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Anna <>
« am: 04,Jan,2010, 02:18:31 »
Post aus Lugansk

Hello Dear,
Thanks for your interest. Several days ago I couldn’t imagine that I find a man like you.
I am very glad that network gives me this opportunity, and I hope that my letter will be the
first step for our long-lasting relations.
I have heard many times that people make the acquaintance in this way, find their second half and create strong and happy family.
It was hardly to believed because their country, culture , religion are different, but now I see
That it is possible. May be it happens because these are does not matter for real love?
Many people don’t feel happy with things they have at the present moment. They can have a lot of money, expensive cars,
big houses and a good job but if they have no a family THEY HAVE HOTHING.
 With each passing moment our life becomes shorter and shorter. I do not want waste the time. I want to be happy now,
in this moment, every day. May be with you? I am seeking true love, real friendship, a loving husband.
Oh, my dear I forget to introduce myself! I think it will be interesting for you to know some more about me?
My name is Anna. I was born in a pretty cozy town, which called Sverdlovsk, Ukraine. Have you ever been in my country?
As my father was military officer we traveled a lot all of Soviet Union around. So I spent my green years first in Russia, Bellorussia,
Litva. Than we moved to live in Ukraine, stopped here and began our calm and happy life. ?
But from my childish I fell in love with traveling and love it so far. People should have new emotions and impressions,
it makes our life more interest and bright!
Now I am 26 y. o. and work as an accountant. Every my day passing in a company of figures, bills and accounts.
Do you think it is boring? Never!
Expect my favorite job there are my brother and little niece Nelly and a lot of friends in my life. But still this moment
I have not my close man, hope not for a long time?
If you think that it is something common between us write me, I will be very glad to hear from you!
I will be waiting for your letter and some photos.
With best wishes

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Re: Anna <>
« Antwort #1 am: 07,Jan,2018, 16:16:05 »
Thanks for your letter and for your kind words. I was waiting a letter from you
so impatiently!
You are very interesting person and I really read your letter with great
My dear, I want tell you that I am here for serious relation.
I am looking for my love partner, my husband, my friend and lover in one face.
I have no children because I have never been married but I very want to have.
I really like children and dreaming about my own family with many children, now
I like spend time with my niece.
She is so open and kind.
Children do not say lay and like me when they are love somebody they love you
for you and not for the money,
social status or something else like this.
So what can I say about myself?Smiley
Well , I like all kind of music depending of my mood.
I like Japan dishes such as sushi and rolls with salmon. I like green tea and
fresh juice,
I don’t like strong drinks but sometimes I can drink light wine with my
I like healthy style of life because it keeps my beauty and weight?
I like to sit with my friends at little cozy cafes, listen to soft music and
have a funny chat
Sometimes we go to see movies, sometimes go to the concert but it happens very
seldom. Our town is very little,
we have a stadium where our famous singers come and give there concerts.
In winter I go to skating with my little niece and go to the swimming pool.
I know it is common provincial life, but it can be pleasant! Honestly I like to
change something in my life.
As you know I like to travel and dream that we will be together and visit Praga
and Paris one day.
I should point that I use translator service for my letter, my English is very
poor, I hate lies.
I think that relationship between man and woman must be based on trust,
respect, understanding and love, of course!
So I want you to write honesty what do you think about this. Is it Ok for you?
Please tell me more about yourself,
What do you like and dislike?  What are some of your dream and goals in your
life?  what do think about family?

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Re: Anna <>
« Antwort #2 am: 07,Jan,2018, 16:16:30 »
Thanks for your mail my darling, you make my happy again with your letter
I am so glad that I have met you through the internet. I read your letter and
it seems to me that
I have known you for a long time!
You write interesting, easy and bright. I think that I will never feel bored in
your company.
I do not know why. Maybe because of your sense of humor, your honest and
Thank you for that so much. I feel that you make me feel something more than
ordinary friendship,
now I am thinking about you too often.
I don’t know if it is just ordinary likeness or something greater than that.
We live on different parts of our planet but I hope that one day we will meet
each other in real life.
I know that it is very difficult to know each other better only for writing
I think you don`t want to be only pen friend, same to me.
May be when we will have a meet in reality, we can live together ?
What I am searching in you: first of all I want to see non-egoistic,
independent and self- confident person,
my  husband should respect me and my wishes and understand me whatever in this
life can happen.
From my side I will give the same and even more, but if I will see real
interest and care to myself.
I  feel that from each passing moment you become more close to me. Do you feel
the same?
I want to see you, to kiss you to feel you hugs and your warmth …
You are in my heart and in my soul I want you to share my dreams, wishes, each
moment of my life with you.
I am so tired to be alone, can you give me your love and care?
i hope you see something in my letter or in pics that makes you want
to correspond me, and i would like to start a more serious
correspondence with you. if you are interested.
well that is all i can write for you now
waiting for your letter
yours Anna

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