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Cudjoe Peggy / Amanda Darko <>
« Antwort #30 am: 04,Feb,2014, 19:47:25 »
Vermutlich eine/ein scammer, über Lovoo kennengelernt.
Nach google image search auf andere personen mit gleichem Bild gestossen. Ihr eigentlich Vorname sei Margarate, arbeite in einem Supermarkt und suche eine ernsthafte Beziehung. Conversation in Englisch.

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Re: Cudjoe Peggy / Amanda Darko <>
« Antwort #31 am: 02,Nov,2014, 11:58:11 »

First Name:       
Last Name:       
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Looking For:       

fe is a trip, it is a journey full of adventures. I strive to fill my life with as many interests and actions as possible. Family is very important to me. I love kids, infants, babies they are real angels who are somebodys flesh and blood. I believe that belief creates the actual fact and everything I dream about can come true. So let us create our own future.
Don't have interests

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Re: Cudjoe Peggy / Amanda Darko <>
« Antwort #32 am: 02,Nov,2014, 11:59:22 »!_bx.html

About me
Age       33       Marital Status       Single
Gender       Woman       Has Children       No
Location       Bronx, NY       Birth Date       October 15th
Height       5'6''       Sexual Orientation       Heterosexual
BodyType       Proportional       Would you date someone with children?       Yes
Ethnicity / Race:       White / Caucasian       Religion:       Christian / Catholic
Occupation:       Health Profession       Looking for:       A lover
Sign:       Libra       Color of eyes:       Brown
Color of hair:       Black       Style of hair:       A unique style
Looks:       Average       Live in:       House
Lives:       With roommate(s)       Education level:       Some college
Annual income:       It’s not important       Sense of humor:       I'm very funny
In shape?       I’m in good shape       Importance of religion:       Moderately religious
Goes out:       It varies       Longest relationship:       A few years
Sex is:       Important       Drinks?       Socially
Smokes?       No       I am:       Thin looking for chubby
I'm Seeking
Gender       Man       Age       36-65
Who lives up to       500 miles away       Marital Status       Single, Divorced, Widow(er)
BodyType       It's not important       Height       It's not important

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Please do not feel So much embarrass or surprised to see this message, i have a prayed several days and night to get a reliable and godly minded person to help me out from my situation.
I highly wish to contact you regarding my present conditions as to be my guardians to over come my desires to be fulfillment , my father and my Mom was killed by armed robbers on their way to his business  Gold mining site
I most say my father was rich he owned a GOLD mining company but his company later disposed by his family members after his death out of mismanagement.\par
And since after my father died his family members made life unbearable for me from the day my father lawyer read his wills and they found out that my father was made a deposit of $10 MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS with 75Kilo's of GOLD DUST in a private security company in my name as his next of kin which all the documents related to the deposit by my father was handled over to me as my own inheritance Since after then all the entire families of my father set their eyes on me fighting me days and nights out of jealousy asking me to submit all the documents to claim the consignments from the security company for there own used after they might claimed other of my father properties two houses and other Shops with there own children with out leaving any one for me all because they feel that i have no body on my back to fight for me even they tried several time to kill me by poison as it was approved by my father doctor but all there plans against my death fail them, Since i found out that they are so much desperate to kill me over my inheritance i decided to run out from my city were they will not long see me or know anything concerning me again to a remote village and settle there for a while until i find  some one to help me ..
For this reason i seek your assistance to come as my Husband  to claim these amount with the 75kilos of Gold dust in the security company in your name and move to your country which i will join you to your country and establish my future over there.i know you are my friend but you stand as my Husband so that everything can be process to you in your country.
All i need from you is to Help me to proceed to the lawyer of my and the Security  company where the consignments was deposited by my late father to see every thing your self and arrange to sign out the consignments in your name and transfer to your country or any country of your choice which i will also join you to your country , and all the relevant documents related to this deposit will provide to you when is needed for the proof legitimate of this transaction as they are with me now.I wish to get sound respond from you
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Hier mein neuester fang , mit bildern von Brianna lee:[15.04.2016 22:58:43] Lorreta751: you are welcome

Chat Spoiler
[15.04.2016 22:58:57] xxxxxx: where?
[15.04.2016 22:59:49] Lorreta751: in my
[15.04.2016 23:00:11] xxxxxx: Oh....good
[15.04.2016 23:00:30] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:01:25] xxxxxx: i also want a pic, if you can send here?
[15.04.2016 23:01:43] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:07:27] ***  ***
[15.04.2016 23:08:15] xxxxxx: isload now
[15.04.2016 23:09:14] xxxxxx: very nice Woman see here. (y)
[15.04.2016 23:09:25] Lorreta751: thanks
[15.04.2016 23:11:56] xxxxxx: and you not take a man in your Country? hmmm.
[15.04.2016 23:12:13] Lorreta751: yes dear i hate them
[15.04.2016 23:12:23] Lorreta751: they come for sex not real love
[15.04.2016 23:14:56] xxxxxx: Ah , i understand you, she see a nice Girl and want just sex.The are just immature and stupid.
[15.04.2016 23:16:07] xxxxxx: Love is more , you are right.
[15.04.2016 23:16:12] Lorreta751: yes dear
[15.04.2016 23:16:26] Lorreta751: but sex is very important in relationship
[15.04.2016 23:16:30] Lorreta751: but love first
[15.04.2016 23:16:54] xxxxxx: yes , so is it really.
[15.04.2016 23:17:22] Lorreta751: good
[15.04.2016 23:19:20] xxxxxx: think, we will understand us good, you are Young an years,just very mature in your minds. Like me , i a woman can think really.
[15.04.2016 23:20:21] Lorreta751: yes and i understand you
[15.04.2016 23:20:48] xxxxxx: this good , like me
[15.04.2016 23:20:54] Lorreta751: yes
[15.04.2016 23:21:58] xxxxxx: tell me more please about you.
[15.04.2016 23:22:27] xxxxxx: your Dreams and whishes
[15.04.2016 23:24:28] xxxxxx: how Long you Studie?
[15.04.2016 23:25:44] Lorreta751: about 4years
[15.04.2016 23:26:48] xxxxxx: Is a Long time, just for a good , respectable work later. You can be proud
[15.04.2016 23:27:53] Lorreta751: yes you are right
[15.04.2016 23:28:20] xxxxxx: I know... Smiley
[15.04.2016 23:29:31] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:29:47] Lorreta751: how is the economy there in German?
[15.04.2016 23:30:39] xxxxxx: is good i am Satisfied
[15.04.2016 23:30:49] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:30:58] Lorreta751: Ghana is facing a bad economy
[15.04.2016 23:31:04] Lorreta751: and have you hard
[15.04.2016 23:31:45] xxxxxx: this think me , Africa live from Tourism , think.
[15.04.2016 23:32:47] xxxxxx: But medical personnel is needed everywhere.
[15.04.2016 23:33:02] Lorreta751: yes you are right
[15.04.2016 23:35:20] xxxxxx: where you want Studie in Europe and work after Studie?
[15.04.2016 23:35:54] Lorreta751: any country in Europe
[15.04.2016 23:36:31] xxxxxx: this is OK, i understand you good
[15.04.2016 23:37:41] xxxxxx: what the time now in Ghana?
[15.04.2016 23:37:50] Lorreta751: 9:37pm
[15.04.2016 23:38:01] Lorreta751: what about there?
[15.04.2016 23:38:59] xxxxxx: here is 23:38 pm( 11:38 pm)
[15.04.2016 23:39:11] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:40:19] xxxxxx: you not will go out , friday night?
[15.04.2016 23:40:46] Lorreta751: oh no
[15.04.2016 23:41:03] Lorreta751: i dont like going out
[15.04.2016 23:41:12] Lorreta751: what about you?
[15.04.2016 23:41:56] xxxxxx: also not, i am home now and have a nice Konversation. Zwinkernd
[15.04.2016 23:43:02] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:43:30] ***  ***
[15.04.2016 23:44:30] xxxxxx: nice smile. you look so happy.
[15.04.2016 23:45:42] Lorreta751: really
[15.04.2016 23:45:53] Lorreta751: and yes am alway happy
[15.04.2016 23:46:44] xxxxxx: That pleases me.
[15.04.2016 23:47:51] Lorreta751: okay thanks
[15.04.2016 23:48:00] *** Verpasster Anruf von Lorreta751. ***
[15.04.2016 23:48:05] xxxxxx: please
[15.04.2016 23:48:25] *** Anruf von Lorreta751 ***
[15.04.2016 23:49:04] Lorreta751: you look nice  dear
[15.04.2016 23:49:25] xxxxxx: ah yes , you can see me
[15.04.2016 23:49:58] Lorreta751: yes i can
[15.04.2016 23:50:29] xxxxxx: just i see your pic,no movie
[15.04.2016 23:50:37] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:51:11] Lorreta751: you want to see me
[15.04.2016 23:51:14] *** Anruf beendet (Dauer 02:48). ***
[15.04.2016 23:51:28] xxxxxx: yes , why not.
[15.04.2016 23:53:30] *** Anruf von Lorreta751 ***
[15.04.2016 23:53:54] Lorreta751: can you see me
[15.04.2016 23:54:04] xxxxxx: now can see you
[15.04.2016 23:54:07] Lorreta751: okay
[15.04.2016 23:54:14] Lorreta751: am happy to meet
[15.04.2016 23:54:16] Lorreta751: you
[15.04.2016 23:54:50] xxxxxx: i also, if see the nice smile
[15.04.2016 23:54:57] Lorreta751: thanks
[15.04.2016 23:55:24] Lorreta751: are you happy to see me?
[15.04.2016 23:55:38] xxxxxx: Smiley yes
[15.04.2016 23:55:51] Lorreta751: okay that is good
[15.04.2016 23:56:11] Lorreta751: and us to be honest and kind to ech other
[15.04.2016 23:56:42] xxxxxx: OK
[15.04.2016 23:57:15] Lorreta751: wish i was there with you
[15.04.2016 23:57:49] xxxxxx: you are here whit me now
[15.04.2016 23:58:40] Lorreta751: i mean there with you live
[15.04.2016 23:58:42] *** Anruf beendet (Dauer 05:10). ***
[15.04.2016 23:59:01] xxxxxx: wow
[15.04.2016 23:59:25] Lorreta751: yes
[16.04.2016 00:01:42] Lorreta751: will you like that
[16.04.2016 00:02:34] xxxxxx: Maybe later, now , in the next half year live alone, then we will see.
[16.04.2016 00:02:50] Lorreta751: okay
[16.04.2016 00:03:05] xxxxxx: (kiss)
[16.04.2016 00:03:18] Lorreta751: i will be for that if one day i come to German and live with you
[16.04.2016 00:05:56] xxxxxx: you have many Speed for live whit me.
[16.04.2016 00:06:38] Lorreta751: what do you mean?
[16.04.2016 00:09:07] xxxxxx: You have a great hurry, without knowing me.
[16.04.2016 00:10:16] Lorreta751: really but my heart tells me you are good and wise man
[16.04.2016 00:10:44] Lorreta751: that is why am telling you my heart desires
[16.04.2016 00:11:07 | Entfernt 00:11:15] xxxxxx: Diese Nachricht wurde entfernt
[16.04.2016 00:11:31] xxxxxx: sweet, like you say this
[16.04.2016 00:11:44] Lorreta751: yes
[16.04.2016 00:12:23] xxxxxx: yes , i am a good man, if another peoplesrespect me .
[16.04.2016 00:12:38] Lorreta751: okay that is good
[16.04.2016 00:14:10] xxxxxx: this is the life. whitout respect before another peoples is a bad life
[16.04.2016 00:14:38] Lorreta751: What is your goals or dreams in life?
[16.04.2016 00:15:42] xxxxxx:  Once again, to be loved, to provide without conditions.
[16.04.2016 00:16:02] Lorreta751: good
[16.04.2016 00:16:16] Lorreta751:  What do you dream about at night?
[16.04.2016 00:16:59] xxxxxx: Oh so many... Zwinkernd
[16.04.2016 00:17:20] Lorreta751: okay
[16.04.2016 00:17:32] Lorreta751: What's your favorite foods & drinks?
[16.04.2016 00:18:48] xxxxxx: Food: i like Meat , Rice , noodles, Greens. Drink: a good White wine or maybe Beer.
[16.04.2016 00:19:12] Lorreta751: okay that is very nice
[16.04.2016 00:20:15] xxxxxx: i must look for my health, diabethes , you know.
[16.04.2016 00:20:34] Lorreta751:   I want to laugh, laugh, laugh with you. I want to dance with you, listen to music with you, and laugh with you. Let's laugh, let's free up, laughing together!
[16.04.2016 00:21:26] xxxxxx: so sweet... (hug)
[16.04.2016 00:23:18] xxxxxx: laugh is health... Durchgedreht
[16.04.2016 00:24:11] Lorreta751: yes
[16.04.2016 00:25:16] xxxxxx: just Dance is not my Thing. Like go out in the Woods, swimm, drive in my car.
[16.04.2016 00:26:04] Lorreta751: okay that is also good
[16.04.2016 00:29:08] xxxxxx: Was that meant satirically? Look here: What do you dream about at night?
[16.04.2016 00:30:38] Lorreta751: i sometimes dream ploughing flowers with a man
[16.04.2016 00:31:40] xxxxxx: wow , very me.
[16.04.2016 00:32:17] Lorreta751: yes
[16.04.2016 00:34:41] xxxxxx: Mostly my work goes through the head, but sometimes also a beautiful woman, with everything you dream about as so man ...
[16.04.2016 00:35:50] Lorreta751: Dear do you have friends in Ghana?
[16.04.2016 00:36:09] xxxxxx: No ,my friends have here
[16.04.2016 00:36:20] Lorreta751: okay
[16.04.2016 00:36:51] Lorreta751: and you are the outside friend i have
[16.04.2016 00:37:03] Lorreta751: i mean outside my country
[16.04.2016 00:37:32] xxxxxx: oh , thanks, very well.
[16.04.2016 00:38:03] Lorreta751: okay
[16.04.2016 00:38:25] Lorreta751: i want to sleep now dear
[16.04.2016 00:38:34] Lorreta751: can we meet tomorrow
[16.04.2016 00:38:55] xxxxxx: is ok, is late , also for me. Good night. and sweet dreams.
[16.04.2016 00:39:05] Lorreta751: same to you
[16.04.2016 00:39:20] Lorreta751: bye (F)(hug)(kiss)
[16.04.2016 00:39:46] xxxxxx: (kiss) (hug)
[16.04.2016 22:05:19] xxxxxx: |-(
[17.04.2016 11:12:25] xxxxxx: Hello you, what is wrong in Ghana. I was wait yesterday.
[18.04.2016 12:19:03] Lorreta751: Hello dear good morning
[18.04.2016 17:08:12] xxxxxx: Oh hello,  I was miss you yesterday. How are you. I was in Work
[18.04.2016 17:54:38] xxxxxx: Will come back an evening
[18.04.2016 17:54:48] xxxxxx: (y)
[18.04.2016 19:34:40] xxxxxx: Where is the nice Woman, hmmmm? :^)
[18.04.2016 22:34:08] Lorreta751: Hello Darling am here
[19.04.2016 17:20:24] xxxxxx: Oh this was very late for me, her was time 22:34 pm (10:34) i am  in work alldays and sleep not so many in the night. stand up dayli 5:00 am drink my coffe and drive in my Office for work. Sorry Zwinkernd
[19.04.2016 17:23:50] xxxxxx: I not can write you, if am in Office, i am not allone. My secretary is young and hyperactive when it comes to the work. She constantly has to do somewhere.
[19.04.2016 17:24:31] xxxxxx: Now am home and have Time for you.
[19.04.2016 20:51:06] xxxxxx: (poke)
[19.04.2016 21:49:38] xxxxxx: Smiley
[19.04.2016 21:50:11] xxxxxx: (wave)
[19.04.2016 21:50:30] Lorreta751: hello darling
[19.04.2016 21:50:35] Lorreta751: good evening
[19.04.2016 21:51:03] xxxxxx: Hello, Long time no see you. Welcome back.
[19.04.2016 21:51:14] Lorreta751: yes my darling
[19.04.2016 21:51:19] Lorreta751: i miss you so much
[19.04.2016 21:51:25] Lorreta751: and how are you doing in life?
[19.04.2016 21:52:01] xxxxxx: we are here now togheter, and i am good now.
[19.04.2016 21:52:30] Lorreta751: okay my darling
[19.04.2016 21:52:42] Lorreta751: so how is the weather there with you?
[19.04.2016 21:53:39] xxxxxx: today was very cool an morning we have -2 Celsius. later maybe +6 celsius
[19.04.2016 21:54:05] xxxxxx: Just no rain, litle sun.
[19.04.2016 21:54:15] Lorreta751: okay
[19.04.2016 21:54:27] xxxxxx: and now is the sun there in skype
[19.04.2016 21:54:34] xxxxxx: Zwinkernd
[19.04.2016 21:55:10] Lorreta751: i Ghana is sun is very high here and today it raise very high
[19.04.2016 21:55:43] xxxxxx: this good, i like the sun.
[19.04.2016 21:56:19] Lorreta751: okay
[19.04.2016 21:57:32] xxxxxx: How are you today?
[19.04.2016 21:57:58] Lorreta751: am fine today darling and how about you?
[19.04.2016 21:58:34] xxxxxx: good , thanks. Am here with you, i am good now.
[19.04.2016 21:59:08] Lorreta751: okay my darling
[19.04.2016 21:59:24] Lorreta751: my darling there is something i want to discuss and tell you about
[19.04.2016 21:59:48] xxxxxx: Please.
[19.04.2016 22:00:54] Lorreta751: Darling i need 500euros to get my self into a work to help my mother and also get some benefits
[19.04.2016 22:02:07] xxxxxx: This bad this wek, my car is in repair, maybe must pay 1500-1700 for all.
[19.04.2016 22:03:13] xxxxxx: Totalcrash, the right side. So an idiot whit  alcohol1,5 Promille Schockiert/Erstaunt
[19.04.2016 22:03:31] Lorreta751: oh sorry to hear that my darling
[19.04.2016 22:03:50] Lorreta751: but darling please can you help me with the 500euros?
[19.04.2016 22:04:03] xxxxxx: Later maybe.
[19.04.2016 22:04:22] Lorreta751: okay my darling
[19.04.2016 22:04:33] xxxxxx: wht you Need for Job?
[19.04.2016 22:05:02] xxxxxx: what the Job Mean.
[19.04.2016 22:06:06] Lorreta751: Darling is a patroluim job
[19.04.2016 22:06:30] Lorreta751: but one need to pay 500euros to register and be a member
[19.04.2016 22:06:46] Lorreta751: and for month they will pay 150euros
[19.04.2016 22:07:10] xxxxxx: What is Patrolium?
[19.04.2016 22:07:35] Lorreta751: dont you know patrol
[19.04.2016 22:08:20] xxxxxx: No, think no. Think ,you are Nurse
[19.04.2016 22:08:33] Lorreta751: yes darling
[19.04.2016 22:08:48] Lorreta751: but am doing this for the mean time
[19.04.2016 22:09:20] Lorreta751: Ghana is very difficult country and is not eazy to get a job to do
[19.04.2016 22:09:47] Lorreta751: that is why i want to start that work to earn up something
[19.04.2016 22:10:27] xxxxxx: now  i know , what is Patrol. Police-Job.
[19.04.2016 22:10:43] Lorreta751: no
[19.04.2016 22:11:00] Lorreta751: patrol that is put in car
[19.04.2016 22:11:51] xxxxxx: Vigilante?
[19.04.2016 22:12:11] xxxxxx: Private Police.
[19.04.2016 22:12:43] Lorreta751: no
[19.04.2016 22:13:15] xxxxxx: Is good , will ask my Friend, he work for Interpol.
[19.04.2016 22:13:27] xxxxxx: No problem
[19.04.2016 22:13:32] Lorreta751: okay
[19.04.2016 22:13:46] Lorreta751: patrol oil and gas company
[19.04.2016 22:14:38] xxxxxx: Ah, this  understand (idea)
[19.04.2016 22:14:48] Lorreta751: okay
[19.04.2016 22:15:34] xxxxxx: Today was see your pics again... (mm)
[19.04.2016 22:16:07] Lorreta751: so please my darling try your best for me and help me with the 500euros so that i can get my self to the job
[19.04.2016 22:16:16] Lorreta751: can you do that tomorrow?
[19.04.2016 22:16:47] xxxxxx: Next week, maybe if my car is repair.
[19.04.2016 22:17:07] Lorreta751: okay my darling
[19.04.2016 22:17:45] xxxxxx: I must speak whit my Insurance, for pay, just first must pay self.
[19.04.2016 22:18:10] Lorreta751: i dont understand
[19.04.2016 22:19:48] xxxxxx: i must pay the repair and speak whit my car -Insurance, How pay me back all. I have not the debt.
[19.04.2016 22:20:20] Lorreta751: okay
[19.04.2016 22:20:48] xxxxxx: we understand us good.
[19.04.2016 22:21:18] Lorreta751: yes darling
[19.04.2016 22:21:42] Lorreta751: but darling i hope by nextweek everything will be good and you will be able to help me
[19.04.2016 22:22:05] xxxxxx: will try all do help.
[19.04.2016 22:23:01] xxxxxx: How can send the help?
[19.04.2016 22:24:00] Lorreta751: darling i will give you my bank address
[19.04.2016 22:24:38] xxxxxx: No not bank account in the net.
[19.04.2016 22:25:30] xxxxxx: We not kknow, who read here all whit us in skype
[19.04.2016 22:25:55] xxxxxx: Is not safe
[19.04.2016 22:26:27] Lorreta751: darling i use western union
[19.04.2016 22:27:01] xxxxxx: This is better, i know this , we have it there in the City.
[19.04.2016 22:27:12] Lorreta751: yes darling
[19.04.2016 22:27:42] Lorreta751: i will give you my name
[19.04.2016 22:27:43] xxxxxx: you havemore pics from you for me? like me, your smile.
[19.04.2016 22:27:52] xxxxxx: OK
[19.04.2016 22:28:27] xxxxxx: Loretta ....
[19.04.2016 22:28:36] xxxxxx: :^)
[19.04.2016 22:29:58] xxxxxx: Forgeth your Name Durchgedreht ?
[19.04.2016 22:30:10] Lorreta751: NAME:Lorreta Asare
BANK:Western Union
[19.04.2016 22:33:17] xxxxxx: OK
[19.04.2016 22:33:52] Lorreta751: have you got it and are you okay with it?
[19.04.2016 22:34:26] xxxxxx: yes i have saved it, all good.
[19.04.2016 22:34:53] xxxxxx: saved in my Documents in word. all good
[19.04.2016 22:35:13] Lorreta751: okay my darling
[19.04.2016 22:35:26] Lorreta751: i hope by next weeek you will send it?
[19.04.2016 22:36:09] xxxxxx: think, yes Zwinkernd havemore pics from you for me? like me, your smile.
[19.04.2016 22:36:26] Lorreta751: okay let make it tomorrow
[19.04.2016 22:36:26] xxxxxx: Smiley
[19.04.2016 22:36:33] Lorreta751: i will try and get you some
[19.04.2016 22:36:37] xxxxxx: well.
[19.04.2016 22:37:47] xxxxxx: Now must go sleep. tomorrow must be alldays in my Office whit this hyperactive secretary |-(
[19.04.2016 22:38:18] xxxxxx: Good night, we will see us later.
[19.04.2016 22:38:25] Lorreta751: okay my darling
[19.04.2016 22:38:31] Lorreta751: please take care
[19.04.2016 22:38:54] xxxxxx: what?
[19.04.2016 22:39:04] xxxxxx: what you mean?
[19.04.2016 22:39:13] Lorreta751: i mean take care
[19.04.2016 22:39:27] xxxxxx: oh yes.
[19.04.2016 22:39:44] Lorreta751: bye (heart)
[19.04.2016 22:39:50] xxxxxx: (kiss)
[21.04.2016 22:19:50] xxxxxx: No Money no talk? or what?
[22.04.2016 23:02:27] Lorreta751: oh no my darling
[22.04.2016 23:02:48] Lorreta751: i have been getting problems with my computer
[22.04.2016 23:03:04] Lorreta751: that was why you were not able to here from me
[23.04.2016 05:49:01] xxxxxx: OK sorry , i was sleep in this time , where you wrote me...llllll3203 Loretta751
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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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@ Admin

Bei der Durchsicht dieses Beitrages viel mir der Name Stella Adjei sofort auf. In der Scammer Galerie gibt es bereits unter "James Mitchell" ein Dokument von Stella Adjei, mit gleichem Foto wie auf den Passfoto in diesem Beitrag - hier Seite 2 - zu sehen.

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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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Beatrice Johnson <>
« Antwort #37 am: 30,Sep,2017, 07:29:50 »
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X-Google-Smtp-Source: AOwi7QD43Ry3ciLqtZr0WYBHWTb4fjVYCTIpeULkknU7MdHwe6lpKUP4y8bm701Xtlc+jtHe4ER2JUp5mg/A/EIh9nI=
X-Received: by with SMTP id 9mr762610wmg.37.1506357509656; Mon, 25
 Sep 2017 09:38:29 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with HTTP; Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:38:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: beatrice johnson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:38:28 -0700

Hallo guten Tag lieber Freund

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht auf Finya ..
Ich werde diese Gelegenheit nutzen, um Ihnen für die Zeit zu danken, die Sie für mich auf dieser Seite haben, Sie sind mein erster Kontakt auf der Seite und ich bin glücklich.

Ja, es wäre so schön, eines Tages persönlich zu treffen und zu sehen, wie es geht, aber vor allem muss man mehr über einander wissen, bevor wir diesen Umzug ohne Eile machen können, was denkst du? Ich bin bryantlinda im Alter von 30 Jahren, aber ich bin halb deutsch und halb England, hast du Problem über Distanz? ..
Ich rauche nicht und ich bin Single niemals heiraten, kein Kind, aber ich werde gerne ein Kind mit meinem Partner haben.
Ich glaube nicht, dass lange Distanz zwischen zu engagierten Menschen ein Problem wäre, solange ich weiß, dass mein Partner treu wäre und wann es wahre Liebe, Glück & Vertrauen in die Beziehung mit der Zerschlagung der Kommunikation auch, Und ich glaube, Kommunikation ist auch in einer Beziehung wichtig.

Ich will einen ernsten, dedizierenden, engagierten und verantwortlichen Mann, der anständig und bereit für ein Ernstes mit mir ist.
Kommen Sie her? und was machst du als deine Arbeit zum Leben?
Ich bin neu hier und würde mich auch freuen, wenn du mit mir deine Erfahrung hier teilen kannst, wie ich auch lernen kann Haben Sie einen Tag und hoffen, von Ihnen zurück zu lesen ..

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Re: Beatrice Johnson <>
« Antwort #38 am: 01,Okt,2017, 09:15:30 »
From: beatrice johnson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:38:28 -0700

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Assignment:   Static IP
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Country:   United States us flag
State/Region:   California
City:   Palo Alto
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Wahre Worte sind oft nicht schön, schöne Worte sind oft nicht wahr!