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  • I Love Anti-Scam-NL ist seine Mail Adfresse . Es ist auf Facebook und aktiv. Telefonnummer ist 0023-481 6308 . Gleiche Masche überall.

Text Mail:

I am in a country called Nigeria. It's like hell on earth here. I can't wait to leave this place. I have fallen ill twice with malaria. Nigerians are really not poor,they just have big dreams and ambitions but don't have the necessary resources and information. They are very nice and respectful people. I can tell you a little about the country anyway. I can't wait to leave this place the life here is like hell on earth. The life here is boring, i keep wondering how people survive in some of the environs. Though they have nice places in the developed urban area. Most of my work is on the rural areas and gush what i see here makes me weep and lament. The high cost of living an the poor standard of living, it's like an elastic stretch. The ravaging heat of the sun and the dense population of mosquitoes ain't nothing to toil with. The country is really a beautiful one and richly endowed with natural resources(ranging from crude oil, Coal, granite, tin) and agricultural products(cocoa, palm oil, timber). They have some nice sight seeing of some God miraculous work. It's such a great country, free from natural disaster but cursed with a greater problem of corrupt leaders and government. I had to take up on a personal project outside my companies project to help some orphans on my own.

I saw an unregistered orphanage home in one of the villages where we are constructing roads.I was at point of tears when i saw the kids. The kids there where about 47 kids all in numbers, aging between 2yrs-14yrs. The building was dilapidated and they sleep on bare grounds. When it rains at night they get drenched as the roofing's are torn. They can't read, malnutrition-ed, looking haggard and not well clothe.I took it as a task to help them build it and put a smile on this innocent kids face because we are all Gods creation. I did a bill of quotation to help them build a nice dorm, play ground, library and a small health center so they can get vaccinated against snakes and malaria most especially. The irony of it all is the government doesn't care about this. They are 46 kids left, one died of a strange illness some months ago. They are four of them in the hospital now. Two suffering from malaria, the other from pneumonia while the last needs a major operation. The malaria in her system is very high and has caused an enlargement in her spleen, she needs a major operation right now.

Es ist aktiv mit 2 Facebook Acounts . Einfach Tery Brymo eingeben. Der Oberhammer ist, das es einen namen gewählt hat von Nigeranischen Rappern , nähmlich Brymo und Terry .

Mit dieser IP kommt es immer : Lagos Nigeria

Er versucht es jetzt seit 6 Wochen ! Habe mittlerweile 50 Mails von Ihm . Dazu noch yahoo mesanger Kontakte ohne Ende. Muster ist immer das Gleiche. Frag mich nur wann es aufhört.

Das sind seine Bildchen. Im Facebook ( Tante google einfach mal Terry Brymo eingeben) ist noch ein Bild .

werde weiter berichten.


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@ sauberfraufürimmer

bitte setze den header zu og. schreiben noch ein
auch deine mail die du erwähnt hast und bitte immer den header dazu
Wahre Worte sind oft nicht schön, schöne Worte sind oft nicht wahr!

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Re: Terry Brymo/Carrick Gordons <>
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ISP:      MTN Nigeria
Host Name:
Organization:      MTN Nigeria
City:      Lagos
Country:       Nigeria 
Country code:       NG
Erfahrung bedeutet nichts, jeder kann etwas jahrelang falsch machen ohne es zu merken.