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Mariam King / Nancy Bummy @
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29 / Frau / Heterosexuell / Single
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Beigetreten January 1, 2014. Von Arlington . Lebt in Arlington, Virginia. Besucht Ks.Schulabschluss bei Ks.

Über mich

It's been a while since I've been in a relationship(which did not work out) but feel it is time.I deserve to be happy not saying I'm not but I think having a special person in my life could make it that more's the one change in my life that i'm looking forward to having, a special man to share my hopes and dreams with...I Would like to have someone compliments me.That when we go out he's proud to be standing by my side,who knows that he is the luckiest man in the world. Someone who is willing to know me so well that when we are together we can give each other the look and know what the other is thinking.Is that corny?I am not into playing games (actually I don't know how to play them) and am fairly straight forward and i expect that in return..Life is too short and am fairly straight forward and i expect that in return..Life is too short and I know what I want and what I don't want..... I am looking for a partner in life. I want a best friend and a lover to share quiet a very enthusiastic, outgoing, independent person. I am a very shy and find it difficult to communicate with the opposite sex but once you get to know me you will see that I am unique in many ways.. In short, I am a person who strives to place other's needs before my own and people/relationships are very important to me. I believe that true loves means caring about the needs of others and wanting what's best for them. I am comical yet serious and believe in learning from life's trials instead of letting them get the best of you.I believe that my ideal match would be a selfless, caring, serving, loving, and  compassionate man. He would embrace his God given role as head of household and strive.


Trinken Sie? Yes
Rauchen Sie? No
Nehmen Sie Drogen? No
Religion: Christian
Wie gross sind Sie? 4'5" (134.62 cm.)
Wie schwer sind Sie? 150 lbs. (68 kg.)
Was war Ihr Einkommen im vergangenen Jahr? below $25,000
Mögen Sie Haustiere? Yes
Wollen Sie Kinder? Yes
Welche Haarfarbe haben Sie? Blonde
Tragen Sie Brillen? Sometimes
Leben ist: Exciting
Träumen Sie viel? No
Welche Art Student sind Sie? B
lesen Sie täglich eine Zeitung? Usually
Was ist das Derivat von x2? Don't know
Was ist Ihre ethnische Zugehörigkeit? White/Caucasian
Haben Sie ein Auto? No
Haben Sie ein Motorrad? No
Waren Sie schon Mal in Paris? No
waren Sie schon Mal in Miami? No
Haben Sie Piercings? No
haben Sie Tattoos? No
Benutzen Sie Facebook oder Twitter? No
beginnen Sie in der Regel Gespräche mit Menschen oder lassen Sie sie Gespräche mit Ihnen beginnen? I start conversations sometimes
Wie oft sind Sie ausgegangen pro Woche im vergangenen Jahr im Durchschnitt? 1-2
Wieviele Beziehungen hatten Sie? 0-3
Wieviele male pro Woche haben Sie im letzten Jahr trainiert? 2-3
Wie viele Stunden ehrenamtlicher Arbeit haben Sie im letzten Jahr? 0-5
Wie viele Bücher hast du letztes Jahr gelesen? 1-4


Music      I'm a music lover. There are way too many bands to list here, but here are the bands that I've seen the most times live: O.A.R., Dave Matthews Band, Virginia Coalition, Red Wanting Blue, Ordinary Peoples, Marc Broussard, Tanner Walle, Howie Day, Matt Nathanson, Reel Big Fish, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Keller Williams, Robert Randolph, Steve Poltz, and Will Hoge. Just to name a few. Smiley,

Filme:      Heavy Metal, Pink Floyd the Wall, Metropolis, The Hobbit, the Return of The King, Wicked City, Ghost In The Shell, Cool World, Fritz The Cat, The Secret of N.I.M.H., A Clockwork Orange, Tron, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Cell, The Sword In the Stone, The Jacket, Akira, Princess Mononoki, The Rescuers Down Under, THX 1138, The Piano, The Last Emperor, The Never Ending Story, James and the Giant Peach, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly, Sin City, Steam Boy, The Incredibles, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, American Pop, Fantasia 2000, Ninja Scroll, Yellow Submarine, An American Tail, The Rescuers, Fritz The Cat X-Rated.

Fernsehen:      Discovery Channel, History Channel
Spiele:      Dont Play Games

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