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             Thanks for writing me, I have waited for you but you were no were to be found, I want to see seriousness from the both of us, as they say good communication matters a lot and i want to really get to know more of you every blessed day of my life.If we could meet up later tonight that would be great, i want to chat with you, just let me know when and where you want us to chat , i hope to hear from you.kisses and hugs


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From: Steve Alejandro <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2012 09:11:32 -0400 (EDT)

ISP:       EMTS Limited / Etisalat Nigeria
Host Name:
Organization:       EMTS Limited / Etisalat Nigeria
City:       Lagos
Country:       Nigeria Nigeria
Country code:       NG
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Hier eine Mail und ein Foto und eine Handynummer von seiner Schwester :"Stephenie Aiden": die angeblich in UK studiert

Oh Steve told me about you sometime ago, I am so happy to hear from you,I am having internet problems, I have not paid for my subscription,I will try to come online with my cell phone later today so that i can talk with him,I am preparing for a text for on Monday, At first he was so happy to talk about you , he told me he begin to chat with you and he believe this would be fine between the both of you, but later he was kind of slow with the excitement , i was just hoping all was fine with the both of you, If you want to call here is my number   :+447024057201 0[/highlight] i would really like to speak with you, i hope to hear from you.


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Hier ein Dialog in dem um seine Schwester geht und wo ich mir denken kann das bald die Geldforderung kommt.

7:26 13. Jun
xxxxxxx:tell your sister she dont have to think so bad
7:26 13. Jun
xxxxxxxxx:everything are ok
7:29 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:no she was sad because i couldn't send her examination fee ,
7:31 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:honey she hasn't come online, i want you to give her a call for me
7:31 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:just to tell her i will fix the problems and she shouldn't be upset with me
7:42 13. Jun
xxxxxxxxxxx:give me her mail adress
7:44 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:honey i think if you also give her a call that would be great, she doesn't want to come online because of all these
7:44 13. Jun
7:45 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:cell number is +447024057201 0r 009447024057201
7:46 13. Jun
xxxxxxxx:i cant call from my mobile outside from germany. but give me her number i trie to call her tonight when im at home. whats her name?
7:47 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:she is stephenie Aiden we are different father but same mother , we have lived together and love each other as brother and sister
7:48 13. Jun
xxxxxxxxxxxx:ok. and what should i tell her? where is she living?
7:48 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:she is studying in the UK ,
7:49 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:During holidays she is in my house in New Yoke
7:50 13. Jun
xxxxxxx:ok. and what should i tel her? can you send me a pic from her?
7:53 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:tell her that she shouldn't be upset and that she try come online later today that i have written my bank and complained to them that i have been unable to transfer money to her
7:54 13. Jun
7:54 13. Jun
xxxxxxxxxxx:can you send me a pic from her?
7:56 13. Jun
stevealejandro47:ok honey

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Hier die Geldforderung

    18:38 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:honey I am in a tight situation.
    18:39 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:I can't transfer money to my sister she is totally broke right now
    18:39 20. Jun
    18:39 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:Can you help me I will pay you back
    18:42 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:I want to be talking with you
    18:42 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:My sister ask me all the time if we are chatting.
    18:42 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:I hardly see you here to talk with me
    18:44 20. Jun
    xxxxxxxxxxxx:how much money you need?
    18:45 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:Honey it stef my sister who needs it
    18:45 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:I will pay you back
    18:46 20. Jun
    stevealejandro47:She need to take a test and money to eat
18:46 20. Jun
stevealejandro47:[highlight]850 pounds.:
18:47 20. Jun
stevealejandro47:I will send it to you as soon as I fix my account issues
18:47 20. Jun
xxxxxxxxxxxx:how much is that in euro?
18:47 20. Jun
stevealejandro47:Honey I really don't have an idea
18:48 20. Jun
xxxxxxxxxxx:is that english pounds?
18:48 20. Jun
stevealejandro47:But if you go to [highlight]western union[/highlight] they will convert it to you
18:48 20. Jun
stevealejandro47:Yes honey
18:49 20. Jun
xxxxxxx:its 1056 euro
18:49 20. Jun
xxxxxxxxxx:i send you the money
18:50 20. Jun
stevealejandro47:Okay honey
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General Richard Scott <>
« Antwort #15 am: 20,Jul,2013, 12:50:20 »
Der Mann nennt sich:
General Richard Scott
aus Housten
Geb. 24.09.1965
so im Facebook,
seine email:

Er hat eine Schwester aber Ihr Name ist
Winifred Asantewaa
lebt Ihn Ghana.

Er Arbeitet Jetzt mit einem Diplomaten zusammen Namens
Richmond Mensah
auch aus Ghana.

Ich könnte ein Buch schreiben.

Richard Scott sendete mir von eine postcard

er versucht alle mittel um an Geld zu kommen. aber das Geld muss immer über winifred asantewaa gehen. und Richmond mensah versucht es mit dem Namen Goodway Okii .

die beiden muss es geben weil ohne Ausweis können die nicht zur western union Gehen.
sehen sie die Bilder. weiter folgt später.

ich bin mit ihm auf facebook verlobt und er hat mich noch nicht gelöscht. warte ab.

Mensah Richmond HJ4589654

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Richard Scott @ (
« Antwort #16 am: 20,Jul,2013, 14:01:02 »
Mit der Adresse <> ist bei folgendes Profil registriert
Richard Scott

Wohnt in Houston

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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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Re: James B Woods @
« Antwort #17 am: 20,Jul,2013, 14:37:12 »
einfach wie Zwillinge nur nicht den selben Namen gebraucht.
und dazu noch meine kinder verletzt.

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Re: General Richard Scott <>
« Antwort #18 am: 20,Jul,2013, 16:21:06 »
@ rugi

Das Foto der angeblichen "Schwester" zeigt das Pornmodelsternchen "Annabelle (Ann) Angel"

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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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Re: General Richard Scott <>
« Antwort #19 am: 21,Jul,2013, 11:12:32 »
Hier schon mal einige Auszüge aus Yahoo Messenger. von General Richard Scott. Mensch ist ganz schön ein Arbeits aufwand...

General richard Scott: and i promise to take care of all our needs..or if you want to continue working you can

IM 1:12:45. 25. Apr 2013

General richard Scott: how much is your salary

General richard Scott: i want to know

xxxxxxxxx: I do not earn much but it's enough to pay for everything

General richard Scott: honey feel from to tell me

General richard Scott: i want us to share our secret together

xxxxxxxxxx: want to know my salary?

General richard Scott: yes and i will also tell you my own

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: you have a lot more than I have for sure.


xxxxxxxxx: in a month

General richard Scott: is that ok for you

xxxxxxxxxxx: no

General richard Scott: it is not?

xxxxxxxxxx: want to earn more

General richard Scott: honey you ok ..

General richard Scott: i will give you what is worth more than a money

General richard Scott: love is greater than money


xxxxxxxxxxx: exactly you say it

General richard Scott: i love you baby ...

xxxxxxxxxxx: I wish you were here already.

General richard Scott: i am been paid 25,000 dollars every weeks...

General richard Scott: and everything is going into my account

General richard Scott: till i am back because i can have access

General richard Scott: and when am back i have extra reward..

xxxxxxxxxxx: that's nice of them unfortunately I can only dream of. but you work t very hard

General richard Scott: yes it is not easy ...each peace keeping i go for i am been giving 1million US dollars when am back

General richard Scott: please keep this as a secret

General richard Scott: i love you that is why am telling you this ..

General richard Scott: and am ready to share my secret with you

IM 1:31:35. 25. Apr 2013

xxxxxxxxxxx: I will not lose promised word about

General richard Scott: ok ...

General richard Scott: honey tell me your dream car you wish to have

xxxxxxxxxx: I want to find the easy way to me. Money means nothing to me though man brought it to life, you're important to me.

xxxxxxxxxxx: oh god. I would like once the new BMW just do not know how it is called

General richard Scott: honey your wish i will grant you

xxxxxxxxxx: I once had a brand new car for three weeks unfortunately dan accident. since no more a new car just cheap

General richard Scott: ok

General richard Scott: you dont have to worry about that

xxxxxxxx: I have to look for another eh now is that I have not now pass the exam

General richard Scott: ok

General richard Scott: winifred has fell asleep

xxxxxxxx: darling feel what for me?

General richard Scott: i think winifred has gone to sleep

xxxxxxxxxx: darling?

General richard Scott: yes

General richard Scott:  she wants to sleep

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: thought you were gone. I get an answer?

xxxxxxxxxxx: yes

General richard Scott: ok

xxxxxxxxxx: you should be sleeping but also

General richard Scott: i know

General richard Scott: do you want to sleep now ?

xxxxxxxxx: i love you

xxxxxxxxxx: no

General richard Scott: ok

General richard Scott: i love you too

xxxxxxxxxx: I will be with you as long as you wan

xxxxxxxxxxx: my heart belongs to you

General richard Scott: my heart also belongs to you

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