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Re: Mike Damon <>
« Antwort #10 am: 24,Mär,2012, 08:13:32 »
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:34:03): Hello Mike
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:34:47): How are you Opfer
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:35:06): Thank you, I'm fine. And you?
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:35:10): Was waiting for you yesterday...
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:35:20): Am coool
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:35:48): You dont come online that much, so tell me what have you been doing
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:36:02): I have been online before I went to bed you haven't been here
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:36:32): Did you get my mail yesterday
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:36:43): I thought about my plan with the shop but I think I can't do it alone.
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:37:01): yes I got it.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:37:16): Hmmm, so what have you figured out in doing now
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:38:04): Have no idea. I think I have to search for a job but jobs are rare here.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:38:43): Okay... But are you in a hurry now or you can wait
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:39:02): I can wait.I don
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:39:05): Sorry
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:39:08): But we havent been able to talk more sweetie
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:39:12): I don't need to work
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:39:33): Why,lol
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:40:19): I get my widows pension and my husband left some money, also my parents
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:40:25): I mean why dont you need work
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:40:36): Okay dear
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:40:44): I understand
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:41:12): but it's boring not to have something to do
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:41:12): So what is going to happen btw me and you
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:42:04): I want to have you here with me
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:42:12): Yes baby... just try to hold on a while, so when i get there, we gon figure it out dear
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:43:20): I'm happy I did send you this first message
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:43:43): honey, i have butterflies in my belly now
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:44:01): I know this butterflies
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:44:14): So tell me what makes you happy dear
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:45:25): to enjoy the life with the man I love, to share funny and glad moments
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:46:23): Awwwwwwww.... So are you giving mike damon a chance to fill that special heart of yours
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:46:59): Mr.Damon has the chance
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:47:22): Awwwwwwwwwwww..... Okay love
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:47:54): Right now, i have to go out and celebrate this with my best friend
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:47:59): Will Mr. Damon take the chance?
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:48:18): Am so happy you finally gave me that chance
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:48:27): greetings to your friend
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:49:01): Yes of course, and would never hurt you
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:49:21): I had a lot to think about you and whether it will work because of the distance
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:49:22): So baby, where are you now
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:49:47): I really wish i could be close to you now dear
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:49:56): am sitting in my living room with my laptop
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:50:25): Okay love... Do you like pets
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:51:34): Yes. I would like to have a dog but as long I'm alone I thought I don't have enough time for a pet
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:52:07): Huh... Please dear, i ove pets
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:52:21): Especially dogs
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:53:02): In my youth I had a dog, a German Shepdog. I loved him a lot and cried over days when he died.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:53:07): am just worried that you are alone in your house
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:53:55): i lock the door every evening and don't let foreign people in
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:53:54): Huh, i guess you missed the dog so much love
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:54:26): Okay, thats good my love
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:55:15): I'm living in an apartment house (is this the right word?) with some neighbors.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:55:16): Honey, you asked about my car the other time... That is it s.u.v
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:55:58): yeah...
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:56:25): What brand is the car?
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:56:26): Are the neigbours your tenants
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:57:31): S.u.v.... I dont use that much, just because my other camry is with my engineer checking on it
Opfer (13.03.2012 16:58:01): No, I rent the apartment after my husband died and have tenants in my house. The house has been too large for me alone
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 16:59:08): Lol... That is also a nice idea, having tenantts my love
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:00:14): So what is the type of car you use over there...
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:00:24): At first I thought about selling the house but then I thought it would be a good idea to get tenants, by this I have a regulary income
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:00:39): I have Ford Focus
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:01:24): We had a Mercedes but I sold it and bought the smaller car.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:02:01): And i hope you have a driver, cuz driving it yourself will be some kind of stress for ladies,lol
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:02:26): lol No, I love driving.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:02:36): That's not stress
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:02:52): Perhaps you will be my driver one day
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:03:00): I think the ford focus is one of the 2012 product
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:03:42): it's 5 years old. I don't buy a car every year
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:04:19): Lol
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:04:51): Hahahhahahahahahahahha... Yes i would love that, and would it be preferrable i come along with my camry
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:06:10): lol When I have a driver I need a Rolls Royce
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:06:39): Honey, you are my inspiration... Ever since i met you, my staffs have been whispering among themselves, that am always happy and always putting up a smile
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:07:41): Lol... So you love such luxury cars, maybe i buy you a bently for your birthday
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:07:53): I don't have staff but the people around me who know me rather well recognized I have changed.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:08:29): No, I don't want to own such a luxury car only to drive once.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:08:47): And I'm dreaming of driving a Hummer
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:09:31): Noooo my love... I want you to have one, pllllease .... And tell me when is your birthday
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:09:39): but the streets here in City are so very small you couldn't drive with a Hummer through the city
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:09:56): Hummer is just too big,lol
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:10:15): I love big cars but not in the city
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:10:29): that's why I sold the Mercedes
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:11:25): So hun, what we gonna do, where do you think we should build our home...
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:12:36): I think it has to be where you will build your shopping mall
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:13:20): Okay daarling, but am sure i am gonna rely on your idea
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:13:27): but I would like to live in countryside
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:13:50): You should take me anywhere you want me to stay and i will follow
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:14:23): That's not right, Mike. You have to think of your business, too.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:14:51): wanna be a slave to your love, its been long that i have such feelings my dear
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:15:40): I don't want to have a slave
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:15:43): dont worry about my business, i will get someone that would be managing it, like a care taker
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:16:24): But you need someone you can trust.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:16:36): Honey, will be right back, give me less than a minute
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:16:52): If you want I would think about life in the States.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:17:28): I don't have family here and could leave Germany without hurting anyone
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:18:57): Hi dear
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:19:37): hey there
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:20:52): So, i am thinking of bringing one of the staff here, so he would manage it love
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:21:53): we will see how it works
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:21:54): Wat you think my angel
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:22:14): Okay
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:22:20): think about what?
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:23:01): Its so cold out here, wish my sweetest angel could be here
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:24:08): Cold? In Miami? you should be here I would hold you warm
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:24:43): Hahahahaha... I know you have some fire my honey
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:25:34): and i know your smiles is just like the sun that shines through my day
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:26:00): hey, you are a poet.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:26:32): Hmmmmm... Should i compose some and send for you my love
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:27:00): I would enjoy to read it. I like poems.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:28:01): Opfer, you are so special... Because you picked up my piecies heart and made it one again, i really want to thank you
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:28:45): So honey tell me where you went to today, and can i have one wish from you love
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:29:17): What wish?
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:30:25): Can you deactivate all the sites you are... I mean, we are now together and i dont wanna miss you
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:32:06): Mike, my profile on wkw I don't want to deactive because it isn't a dating site. It's a social network where I can meet friends that live far away.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:32:57): When I remember correctly I had a profile on badoo but I don't remember my nickname and the password. So I don't know how to delete it
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:33:11): Yes love... You can leave that honey
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:33:42): So am having you and never wish loosing you
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:34:23): Do you really believe I would search for another man? Mike, I got you and I don't want another man.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:35:03): Awwwwww.... You are the sweetest thing to ever happen to me in my life
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:36:15): Mr. Damon, may I tell you the actual news? There is a Mrs. Schmidt who is in love with you.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:36:43): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:37:07): You are my fav colour, i will be your man forever
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:37:41): Kiss those kissable lips of yours
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:38:28): even as you are faraway, i stiil feel the fragrance of your beauty
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:38:41): i want to hug just right now
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:39:14): Okay, my body is all yours honey
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:39:36): Less i forgot love, your phone number
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:39:43):
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:40:49): Baby, i might pinch you on your chick when you sleeping
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:45:37): Where have you gone? I
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:47:41): Am here love
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:48:13): Lord, I've forgotten time.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:48:42): a neighbor celebrates her birthday and invited me for dinner an 6 pm.
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:48:55): Hmmmm
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:49:14): Honey, ur phone number
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:49:41): Darling I've forgotten to look for it.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:49:48): please don't be angry
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:50:11): No problem
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:50:34): Would you head for the party now
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:50:58): yes, i'm in a hurry now.
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:51:06): wish you could go with me
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:51:27): Huh, i wish too my luv
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:51:35): and I could say: I proudly present the man of my heart
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:51:58): Awwwww... Baby thanks
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:52:04): but now I have to go. Sorry
Mike Damon (13.03.2012 17:52:13): And my heart is with you
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:52:56): I don't know when I'll be back home but I'll come online and see whether you are online, too
Opfer (13.03.2012 17:53:18): bye Darling

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Re: Mike Damon <>
« Antwort #11 am: 24,Mär,2012, 08:20:21 »
My Lil Poem 4 you
VON:Mike Damon
7:28 Donnerstag, 15.März 2012

I searched and searched for the perfect gift
To give you on the day we gon meet...
But nothing I could find in stores
would fit what I wanted to say I thought about a big stuffed bear
 To give you on this special day
, But a stuffed bear can wear and tear,
what kind of message does that portray?
 I thought about a chocolate heart
 To give you on that special day

But a chocolate heart only lasts so long

What kind of message does that portray?
 I searched and searched for the perfect gift
To give you on the Day am gonna hold you,
But nothing I could find in stores
 would fit what I wanted to say I went to buy a dozen flowers
 To give you on that special day
 But even flowers will eventually die
 What kind of message does that portray?
 I thought about a brand new shirt
To give you on that special day
But a shirt doesn't keep your interest for long,
What kind of message does that portray?
 I searched and searched for the perfect gift
To give you on the Day i would dance with my angel,

But nothing I could find in stores
would fit what I wanted to say I went to buy you a new CD
 To give to you on that special day
But a CD's songs soon grow old,
What kind of message does that portray?
 I thought about the things I could give
To you on that special day
And there is only one thing that is special enough
 And thats to give my heart away.
 I found the perfect gift to give
To you on that special day,
I'll hand it to you with a smile,
And them three little words I'll say I love you more than you know

 That's why I'm giving my heart to you
I know you love me just the same,
Can I have your heart too?

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