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Re: Anastasia <>
« Antwort #10 am: 26,Nov,2009, 23:48:25 »
Greetings xxxxxxxxx!

I am glad to receive news from you.

How you today?

xxxxxxxxx you have not answered such more simple questions. Answer please them more full.

1. What your favourite colour?

2. What at you the favourite meal to eat? You also are able to cook food? Where prefer to eat?

3. Than you are interested in a life? You to have a hobby or any especial employment?

4. What your religion? You go to church? And how it is frequent?

5. You like to listen to what music often?

6. What your favourite season? And where you like to walk?

7. What your favourite drink?

8. You like to travel? Where you were?

9. You love cinema? What your favourite film? What genres of cinema like you?

10. What you to do usually in yours weekends?

11. I wish to ask you, what you feel now under to me? It is important for me and our relations. In me to you very much a warm feeling. You the good person and you likes I. I feel, that at us the relation will be good continuation. And how you feel?

I to wish to ask you that you necessarily answered my questions. I think, that they do not trouble you.

 I wait for your new letter from you now to know about you more. In my following letter I will answer my questions also for you. I think to you also it will be interesting to know about me the same things.

I will wait also for your new letter. Write to me soon, ok? ;)

Yours Nastya

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Re: Anastasia <>
« Antwort #11 am: 26,Nov,2009, 23:54:07 »
@ Zauberfee!

Delivered from Yoshkar-Ola, the Capital of the Republic Mari El in Russia!

Eingeliefert über Yoshkar-Ola, die Hauptstadt der Republik Mari El in Russland!

Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 21:12:49 +0000
From: Anastasia <>

Zitat - Geo Information
IP Address
Location  RU, Russian Federation
City Yoshkar-Ola, 45 -
Organization CJSC Company ER-Telecom Yoshkar-Ola
ISP ER-Telecom
AS Number AS41786 CJSC "Company "ER-Telecom" Yoshkar-Ola

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