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Eric Steward <>
« am: 17,Dez,2013, 20:06:34 »
Eric S

Eric S

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Profilaufrufe: 12 Mal

Profil-Skin: Standard

Tagline: Searching for Love

Mitglied seit: 17 Dezember 2013


Geschlecht: Männlich

Adresse: City of London, United Kingdom

Alter: 47

Beziehungsstatus: Widowed

Interessiert an: Einem Date, Einer ernsthaften Beziehung

Sprachen: English

Ethnische Zugehörigkeit: Kaukasisch/weiß

Religion: Christ

Orientierung: Heterosexuell

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Eric Steward <> :smilie_g_010:

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Re: Eric S @ Tagged Eric Steward <>
« Antwort #1 am: 17,Dez,2013, 20:07:29 »
In Tagged:

ello dear,how are you doing?i really admire you and i will be very happy to know you more and i wish life can keep us together as one.You are very cute and beautiful enough for my likeness.I love your stature and shape with your long silky hair.I am a Widow ,A British citizen,hoping we can start a wonderful life as one.Can you please tell me more about yourself and what your type of work. You can add or write me on Ericsteward61 at,Regards

Na dann werde ihm doch schreiben  ;)


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Re: Eric S @ Tagged Eric Steward <>
« Antwort #2 am: 19,Dez,2013, 19:48:28 »
Seine Email:

Good morning ? Thank you for writing,I feel so happy waking up reading your Letter,
Hope you are fine.I really admire you,I'm From The United Kingdom but presently in India for Antiques and Gold. I'd like to meet you and have him in my life to be my wife  I look forward to coming to your country when the time comes.I pray and hope life keeps us together.Please ,where do we go from here? I like you so much.I love you and want to spend every minute and share my life with you ,create a family with you .I dont believe Language is a barrier,As long as we can communicate in any form that's lovely and better

  Love is all a matter of trust, commitment , understanding, sincerity , maturity and care.I loved you since the first time I laid my eyes on you and I love your height , I love your body you are good to me . I love your skin and your beautiful hair.You are like an angel sent from above down to the heart me , the sky me.Attached are chosen to select prints of my photos I took while working. I am very busy here , but I need to even find the time to reach you always.Please pray for me always, I would like to here from you and tell me more about yourself .
      I love you .

      Yours in love
      Eric Steward

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