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Mariya <labodaloda@yahoo. com>
« am: 02,Apr,2012, 21:04:24 »
Aus unserem Gäste-Forum!

Hello !
    I'm really happy that we have with each letter we find the mutual understanding and respect, and it's really important.
  I often wonder about the future life and an age I thought that really makes life and family.
  Sorry for the question. I want to know if you write to someone else besides me?
  You are really good and charming man and I think you can write to someone else.
  In turn, I mean that I have only you and I are in communion with you alone.
  Unacceptable for me to communicate with many men. I hope that we will be totally honest with others.
  Now, when I have no more time I spend with my friends, this course other than entertainment, relaxation and so on.
  But not everything and what I need, I want to be with her boyfriend, give him the care and warmth.
  Have a romantic evening together, or simply walk.
  It 'so beautiful! Do you agree? How about yourself? You are romantic?
  I want to know more about you and I are constantly asking for your life.
  For me actually, and all very interesting. How did you spend your day today?
  I will write much more every day, but I have almost all day at work and I write only when I have the opportunity.
  As soon as I get home just to check for email and when you see your letter my mood immediately lifted.
  I want to say thank you for the smile from me.
  It 's very nice to me!
  It would seem that we are familiar with only a few days, but already many emotions and experiences that we have delivered the letters.
  So it's important to understand you and in communion with you and you are really attracted me to him.
  I'm starting to think more of you, I hope you remember me during the day.
  I await your response.
  Your Mariya.

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