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Razak Konan <>
« am: 27,Jan,2009, 08:06:50 »
Die Mail kommt leider Inline und es gibt keinen brauchbaren Header ich sehe nur er kommt angeblich von Malaysia.

Wellcome to: Razak Konan.Chambers,
M.03, Mezzanine Floor
Wisma E&C, 2 Lorong Dungun Kiri
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 172496065

Thanks for your urgent response, it has become necessary for me to embark on this transaction, in view of the fact that my late client's fund is about to be confiscated by the bank, and once this is done, you and I know that the bank officials will share this money among themselves and seal the deal, which I do not want to happen, that is why I made this proposal to you. I have all the documents to prove the legitimacy of this transaction, such as his Death Certificate and Certificate of deposit which I will make available to you as you give me your consent to proceed with me in this transaction.

I contacted you purely based on the fact that your last name tallies with that of my late client(Mr.lolo Richard), that he is a relative of yours. With reference to the legal aspects of this heritage (claim), you have nothing to worry about, With all my years of practice as a legal practitioner, I can authoritatively and assertively assure you that all aspects of this transaction are utterly safe and have no hazard of whatever. I was the legal representative/adviser of the deceased, and according to the law, this entails that I am mandated to take heed of all legal aspects of his commerce even though he is no longer alive. For numerous years prior to his demise, he was a slam confidant of mine. Based on the facts accessible to me, my deceased client had no next of kin to inherit the money he left behind. He came into Malaysia in the late 90's and built an import business. His core article of trade was textiles which he imported from Hong Kong, Japan and China.

Based on my confidential negotiations with him, he disentangled from his biological family during his early youth and mislaid contact with them scores of years ago, before he came to live and invest here. Until his demise, he no account contacted his relatives and I am 100% certain that they did not know he lived here in Malaysia. Based on this, I am assuring you that no one whatever will appear at the moment or subsequent to lay claims on this fund, consequently I unfaltering to unearth someone to aid me in receipt of this funds out of the bank, which I will mull over as a squander if it is confiscated by the bank officials.
As his legal representative/adviser, I am the solitary one who can validate to the bank, the claim by anyone as his next of kin/beneficiary of this fund, and furthermore empower payment of this fund to such a person.This is my proposal: I want you to lay up a claim to this fund, and when I substantiate and empower payment of the fund to you,

and the money is transferred to you, then you will take 40% of the sum total amount and remit 60% to me.If you are okay with my proposal, then we shall proceed. I will endow you with all the germane documents of the deceased upon request, such as his death certificate, Certificate of deposit and others as we proceed in this transaction. As soon as the bank receives your claim, they will notify me that someone is laying claims to the funds, and I will then ensue to confirm and authenticate your position as a relative of my late client and also the true beneficiary of the fund, and also make recommendations in your good deed. Once the bank completes their verifications they will undo up correspondence with you and instigate the progression of the transfer.

All I have elucidated above are the precise steps and trial which this transaction involves, and will take a maximum of ten banking days. I will only instigate this course with you on the prerequisite that you oath total integrity and also esteem the discretion of this transfer and keep it as such. Based on my familiarity, participation of third parties in this variety of transaction may convey complications which I do not intend to experience, so I contacted you with trust and I will like to deal with you directly.

To be acquainted with each other more, I advocate we endow with copies of valid identification, I attached is a scanned copy of my National Identification as a Malaysia National and my Registered certificate, this is to enclave confidence and establish trust, Furthermore, for our correspondence to be uncomplicated, Kindly send me other contact details you may have Such as your telephone and Id Identification card to facilitate me attain you frequently. You can uncover mine at the top of this correspondence.If you are engrossed in my proposal and you are equipped to progress in confidence, subsequently attain me without auxiliary impediment so we can get in progress. Thanks for your fortitude, appraisal in the course of this voluminous correspondence. Call me Razak the phone number above to compromise a detailed dialog inside this transaction. Hope to hear from you, thanks and GOD bless you.
Best regards,

Razak Konan.(Esq).

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Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.

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Re: Razak Konan <>
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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 19:16:20 -0800
From: "Razak Konan" <>
Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.