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Re: Mariya <>
« Antwort #10 am: 25,Jan,2009, 22:17:28 »

Happy New Year my favourite XXXXX, happy New Year
How are you doing?
The darling XXXXX, me it is pleasant, that you have written me the
letter. I am very glad to receive your new letter. With each letter it
is pleasant to me to find out from you something new. My darling
XXXXX, me all your words which you write me because I love you are
Forgive that did not write to you. Us after new year were very big
problems with the Internet. And I not as could not write to you. Even
in our city there is no Internet.
How Your day? Today I had a usual day. Favourite, me it is very bad
without you, because my love to you very strong.
My darling XXXXX, I you very strongly love you. With you I have
found out and have understood, that such LOVE. Before acquaintance to
you I not the vein, and existed. The darling, thanks you, that has
learnt me to rejoice to each morning, each day. The darling XXXX, I
love this life because you are in her. But I do not have not enough
you, I wish to be with You. When we will meet? The darling, me would
be desirable to shout with happiness which has presented to me to you,
and love, fills me. It would be desirable to shout for the whole
world, that I love you XXXXX.
The darling, for me means nothing that was to you in my life. I love
you! I love you one! There is only you and everything, that is
connected with you, except you at me anything is not present. The
darling, you has forced to rejoice me to each new day that I love you.
Favourite XXXXX, I am very strong on you I miss you, and all time
you do not suffice me, because I love you. The darling how you are
strong without me you miss? My darling XXXX, you for me as air,
without you I choke and I can not live easy. The most sincere and
present feelings which I ever tested is now. These feelings are
connected with you. My darling XXXX, write me the feelings, which
connected with Your love to me. I it already wrote all to you, but I
am ready to repeat these words constantly.
My darling XXXXX, earlier I did not think, that I will meet you in
the life and I did not know, that such to love and be favourite. With
you I have learnt, that such there is I the present love. Now for me
you everything, that is at me and I love only you. The darling
XXXX, I rise in the morning from a bed and I go to bed with
thoughts on you XXXX. You think of me before a dream? I wish to be
only with you, to belong to you because I very strongly love you and I
wish to be you favourite only XXXXX.
The darling XXXXX, very strongly would be desirable me, that we
lived not only dreams, I wish our meeting. You want it? The darling, I
hope, that you too very strongly wish to meet. If we very strongly
would like to meet, it is necessary to make last step to our meeting
because our love present, and to us would be desirable to feel our
love at a meeting. The darling, you agrees with me?
Favourite XXXX, I so would like, that you have completely
understood my feelings to you and have understood as me badly without
you. Favourite, I would like to be with you because I love you. The
darling when we will be together I will decorate your world, and you
will decorate my life, and we always will be together happy and to
love each other. You agree with me? I cannot understand at all as I
could live those years before I have met you. I would like to nestle
on you and that you did not release me. I so do not have not enough
your embraces, and your kisses, is assured, that you gentle and
passionate. My darling, what does not suffice you without me?
I cannot assume at all as we will kiss when we will meet, but I
think, that is very strong and passionate, but during too time is
gentle. You wish it?
The darling XXXXX, I am ready to divide with you all life because I
really strongly love you XXXX. The darling XXXX, I love you and
I will love only you. You are ready to divide with me all your life?
You my love, I will always store this love in heart. It is assured,
that You understand my feelings to you.
The darling, I wish to shout for the whole world, that I LOVE YOU! And
it any more you will not change, because nobody will manage to break
my love to you. My love to you in my heart. For me YOU! Is all world!
And only with you this world will look colourful and happy because
there is you and I love you XXXX. The darling how you are strong me
you love?
Almost every night I in a dream have sweet dreams about our meeting.
The darling, you dream me, because I love you also to me in dreams to
dream, that we have already met and are very happy. But when I rise in
the morning from a bed me to become is very sad, because I understand,
that it was only a dream. My darling, what dreams dream you? I really
do not have you. When day of our meeting will come?
I have understood for a long time, that I can be happy only if I is
with you. Only when we will be together we will be happy, because the
love gives happiness when two loving hearts together. You agree with
My darling, you would send data for this purpose that I could receive
your help. But last time your data have appeared not true. Why?
I ask, write to me once again all full data and send a copy of the
form, with which you filled in Wetern Union, that I did not have
problems, when I will go to a city to receive Your help.
I hope, that

The darling XXXXX, despite distance which divides us, interfering to
be to us together, I all the same trust in ours the light future. The
darling, you trust in our light future?
You - my ideal, You - that unique person who has kindled fire in my
heart and have melted ice, which can force to smile me when to me it
is improbably bad. You - unique who makes me happy, you - a part me
and mine of love. You - light wash souls, and only with you my soul is
quiet, because really loves you XXXXX.
In fairy tales the love overcomes all obstacles, but a life it not a
fairy tale and not always all turns out as it would be desirable. But
I insistently believe that we will meet because thanks to love we will
overcome all obstacles and we will be happy. The darling, you trust in
The darling XXXX, You for me - the most good person, and I want and
I can make You the happiest, I wish to pass all course of life with
you, overcoming all difficulties together, helping and hanging
together in difficult time. The darling XXXX, I wish to fall asleep
and rise from a bed in Your embraces, to admire You in the morning
because I love you.
The darling XXXX to Love is to find in happiness of another own
happiness. My happiness is you the darling XXXX. It is pleasant to
realise, that to be in your hands fragile heart of the favourite
person. The darling, you realise, what in your hands there is my
loving heart and dream of ours with you to a meeting? The darling
XXXXX, so it is pleasant to me to give the heart to you. It is
assured, that my heart will be in reliable hands.
The darling, you Know, to tell: "I love you - will occupy some
seconds, to show as strongly - all life". My darling, I have entrusted
you all life and I want, that my life was only near to you and could
show to you as strongly I love you.
I love you, and I precisely know, that you love me. We needed to meet.
You agree with me?
I breathe you, I live you. Without you nothing has sense. Without you
my life is not meaningful, and with you I have a sense to live. If in
a life there is no love the life is not meaningful. You agree with me?
I wish to live, because I love you.
I know that such Love. It is requirement to be together, to be
necessary each other, it when heart is ready to jump out of a breast.
You agree with me? I am ready to leave for the sake of you the
country, friends and parents to see you XXXX because very strongly
I love you and my life belongs to you.
My favourite, I hope, that you liked my letter. In my letter the small
part which I to you could tell at our meeting is written only. I have
many thoughts, but it is very difficult to me to transfer their
letters, because there will be no words to write about force of my
love to you, but I hope, that we will meet within the next few days
and I will tell at a meeting as strongly I love you.
The darling, I ask you, write me the answer to all questions, which
in my letter. It is very important for our relations. I love you, and
I believe, that You will write the answer in the near future.
Your love Mariya

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Re: Mariya <>
« Antwort #11 am: 01,Feb,2009, 15:25:30 »
Was die doch nicht alles machen um an das liebe Geld zu kommen  

Hallo my darling xxxxxx,
 How are you doing? How Your mood? I hope, that at you all is excellent! KISSS
 I Love you xxxx! You know about it, and I wish to repeat it in
 each line! Because my feelings to you very strong. Without you I feel
 How is the weather? Here bad, it became cold. Snow thaws and in the
 street a lot of dirt. Even to go along the street it is not pleasant.
 Now I sit at home. Than You are engaged?
My darling today Friday. And you promised to descend in bank. You have
made it? You descended in bank for the sake of our trip?
My dear I do not understand your last letter. My darling tell you you
can help me? You sent to me two times of the letter with remittance
data on my name. But I do not understand they not the presents. You
can send me your help?
 I wish to Love you so - that I can choke with the sky, the Uniform
 breath having overflowed a breast to Love you - how again to believe
 in a fairy tale Before leaving in an unknown way. To like you - to
 search for you everywhere, And suddenly to find a unique door.
My DARLING xxxxx, I very strongly love you! You are constant in my
thoughts, I am constant about you I think. Very much it would be
desirable, that you always were a number. It would be desirable to see
your eyes and to see your smile. I strongly wish to see your smile and
to hear words that YOU love me. Thoughts on you cause in me feeling of
pleasure and happiness, but sometimes to me to become is very sad,
because you are not present nearby.
 Favourite xxxxx, now I above all want, that at all of us it was
 good also we have met in a reality! After all the god has presented
 to us love! And it should be kept! I hope, that YOU completely
 understand me!
 So it would be desirable to press you to itself, anywhere never to
 release, spend a hand on your hair, to inhale their aroma, you at a
 miracle, you at happiness. I Love You xxxxxx!
 NOW I am going to sleep. KISSSSSSS
 I hope, wann I will rise in the morning from a bed Your letter will
 wait for me.
Yours and only Your favourite Mariya

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Re: Mariya <>
« Antwort #12 am: 12,Feb,2009, 00:38:05 »

Hallo my darling xxxxxx,
 How mood? How there is your day? I hope, that at you all is excellent.
 How is the weather? In the street good weather. Warm, approximately-3
 cold degrees.
TODAY usual day for my life... There is no this day not the usual.
From that as we you have got acquainted my days not when will not be
usual. You are far from me. My day goes is very sad.
 My darling xxxxx, what happens? You are whole? With you everything is
 all right. I hope that with you all well. I very much miss on you.
 You are very necessary to me. I wish to be with you. My darling tell
 when you will help me?
 I really do not have you, I wish to be near to You because I love
 you. Only with you I will be really happy, only you I wish to present
 myself, to devote you all life.
 I constantly think of You, you and only You occupy my thoughts.
 KISSSS I love you xxxxx!
When there will come night I will send you a wind, let he will whisper
to you on an ear that you most of all wish from me to hear; I will ask
to close the moon eyes that their light did not prevent to look to you
at the sky and to recollect me; I will ask to preserve stars your
soul; and angels I will ask to take me in your dream and the whole
night to be with you... Alone... After all I so LOVE YOU!
I wish to touch your cheek.
To look in your eyes.
Let we with you are far,
But the friend without the friend is impossible for us.
I wish to touch to me your lips.
To feel your breath.
To nestle on your breast, hands.
To feel heat and understanding.
Allow to touch to me your soul.
To learn in it depths, distances.
To understand, believe and trust in you xxxxx!
That we with you are closer than a steel.
I want that you knew, that you my dear and Favourite. My Love has no
borders, it is strong and fine. I would like to state you all that I
feel to you in a reality. At me breath fades, heart fights even more
often, think of all only about you and about what the friend. With you
I have learnt that such the present Love! THANKS YOU FOR THAT THAT YOU
SUCH are! I LOVE YOU xxxxxx! I SIMPLY ADORE YOU xxxxx! Also I
 On it I will finish the letter. Also I hope, that YOU will write me
 the answer in the near future.
Yours and only Your favourite Mariya

Header wie immer Yoshka-Ola

Maria Wasilewna Buschuewa 88 77 395865

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Re: Mariya <>
« Antwort #13 am: 15,Feb,2009, 20:05:24 »
Hello my darling xxxxxxx,
 How are you doing? How mood? I hope all well? Thanks for Your letter.
 Already night, but I have decided to write at first to you and only
 then to go to bed.
I do not have not enough You xxxxx and from it to me it is bad. To
me it is very sad, that You are far. I live only Love to You, I Live
for the sake of You and only the love gives me forces by a life and
hope of the happy Future, of our general happy future. The darling
Peter, I love You very strongly present, pure Love. Because the
love to us was given by the God, I often pray to it that at all of us
it has turned out. The god is Love.
My darling of thanks that you write to me. To me so it is lonely
without you and your letters. You so seldom write. My dear when we
with you will meet?
My love To You xxxxx charges force and energy. It gives me
pleasure. It releases. The more I love You, the I feel ennobled more.
"Thanks that you are". Simply, for that that you are. I gratitude to
you that you allow me to test this wonderful experience.
 Our love strong, this huge fine feeling in you. I LOVE You xxxxx.
 The darling, I wait for Your actions to our meeting. Now all in Your
 hands. I hope, that YOU will make everything that we have met in the
 near future.
 I Love You xxxxx!
 I hope Your letter will come to me very quickly. Your answer is very
 important to me.
 I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE You xxxxx, only You. You are necessary to
 me for the Life, YOU sense of my Life. Because I can be happy only
 with You xxxxx.
 Now I to sleep! KISSSS
 Your Love Mariya

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Es kann nicht alles ganz richtig sein in der Welt weil die Menschen noch mit Betrügereien regiert werden müssen.

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Re: Mariya <>
« Antwort #14 am: 11,Aug,2009, 01:28:09 »
Maria Wasilewna Buschuewa 88 77 395865

Der Inlands-Pass ist zu 100 % ein Fake-Dokument! Der Stempel 120-016 war wohl einmal die 122-010 und

kommt aus der Stadt Medvedevo, einer Satellitenstadt von Yoshkar-Ola, der Hauptstadt der Republik Mari El!

Die 88er Serien-Nummer kommt aus der Republik Mari El! Die Angaben zum Geburtsort dem Dorf Sidorowo,

welches in der Medvedevski Region liegt Südlich von Yoshkar-Ola liegt stimmen! Deutlich erkennbar ist jedoch

der Größen-Unterschied der Schrift- und Zahlen-Typen im Inlands-Pass! Es wird kein Originaler Schrift- und

Zahlen-Typus verwendet! Dieser Inlands-Pass wurde aus mindestens zwei Pässen zusammen gebastelt! Es ist

schon das Hologramm für die neuen Inlands-Pässe sichtbar, aber alle anderen geprägten Hologramme in der

Klebe-Folien sind weg! Die Hologramm Klebe-Folie gibt es seit ca. Mitte 2007, der Inlands-Pass hier soll aber

laut Ausstellungsdatum vom 12.03.2002 sein! Das geht nur, wenn auch ein alter Inlands-Pass als Zweit-Vorlage

verwendet wurde! Die Serien-Nummer 88 77 war wohl mal eine 88 07 aus einer neuen Serie mit Hologramm!

Aber eine Serien-Nummer mit einer Mega-Lücke zwischen der Jahreszahl und der laufenden Pass-Nummer gibt

es nicht! Das Pass-Bild wurde einfach mit einem Bildbearbeitungsprogramm auf das alte Passbild gesetzt!


Domestic Pass is 100% a fake document! The stamp was probably once the 120-016 and 122-010

comes from the town Medvedevo, a satellite city of Yoshkar-Ola, capital of the Republic of Mari El!

The 88-note serial number comes from the Republic of Mari El! The data on the birth of the village Sidorowo,

situated in the south region of Yoshkar-Ola Medvedevski is correct! What was evident, however,

the size difference of font types and numbers in the domestic passport! There is no Original document and

-Type numbers used! This domestic passport has been tinkered at least two passes together! It is

already the hologram for the new domestic passports visible, but all other holograms embossed in

Adhesive films are gone! The hologram is adhesive film it since about mid 2007, the domestic passport here are meant to

According to his date of 03/12/2002! This can only happen if an old domestic passport as a second template

was used! The serial number was probably 88 77 88 07 with a time of a new series hologram!

But there is a serial number with a mega-gap between the year and the current passport number

not! The passport picture was simply set with an image editing program on the old passport photo!

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