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Re: James Smith <>
« Antwort #10 am: 17,Mär,2013, 22:11:00 »
Er kommt wieder:

jamessmith201390: well,can you accept me back,i really do love you

jamessmith201390: they gave me an extension in my contract in nigeria,so i and jessica will be travelling to nigeria in two days from now,then after the contract we will  fly to your state to meet with you

: nigeria again

jamessmith201390: yes,they exetended it,but this time around am going with my daughter jessica,then after which we will fly to your state to meet with you,my daughter said she would love see and meet with you

jamessmith201390: do you want  mine the number?

:yes of corse

jamessmith201390: +447031844987

jamessmith201390: do you trust me now

: yes sure

jamessmith201390: expect us soo ok,i will give her the phone to talk to you

: ok

jamessmith201390: i was  the one that called you just now

: why you not speak

jamessmith201390: just wanted to hear your voice alone,am with my friends over here

jamessmith201390: i will call you tomorrow

: ok and what is this for a number?

jamessmith201390: maybe it was the network that divited the number,



ok we love us again  :D
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Re: James Smith <>
« Antwort #11 am: 24,Mär,2013, 07:39:06 »
Na nun werde ich wieder geheiratet und habe eine Tochter mit Namen Jessica:

jamessmith201390: i love you with my heart,i have a good news for you

: yes?

jamessmith201390: yes i have

: oh tell me
jamessmith201390: just to show you that i love you i went to my bank today and i made you my next of kin,because i trust and i know that i will surly get married to you  :)
jamessmith201390: when we see at the airport i will kiss and engage you there
jamessmith201390: on monday i will go and get the engagement golden ring  :D

jamessmith201390: another good news

:wow tell me too

jamessmith201390: i donated $10,000 to a small orphanage home today  >:(

: oh thats very lovely
jamessmith201390: yea,they are helpless so i got to contribute to their lives.maybe next weekk i will donate another lets wait and see
jamessmith201390: yea,jessica was the one who asked me to help the orphanage over here

: oh she is very sweet

jamessmith201390: jessica told me this morning that she will do anything to win your heart
jamessmith201390: my heart is yours  :-/
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Re: James Smith <>
« Antwort #12 am: 03,Apr,2013, 22:19:14 »
Mein Mann hat für seinen Laptop von mir kein Geld bekommen nun lässt er die Tochter krank werden:


How are you doing today?

Am so sorry for my late response to your e-mail Sweetie..I
was so tired and there was so much cold over here too..My wallet fell inside
the sea ( water ) yesterday...Wallet containing my Identity Card and My Credit

Card...and right now jessica  doctor  called me and told me that she  is sick because of the kind of food over there
and he needs some money to get good food and water and some anti-biotic meds..I
called my bank this morning but they told me that they will have to close
(pend) my account course it's not safe when the credit card is not with me,
they think someone can have access over the account..Actually that's the rules
about the bank, safety of their customer first. That's the main reason's am
tired and confused..I actually want to carry my problem's my self i don't want
to disturb you with my problems...I love you with all my heart

Am really worried about Jessica right now..She need's me
now, her Guardian has called to discuss about the situation over there in the


honey truly speaking i never wanted to disturb you with my problems,but we ae talking about your own daughter jessica.honey i can't lie to you my credit card feel in sea yesterday at work.and i need to get her some anti biotic pills for her.please do not let jessica down,you have been the mother she never had please don't let her down

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Re: James Smith <>
« Antwort #13 am: 04,Apr,2013, 16:38:00 »
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Re: James Smith <>
« Antwort #14 am: 14,Aug,2013, 15:13:41 »
Mein lieber James gibt nicht auf, er kommt immer wieder,heute schreibt er folgendes:

honey im in united kingdom now,and im not going back to nigeria

ich antworte doch  :D

ok Darling and when you come to germany

honey i just came in to united kingdom,i need little time to spend with jessica my daughter

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 :D  :o

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Re: James Smith <>
« Antwort #15 am: 06,Jan,2014, 15:59:34 »
Mein Kleiner aus Nigeria kommt immer wieder  :D


: what you want from me

jamessmith201390: Something serious happened to me

: what

jamessmith201390: My house in united state got caught fire,Jessica got rebuilding done with Nigeria no more going there

: you do not live in the staates,

jamessmith201390: No I only went there for business am back in the state

: and what do you want from me now

jamessmith201390: See I must say am sorry the way I left you,it was due to my business.I want us to be together and make a happy home

: you told me you live in UK? now it is America.
if you want something from me, then move your ass after germany or leave me alone.

jamessmith201390: Do you want me to come to germany?

: i said it already
if you want something from me then come to germany.
but your airline ticket you pay yourself   :D

ich denke dann war er sprachlos und ging  :o