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Diana/Dia <>
« am: 07,Apr,2012, 10:29:04 »
Diana ..keine ahnung wo "ES" meine emailadr.her hat..   :(

Privet my friend

But true love is a durable fire, in the mind ever burning, never sick, never
old, and never dead, from itself never turning.
Some people have such big dreams, but all I want is to love you, to wake up
beside you each morning, to feel the warmth of your hand in mine, to share
each moment, good and bad, with you, to lose myself in your loving arms. Some
people want so much out of life, but all I want is to share everything with
you, for us to talk long into the night, to dream together, and experience all
of the little things together that makes life worth living. Yes, I have a big
dream after all. And I want so many things. I want to spend the rest of my life
with the person I love. And I want to give him my love, and to make our home a
place where you always feel warm and welcome, and for us to have a relationship
in which we accept each other for who we are and always find a sweet dream in
each othera??s arms
All I want is for us to love each other with unbelievable love.
And I do believe that dreams can come true.

hope to here from you


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Ohne den "SINN" zu vergessen - Jagen Macht Spass !!!

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Re: Diana/Dia <>
« Antwort #1 am: 07,Apr,2012, 14:24:52 »
@ Jojo!

Verschleierte Einlieferung über Frankreich, die Date-Zeile kommt aus der Ukraine und die vier Beispiel-Profile auf der Datingseite: zu schön um wahr zu sein!

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From: "Dia" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 21:49:38 +0200

ISP:       France Telecom
Host Name:
Organization:       France Telecom
City:       n/a
Country:       France France
Country code:       FR

Grüße Stefan ... ;)

P.S.: Wer die Nicknamen der Damen dort kennt, der weiß worum es hier geht! Filmtitel Hard Candy! FSK ab 18 J.!!

Zum Beispiel: "Hard Candy" (Age range 26-57)


"Lady Alyonushka"
(... I am a little sentimental and I can feel beauty very deeply

Age range 35-50
) (Looking for I would like to find a kind man who is capable to be the\\\\\"rock\\\\\" for his family)

Es wird wohl auf Translation-Scam herauslaufen, aber ich lass mich gerne mal mit etwas Ehrlichem überraschen! LOL!
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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.