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Dustin Beck / aj. Walter Morphin / Christopher Cole / Mark Johnson / Austin Kirch / Michael Schofield / James Smith / Adams Smith / Mark Hunt / Gen Charles Morrison / John Smith / Ruben Worthington / George H. Madison / Michael Ellis

military scammer Mark Morrison alias Bren from Bratislava on badoo

profile scammer Bren on :

wants to meet with a girl, older than 40

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10 profiel bezoekers vandaag, 41 profiel bezoekers deze maand
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Bren  Kijk hoe dichtbij hij is…
53 jaar oud man, Bratislava, Slowakije.
Open chat!of
 Grijp zijn aandacht door een cadeautje te sturen!
Over mijzelf
I am a very loving and caring man... very honest and lovely... the C. E. O of brens Industries..
Geïnteresseerd in
Football, soccer, tennis, swimming
Persoonlijke informatie
Ik ben single
175cm (5'9"), normaalgebouwd lichaam, zwart haar en licht bruine ogen.
Heb ik
Uitgebreid wetenschappelijk diploma
Chief Excecutive Officer. Ik heb een ruim inkomen.
romantic songs
Films, boeken & t.v.:
romantic movies
Ook hou ik van:
Having quite time with my love one

And when he contact you on badoo he immediately asks for your mailaddress and will chat there. And you have to delete your profile on badoo because he is so in love. But today i have seen him online at badoo, so he is still there making new victims. His profile on badoo is totally different from who he pretends to be master sergeant Mark Morrison operating in Kabul. And i think the picture on badoo is from another person than the socalled Mark Morrison the picture he sent me to my mailaccount.

Here is the first letter he has sent to me and i noticed the same letter has been sent by other emailaddresses, so i think he has used many other mailaddresses. -
Hello ,

well, Here is a little about me......
I  was born in Cole ville, California, to a German-American mother and an American father but now i live in Lincoln Park (NJ).
My mother was from Koln, Germany.
I loved her so much but you know destiny...
My parents now are late and i am the only born.
M y Education and Job:
I  am U.S Army General...." Master Sergent Mark Morrison,
M y military education includes the United States Military Academy (U.S.M.A) at West Point, New York (Class of 1976);
Infantry Officer Basic and Advanced courses, Armed Forces Staff College, and a U.S.
Army War College Senior Fellowship at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
I have been to so many wars,
I have been to the cold war,Grenada war,Persian Gulf War,Bosnian War,Afghanistan War and the Second Persian Gulf war and gained some awards too including the Legion of Merit,Bronze star and the rest.M y wife died some years back, that was then in 2001, she died in the plane crush , ....
I have only one son, who is only 14 years old...
His name is Curtis and is in School...
A s at now i am on a National Assignment to Afghanistan and things here are a bit calm now....
I have been here for 9 months now...
I use my leisure time to search for the love of my life but not most often because my job keeps me busy always.,i figured out lately that i need to love again because i am very lonely and want a happy home...
i want to love and be loved.
I want to settle down again , i have been a lone for years now...t ell me more about your marriage life?
what work do you do ?
how do you live?
for how long have you been searching for a partner?H ope to hear from you real soon ...
and I am serious about you, i really will love to get to know you more...
My heart tells me there are a lot ahead of us both....
take care.

X-Message-Delivery: Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTA7YT0xO0Q9MTtTQ0w9MA==
X-Message-Status: n
X-SID-PRA: mark morrison <>
X-SID-Result: Pass
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     Mon, 27 Dec 2010 15:03:28 -0800
Received: from SNT139-W51 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);
     Mon, 27 Dec 2010 15:03:28 -0800
X-Originating-IP: []
From: mark morrison <>
Subject: About Me
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 13:03:28 -1000
Importance: Normal
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 27 Dec 2010 23:03:28.0055 (UTC) FILETIME=[45CC0470:01CBA61A]
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

He has sent me every day very romantic poems, stolen from the net i guess and was telling me i was the love of his life and he wanted to marry me and relocate.
And he would be retired very soon from the army.
He couldn't wait because he wanted to be with me.
He would set up a huge companie dealing in gold an diamonds he told me and i would be the manager, i don't think so >:(.
After chatting about a week he asked me to send money for a laptop for his son Curtis, because he was not allowed to send money from Kabul.
And he was also not allowed to use a webcam or to make phonecalls.
But i am not stupid and will not send him a penny and i told him not to have contact anymore.
And of course he is sooooooo sad now and he will cry all the days of his life because of me.
So ladies watch out for this guy, because he is still trying to make new victims.
And probably he will add new mailaddresses and new nicknames and use other pictures.
But if it is really someone from the army they will not have a hotmail emailaddress, but from the army.
I hope some day this guy will be arrested.
He promissess you a life with lots of money and the worst thing was that he involved my daughter, because she would be his daughter too.
But i didn't give him my address or phonenumber and i wouldn't give it to him.
Never give your address or phonenumber or bankaccount to a stranger you have never seen and do not send money at all.

He now uses <>.

Fakeprofile, in denen Bildern der selben Person verwendet wurden:,18273.0.html

Weitere Bilder in der Galerie

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Re: Master Sergent Mark Morrison <>
« Antwort #1 am: 03,Jan,2011, 18:14:50 »
@ molleboon

welcome here to our little forum

Should you please, to complete the story, publish the link to "his" profile @badoo!

Received: from SNT139-W51 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);
X-Originating-IP: []
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 13:03:28 -1000
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Lookup IP Address:


General Information:
ISP:    Nobis Technology Group, LLC
Organization:   Nobis Technology Group, LLC
Proxy:  Suspected network sharing device.
Type:   Corporate
Assignment: Static IP

Geo-Location Information
Country:    United States us flag
State/Region:   Arizona
City:   Phoenix
Latitude:   33.6748
Longitude:  -111.9519
Area Code:  480
Postal Code:    85054

IP ist min. 2x blacklisted 

Der Absender der Mail bedient sich offenbar, zur Vertuschung der tatsächlichen Herkunft der Mail, eines Anonymisierungstools oder -dienstes
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Re: Master Sergent Mark Morrison <>
« Antwort #2 am: 03,Jan,2011, 18:39:46 »
the same text was busted before in later scam issues:

Gen. John Harrison <> :smilie_g_010:

Lt. Gen. Stanley Marcus <> :smilie_g_010:
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Re: Master Sergent Mark Morrison <>
« Antwort #3 am: 03,Jan,2011, 22:06:46 »
here i found some articles about scammers that are using pics of the same parformer

Dustin Beck  <> :smilie_g_010:
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I was forgotten to send the mail in which Mark tells something about himself, what kind of person he is and what he likes. And i have read it before, maybe here or at another site, it will be copied of course .

  You makes me the happiest man on earth...well I haven't had any luck with a dating site
 too.. Am new to all this and you are the first am talking to on here and i really appreciate that.. You sound like a nice person to me and i would like to get to know you better too... Atleast i'm happy to know whom i am talking too.. .. I can feel that in my Heart when we meet there is nothing that will change my mind..I like everything about you ..

I'm just a normal guy, and this is the excellent way to meet someone.. It is not poetic,however, here's a summary of who I am..

~ Enjoy people with a quick wit and a sense of humor.. Nothing like laughter to make the soul feel great..

~ Comfortable in my own skin as to who I am and thoroughly enjoy the presence of a equally comfortable lady; and again,I love to laugh! Hope you do as well..

~ Equally enjoy dressing formal for that black tie affair to accompany that attractive lady or with wearing shorts and at-shirt while walking with that ala natural woman..

~ Always amazed how a child sees the world with such clarity and simplicity whereby we adults can make it complicated..

~ Enjoy being active in community organization boards/committees like the D'Art Center Board, Chamber of Commerce, Norfolk city advisory commission (that oversees city facilities like Scope, Chrysler Hall, Harrison Opera House, and Tides Stadium).. Although their decision making sometimes moves at "glacial speed."

~ Thoroughly enjoy my cardio workout routine at the downtown YMCA to now include those great flat screen TVs..

~ Love a great bottle of Australian wine, especially when shared in intimate conversation with a lady to include Sinatra, Sade, etc., romantic music.. Ah, I'm a romantic at heart.. I know, it's a curse..

~ Love to engage in discussions involving day-to-day life experiences or such topics as global and national issues or local community events.. My political views are moderate and believe in being practical when it comes to applying political/social issues of the day.. I'm a "sensible center" kind of guy..

~ Enjoy outdoor activities (walking, biking, bar-b-que cookouts/picnics, walks on the beach, swimming, snow skiing, touch football, golf and softball).. Still working on my golf game..

~ Will delve deep into a good book that involves international intrigue and can spend hours in a great book store to include a great cup of java..

~ Enjoy dinner/drinks with friends or that special lady at local outdoor cafe on a sunny day or warm evening (especially American and Italian bistro)..

~ Have a strong spiritual side versus religious one.. Although, I have great respect for the various world religions..

~ Enjoy watching movies/video that are funny, have international intrigue or select independent films (usually get these from Netflix)..

~ Listen to various types of music such as 'ol rock'n'roll, Sinatra, country, jazz, and classical
sounds; and going to the Stage Theater & The Chrysler Museum.. Can even carry a tune..

~ Love sports (Go Packers, Darleneriots, Red Sox, W & M football and DUKE B-ball!), dancing, and traveling (had a wonderful '05 summer visit to U.K.)..

~ Do not cook, however, I am a great helper! I do dishes *smile*..

~ Looking for a lady that has that "twinkle in her eye", and enjoys living life to the most.. She must be a woman who is not self absorbed, and has a kind heart and a positive attitude toward people and life in general.. Not interested in living in the past or carrying vast amounts of baggage into the future.. It is just too heavy - *chuckle*

Well, if you are interested, lets get to know each other better and we can have our first meeting over some great coffee or wine at a quaint cafe someday..
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I found the same guy at,
henry12010@live .com

Is anyone knows about staff sergeant Henry Smith ,53 years old,born in Cologne,germany ,mother french and father american ,both dead,living in NY ,in Bronx ,actually in Kabul for a peacekeeping mission for 9 Months and going to have his retiring at the end of January2011,son named Curtis ,Sam ,(14),widowed since 9 years ?
"General lieutenant Henry Smith",henry12010@live .com, met on Meetic dating the 25/11/2010

He is using several names and email addresses. But he told me the same story, don't send him money, he is really a scammer, the looser.
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from:General lieutenant henry smith,
Today i received a mail and i found this IP...
Sorry, i am not used to informatic and i try to send all the mails i have received but i don't know how to do ...
May i send you a mail with a scan copy of his last mail?
I join a pic of this man , the first i received ,the 28/11/2010.


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@ holy

Lieutenant General Henry Smith is from Ghana, Accra

ISP:      Ghana Telecom
Host Name:
Organization:      Ghana Telecom
City:      Accra
Country:       Ghana 
Country code:       GH

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terry terry an mich
hallo wie geht es dir? Ich hoffe, Sie sind gut ... Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort, ich bin sehr froh, von Ihnen zu hören bin, bin jetzt in Libyen, und sie erlauben keine Fs in arabischen Nation nutzen, melden Sie sich an Libyen, und sie gelöscht me .. . Sie können mich auf skype hinzufügen zu erreichen, so können wir sofort chatten, ...... terry_441 ..... Wie wird man Tag? Ich SAH dein Profil auf Fs gefällt, du siehst gut aus und ich Denke, es WIRD sehr gut seins, Viel voneinander Wissen. Ich bin TERRY US-Armee ... STAFF SARGENT MAJOR 'in der Armee, Aber ich bin jetzt in Libyen ... Ich wieder in Deutschland seins nächste Woche ICH HABE in der Armee in Den Letzten 29 ohne Altersbeschränkung gewesen ist, Zog und ich kahl. Ich Flugzeug, in Deutschland zu bleiben, so bin ich für Eine Frau, Deutschland suchen. und ich bin für die Frau, sterben mich lieben WIRD UNS .... Ich bin Nicht einfach aufgibt Leicht, ich war einmal verheiratet, Aber ich bin geschieden, Weil ich auf meine Ex-Frau erwischte mich mit Meinem Besten Freund zu betrügen, Krieg ich sehr verletzt und ich Könnte es Nicht mehr ertragen mit Ihr, Weil ich den Krieg sehr verletzt. Es ist sehr bedauerlich, Ich Habe keine Kinder und ich lebe Allein. Ich bin ein sehr einsamer Mann, und ich bin Allein für 7 Jahre, und ich Kann Nicht Leisten, allein zu seins mehr, Weil ich sehr leer und sehr einsam fühlen. Obwohl ich in Ordnung mit meinem Leben und Ein gutes Leben bin, fühle ich mich mein Leben unvollständig ist, Weil ohne Liebe Das Leben ist Immer unvollständig.

  Ich Möchte, dass. du Mehr über mich Wissen und Wissen, dass. Sie im Nachhinein. Auf Jeden Fall Das Same tun, war ich am einzigen Mann auf der Suche nach ernsthaften beziehung, Eine langfristige Mann Natürlich, Aber ich weiß, es ist sehr schwierig, Die richtige zu Finden, egal Wie hässlich du denkst du, dass. Jemand Besondere, dass. Sie denken, Sie 're Zu den schönsten und unwiderstehlich, war auf der Erde und liebt Stern, Kann Sich Niemals language. Die Liebe ist Eine Reise Nicht Ein Bestimmungsort. Zwei Herzen sterben zusammengelegt Haben, ist sterben Ehe, Zwei Seelen sterben fusioniert Haben Das Schicksal ist, bedeutet es, Über Liebe ist Das Schicksal. Jemanden zu lieben ist, Einander zu Verstehen, zu lachen Zusammen, um mit Dem. Herzen lächeln und Einander vertrauen. Eine Wichtige Sache ist, gegenseitig Kennen zu lernen, war wahre Liebe. Liebe ist blind, Aber nach der erfahrung es für Eine Lange Zeit, sollten Sie einige Punkte gegeben Werden. Wenn Ich Wollte, Mann, es ware Nur this Werden Musste, Könnte ich Sie dort 'in meine Seele und zeigen Ihnen alle die Liebe. Die Liebe Ist ein kostbares Geschenk, Das Sie Erhalten, und es Durcheinander
mit Vorsicht eingesetzt Werden.,,

wissen, dass die Zeit wird immer fliegen, aber mein Gefühl für Dich will never die! Ich weiß, du kannst nicht von mir denken, wenn Sie glücklich sind und eine gute Zeit, es ist in Ordnung, aber bitte vergessen Sie nicht mich, wenn du traurig bist und allein klassifizieren wollen, dass die erste, glücklich zu sein und machen Sie sich bewusst, dass je mehr Sie zählen Ihr Segen, dass Sie mehr Segen zu zählen sind! Ich bin immer beschäftigt, und ich zähle sie als die schönste Segen! Gott segne euch jeden Tag!


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Authentication-Results:; spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender)
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From: terry terry <>
To: <xxxxx
Subject: hallo
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:37:56 +0000
Importance: Normal
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