi
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: How are You doing today
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: im ok thanks and how are you today ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I am fine and Great..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: My Name is Gifty and You
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thats good to hear
nice to meet you gifty, im xxxxxxxxxx
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Nice to meet xxxxxxxxxx
Sie haben die Einladung zu Fotofreigabe angenommen.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thank you
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Can You see me Now
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i have an problem here  can you me your pics please send on my private e-mail, i can nothing here save
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah sendet Ihnen 1 Datei:
pic01.jpg (65 KB)

Speichern unter... (Alt+Shift+A)   Ablehnen (Alt+Shift+D)

Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah hat den Fotoaustausch beendet.

Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: What is Your email address
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: its
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: much thanks 
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: So where are You from..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: from germany and you ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I am from Ghana and Have You been to Ghana before or heard about Ghana before
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i think thats an nice country but i was never there
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Ohh I see..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Have You ever chat with any One from Ghana before
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: no, never
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Check Your email I Have email You My Pictures and I want You to email me Yours also
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thanks so much
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: You are welcome..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: let me Know when You get The Pictures and I will be waiting for Yours
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: wow, great pics, thank you so very much
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: You are welcome..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thank you
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Can You email me Your Pictures to
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: really howsweet
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: am waiting
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Ohh I Can see You Now..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: You are Handsome and Nice Looking
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: So Why are You Invisble
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: cos my ym has an problem
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Ohh I See..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: So What are You Looking Online ?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: im looking for an relashionship till to the end of my breath
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Ohh Have You find any Body Yet
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: no
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: So How Long Have You been On The site..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: not long
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: What do You do for a living ?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: im working in an garage
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Ohh Nice..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: So Can You tell me more about Yourself..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: for example ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Anything about You That will bring we Both closer
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: tell me, your romantic ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I am very outgoing, and I love most activities outdoors. I am cute, & I would also like to say, I am Single, Good looking, 31 Year old , well build, about 122lbs solid, 5"7' in Height
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: come on, really 31 ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Yes 31
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: wow, looks you young
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: amazing
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: your not good looking, very good looking
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I am somewhat conservative, but am adventurous and love doing things from relax, listen to wide-range of music, watch good films, to taking walks along the beach or curling up in front of a fire with that special someone
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i like walking trough the nature or in the sunrise or so but its not so nice everytime alone
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i wish i can all share with one
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I'm a down to earth real open-minded,spiritual woman , i dont hide my feeling when it comes to the matters of the heart.I want to share my life with someone who will love me for what I man and want the same in return. I am very happy with who I am as a Person, and I want to share & experience Life with a man who can share, and enjoy Companionship, and what I got, and who will treasure my Heart
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: your now in ghana, have you an chance to come to germany gifty ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Yes I am Ready to relocate to where My Love will be and I will Like to Know if I Can get a chance In Your Heart and soul
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i think i have found for what im looking
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Who is That Person ?
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i think its
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: YOU       
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Lol..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: why
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I am also Happy we met That is why..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: yes, me too
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: if its ok for you, can i you call honey or babe ?
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Any You wish to call me
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: thanks you so very much
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i wish i where beside you and we can cuddle
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I have good Heart and I’m caring. "I am looking for someone who will Love me for whom I am".Honesty, friendship, giving, understanding, and love for one another is what I am looking for, possibly that could lead to a long term Relationship.I am looking for nice Decent Christian man I can appreciate, take care, Love and treat Him Right
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: oh babe, i think your my soulmate
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: So do I..
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I am also looking for a, man with Good Family Values and Morals, that will appreciate me and treat me Right. I am a Christian and Independent. I am a very self motivated individual, plus I am very courteous, kind and affectionate
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: sure babe, we must eachother respect
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: I enjoy long walks, wine/candles, dining, movies, soft music, and playfulness with a men, as well as other open social activities. I love children although (I don't have any of my own). I am open minded, Very HONEST & like a good conversation on most any subject
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Yes That is True..
Xxxxxxxxxxxxx: moment please babe
Gifty(¯`v´¯)-- -(¯`v´¯)- Yeboah: Okay..
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Bei der Person auf den Fotos handelt es sich um
  ein Softpornmodelsternchen welches im Netz unter dem Label  "Raven Riley" vermarktet wird

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Re: Angela Mensah <>
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IP Address
Location       US US, United States
City       Highland, NY 12528
Organization       Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems)

OrgName:    Optimum Online
OrgID:      OPTO
Address:    111 new south RD
City:       Hicksville
StateProv:  NY
PostalCode: 11801
Country:    US

NetRange: -
OriginAS:   AS6148
NetHandle:  NET-69-112-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-69-0-0-0-0
NetType:    Direct Allocation
NameServer: NS.CV.NET
NameServer: NS.CVNET.COM
RegDate:    2004-01-15
Updated:    2008-09-18

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Re: Angela Mensah <>
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ihr Profil

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Re: Angela Mensah <>
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Bild 10 im Start zu sehen unter

Weitere Bilder zu sehen hier

Bild 11 im Start besondere Bilder zu sehen hier
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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.