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Olja / Anastasiya <>
« am: 23,Okt,2009, 18:08:40 »
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Hello, there!

Thank you very much for showing interest in me, it seems to be mutual
so far! I hope that I will be able to keep your interest once
you get a bit more information about me. Smiley
My name is Olga - I prefer to be called Olya - and I was born
September 19th, 1980 in Starobelsk, Ukraine,
but nowdays I live in
I am an only child and unfortunately I have only my Mom, as
my parents got divorced a very long time ago and my father has chosen
not to be a part of my life. I have some distant relatives but we
don't keep in touch. I have a University education, my majors were
English and French, I am fluent in English, but I totally lost my
ability to speak French. Nowdays I work as a receptionist at the
veterinary clinic and I like my work.
I am a very sociable girl, I like to laugh and to make people laugh, I
am also a teaser. Smiley)) Please, for your own sake, don't ever tell any
dirty jokes about secretaries as I perform those functions most of the
time as well, okay? Smiley))But I will never tease someone who doesn't
have any sense of humor and of course I will not hurt anyone
deliberately. I am optimistic and decisive but from time to time I
like to complain over dozens of my troubles to a friend. Everybody who
knows me understands that I really need just to talk about it, not to
have a piece of advice or anything. I wear my emotions on the sleeve
and as I pour out my troubles and listen to what I say that don't seem
to be troubles anymore, just my little therapy. Smiley I am very friendly
and get acquainted with people easily, but when it comes to having a
relationships I was taught that it is a man's priviledge to make the
first move and that a girl who is enthusiastic about the relationship
seems easy. Of course I am not that bad, Smiley)), but a bit old-fashioned
in a way. There have been ups and downs in my life, and sometimes I
felt unlucky, but I am a real optimist by nature, and with a help of
friends and family was always able to overcome difficulties. But I
need a person at my side, a man that I could love forever and spend my
whole life with, the one who could love me back and treat me right.
The one that I would miss the minute he walks out the door heading for
work. I am a very humorous person, I like to joke and to make people
laugh. You can also hide your negative emotions behind a bright smile.
I don't like to let people know when I am hurt or just low-spirited. I
like to go out as much as I like to stay at home. I read a lot, I
dance a lot, I dream a lot. And my dreams always concern some man who
will enter my life like a hurricane and will sweep me off my feet with
his passion, care and decisiveness. I am a good hostess but I never
pretend that I enjoy cleaning up. Smiley I like good movies, animals and
good music. I hope I haven't talked you to death!

Please, write soon! Sincerely, Olya.

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Hello my dear friend xxxxx!
At first i wont to ask you what do think about women who
do the first step? I think that in our society now it's normal, may be
it's even better. sorry for lyrical pause.
My name is Nastya. I am from Ukraine. I was born on the 10 of September in 1979. My
growth is 168 meters and weight 53 kg. My native city is Bryanka,
which i like so much, and how you can doesn't like it... there are my
parents, my friends, there i spend my childhood... sorry lyrical step
again. As for my job, I'm a Hair dresser. May be some people say that
it is not a good paid job, but i think that money is not main things
in our life. I've been dreaming about interesting job, in which i
could realized myself as a person. I have been liked to do some
creative in this life. I like it, because i can mix to work. Besides
the hairdresser i have to be like a psychology. I don't know why
people who comes to me starts to tell me about their problems, about
their life. My colleague says that i should give some more money for
my exchange service...joke of course. I like to help if i can.
By the way, sorry for some possible mistakes. I write at the
Internet cafe and here are so noisy. I haven't got an Internet at
home, that's why I have do it by this way. But it does not mean,
because despite of it I can communicate with you.
Today i have had an awful working day, I'm so tired. May be it's
because of the weather. I feel myself some sad and broken when it
rains and cold. But it has some advantages - you can walk over the
autumn leaves, getting satisfaction from chilly air... there is some
fascinated in it, do you find the same? But frankly speaking, i like
spring most of all may be because it's like a sign of something new
and interesting in our life. You feel that all is possible. You have a
lot of power and it seems to you that you can do almost all... Well it
seems to me that I have not speak for age, i think it because of
you I speak a lot.
well, as for my family - I have a sister, she is married and
has two daughters, who I like most of all in this world. My parents live
in the same city with me. but I live in my rent flat.
And what about you? What is interesting for you in this life? Do you
have any hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time? What do you
like more a noisy company or a calm and a romantic atmosphere at home?
Please tell me something about you. I'd like to know about you
everything, if you want of course. I hope that you will answer me as
soon as you can. I'll waiting.
Buy, have a good day!
Your friend Nastya!
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Are you happy ?
I am!, because your reply made me smile and gave me a ray of hope in my life!
You know I came home yesterday and before I went to bed I was watching sky with yellow moon and
twinkling stars and you know what? I was watching a star falling down and of course
I did not miss my chance to make a wish... try to guess my wish! Yeah, you are right!
So here we are as you can see
Thank you for your letter and photos. Nice pictures. :liar: :liar:
(I never send Pics)
And as for mine, thank you for your compliments,
but I'm really natural girl and so I don't have any implants! :shock:
It's my native body!
And even if I had possibility to make it better I would never do any operations because
I'm afraid of pain and complications!
I was very glad to see your letter. It made my mood better, because it
was the first good thing during the day. Oh, stated to complain, it's
a bad manners.
I have studying English in specialized school from English and don't use translators!
How are you? How is your working day, what is new? What is the plan
for the weekend? As for me, I'm going to the football with my friends.
May be it looks some strange, but I really like a football. I think it is
funny even if you don't understand this kind of sport. It is like an
infect - even if you have a bad spirit and exhausted, you come to the
football field, where people are so energy, and get a huge part of
their energy. And you go back home so little exhausted but
exhilarated. It's like a psychotherapy, it helps me, at least it
doesn't cost a lot. And what about you, do you like a football or
other kind of sport?
As for me, i don't understand about sport enough. But i have one black
page in my life. (Pleas promise that you will not laugh with me...)
When I was studying at school I was go in for dancing, but then there
were some circumstances because of what I had to leave it. But I
wanted to go in for anything and I decided to go in for boxing. Yes,
it was funny but not for a long. Well, I've opened you my secret,
don't tell it anybody,ok?
Do you have some funny secret moment in your life like my? It will be
pleasure for me to know that I'm not a lonely person in this mean. I
will not tell it anybody, I promise (just a joke).
oh, it so pleasure to write you, so I don't see the time. Today is the
same. It's so dark outside, cafe will close soon and i must go home...
I don't want, but MUST (I hate this word)!
I hope see your letter soon in which you'll give me a bit of your good

I will wait for your answer. Good buy.

Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.