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Kevin Foster <>
« am: 12,Jun,2011, 17:28:12 »
Age: 47
Last Login: May 07
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Hi Angel am Kevin,How are you doing,and how is work,I hope everything is going on beautiful well. you're really so so beautiful and charming,and I bet all the men in your area would have been knocking down your door by now and also fallen at your feet.. LOL,if not I guess maybe God blinded them all so I could actually be the only lucky one to notice the precious beauty that lies within your kind heart and that I see not only in your face and charming smiles but mostly in the beauty of your heart.. Princess that is why I said Only God creation can be compared to the beauty that I see in you,and if I was to present you in heaven all the Angels will hide their faces in shame.. Angel I think God used extra days in creating you,cause you're so beautiful and wonderful created special by God..... Angel I also really will love to know a lot more about you and see how things goes,cause am so attracted and interested in you and would love to know so much more about you... Well little more about me,i like dancing,swimming,,camping,like playing basketball and golf,like taking long walks in a warm summer,like watching movies and going to the cinema,Above all love to make pretty Angel like you happy and put great smiles on your face,I Live in los angeles CA,i Lost both of my Parents in Car Accident and i am the Only one Child of my parents.No Bother or heart was broken by my Ex i am Divorced,I love kids so much with all my heart cause they're great and wonderful gifts from God and we really need to love and take good care of them make them happy always,kids are so precious,thanks to God I really will love to take my precious time talk to you and see how things turns out,you seems to be God sent from heaven,cause you're so astonishing and I must confess that I've never seen such beauty before on earth,I'll have to stop here for now,I hope to hear from you can easily add me on so we can get to know each other Take very good care of your beautiful self and be happy always... Hugs and kisses...........
Kevin Foster
47 - Männlich - New York, New York
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