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Die hat schon viele Einträge!
Laut Profil USA. Aber der Name Oksa kam mir schon verdammt russisch vor.

Hello   Xxxxxx   !   Have  good  day!.  The  computer  in  service  of
acquaintances  found to me some profiles of people which coincide with
my  inquiry. I preliminary studied them and has decided to send you to
the  first  the  message  because  your  structure  seems  to  me more
interesting.  I hope, that You have time to send me some messages that
we  could  it  is better to find out each other.I was very glad when I
has found out your letter in my mailbox. It is so nice of you! Frankly
speaking  I couldn’t hope for it. I don’t know what to say in my first
letter,  because  I  never got acquainted through internet before.It’s
something  new  and unusual for me. But I’ll try write good letters to
you.  I  suppose you’ll be able to understand my words and what I will
say  to  you. I hope that I'll find somebody, specially for me who can
share  this  day  with me!! My birthday on June, 29th, 1984. So as you
could understand me I am almost 25 years old. I have a nice dark brown
hair,  also  it is possible to tell long. I have brown eyes as you can
see  in  my  film. Well, my height of a body of 5,6 and weights of 117
kbs.  So,  also  I  very  much  similarly  to  Sports competitions and
everything,  that to it connected, I - the borrowed gymnastics, I very
much  similarly to healthy the image of a life, and I think, similarly
to  which  everyone owes it. I was not married. I think first of all I
need  to  know  anything about my man, to spend a lot of time with him
and  only then I think the time will come and I will be able to decide
he is for me or not. I hope that you can understand me. Maybe it's not
right  but  I am afraid of making mistakes. I understand that there is
no  life  without  mistakes  but  …  I would like, it has well learned
concerning  the  friend the friend. My search is very serious. Please,
try  to believe me and to understand me. I wish To find the person who
will  trust  strictly.  I  would hope, that yours the purposes will be
similar,  I would like to hear yours Ideas, that you desire during the
future.  I  think, which we should understand and dismantle the friend
the friend, and then meet. I would like to know more about your family
and to learn a little bit more in detail about your birth ? Xxxxxx you
probably  would  like  to learn more in detail about my character as I
want  to  know  more  about  your  character. I can tell about it only
according  to  mine  familiar.  I am too open, simple girl. I can tell
precisely  by myself that the sociable and purposeful woman. I love to
be  in  a  circle  of the cheerful, clever friends. In a circle of the
people  which  I communicate with, I have not found the man whom would
be  possible  to  connect  the destiny with. So I am a the work as the
waitress.  I  have  finished  the university some years ago.Xxxxxx you
know  that  my  student's  years  were the happiest in my life. We had
cheerful, friendly company which had time simultaneously well to study
and  to  have  a  rest.  With  Internet  I  work  for  the first time.
Difficultly  something  to  speak about it, you see,Xxxxxx you are the
first  man whom I communicate with the help of Internet. And when your
birthday?  I will be with impatience wait for your letter. I hope that
my photo is pleasant to you. Please, send me your photos, WELL? I very
happy shall see them. Your new friend, Oksana!

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Hier kommt ihre Adresse.

Olesya Korolkova
 Moskovskaya area, Pushkino, Lugovaya street, 141730

Name Tatyana.
Surname Sokolova.
The country Russia
City Cheboksary
Street Lenina
The house 140
Apartment 223.
The postal index 428000

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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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Ahja. Der Grund warum USA und nicht Russland!

Hi  Xxxxxx! I am glad, that you were interested by me and have written
to me e-mail. I think it will be right if I begin to tell you about my
self  first,  because  it was me who began to write. I’m not sure that
you Xxxxxx will like my letters, that they will be interesting to you,
but  if  it  won’t  be  so you will write me about it. OK? I very much
liked  your  photo,  it  was very fine, now I can visually investigate
you, please continue to send me it! Unfortunately I live far from you,
differently  there  would  be  no  necessity for e-mail! As you now to
understand  that I live in Russia instead of where be still, I to want
to  explain to you why I so to do, I thought that if I to write to you
that  I  from  Russia  instead  of from America you would not began to
write  that  to  me and in me would not be interested, I to think that
distance  it  certainly  very  much an important point, but I to think
that  through the Internet it is possible to find second half and then
distance  will  not be such important factor in relations even through
the  Internet,  now  people worldwide to search for the love in such a
way and now they live have family, children. Probably Xxxxxx you’ll be
surprised that I don’t live in your country. But I hope it don’t shock
you.  I’m  the  same  like many other ladies in other countries in the
world.  I’m  a usual woman who has hands, legs, a head a heart that is
the most important. Though I and am far from you, but it not a barrier
to  the present love! You agree with me? I think that my heart is very
sensitive.  I  hope  you’ll  understand  it  from  my letters. I’ll be
immensely  happy  if  the  distance between us doesn’t afraid you, and
you’ll  answer  me.  I shall be very glad if you will write to me also
other  letters. As  it  will  be  interesting to me to learn about your
life,  family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your
letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully Oksana.

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Die verwendet einen Onlineübersetzer.
Diese Beziehung kann nichts werden.

Ich hatt schon solche Hoffnung ! 

Hi  Xxxxxx. Have good day. I waited your letter and was very much Is
pleased,  when  you  have  written  to  me.  Your  structure and I was
interesting  to  me Is pleased, that we begin to learn each other more
well  and  to  develop  Our  acquaintance.  I  think,  that  it  is an
interesting  thing,  to  learn someone Far through the Internet. It is
unusual  to  me,  because  I  a  little Is familiar with the Internet.
Xxxxxx,  I  want  to inform you, that I have no the computer At home
also  I  go  in  Internet  -  cafe,  in  free  from work time. That To
translate  my  letters  to  you  I  use  the  electronic  program  The
interpreter,  because  for  me is faster and it is convenient to write
for  you  In  Russian,  and then to translate the letter on English. I
hope,  That  you can understand well my letters. I studied the English
language Earlier at school, and after that in college and I understand
your  letters  very  well. Only please do not use Reductions of words.
While  I did not establish the computer in the house, therefore That I
have no there telephone.Xxxxxx, I want To tell to you it is a little
about  itself.  I  have I have very good family, I have daddy and mum,
they  very  good  people.  But  I  do  not  have not what brothers and
sisters, in family I was one child, and I always, asked mum that at me
to  be  the  brother  and the sister, but earlier in Russia to be very
much  hard  times  to  have  many children and on this I in family one
child.  And  you  have  brothers  or  sisters  and  how  many them? We
frequently  with  parents are chosen together on a camping and We have
other  entertainments.  I live in city Novocheboksarsk the city not of the
large  size, and in it is a little The people. Basically at us in city
various factory and factories. Is present Some restaurant and bar. The
city  is  constructed  not  by high houses till 3-5 floors. Tell to me
about  the  job.  She  is pleasant to you? To me My job is pleasant. I
very  much like to laugh and I respect the people with good By humour.
I  like to travel. I yet was not far from mine At home, but I dream in
the  future to visit in different places. I 2-3 times in Week go to be
engaged  in sports hall, to hold my body in The order. I as to like to
play  very  much  volleyball  and in tennis when I have free time from
work.  And  you  Xxxxxx,  have  any  sports  in  the  life? You love
Entertainment  on a nature? A hunt? fishing? A camping? Some inform me
Things  about  the entertainment. It will be very interesting to me to
learn about it. I wait for your letters. Sincerely yours Oksana.

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Hat da eine sich über deutsche Frauen informiert?

Hi  my  Xxxxxx.  How  you  today? I am glad to receive yours e-mail. I
think,  that  I  more  seriously now think of acquaintance through the
Internet.Xxxxxx,  when  you  established the structure in a service of
acquaintances,  you  thought of an opportunity to find the man for the
serious  relations?  Be  you can did it to have a small entertainment?
Inform  me  about  it  please.  Inform me, why you have decided to get
acquainted  in  the  Internet, instead of in the street. I in the life
had  no  good  acquaintances  in  the street. I think, that if the man
specially  uses  a service of acquaintances, it has serious intentions
to  find  the  special man for himself. To me told about many games on
the  Internet,  but  I  hope, that you the serious man.Xxxxxx, I would
like,  that you wrote to me the small story, how the usual man in your
country  lives. At our peoples different culture and life, and I think
this  story will help me better to understand you. I think, that on TV
tell not always truth, and I never do opinion on the other people from
the  TV  set. I hope, that will not tell some things about it tiresome
for  you.  With  what  importance  of  family in your country and what
opinion  at  you  concerning  it.Xxxxxx, I heard, that in your country
women  frivolously  concern  to  family, that for them their career is
more  important.  And  some women marry and at once do divorce to take
half of money from the husband. It is the truth?. It is very difficult
to  me to understand it. I think, that for the woman the main thing to
have  in a life not career or other success, and strong family and the
favourite person beside what to care of him. Tell please, you dream to
meet what woman in the life? Excuse Xxxxxx , that I ask you to discuss
such  frank thing with The person whom you know couple of days. But it
is interesting to me to know It about you.. I already informed to you,
that  I  have  a work, which takes away from me a lot of free time. My
salary  not  so large, but suffices to me for life and I frequently am
helped  by my parents. but I all the same to like the job and I do not
want  in  the future me this job. Xxxxxx, what you have opinion rather
importance  of education in life? Together to me please opinions. Dear
now it is time to me to go home. I shall write to you tomorrow. I wait
for your letters. Yours Oksana.

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Hi  dear Xxxxxx. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we
start to learn each other better and for me it is an interesting. Last
time  at  me  on soul is present boredom, not occurs any joyful things
and  your  message  now  for  me  as a solar beam. Your letter had the
interesting  information  for  me.  Today at work I thought of you and
these  ideas  were  pleasant  for me, it was pleasant to me to realize
there  is  a  man, which reads my ideas and writes that that specially
for  me.  Xxxxxx,  write  to me what foodstuffs to you it is pleasant.
Mine  parents  very  much  love  the  foodstuffs,  which  I prepare on
kitchen.  There  can be sometime I can prepare for you yours favourite
foodstuffs.  To  you  it  was  pleasantly? Me very much like different
sweet  things,  such  as  a  pie, cake, sweet. But frequently I do not
permit  itself  to  have  it  to  not be thick. Still I love beautiful
clothes  and  different things of light colours. I like of light tone,
such  as  light-blue,  pink,  beige. And what your favourite colour? I
love  modern  music  of  the different countries also I love to dance.
Xxxxxx, what music it is pleasant to you? You dance? My friends speak,
that  I  not bad dance. I love to go on a discoteque, very much I love
to be in a bar with the friends and look at cinemas various films with
a  strong  sound.  To  me  as  film  very much is pleasant to look the
Brazilian  teleserials about love, these lovely and romantic. Now days
a  lot of foreign films are on the screen in Russia. Foreign cinema is
widely  spread in Russia. I like such old American films as Gladiator,
Brave  Heart.  Mel  Gibson  is  a  good  actor.  New  films  are  also
interesting  to  me.  Recently  i  have  seen “ Twilight ” and “ Fatal
number  23  ”  Is very good psychological film with JIM CARREY! I very
much  like  comedies with its participation! . I liked it. I have some
favourite shows. For example - "Wildlife" from BBC. They show the most
beautiful  views of nature and animals. I like to watch programs about
nature  and  animals  very  mach!  Criminal  programs have the biggest
rating  on  TV,  because here TV reporters tell about crimes occurring
during  a  day  or  a week, they tell about leaders and authorities of
criminal  business in Russia, juvenile murderers and racists, addicts,
maniacs,  etc.  You  know  the  level  of  crimes is extremely high in
Russia.  Russia  wins  first  place on a pornography! And it is very a
shame  to  me  with  the  country! I very much hate such people who so
scoff  at  children! And that you think my Xxxxxx? The majority of our
country  like  to  watch these programs. But I hate to do it. What you
love  to  do in free time? You love evening walk? Today with the mum I
did small travel on shops, we did some purchases for houses. I told to
the  mum  about our acquaintance, she has told, that would like to see
you.  For  my mum it is important, that I got acquainted with good man
also  was happy. Yours the family has special opinion concerning yours
personal  of life? Or, probably, you think, that it only your personal
business?  Now  I finish the letter and I shall be expect your letter.
Yours Oksana .

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Hi lovely Xxxxxx! I today waited the break at work to come in Internet
- cafe and to read yours e-mail. tell me honourly, and you wait for my
letters?  To  me  would  like to learn about your ideas concerning our
acquaintance. Whether you have any ideas on learning me better. I very
much  would want to learn more close about that with what you the man.
Probably you have to me any frank questions? You have now any woman or
you  the  lonely man? I consider you as the good man and I think, that
you  to  like  many  women.  You  want  to  me  to tell about the last
experience  with  the  women?  Last relations at me were the two years
ago.  One was the boyfriend, but I have left him. we did not like each
other  and  had  various interests. Among associates of me of people I
cannot  allocate  anybody for serious relations. Good men to become it
is  ever  less and annoyingly in Next time to test disappointment when
you  think  that  has met the suitable person. Likely therefore I also
have  addressed in service acquaintances. Probably here I can find the
person  who  will  be me to love, appreciate and understand. It is not
important for me his financial situation and work by which he makes. I
have  specified in a structure that I search more advanced age because
I  think,  that  the  person  which  has  lived there is enough years,
already  has  experience  and  has  learned to appreciate women and to
address  with  them.  I  shall be ready to give myself all without the
rest to such person and I think , that the main advantage of the woman
is  fidelity  and  skill  To  make  family happy, without quarrels and
conflicts  Our  men  accept a lot of alcohol and at all do not respect
the  wives  and children. At them on mind only entertainments and they
can  not well care of family. Xxxxxx, Write to me please, what you are
good  family? What you would want to have family and relation in it? I
with  impatience shall wait yours e-mail. with each your letter I more
well  understand  with what you inside man, what at you ideals. I like
to  read,  when  you  tell  about  yourselves.  Always I wait for your
letters. Kiss you. Your Oksana.

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Neue IP!

Hi  my lovely Xxxxxx. How you today? I hope, that you OK. are pleasant
to  read  me  your  letters.  It is pleasant, that you studied my some
ideas  in  the  last  message. Xxxxxx, I usually do not tell about the
deep  ideas  and  opinions,  but  to you has written, because has felt
desire  to  open  it  to  you.  I more independent woman, but probably
sometimes  am  necessary that there was one man, which can to open and
trust - sometimes frequently it happens hardly to reflect on all these
things.  I am glad, that has found at you understanding me, you see it
happens  not  frequently.  Thank  Xxxxxx , that you have written to me
some  details about your life and family, I closely studied it. It has
helped  me  more  well  to understand you and your life and you become
closer  man . Earlier I was sure, that is unreal to have attachment to
the  man  and mark to it the large sympathy, if not met it and did not
carry out with him together time. But now I feel pleasure, when I have
yours e-mail, I think of you and sometimes I have sadly, when I think,
that  we  far.  I  very much would want, when I come back from work to
come  to  you  in the visitors, to bring with myself any tasty pie. We
could drink tea, and then together to go for a walk. Probably it would
be  wonderful. I feel sadly, because we have the relation only through
the Internet. Sometimes there is a desire to embrace and to be near to
the man. I frequently, when I be in cafe I see various pairs people, I
look  as  they  embrace  each other, nice talk and then I am sharper I
feel  the  loneliness.  I  do  not  know,  whether you have feeling of
loneliness.  If  you too feel it then you understand me and know, that
frequently  it would be desirable, that a line was the man, which will
support always and to understand you, will help at any time you and to
console  you.  Xxxxxx,  I  would  like to learn your opinion doing our
acquaintance  by  more serious. I do not know, how you Xxxxxx, but for
me  starts  to  have importance our exchange of messages. Probably, we
could  meet  and  carry out some time together. It would be very good.
What you dear Xxxxxx, think concerning it? For me it is very important
to know, whether you want to have more serious relations with me, than
letter.  Inform me please ideas concerning it. Kiss and embrace. Yours

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Offline ddc605

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  • Ich bin kein Berliner!<br<br />/> Wohne nur hier.
Na toll!!! Mama schreibt auch.
Irgendwo hatte ich das schon einmal.

Hi  my  lovely  Xxxxxx.  Have  good  day. I was very glad to read your
letter  and to learn, that you understand me. Presently it is possible
seldom  to  meet the man, which could and wanted to understand you. It
is really pleasant, that you too would like to see me and to carry out
with  me  time.  It  means  for me, that you want to have with me more
serious  relations, than simply letters. Xxxxxx, I am really very glad
to  understand,  that there is such man, to which I am necessary. I am
grateful to destiny, that she allowed me to get acquainted with you. I
consider,  that  this  large progress forward in our relations. I have
very  many  imaginations  concerning that as we can together carry out
time.  Such  situation that there is a distance between us, - draws my
ideas  to  you. I for a long time have understood, that if is present,
some difficulties to achieve the purpose,- that desire to achieve this
the  purposes increases. Probably it is one of those things who forces
me  to  reflect  frequently  about  You Xxxxxx. I think, that I should
grasp  your  heart and you cannot struggle then with this female magic
dear,  today I would like to learn your opinion concerning children. I
very  much  love children, some mine familiar have them and I have the
large  pleasure, when I look, as they care of them. Sometimes, when my
friends  leave  in the evening in cinema or cafe, they leave the child
at  me  at  home,  that I looked after and cared of it, while they are
absent.  Then  I  have  the  large pleasure to show care of the kid. I
would  like  to  have  children, my friends speak, that I would be the
good mum. Lovely, tell to me please about the relation to children. By
the  way, my parents asked me about you, Xxxxxx. They asked concerning
your  enthusiasmes, work, parents. I by him told about you. They speak
you  hi. My mum took from me you e-mail, probably she wants to send to
you  something. Lovely, it is time to me to go. I shall wait for yours
The letters. Kiss you. always yours Oksana.
Good  day  mr. Xxxxxx. Yours faithfully to you ms. Olga, Oksana's mum.
my  daughter  told about very much you both I think also I think, that
you  are  very interesting to her. I hope, that you understand, that I
as  her  mum  wish to her happiness and I worry for her life. Probably
Oksana  to  you  did  not tell, but she had in the past failure in the
personal  relations  and  long  time  was injured because of it. And I
shall  not  allow,  what  who that has once again caused her a pain! I
very much would like to save her from similar mistakes. And I to you I
shall  be very grateful if you will inform me honourly your intentions
concerning  my  daughter.  Oksana  spoke me, that you with her plan to
meet  and  consequently  I  would like to know, that you think of her.
Excuse  me  for  this  letter.  I  do not think to interfere with your
relations,  but  as the fond mother I worry for the daughter. I do not
think,  that acquaintance through the Internet it is serious, but when
I see the, the daughter full of pleasure with happiness when she reads
your  letters! I start to reflect on gravity of your intentions! Yours
faithfully to you. ms. Olga.

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Offline ddc605

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  • Beiträge: 8841
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  • Ich bin kein Berliner!<br<br />/> Wohne nur hier.
Wiedermal einer meiner kurzen Standartbriefe gesendet.
10 Finger einmal auf die Tastatur fallen lassen.

Hi my dear Xxxxxx. I'm very glad again to read your letter. My mum has
read  your letter! She has believed to all your words,her is difficult
for convincing of something,but this time she has like to you all soul
and  she  has  blessed  us!I congratulate you,you have earned trust of
mum! After what difficult attitudes with Russian men at me were,my mum
any  more  didn't  trust,that I will find worthy to myself the man and
here there were you! And she very much hopes,that at all of us it will
be good also we will have a safe meeting. I'm so glad! I already begin
to  miss  without  you.  We  are  familiar  a  little  to  time,and it
seems,that  I  know  you for a long time. My love I try to prepare our
meeting.  I  want  to  please  you,that  through Xxxxxx. I will have a
vacation.  But  I can it postpone on a few. I will be very happy,if we
can  meet  you  and  lead even two weeks. As I want to inform you,that
Russia  doesn't let out the young and lonely women. Therefore I should
arrive  to  you  as  the  tourist. I want to know my pleasure,what you
think  of  it?  I  consider,that only personal meeting will help us to
find  our  happiness,which  we  so  long  searched  for.  It  is  very
interesting  to  me  as  to learn your habits of enthusiasm. I want to
know  culture  of your country. Please inform me the best time to stay
to  you???  That you had more free time. Though if you will be at work
day,I  can  be at you at home,and evening to wait you from work and to
feed  by  tasty  supper.  What  you  think of it? I very much wait our
meeting,when  we  will  have  romantic evening and we will stay one. I
found some addresses of travel companies in my city. Soon I plan to go
there  and  to  learn, how it is better to us to organize our meeting.
Xxxxxx,  and  you as plan to carry out today's evening. You probably a
lot  of  time  give  back  to  the  work  and  have  a little rest? It
seems,that  many  men  love to waste time houses at the TV set,to look
football  or  boxing.  Than you love to be engaged per usual days from
work?  I  heard,what  many  men  in  your  contry  ,play  in  golf and
bowling,Xxxxxx,You  like these games? Write to me my dear. gently kiss
you. Your Oksana.

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