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Re: Olga <> <>
« Antwort #10 am: 03,Nov,2019, 10:05:50 »
Hi, my new friend! Friendly speaking I feel a bit confused, because I
have never wrote the man through the internet and I even don't know
what to start with... Well, I will start from the very beginning. My
name is Olga and I live in a big Russian city which is called
Kazan.It's actually the so-called 3rd capital of the Russian
Federation. I was born on the 01/01/80. I am 29 years old, and I think
that this is very nice age to start new life! I work in hospital, and
I am a children doctor by profession. I love children and this is very
pleasant to deal with them. My work is rather interesting, but it is
not easy, because very often I am responsible for a kid's life and
this is hard to be responsible for such a serious matter! but I am in
my place and I think that I would never change my work even if I was
offered a million dollars! and what about you? tell me what you are
and what are your ambitions in life! I live together with my Mother,
my Father died when I was 15. he was crossing the street at the
criss-cross, but unfortunately the driver was drunk and he didn't
notice my Dad... and it so happened that I lost my wonderful Dad, whom
I loved immensely... it was a hard time for me and Mum but we were
together and overcame everything. Right after finishing school I
entered the medical University, which is located in my city (I didn't
want to leave Mum alone) and after graduating from it ( I am not
showing off, but I am proud to tell you that I graduated with honors!)
Right after I graduated I was offered a vacancy in our Hospital. I
agreed without thinking it over, because I thought that this is my
choice and I was not mistaken, because i never felt pity about my
choice since. No much changed from that time, but one day I realised
that I am tired of life here, tired of being alone and tired of the
same faces. I don't know what it will lead me to, but at the moment I
feel very interested in you! please, write me more about yourself and
don't forget to send me your photo! I will look forward to your answer
and will come here tomorrow again! with my best regards, Olga

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