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Natalya <>
« am: 15,Nov,2010, 12:43:39 »
<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

I was so glad to get your message.
Thank you very much!
It means that you are interested in me.
Am I right?
As soon I have to say that I just start searching Internet service that is why if I make any mistake or confuse something please don't be offended.
I am just a beginner.
But I had already bad experience.
Many of men don't have serious intentions.
They treat me only to a game.
They just need only my pictures and video.
But actually it’s not right!
Now I want to say a little about myself.
I gonna give you information letter by letter to prolong this process to form an interest to each other.
As you see my name is Natalya.
Have you ever heard such a name?
I am Russian.
I was born on July,18 1982 in the city of Kazan which is situated 850 km to the East of Moscow.
If you are interested in my city you can find much information in Internet.
I speak English a little as I studied it at school and in University.
By the way I entered the University in the city of Saint Petersburg and soon after my graduation I went back to my native city.
Now I work and live in Kazan with my parents.
I love parents very much.
I also love my work.
I am hardworking and sociable.
I work as an engineer in a constructing office on the Machine-Building Factory in my city.
I get used to my job.
And execute it very well.
And what about you?
But in my opinion I am not paid properly.
I don't get much money.
It's a general problem in Russia.
It's very hard here to be paid much enough.
I even have no phone.
Because it is necessary to pay for it and I don’t have enough money.
During my life I’ve just once had serious relationships.
But then I broke with him.
He was not suitable for me.
It is so painful for me to recall about it.
I think you ask himself why such a girl as me wants to meet her love in Internet, do you?
There are many reasons to it.
And the main of them is that I disappointed in Russian men.
They treat women so bad.
They don't respect us  and don’t estimate the values of family.
And drink too much alcohol.I hope you don't drink too much alcohol?
I don’t want such a destiny for me and for my future children.
That is why I am looking for my only one by Internet.
Also using Internet is very interesting and comfortable.
I want to find a real gentleman who never offends a woman, estimates the values of family; always will be honest, strong, brave and respectful to me.
And I hate liars!
Maybe you will say that I am a romantic and I approach life strongly in romantic way.
I don’t know.
I consider that we should try to do the best.
Can you share with me your opinion to this moment?
Well, you see what I am a person.
You see my goals and my reasons.
If you want to communicate with me then I wait your letters.
Please don’t be in a hurry with questions You will get everything step by step.
It’s much more pleasure to prolong the amusement of our meeting, isn’t it?
As soon I want to say please don’t ask me about sexy or naked pictures.
I will draw a conclusion that you are not serious and need only sex.
I have no computer at home.
My friend allows me to use her computer and sometimes I visit Internet cafe.
So I will be able to answer your letters approximately once two days.
It’s not too long for you?
According to the same reason I don’t use such programs as MSN, Skype, ICQ or something like that.
I hope you will understand me?
So, hopefully waiting for your answer!

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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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Re: Natalya <>
« Antwort #1 am: 14,Jul,2019, 21:55:09 »
hello my unfamiliar (but we can change it) Don_t think that it is a fairytale or spam.
This is a real letter from a real Russian woman. My name is Natalya.
I have found your Email in Internet (don_t know where exactly) and decided to make a letter for you.
Because I believe in destiny and used this unusual hope to get acquainted with a man.
I applied some pics. If you like me you can answer this letter.
I am always glad to get your letter. Waiting for your letter

Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.