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Hello Dear,

I am a new member here, and i like the little you wrote in your profile, and it makes my heart stop beating ,that's because Your photo has a beauty that i find in no

other profile... As long as my heart beats, i shall seek out your soul and be fulfilled!.We seem to have some little interest that could be developed and might lead to

something of a life time together.

My name is Alfredo Alexandra from Italy but based in the [UK] in Newcastle city,, and I am 50 years old. I'm a widower, and my hobbies are reading, dancing, swimming,

watch comedy movie, play music, like country music and i also like to go to the beach with my love. So i want to walk hand to hand, kicking dust with our toes, smile,

and laugh together with who is ready to open her hearts to love and be loved again.

So if you are interested in opening your heart to love and been loved again, so just send me your chat id, so that we can get to know more about each other, and then i

can also send you my photos. So i am into researching for crud oil and gas, which involve drilling of oil both in and outside (UK). I lost my both parents, when i was

very young, i am the only child of my parents, i also lost my wife 5years ago.I have a son called Jimmy, he is 15yrs old, and he is going be a medical doctor.

I want you to know this, if you love before, and it fails, you have to know that there is always a second chance, and dont let the distance, age, and language be the

problem, because i have always promise myself to relocate to anywhere in the world, where i will find my true love.

My wish here is to get involve in a serious relationship, that will lead to something else like marriage. Here is my chat id( ( so do add me on this, so that we can know more about ourselves better on chat. So hope to hear from you on this soon.

Warm love..
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