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Paul A / Paul Axel de Graven <>
« Antwort #90 am: 18,Apr,2013, 17:56:44 »
Paul A, 52 Kilcormac, Ireland
•      hello my dear I'm paul and I like to know you better my dear
•      Hallo mein lieber bin ich Paul und ich mag Sie besser wissen, mein lieber
•      Februar 28
•      hello Paul, nice to hear from you. You speak german too, oh thats really nice. Tell me something about you. Would be glad to hear from you again.
•      Februar 28
•      Okay dear, I would.Yeah I speak little german..Well I'm single,live and work as an oil consultant here in Vienna, inner city..Tell me asomething about you too my dear
•      Februar 28
•      Hey Paul, thanks for your answer.Really you are living and working here in Vienna? Can´t belive it, thats great. I am an assistant of a doctor, have 2 kids, xx and xx years old and i live with them alone inxxx. My name is in xxxxxxxand i am xx years old, dear. Looking forward to hear from you again.
•      Februar 28
•      Sorry I reply late my dear, have been busy with work all week, please can you send me your email so I can write you a mail and tell you more about myself.Have a Nice sleep xxxxxx dear..paul
•      März 2
•      Sorry too. My net was down for hole 2 days and i am not every day here. I have had much do to too. Where do you stay in Vienna?And do you like the weather here? I don´t like it- its neither too cold or too hot. My mail is xxxxxxxx. So if you want to you can write - would be glad. Wish you a good night and a pleasent day ahead.xxxxxx
•      März 7
•      I just sent you a mail my dear, been waitng to her from you
•      März 7
•      Oh really, you have sent me a mail? Sorry but I haven´t got one in my inbox. Please try it again. Do you have skype Paul? If yes, you can add me there if you want, xxxxxxx- my skypename. Looking forward to hear from you again.
•      März 8
•      okay my dear, I would resend the mail and have added you on skype
•      März 9

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Re: Paul A / Paul Axel de Graven <>
« Antwort #91 am: 18,Apr,2013, 17:26:51 »
Kommunikation fand auf Skype statt

Skype Profil
Name: Paul Axel
Skype-Name: paxel101
Geb.: 20.02.1961
Sprache: Englisch

Chatprotokoll 1 vom 09.03.2013: Spoiler
[09.03.2013 05:03:00] paxel101: Please add me as a contact paul
[09.03.2013 16:12:33] Xxxxx: Xxxxx hat Kontaktdetails mit paul axel ausgetauscht.

Chatprotokoll 2 vom 09.03.2013: Spoiler
[09.03.2013 23:45:20] paul axel: Hello my dear
[09.03.2013 23:46:27] Xxxxx: hello paul, how are you and how was your day
[09.03.2013 23:47:56] paul axel: Fine my dear
[09.03.2013 23:47:58] paul axel: And you?
[09.03.2013 23:48:11] paul axel: Dd you go to work?
[09.03.2013 23:49:04] Xxxxx: today not, i have weekend and the next two weeks holidays
[09.03.2013 23:49:29] paul axel: Ok, your on vacation
[09.03.2013 23:49:31] paul axel: ?
[09.03.2013 23:49:57] Xxxxx: you mean if i go somewhere in my holidays?
[09.03.2013 23:50:19] Xxxxx: no i don´t i will stay at home, maybe i will drive for some days to my aunt to salzburg
[09.03.2013 23:50:47] paul axel: Okay, so tell me how was your day my dear? Had fun?
[09.03.2013 23:52:13] Xxxxx: thanks was nice, but i haven´t had fun
[09.03.2013 23:53:06] paul axel: Well I wish I was with you. Rigth now
[09.03.2013 23:53:16] paul axel: So I can make fun with you
[09.03.2013 23:53:28] paul axel: I really want you in my heart baby
[09.03.2013 23:53:59] paul axel: Please about to take shower, don't go anywhere :*
[09.03.2013 23:54:35] Xxxxx: its okay, thanks for saying that
[09.03.2013 23:54:43] Xxxxx: i will wait, take your time
[10.03.2013 00:12:03] paul axel: my baby are you there?
[10.03.2013 00:12:22] Xxxxx: yess i am here dear
[10.03.2013 00:12:40] paul axel: Good so what have you been doing?
[10.03.2013 00:14:49] Xxxxx: nothing, sitting here and chating
[10.03.2013 00:15:23] paul axel: ok
[10.03.2013 00:15:27] paul axel: with other men
[10.03.2013 00:16:26] Xxxxx: not only woman too
[10.03.2013 00:16:34] Xxxxx: and you, you only chating with me?
[10.03.2013 00:16:49] paul axel: yes baby only youi
[10.03.2013 00:16:59] *** Anruf von paul axel ***
[10.03.2013 00:17:14] Xxxxx: not at the moment dear
[10.03.2013 00:17:25] Xxxxx: later or tomorrow if you want, but not now, okay
[10.03.2013 00:17:38] paul axel: why not now dear?
[10.03.2013 00:17:45] paul axel: where are you?
[10.03.2013 00:18:13] Xxxxx: i am at home, but i am not goodlooking at the moment
[10.03.2013 00:18:23] Xxxxx: thatswhy i don´t want that now
[10.03.2013 00:18:25] paul axel: its nothing my dear
[10.03.2013 00:18:33] paul axel: Its internal beuty i am after
[10.03.2013 00:18:40] paul axel: and I know you have that in you
[10.03.2013 00:18:51] paul axel: Dont be shy my dear
[10.03.2013 00:18:56] paul axel: be free with me
[10.03.2013 00:20:13] Xxxxx: first tell me something from your day, what have you done today?
[10.03.2013 00:20:36] paul axel: Nothing much my dear, just complete some office work and talk with my clients and you?
[10.03.2013 00:20:37] paul axel: ok
[10.03.2013 00:21:49] Xxxxx: your clients? which clients
[10.03.2013 00:23:58] paul axel: the one i work with
[10.03.2013 00:24:43] Xxxxx: ah i see. you said you are in vienna at this time?
[10.03.2013 00:25:29] paul axel: yes dear
[10.03.2013 00:25:30] paul axel: you?
[10.03.2013 00:26:08] Xxxxx: i am at home in graz
[10.03.2013 00:26:17] Xxxxx: since when you are in vienna?
[10.03.2013 00:29:19] Xxxxx: are you still there?
[10.03.2013 00:30:56] paul axel: Schuttel str close to park club
[10.03.2013 00:30:58] paul axel: yes baby
[10.03.2013 00:31:03] paul axel: and you?
[10.03.2013 00:31:06] paul axel: where in graz?
[10.03.2013 00:33:04] Xxxxx: in wetzelsdorf, if you know that
[10.03.2013 00:33:15] Xxxxx: in which part of vienna is the schuttel street
[10.03.2013 00:37:26] paul axel: you wanna come to me right now?
[10.03.2013 00:37:36] paul axel: i told you already
[10.03.2013 00:37:40] paul axel: close to park club
[10.03.2013 00:37:46] paul axel: vienna is a very big city
[10.03.2013 00:38:47] Xxxxx: no, i can´t come to your right now. when will you leave vienna for home again?
[10.03.2013 00:39:14] paul axel: vienna is my home now
[10.03.2013 00:39:22] paul axel: i live and work here in vienna
[10.03.2013 00:41:00] Xxxxx: o kay- and do you have friends and betterknown there in the meantime?
[10.03.2013 00:43:26] paul axel: few
[10.03.2013 00:44:14] Xxxxx: tell me something of your real hometown, the place you where born and grown up
[10.03.2013 00:44:59] Xxxxx: please
[10.03.2013 00:46:12] paul axel: I was born in netherlands
[10.03.2013 00:50:17] Xxxxx: oh, amsterdam or where?
[10.03.2013 00:50:28] Xxxxx: its a country i always wanted to see, sometimes
[10.03.2013 00:50:30] paul axel: ys
[10.03.2013 00:50:32] paul axel: yes
[10.03.2013 00:50:41] paul axel: maybe we can both go together
[10.03.2013 00:50:58] paul axel: later after we are together forever
[10.03.2013 00:54:16] Xxxxx: oh dear, you speak now from forever? you don´t know me like i don´t know you by now- so what if your first impression of me doesn´t match with your imagines about me? and the same in other way?
[10.03.2013 00:54:59] paul axel: my heart decides for me
[10.03.2013 00:55:04] paul axel: and it says you my dear
[10.03.2013 00:55:08] paul axel: so i follow my heart
[10.03.2013 00:55:14] paul axel: I really want to know you better my deaer
[10.03.2013 00:56:30] Xxxxx: i am here, so if you want to know something, let me know
[10.03.2013 00:57:43] paul axel: tell me about your last relationship
[10.03.2013 00:58:23] Xxxxx: my reationship in reallife or in net
[10.03.2013 00:58:38] paul axel: your last relationship
[10.03.2013 00:58:40] paul axel: ok both i guess
[10.03.2013 01:01:04] Xxxxx: my last realtionship was my marriage with my turkish husband 10 years ago, wasn´t allways easy cause other cultures and other religions - it was first a marriage that he could stay here in austria- but soon it was love from my side- his side i don´t know it. Now we are good friends and see each other 3 or 4 times a month and helps each other when there is a need for it
[10.03.2013 01:04:05] Xxxxx: and my other relationship was on net here, it takes over 7 months and was a very deep love from me, but he was a fraude, he talked about marriage and having a son with me, wanted to stay with me here or in USA, but now he is gone
[10.03.2013 01:05:29] paul axel: so he wasnt serious
[10.03.2013 01:06:54] Xxxxx: nope he wasn´t and i was fallen right to him
[10.03.2013 01:07:32] paul axel: welll he doesnt deserve you my dear
[10.03.2013 01:07:54] paul axel: you deserve a better man
[10.03.2013 01:08:21] Xxxxx: yes thats true- he has costs me a lot, not only feelings, money too
[10.03.2013 01:09:08] paul axel: he is a terrible person
[10.03.2013 01:09:13] paul axel: I never do that to you
[10.03.2013 01:09:27] paul axel: how much money did he cost you?
[10.03.2013 01:09:47] Xxxxx: every cent was too much- much too much
[10.03.2013 01:10:04] paul axel: how much precisely?
[10.03.2013 01:10:09] paul axel: sorry
[10.03.2013 01:11:15] Xxxxx: why you want to know? only so much- now i have nothing anymore instead a loan i took for him
[10.03.2013 01:13:33] paul axel: I am just concerned
[10.03.2013 01:13:36] paul axel: I feel bad
[10.03.2013 01:16:02] Xxxxx: why, if you are not the same kind of man you haven´t to feel bad of that. But he had hurted me deepestly with his way to go out of this realtionship.
[10.03.2013 01:16:26] paul axel: its okay
[10.03.2013 01:16:35] paul axel: I make you forget about him
[10.03.2013 01:16:43] paul axel: I am not the same  type
[10.03.2013 01:16:46] paul axel: I am paul
[10.03.2013 01:17:16] Xxxxx: and i wonder myself why i am still in net for searching a realtionship- I am really crazy
[10.03.2013 01:17:24] Xxxxx: yes you are paul
[10.03.2013 01:17:25] paul axel: no my dear
[10.03.2013 01:17:31] paul axel: I am happy i found you
[10.03.2013 01:17:45] paul axel: I search for true love
[10.03.2013 01:18:01] paul axel: i never lie or cheat on yo
[10.03.2013 01:18:04] paul axel: you
[10.03.2013 01:18:18] paul axel: because I not like someone to cheat or lie to me
[10.03.2013 01:20:18] Xxxxx: to be honestly i don´t trust nobody on net anymore, since this experience - i have had a too good heart, but thats gone now
[10.03.2013 01:22:40] Xxxxx: and if somebody really want how am i he has hard to try to reach me
[10.03.2013 01:23:12] Xxxxx: i am looking for true love too, as everybody i guess, only that you know that
[10.03.2013 01:25:35] paul axel: :(
[10.03.2013 01:26:17] Xxxxx: whats the matter
[10.03.2013 01:26:21] Xxxxx: I only was honestly
[10.03.2013 01:27:48] paul axel: yes but all people are not the same
[10.03.2013 01:28:33] Xxxxx: thanks god not, would be really borring if all people were the same
[10.03.2013 01:30:15] paul axel: i want you to know that you can trust me
[10.03.2013 01:31:22] Xxxxx: thanks, but i think i will decide it by myself when i know you a bit better, sorry if i am talking a bit rude now
[10.03.2013 01:32:02] paul axel: its okay
[10.03.2013 01:32:06] paul axel: I undertsand you
[10.03.2013 01:32:38] Xxxxx: thanks a lot
[10.03.2013 01:32:50] Xxxxx: now its your turn to tell me something about your last realtionship
[10.03.2013 01:34:49] paul axel: My last relationship was with my wife
[10.03.2013 01:34:54] paul axel: nothing serious after
[10.03.2013 01:35:01] paul axel: Until I met you
[10.03.2013 01:35:20] Xxxxx: how long ago, and what had happen?
[10.03.2013 01:37:49] Xxxxx: you are still there paul?
[10.03.2013 01:38:06] paul axel: she died in an accident
[10.03.2013 01:38:14] paul axel: few years ago
[10.03.2013 01:38:19] paul axel: with my unborn child
[10.03.2013 01:38:51] Xxxxx: oh soo soo sad, I am very sorry about that, really
[10.03.2013 01:39:02] Xxxxx: must been hard for you that time
[10.03.2013 01:39:03] paul axel: its okay
[10.03.2013 01:39:12] paul axel: yes dear
[10.03.2013 01:40:06] Xxxxx: hope you have had friends or familymembers which were standing by your side that time
[10.03.2013 01:43:59] Xxxxx: kuckuck, are you still there?
[10.03.2013 01:45:28] *** Anruf an paul axel - aufgelegt, keine Antwort oder abgelehnt. ***
[10.03.2013 01:45:29] paul axel: yes baby
[10.03.2013 01:45:50] Xxxxx: where have you been?
[10.03.2013 01:48:38] Xxxxx: you don´t want to talk with me anymore?
[10.03.2013 01:48:48] paul axel: I do my dear
[10.03.2013 01:48:50] paul axel: sorry
[10.03.2013 01:49:12] paul axel: I really want you in my life
[10.03.2013 01:49:14] Xxxxx: tell me if yo are tried and want to go to bed
[10.03.2013 01:49:28] paul axel: i really want to be be with you
[10.03.2013 01:49:32] Xxxxx: okay
[10.03.2013 01:49:48] Xxxxx: than lets work it out
[10.03.2013 01:49:52] Xxxxx: maybe it works
[10.03.2013 01:49:53] paul axel: sure baby
[10.03.2013 01:49:58] paul axel: I know it would
[10.03.2013 01:50:36] paul axel: :*
[10.03.2013 01:50:51] Xxxxx: and what do you think how we can make it?
[10.03.2013 01:50:57] Xxxxx: thanks for the kiss
[10.03.2013 01:51:08] Xxxxx: a little kiss come back to you
[10.03.2013 01:51:12] paul axel: Having faith
[10.03.2013 01:51:16] paul axel: :*
[10.03.2013 01:52:38] Xxxxx: I will try it
[10.03.2013 01:53:47] paul axel: i need you to trust me
[10.03.2013 01:53:55] paul axel: for this relationship to work out
[10.03.2013 01:54:04] paul axel: I never lie or cheat on you
[10.03.2013 01:54:52] Xxxxx: me too, I promise, and i will tell you instantly if something happen that i don´tlike, okay
[10.03.2013 01:55:12] paul axel: okay my dear
[10.03.2013 01:56:06] paul axel: i never hurt you
[10.03.2013 01:56:26] paul axel: i want you to believe me baby
[10.03.2013 01:56:32] paul axel: I'm a serious man
[10.03.2013 01:57:07] Xxxxx: oh yes i belive you - in all you said really
[10.03.2013 01:57:33] paul axel: I never hurt you
[10.03.2013 01:58:40] Xxxxx: okay
[10.03.2013 01:58:48] Xxxxx: good to know
[10.03.2013 01:59:28] paul axel: let talk tomorrow
[10.03.2013 01:59:38] paul axel: go to bed now
[10.03.2013 01:59:59] paul axel: sweetdreams my love
[10.03.2013 02:00:22] paul axel: :*
[10.03.2013 02:00:25] Xxxxx: the same to you dear
[10.03.2013 02:00:40] Xxxxx: :)(hug):*
[10.03.2013 02:02:09] paul axel: (inlove)
[10.03.2013 02:02:43] Xxxxx: dear you are very very fast in things like that
[10.03.2013 02:03:05] Xxxxx: when will you come tomorrow online?

Chatprotokoll vom 11.03.2013: Spoiler
[11.03.2013 00:39:16] paul axel: I'm sorry if am fast
[11.03.2013 00:39:24] paul axel: I just want you in my life
[11.03.2013 00:40:01] Xxxxx: its funny, since a half year nearly every man on net tell me that- i must be really a good woman
[11.03.2013 00:40:43] paul axel: Well I am different and I want you
[11.03.2013 00:40:54] *** Anruf von paul axel ***
[11.03.2013 00:41:28] Xxxxx: now, not, maybe tomorrow, if you can come earlier- sorry and hoping for your understanding
[11.03.2013 00:41:40] paul axel: Yet again
[11.03.2013 00:42:00] paul axel: Ok
[11.03.2013 00:42:09] paul axel: Well I go to bed now
[11.03.2013 00:42:19] paul axel: Goodnight dear and sweetdreams
[11.03.2013 00:43:02] Xxxxx: okay, its okay, nice dreams to you

Chatprotokoll vom 20.03.2013: Spoiler
[20.03.2013 01:22:41] paul axel: hello my love
[20.03.2013 01:23:06] Xxxxx: Hello dear, where have you been all the days?
[20.03.2013 01:23:18] Xxxxx: where you so busy that you have forgotten about me?
[20.03.2013 01:23:30] paul axel: am so sorry my love
[20.03.2013 01:23:36] paul axel: have been very busy with work
[20.03.2013 01:23:42] paul axel: am here for you my love
[20.03.2013 01:23:44] paul axel: so sorry baby
[20.03.2013 01:23:50] paul axel: hope you forgive me
[20.03.2013 01:23:54] Xxxxx: Its okay, dear
[20.03.2013 01:24:00] Xxxxx: sure - its okay
[20.03.2013 01:24:21] Xxxxx: tell me how was your day and are you still in vienna?
[20.03.2013 01:24:41] paul axel: my day has been so good
[20.03.2013 01:24:48] paul axel: sorry i didnt tell you
[20.03.2013 01:24:55] paul axel: I got a job
[20.03.2013 01:25:10] paul axel: out of country to malaysia but would be back home soon
[20.03.2013 01:25:13] paul axel: after my work
[20.03.2013 01:25:42] Xxxxx: oh thats great dear, how long will it take to finish this job?
[20.03.2013 01:26:06] paul axel: in 2weeks I would be done my dear
[20.03.2013 01:26:21] paul axel: i spent 3days here already
[20.03.2013 01:26:27] paul axel: and work is going fine
[20.03.2013 01:26:51] paul axel: What i plan basically is to retire after this job and be with you forever
[20.03.2013 01:27:08] Xxxxx: I am glad to hear that, when have you left vienna dear
[20.03.2013 01:27:29] Xxxxx: would be very fine, if that will come true dear- missed you
[20.03.2013 01:27:53] paul axel: it would come true my dear
[20.03.2013 01:27:56] paul axel: I give you my words
[20.03.2013 01:28:00] paul axel: and promise you
[20.03.2013 01:28:27] Xxxxx: dear, i don´t know what to say
[20.03.2013 01:28:40] paul axel: i wanT you to never worry
[20.03.2013 01:28:44] Xxxxx: what time do you have there in malysia
[20.03.2013 01:28:53] paul axel: I promise to make you the happiest woman on earth
[20.03.2013 01:29:22] Xxxxx: oh that would be very very nice dear
[20.03.2013 01:29:23] paul axel: 7;29 am
[20.03.2013 01:29:33] paul axel: Wednesday morning
[20.03.2013 01:29:45] Xxxxx: 7 hours before me, woow
[20.03.2013 01:29:47] paul axel: I just want true love
[20.03.2013 01:29:53] paul axel: yes my dear
[20.03.2013 01:30:01] Xxxxx: when do you have to start work dear?
[20.03.2013 01:30:33] paul axel: 9
[20.03.2013 01:30:48] paul axel: working with some companies
[20.03.2013 01:30:53] Xxxxx: dear, why are you invisible here
[20.03.2013 01:30:57] paul axel: I want to buy crude oil from
[20.03.2013 01:31:12] Xxxxx: oh I see- thats good
[20.03.2013 01:31:16] paul axel: its online here
[20.03.2013 01:31:22] paul axel: maybe networj
[20.03.2013 01:31:28] Xxxxx: will be sure a hugh business i guess
[20.03.2013 01:31:49] Xxxxx: and after the deal you will be a rich man- right?
[20.03.2013 01:32:20] paul axel: lol
[20.03.2013 01:32:37] paul axel: I would be comfortable with my wife and family
[20.03.2013 01:32:48] paul axel: Family matters to me first
[20.03.2013 01:33:07] Xxxxx: like to me too dear- nothing is more worth than a family
[20.03.2013 01:33:20] paul axel: yes my dear
[20.03.2013 01:33:37] paul axel: I want to have family with you and forever be happy togther
[20.03.2013 01:34:04] Xxxxx: oh dear, you are so sweet, do you know that?
[20.03.2013 01:34:53] paul axel: am sweet for you my dear
[20.03.2013 01:34:56] paul axel: and no one else
[20.03.2013 01:35:02] paul axel: I really want to meet you soon
[20.03.2013 01:35:09] paul axel: so tell me how is your schedule like?
[20.03.2013 01:36:20] Xxxxx: dear in which way do you mean that?
[20.03.2013 01:37:29] paul axel: how do you spend your day? what activities do you do to keep you busy?
[20.03.2013 01:39:24] Xxxxx: oh so that you mean. When I am working I have lot to do at the office, but I am not working 8 hours there only 6. After coming home i have to do my house cure  and cooking.
[20.03.2013 01:39:59] Xxxxx: When I have spare time I love to chat with people all over the world and go outside or reading a good book
[20.03.2013 01:42:07] Xxxxx:  Dear are you still there?
[20.03.2013 01:43:05] paul axel: ok
[20.03.2013 01:43:12] paul axel: so how many people are you chatting with now
[20.03.2013 01:43:16] paul axel: only me?
[20.03.2013 01:43:41] Xxxxx: yes, dear, why you asking?
[20.03.2013 01:44:03] paul axel: i want my woman for just me alone and nobody else
[20.03.2013 01:44:14] paul axel: I really love you and am so happy to meet you in my life
[20.03.2013 01:44:24] paul axel: I love yu with my body and soul
[20.03.2013 01:44:46] Xxxxx: oh thats so nice that you say that dear
[20.03.2013 01:45:11] paul axel: yes baby
[20.03.2013 01:45:16] Xxxxx: and with how many ladies do you chat now dear?
[20.03.2013 01:46:44] Xxxxx: the net is a mess I guess
[20.03.2013 01:47:07] paul axel: what are your goals?
[20.03.2013 01:48:33] Xxxxx: oh my goals? I want to see many countries of the world - although I know I never will see them, I want have a good, caring and most of all honestly man by my side, cause its the very last time that I will make a relationship
[20.03.2013 01:50:45] Xxxxx: dear, lets change to another messenger, the net is a mess
[20.03.2013 01:51:52] paul axel: are you there my love?
[20.03.2013 01:52:10] Xxxxx: yes I am but the net is a mess
[20.03.2013 01:52:46] paul axel: hallloooo
[20.03.2013 01:53:03] Xxxxx: its the net dear, not I
[20.03.2013 01:53:38] paul axel: okay
[20.03.2013 01:53:44] paul axel: do you have yahoomessenger?
[20.03.2013 01:53:57] Xxxxx: yes i have
[20.03.2013 01:54:24] Xxxxx: would you give me your id - i will search for you
[20.03.2013 01:55:48] paul axel:
[20.03.2013 01:55:58] paul axel: by the way send me your private email
[20.03.2013 01:56:11] paul axel: so I can send you a mail also later on today
[20.03.2013 01:56:47] Xxxxx: okay its ######## looking forward too
[20.03.2013 01:57:56] paul axel: okay my dear
[20.03.2013 01:58:02] paul axel: sure I would
[20.03.2013 01:58:02] Xxxxx: have found you - accept me
[20.03.2013 01:58:06] paul axel: okay dear

Chatprotokoll vom 21.03.2013: Spoiler
[21.03.2013 18:37:34] paul axel: my love

Chatprotokoll vom 27.03.2013: Spoiler
[27.03.2013 21:33:22] paul axel: hello
[27.03.2013 21:33:29] paul axel: baby how are you?
[27.03.2013 21:33:58] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 21:34:02] paul axel: are you there?
[27.03.2013 21:34:03] Xxxxx: hello dear, where have you been all the days?
[27.03.2013 21:34:10] paul axel: here my love
[27.03.2013 21:34:10] Xxxxx: yes I am there
[27.03.2013 21:34:13] paul axel: looking for you
[27.03.2013 21:34:21] paul axel: baby am sad right now
[27.03.2013 21:34:31] paul axel: have been in little problems
[27.03.2013 21:34:34] Xxxxx: oh whats happpening dear
[27.03.2013 21:34:57] Xxxxx: really what problems do you have right now?
[27.03.2013 21:35:37] paul axel: I misplace my wallet and it contains my credit card
[27.03.2013 21:35:56] paul axel: But luckly for me I settled my balance for crudeoil
[27.03.2013 21:36:01] paul axel: already
[27.03.2013 21:36:29] Xxxxx: thats really bad,
[27.03.2013 21:36:35] paul axel: yes dear :(
[27.03.2013 21:36:40] Xxxxx: but its good that you have balnaced it
[27.03.2013 21:37:05] paul axel: now am yet to settle my hotel bills before am allowed to come home to you honey
[27.03.2013 21:37:23] paul axel: baby I need some help from you :(
[27.03.2013 21:37:35] paul axel: been waiting to talk to you ever since am scared
[27.03.2013 21:38:16] paul axel: :( ;(
[27.03.2013 21:38:23] paul axel: are you there?
[27.03.2013 21:38:39] paul axel: the hotel manager threaten to jail me ;(
[27.03.2013 21:38:43] Xxxxx: yes i am there and listening to you dear
[27.03.2013 21:38:50] Xxxxx: tell more
[27.03.2013 21:38:58] paul axel: baby I need some help from you
[27.03.2013 21:39:06] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 21:39:27] paul axel: i dont know how you can help me my love
[27.03.2013 21:39:49] Xxxxx: when you don´t know how can I help you, why do you think I know it?
[27.03.2013 21:40:53] paul axel: :Baby I need you to loan me some money, immediately I get home I pay you back fast my love:
[27.03.2013 21:40:55] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 21:41:07] paul axel: This sounds wierd
[27.03.2013 21:41:19] paul axel: but I need your help my love
[27.03.2013 21:41:48] Xxxxx: funny, really funny.
[27.03.2013 21:41:52] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 21:42:01] paul axel: I feel ashamed
[27.03.2013 21:42:05] Xxxxx: Have waited for things like that-
[27.03.2013 21:42:12] paul axel: STOP
[27.03.2013 21:42:13] Xxxxx: oh you feel ashamed?
[27.03.2013 21:42:18] paul axel: DONT SAY THAT
[27.03.2013 21:42:22] Xxxxx: but i do
[27.03.2013 21:42:25] paul axel: I need you to trust me
[27.03.2013 21:42:30] paul axel: believe me
[27.03.2013 21:42:34] paul axel: I never lie to you
[27.03.2013 21:42:39] Xxxxx: why, I don´t know you
[27.03.2013 21:42:43] paul axel: JUst STOP and trust me
[27.03.2013 21:42:44] Xxxxx: never have seen you before
[27.03.2013 21:42:59] paul axel: :I book my flight to your place my love:  >:( Den Ort selbst hatte er aber gerade nicht parat  :D
[27.03.2013 21:43:03] paul axel: please trust me
[27.03.2013 21:43:07] Xxxxx: why should i trust a unknown man, which thinks he has fallen in love with me
[27.03.2013 21:43:21] paul axel: I can send you my flight details so you know what time I arrive at the airport
[27.03.2013 21:43:31] paul axel: No my love I love you
[27.03.2013 21:43:39] paul axel: I love you so much
[27.03.2013 21:43:46] paul axel: and you make me really happy
[27.03.2013 21:43:49] paul axel: please my love
[27.03.2013 21:44:01] paul axel: trust me on this :(
[27.03.2013 21:44:12] Xxxxx: spare your words and your begging,
[27.03.2013 21:44:35] Xxxxx: I know people like you, was fallen to three of your kind
[27.03.2013 21:44:47] paul axel: no my love
[27.03.2013 21:44:49] Xxxxx: seems lilke you have to look for another honey
[27.03.2013 21:44:51] paul axel: am different
[27.03.2013 21:44:52] Xxxxx: yes my dear
[27.03.2013 21:44:57] paul axel: and I swear on my fathers grave
[27.03.2013 21:45:00] Xxxxx: all of you say that
[27.03.2013 21:45:01] paul axel: I am never like such
[27.03.2013 21:45:09] paul axel: STOP MY LOVE
[27.03.2013 21:45:15] paul axel: you hruting me ;(
[27.03.2013 21:45:16] Xxxxx: yes, sure,hope your father is still alive and healthy
[27.03.2013 21:45:29] Xxxxx: oh sorry,
[27.03.2013 21:45:31] paul axel: I am serious
[27.03.2013 21:45:35] Xxxxx: yes sure
[27.03.2013 21:45:37] paul axel: I never lie to you
[27.03.2013 21:45:49] paul axel: please I plead with you to trust me
[27.03.2013 21:46:03] paul axel: why not give me a chance my dear, my love for you is real and true
[27.03.2013 21:46:20] paul axel: I know you have had bad past, same as me but we need to move on
[27.03.2013 21:46:27] paul axel: i FIND YOU AS MY SOULMATE
[27.03.2013 21:46:46] Xxxxx: you can plead so much as you want- i told you at the beginin all of my experiences and you think really i am so stupid and fall again to a man like this kind? I have learnt from my mistakes
[27.03.2013 21:47:07] Xxxxx: you don´t know me, or do
[27.03.2013 21:47:12] Xxxxx: you?
[27.03.2013 21:47:29] Xxxxx: no i don´t think so, you don´t know anything about me
[27.03.2013 21:47:38] paul axel: please just trust me
[27.03.2013 21:47:46] paul axel: I would prove to you am different
[27.03.2013 21:47:57] paul axel: I want you in my life, am happy with you
[27.03.2013 21:48:11] paul axel: please baby just listen to me, i need your help
[27.03.2013 21:48:34] paul axel: I can send you my passport so you see
[27.03.2013 21:48:41] Xxxxx: how many hours have we shared in how many days? I think there was only maybe 3 hours in 3 weeks, ynd you really think you know me
[27.03.2013 21:48:42] paul axel: if my cam works well now, you would see me
[27.03.2013 21:48:55] paul axel: My heart chosses you
[27.03.2013 21:49:06] Xxxxx: yes thats a good idea, send me your passport
[27.03.2013 21:50:42] *** paul axel hat AXEL PP.jpg gesendet ***
[27.03.2013 21:51:01] paul axel: I sent it to you my dear, I never lie to you please believe me :(
[27.03.2013 21:52:28] paul axel: did you get it?
[27.03.2013 21:53:52] paul axel: talk to me my love
[27.03.2013 21:54:00] paul axel: :(:(
[27.03.2013 21:54:20] Xxxxx: yes i have got it, but i have to look first before i decide
[27.03.2013 21:54:57] paul axel: ok dear, my love for you is real and would never hurt your feelings
[27.03.2013 21:55:31] Xxxxx: which feelings do you mean?
[27.03.2013 21:55:52] Xxxxx: and your card is a very bad fake,
[27.03.2013 21:57:55] paul axel: no
[27.03.2013 21:57:57] paul axel: no
[27.03.2013 21:58:10] paul axel: I scan a copy and put on my laptop
[27.03.2013 21:58:27] paul axel: I would never cheat on you or hurt you
[27.03.2013 21:58:33] paul axel: please believe me dear
[27.03.2013 21:58:47] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 21:58:52] paul axel: I need your help
[27.03.2013 21:59:02] paul axel: you didnt even ask how much I was needing :(
[27.03.2013 21:59:10] paul axel: please just come to my rescue
[27.03.2013 22:01:02] Xxxxx: tell me how much you need
[27.03.2013 22:07:01] paul axel: :All I would need is 700 euros:
[27.03.2013 22:07:28] paul axel: Then I would complete my hotel bills
[27.03.2013 22:07:38] paul axel: I have some part already but not complete :(
[27.03.2013 22:09:00] Xxxxx: how about  to look first exactly for your moneypocket, what do you think?
[27.03.2013 22:09:35] paul axel: I search but not find my wallet, that why am in problem
[27.03.2013 22:09:47] paul axel: I promise you, you would get back your money
[27.03.2013 22:10:28] paul axel: please help me, when I have access to my lending me money would be history because I would have pay back
[27.03.2013 22:11:36] Xxxxx: dear, I am sure you will find another way to solve your problem.
[27.03.2013 22:11:47] paul axel: I have tried ;(
[27.03.2013 22:11:55] paul axel: this past few days and nothing
[27.03.2013 22:11:57] Xxxxx: Why do you think that I have so much money ?
[27.03.2013 22:12:01] paul axel: I dont want to end up in jail
[27.03.2013 22:12:15] paul axel: no its what I need? that is why
[27.03.2013 22:13:16] paul axel: how much can you get for me then?
[27.03.2013 22:15:00] paul axel: baby we can work this out :(
[27.03.2013 22:15:38] Xxxxx: no cent, sorry dear
[27.03.2013 22:16:10] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 22:16:18] paul axel: please my love
[27.03.2013 22:16:30] paul axel: do something for me?
[27.03.2013 22:17:06] Xxxxx: do you know the saying the man is it by hisself?
[27.03.2013 22:17:18] paul axel: :(
[27.03.2013 22:17:56] paul axel: i just need little assistance from you my love
[27.03.2013 22:18:35] paul axel: talk to me
[27.03.2013 22:19:16] paul axel: come to my rescue
[27.03.2013 22:19:22] Xxxxx: I am not your love, and you know that- cause you are not my love
[27.03.2013 22:19:29] Xxxxx: so leave me alone
[27.03.2013 22:19:38] paul axel: If I can come up with anything, i can beg the hotel manger
[27.03.2013 22:19:42] paul axel: baby your hurting me
[27.03.2013 22:19:43] paul axel: real bad
[27.03.2013 22:19:50] paul axel: stop saying such
[27.03.2013 22:20:47] paul axel: :(:(:(
[27.03.2013 22:20:59] paul axel: ;(;(
[27.03.2013 22:21:46] paul axel: are you there?
[27.03.2013 22:23:42] Xxxxx: I beg you let me be,
[27.03.2013 22:23:51] Xxxxx: wish you all the best for the future
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Re: Paul A / Paul Axel de Graven <>
« Antwort #92 am: 18,Apr,2013, 20:30:27 »
I look forward to read from you.Work is fine and okay today the meetings goes successfully and we have agreed on the price is for the Crude oil and will keep you updated, like everything else with me here, because you are my life now... I see the search myself for your email and thinking about you and you are always in my thoughts and Vorstellungen.Ja sincere my night was splendid, but is only that you are always in my dreams(smile).
Since the first time that I've seen I your profile a great impulsion on me and since then felt, then I think about you, I thought, could say an end of my search a make of my dreams come true, because you are only that which I search, when read by friends, I can feel it, that my dream will always be a reality.this is, what I have been looking and I a man, would not swap this against everything in the world, and the woman so I want to see where these go I give this a total chance and I am sure that it would take me to where I want to go.

Love is like a seed planting and should grow as the relationship grows. Again, love for me the result is absolute confidence, to be mutual respect for each other, and passion, this feeling with your loved one. It's Fireworks, it is the feeling that you highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean for and knowing the comfort he takes himself would go also to you. If you could see into my soul, for you would know you in my heart, how long I and to sit with you. If you can see in my head, whether thoughts, things were to be seen, you would how I you care and how much you mean to me know. She found me, when I felt, there's no hope. Made me happy as I thought all the happiness have disappeared. You mean very much to me, and I want to make you happy and feel like a Queen of all time. I would like to thank you for coming into my life.


Leider inline Einlieferung, daher keine verwertbaren Daten! Aber das Foto ist schon in Verbindung mit Scam bekannt!

From Paul Axel Wed Mar 20 00:30:31 2013 X-Apparently-To: xxxxxxxxx via; Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:30:32 -0700
Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:30:32 -0700
Received: from BAY149-W46 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675); Tue, 19 Mar 2013 17:30:31 -0700 X-EIP: [KjNNOCGfn0G4hcB

Paul Axel de Graven IXR8K3001

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Re: Paul A / Paul Axel de Graven <>
« Antwort #93 am: 18,Apr,2013, 20:44:55 »
Yahoo nach dem wir uns in Tagged kennen gelernt haben, und zwischendurch auch auf Skype waren, wo es später wieder bis zum "bitteren" Ende weiterging

Chatprotokoll: Spoiler
IM 1:11:30. 20. Mär 2013  : )
1:00:19   paxel009: hello my love
1:00:28   xxxxxxxx: hello dear
1:00:35   paxel009: how are you?
1:00:39   paxel009: accept me
1:00:58   xxxxxxxx: oh a nice pic
1:01:51   xxxxxxxx: have accept you
1:02:04   xxxxxxxx: I am fine
1:02:11   xxxxxxxx: what about you?
1:02:13   paxel009: thank you dear
1:02:16   paxel009: lovely pic you have
1:02:27   paxel009: so happy chatting with you tonight I miss you
1:02:39   paxel009: I have accept you also
1:03:01   xxxxxxxx: thanks for accepting me
1:03:12   xxxxxxxx: you see a pic from me? really?
1:03:56   paxel009: yes
1:04:02   paxel009: lovely one you have
1:04:04   paxel009: 
1:04:43   xxxxxxxx: Paul can you tell me which pic you have from me?
1:05:56   xxxxxxxx: <ding>
1:06:58   paxel009: The one you jhave here on your profile
1:07:43   xxxxxxxx: oh this one you meant, I thought you have got one on the messenger- cause there is no pic from me
1:09:30   xxxxxxxx: are you still there dear?
1:09:43   xxxxxxxx: <ding>
1:09:47   paxel009: i see just one in your profile
1:09:49   paxel009: yes baby
1:09:59   xxxxxxxx: okay
1:10:25   paxel009: can you send pic?
1:10:51   xxxxxxxx: no, don´t know how it works here
1:11:28   paxel009: ok
1:11:30   xxxxxxxx: this is the first time you see me clear, isn´t it
IM 1:29:13. 20. Mär 2013
1:11:43   paxel009: nope
1:11:54   paxel009: i have your picture in my head
1:12:05   paxel009: right from tagged my dear
1:12:05   paxel009: I never forget
1:12:49   xxxxxxxx: ah yes sure, forgotten that - so there is no need for sending you pics, you can go there and look if you want to
1:12:57   xxxxxxxx: 
1:13:05   paxel009: comon baby
1:13:07   paxel009: 
1:13:16   paxel009: I still want to see
1:13:45   xxxxxxxx: you first
1:13:53   paxel009: okay love
1:13:58   paxel009: accept
1:15:01   xxxxxxxx: please send it again, the transfer is broken down
1:16:34   paxel009: again?
1:16:36   xxxxxxxx: dear, i think you should send me your pic in skype-like i do it there, here on yahoo its not so good i guess
1:16:47   xxxxxxxx: yes, broken down again
1:18:00   paxel009: ok
1:18:14   xxxxxxxx: I am waiting dear
1:18:28   paxel009: or maybe I just send to your email
1:18:31   paxel009: a minute
1:18:41   xxxxxxxx: its okay too
1:26:07   xxxxxxxx: dear here doesn´t work it, always the transfer is broken down
1:26:20   xxxxxxxx: neither skype or my mail box
1:26:45   xxxxxxxx: where are you on the pic here on the messenger?
1:27:05   paxel009: my network is slow
1:27:09   paxel009: but am working on it
1:28:30   paxel009: just hold a little my dear
1:28:34   paxel009: baby are you not going to work in the morning?
1:29:00   xxxxxxxx: i will wait about 15 minutes, than i have to go to bed dear, okay?
1:29:13   paxel009: okay love
IM 1:38:51. 20. Mär 2013
1:29:13   paxel009: am here with you
1:29:42   xxxxxxxx: okay dear, thats nice
1:30:51   paxel009: <ding>
1:30:57   paxel009: check your email my love
1:31:04   xxxxxxxx: have got it, and now i look
1:33:22   xxxxxxxx: thanks dear, you are looking really nice and good
1:33:48   paxel009: thank you my love
1:33:52   paxel009: am looking good for only you
1:35:00   xxxxxxxx: thank you dear, you are really sweet
1:35:21   paxel009: I let you go to bed now
1:35:24   paxel009: as I have to start work soon
1:35:27   paxel009: so please dear
1:35:33   paxel009: I would be waiting for your pics
1:35:50   xxxxxxxx: okay dear, I understand
1:36:07   xxxxxxxx: have a nice day at work, without too much stress
1:36:21   paxel009: okay love I would
1:36:36   xxxxxxxx: I will send you pics from me, when I awake - hope its okay for you
1:36:48   paxel009: comon baby
1:36:54   paxel009: send it now before you go to bed
1:37:00   xxxxxxxx: what now?
1:37:04   paxel009: so i can start my day with you in my head love
1:37:24   xxxxxxxx: okay,dear - but you have to wait till I found a nice
1:37:30   xxxxxxxx: I send it in your mail
1:37:34   paxel009: okay dear
1:37:40   paxel009: tonight?
1:37:57   xxxxxxxx: i will do that now, dear
1:38:35   paxel009: thank you lovw
1:38:47   paxel009: love
1:38:47   paxel009: I leave you with that as I start work baby
1:38:51   paxel009: kisses
IM 1:42:44. 20. Mär 2013
1:38:55   paxel009: and sweetdreams
1:39:14   xxxxxxxx: thanks dear, kisses comes back to you- be careful
1:39:45   paxel009:  okay dear
1:39:53   paxel009: bye for now
1:39:59   paxel009: what time you get back from work?
1:40:52   xxxxxxxx: I have holidays, I will be at home again at 10 or 11 am I guess
1:42:43   paxel009: ok
1:42:44   paxel009: bye

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